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"anton anton watch" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"You finish this first out of the Final four, he's going to win that series title. And that's coming up this weekend. So a solid day I played ah, good chunk, not agood Chunk, but a chunk of Darius Butler because I thought he was awesome. But it was really interesting. All right, So, as I mentioned, I don't want to go off the board and on a Friday I'll go off the board. But if I see something, it's really unusual. I'll go off the board and this is really unusual like here in Southern California. We have expecting parents who damn near lit the entire region on fire during a gender reveal party they blew up. A pyrotechnic in 114 degree heat in the dead middle off the driest and most flammable month ever in southern California native I'm used to wildfires. This was terrible, man. Terrible and for the worst reason ever Ah, gender reveal party because some idiot Little firework off in the middle of summer in the driest time ever. And that same to case of like, Yeah, that'll happen. It will only happen if you have an imbecile doing it. Maybe next time you have a doctor, call you up and tell you the sex of the kid. No homes have to be evacuated. Nobody's lives erect. And that's how you handle that. Now down under in Australia. They've got pets. And they've got pets who save people from fires. They don't have humans setting fires over babies. Their pets, saving people from fires and not just any pet. But a talking pet. Damn talking parrot. A parent who alerted his sleeping owner to his home being on fire. Let me stop right there. It's probably something I should have covered long ago. But is there anything more weird? More weird than owning a bird? Like snake guy can't believe bird guy. Lizard guy can't believe bird guy mean owning a bird? Right? I must apologize for having cats. I love cats. I'm not gonna apologize for owning horses. I love horses. I'm not gonna apologize for being a dog. I mean, who doesn't love dogs? Owning. Ah bird is a pet. Not only a bird but an exotic bird. They're birds. Aren't they supposed to fly? Are they supposed to be outside? Not inside, crapping all over the newspaper. The only thing more weird than anything weirder or more bizarre than having a bird. Owning a bird and making that bird a pet. Is having a bird as a pet. They can speak a talking bird. This of all things in the world does not getting nearly enough run. An animal that can speak Why does that not get more? Attention? Why does that not get more run? The fact of parrots can talk. Stop. Think about that for a second. Maybe the weirdest thing ever. I mean, for real. Just just stop and think about that for a second. Think about the fact that we live amongst freaking talking birds. Weird is hell. Weird is how ah bird that can articulate a thought. All right. Weird, weird. But in this case life saving because, according to Anton Win He owns the bird. His parrot started yelling at him in the middle of the night last night. And what could only be described as one of the creepier. Scarier things. Ever imagine being a woken in the middle of the night by a parrot screaming Anton Anton. Anton What? Anton Anton. What? Pants on Freaking nightmare. Right measure animals screaming at you only in a dream. Except this happened. And it turns out that that nightmare was actually when Anton rolled out of the rack because that bird woke Anton up. Anton Anton Watch on and on. The reason the bird was screaming. Is Anton woke up and realized that there was smoke. There was smoke in the back of his home. There was smoke because the house was on fire. Oh, man, Anton runs downstairs. Grabs the bird gets the hell out of the house. This is not a dog barking. This is Anton talking, or I should say the bird talking. Anton Anton. Why? Smoke. I don't know. Maybe just screamed his name but apparently screamed his name Enoughto wake him up. Which is an amazing story, An amazing story because apparently the bird the bird is, in fact, a smoke detector. The bird detected the smoke. Ah, minute before the smoke alarm. So not good news for the smoke alarm industry but great news for the parent community. Now, when people buy new homes or rent apartments, they're not going to ask when the last time the batteries were changed on the smoke alarm. They're going to ask if that place comes with a talking parrot. Or a smoke detecting parent. Here's where it gets even crazier. Anton told the BBC quote Eric my parrot. Started to yell, so I woke up. I smelled smoke. I grabbed Eric and bolted outside and quote. Wait, What? Hold up. I'm sorry. Did you say your parents name is Eric? Eric. Did I hear that right? You named your talking bird, Eric? I don't know. Even more bizarre, even creepier even more weird. Than having a talking pet is giving that talking pet a human name, Eric. What? Steve didn't want any of that..

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