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Girls Talkin 'Boys: Fan Friday | Beat the Browns

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Girls Talkin 'Boys: Fan Friday | Beat the Browns

"Guy Helps Charles Megamerger here and you are listening to girls talking boys in partnership with Esi Nation. Hell Up. It's Almost Game Day. So exciting. That's how I feel. I was GonNa say I feel like that's a pretty accurate portrayal of actually how you feel about this game because you're very excited obviously like we love good game day but. This is not a shoeing. Yeah. Like I believe when we were recapping our or going over what our predictions for the season I was like done and dusted goodbye brownies and. you know. Don't hurt me. Hi. myles Garrett these killer quarterback. Yeah Man. Let's dive into that because. I. Really do feel like we need to clear the air I don't know if I can say is like a sweeping judgment, but it feels like there's a narrative out there. That exists that because it's the browns like we're going to go ahead and just totally win this thing and it's a lock and I'm not so sure that that's the case. I I think I've felt better about it after we adjust lost Russell Wilson in now that I've had time to like STU in it a little bit i. On well yeah. I think I thought was that they hadn't had winds while they were wins weren't like really impressive but at the end of the day. Their backfield and then myles Garrett is going to be interesting for us go. Yes. I agree so. The browns have it had a winning season since two, thousand fourteen. This is a first time. for them. That is literally bug. Yes Literally. seedy lamb was a sophomore in high school. The last time this team was, can you say good? So. And yes. Same here because I'm very young I was also a sophomore in high school very young Kelsey Charles. I was about to say that doesn't add up and then I got where you're going with that I don't know what number you're adding to. Megan, but it's they're all. Like twenty one years old dumb everybody. Yeah for sure. So eighty four straight games with the browns have been at or below five hundred I mean that was a stat from the week before last. So and myles Garrett has had two straight weeks with a strip sack strip sack. Mila. Tell me if you remember that commercial grade one time and. A pretty solid backfield a pretty good. I would say I would say it improved align Baker. Mayfield is good at what he does. They got Jarvis Landry. LBJ and yeah you mentioned myles Garrett. He's one of several pieces on that. Defensive Front so I'm nervous. I'm not like. But I'm. This could be a trap game. Can I go and say, yes, this could be a tabloid games been a trap game. All these games I was like, yeah we got this on lock I mean think about this. And think about the weapons think about the pass rush that we just enhanced Blah Blah Blah just built I guess a after watching the first three games I'm just You know. A little stunned. Like I have said in joked many times I mean this is just are like preseason that counts like we'll get it together right? Here's hoping that this is the game where it comes together. Yeah I being paid. I grew U- I don't necessarily subscribe to the while they didn't have a preseason. It makes me nervous. Them even. And I don't think they have as finds that. But like you know for the fall, it's just like we're getting in the spring of things because. What sucks about that is that some of these games that could have been wins for us? Could come back and easily bite us at the end of the season. When you know we are in full swing and we actually are playing some difficult teams that we know are genuinely going to be very tough match ups. Allah Baltimore Ravens, that's one of them that I am not feeling super great about. So my point being as I hear you and I, definitely think this team needs to. Really really win this game against the browns and with conviction for not just the record not just this you know these rookies in this new coaching staff kind of getting into the swing of things but I would also say for the sake of you know just. The the mentality of the team if you will. And also my sanity which is truly what's riskier. Yes. I. So. Let's break down some of the potential. Mismatches matchups if you will that. I've seen. From the upfront. Stats are always subjective but we're GONNA go ahead and use them because that's what we do here, and that's what everyone does the caviar. Resident. Staff machine. Charles reporting for duty that Queen is here I am. And I know all the stat things therefore I am. Carries a going into this game as the number wine NFL ranked offense. They're averaging about four hundred, ninety yards in total offense per game, which is not too shabby passing offense unsurprisingly number one as well. rushing offense it's eleven so it's Top third, which is great but. Defensively Yao we're not doing too hot twenty six in the League right now. So on the opposite side of things you've got Cleveland is number twenty in total offense and their defense is number nine. So I think I would go ahead and venture out on a limb and say that myles Garrett is a big reason why? They are ranked. So high defensively I don't really think there's. Yeah I don't think their secondary poses that much of a threat like I don't think they have while the there's players for sure I don't see them having a lockdown corner or anyone in the secondary fully scares me especially from a matchup perspective of the guys the. Were deploying in putting on that field like you. I think you said it earlier this week you're like we don't just have three, one hundred or thousand potential plus yard receivers with young baby. Yeah, we got four. Now we got four. and. Up Yob big said is. Coming round. He's like put some respect on my name and that we will so. Secret in the League ninety more more, he's on Ville. Yeah. So I feel like I'd love to get your thoughts on kind of your opinion in terms of game plan for the cowboys granted you know we kinda go either way but are you feeling like? The cowboys really need to keep the UPTEMPO that they've had heard a lot of that narrative like, UPTEMPO. Up, tempo of tempo. And scores many points as possible but I say all that. And when you are tempo, you're going to be on the field less technically speaking assuming you're successful, and then that gives their offense more time to produce as well. So it's kind of anything about it could potentially be a a double edged sword. Do you think that that strategy is something that will pay off though for the cowboys fully bank on their offense? Hey team forty. Burger. Seen it before. The granted that will is extremely scary. I'd rather not see that again. Yes I I do think that they do well, they just gel a little differently when they are moving at a faster pace. So. I mean. That is something to be mindful of though grain I don't Wanna I don't want them to have too much time against secondary. The Hey maybe Alden Smith is in for another three sacks this game that'd be cool. I just don't trust our defense to produce turnovers. So while I do love that, love the APP Tempo I yeah. You make a valid point there that's going to. Get. More possession on the other side of the ball to so. You. Say about that. Yeah I totally agree with you I am. Yeah I. I really wish I could come into this conversation I was it was funny I feel like I've been drawing a lot of comparisons in all of our analysis of these games thus far have been like all like Atlanta. There's been some similarities in storylines like Seattle similarities in the story lines, and then I look at like at at Cleveland and I'm like. Hey listen I could even find some similarities here. We run a podcast this week with the angry browns fans which they're hilarious by the way your. Air So funny and they brought to our attention that both of our bases are pretty Torius for coming into the season like. Being, incredibly optimistic maybe some of US more rightfully. So than others by some of US I mean us because I feel like we've typically had been stronger teams than them but I, agree like I think it. We both go into the years. We're like we're like we're going to win the super bowl like I. can see the browns being like listen we got ob Jay Bakker's GonNa come into his own. He just didn't have the true weapons he needed in the past like you know we've got got tight end who do. We passed our line like we got solved that receiving core. Our Defensive Line is clutch like you know, what are what are secondary lax our D. Line can pressure up Ryan make like we got a real shot at. This before have you because me to. The key to the game though I think I it's so true where I could I think we kind of play to whoever were playing I know Davis said that a million times in the past and I. Hate that that I agree with that in this moment, especially, I think the key is GonNa be. Putting your foot on the gas in not. Killing yourself with stupid mistakes. By. How many felt like? I don't expect RTD perfect but for a strength. Of the the offense brings the table it felt like we were out we were kind of sloppier like than usual lose uncharacteristic I. I feel like we've been sloppy this whole season. That's fair. That's why I make the joke about oh or still in preseason don't worry but like worried. Because we're not in the preseason. Yeah. LE- Zeke's Berry obviously my guy and I think he's amazing but I was very surprised at. His how his office. Last game. and. Why just thought they had a lot of answers for him and we shouldn't have to row. We shouldn't. Win There is that problem we shouldn't rely on him so much. I and it's funny. You say that because I think there's a thought a school of thought out there. That says like, Hey, if we get position where obviously we know we have these receivers in their incredible weapons but that could become we should be utilizing them and you know high tempo like just gets points in the borders as possible as quick as possible. But then I feel like when you do that, you could make an argument that you kind of become a little less three dimensional and I don't want to say one dimensional because I don't foresee team fully removing that aspect of the game obviously, but they should then but utilize it. Like a smartly is that a word? It just feels like it's not yet because if you think about it like if they get into a position where they're just continuously throwing the ball, then really play the defense. The browns defense has a pretty good idea of how they can game plan and they're just gonNA. Go Straight after deck they're not going to have to worry about picking up Zeke in. If you know if they're doing you know rpo whatever they look kind of have an idea like this is what they're doing. The is their game plan. So we're just GONNA go ahead and try and kill the quarterback, which is what we don't want. At all whatsoever and yet I feel like that's it's just a crutch, win our alliance. So uncertain to give it to Zeke but. Like, you don't have the people blocking for him too so. I. Might be our best platinum action at the moment I do WanNa talk about the line here inside because we have some developments on that coming out of this week but I actually A narrative that you and I have been talking about and it's been really fun to talk about has, Been Antoine Wilson in how he's been coming in at fullback but there's an antoine would stand accounts. This isn't Anton was account, but then I started thinking I was like wait it would take a step back like do we actually view this like fun youth thing that's kind of a positive novelty want maybe as like a concern, the fact that we have to bring in a D linemen to. Punch the ball into the endzone because does that mean that our own line isn't strong enough do it on their own because I don't remember when. Frederick and all of the the the Great Wall of Dallas Part Two was intact. US ever having to resort to again like I could be wrong but bringing in a outside source to ensure that we can get the rock past the line. I mean we've utilized the fullback position in the past like not as heavily as it looked like we were last week. Or just like him all over the place. Really. But when you do have kind of a Jack of all trades. Kind of fun when you when you're online is in such dire straits hopefully will it looks like word have tire in this week but It if you have that option like as a as a crutch google. I see no problem with it. Yeah I don't like that we have to use it but I know when like what do we have to? Because that was like my thought process I was like wait. You. Know again, this is fine. Obviously working at times and it's it's a novelty in its unique, but I wonder if I actually should maybe be. A little. Less. Happy about it and thinking it's cool in a little bit more of like, Oh wait. Why do we feel the need like this is our solution like why that kind of if you could, if you want to flip the script like back in of be considered concerning. It's definitely concerning I'm concerned all over the line so. They were. Sorry via the adjustments they made the. were. I mean I think that really helped us downwind granted. We did there was a sack at the end of the game but. At a now. There's a lot. There's a lot to pick apart in the so we'd the way. While you talked about it just a second ago and thankfully It looks like is that Tyron Smith is indeed going to be playing this game Mike McCarthy? Came out today. There is some confusion first because you know there was the practice report and Tyronn was listed as. Lemonade or something, but in actuality in who knows to the beat writers of Dallas for asking a million clear for clarifying questions and getting the true answers out that we needed because they were like, was he playing in? You know eleven on eleven like what is he? What parts of practice is he participating in? Art When you say participate. Do you mean is the on the cords or is he fully in like game time like situations and apparently he was in Gametime light situations, which is what you want and it looks like he's going to be making a return hopefully, fingers crossed assuming all things go according to plan this weekend I can't say the same Lael Collins which again I have to say I say this is before and it's just becoming more and more more and more like it. This feels like we're going full NHL when we talk about injuries with this team Mike McCarthy. He might as well be saying it's a lower body injury when he talks about what these guys have like it. So nebulous I, it's it's outstanding to me the they're they're they don't know if lyle callings is going to get surgery or if he's not gonna get like that was the topic of conversation. I'm panicking. I don't know and I. Don't I'm not by any means how how do we dot I've never I've never personally heard again. What do I know but that's just a very weird situation to be where we're like we don't know if we need surgery or not. So like what do you know you know? I don't know why like. I guess there's not trying to be like open with what is up. But it sucks for all of us. I know I can see the value to it for like. The opponent game planning but There's no way around that. It I suppose. I. DuNNo. I. Don't get I. Really I WANNA know what's up with I'll I I'm really hoping that he comes back. I feel like he's GonNa. Come back. I feel like I, don't know just from people we know as. I'm crossing my fingers. Yeah every day. I am to you because another thing that. I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer 'cause I. Do feel good about the cowboys winning this game but at the same time yes I feel like we are we are panicking a little but yes, go for can't let I'm feeling I I'm a little concerned I like I said, but there was even I the concept of Weirs Waldo. So I was listening to Bucky Brooks on a cowboys break. Yesterday or today one of the you. Yes wealth of knowledge, and he was talking about the concept of back in the day day. There, they have the same. Where's Waldo in when they were game playing against on their team so the guy on the scout team alarms, it was the secondary because I just make sense like it was. You know you would. You'd put a guy. You'd pick your weakest link on the other team. Here's the guy that we're targeting. So. Theory obviously, not that Trayvon digs is bad. We know again, this is a trayvon big stand account as well but Yep, he's young in the youth like he's GonNa get picked on especially by some of these more veteran quarterbacks Blah Blah, and that just knew you should expect that. But I think that a case could be made. that. They could be targeting some of these guys on our own line, and so what they do is put them in a Yellow Jersey. They would put the scout team, the guy on the scout team who was supposed to be the quote Waldo the guy they were targeting in the Yellow Jersey. So like everyone knows like basically, let's do whatever we can and we're supposed to be taken advantage of this guy just making his miserable I can't help but think that that's something that you can definitely see listen. I love him but Connor Williams didn't have the best game last week and I think sometimes you people could make a case for Joe Looney I don't you know who knows. And when you have a strength facing, I don't WanNA car allina weakness that debt sounds like sacrilege even say but I'm I wonder if that's going to be additional area that this Brown's he was going to gain planning to try and take advantage of this upcoming week. Yet I mean that's a really I hadn't listened to that today some glad that you brought that up. That's really interesting strategy in like. Honestly thought process. But If you like. We have sufficiently freaked out enough of our GT beer's GonNa bring little positivity into this. We are Prescott is really good quarterback. Whether people want to admit it or not. So. I. Think you and I talked about this yesterday are not yesterday on on the podcasts the. Dogs of war is. Something like that walks norc dogs of war. The Wolf's the net brought the boy. We don't know. Anger Brandon whether name was mentioned this in I'm GonNa, Reiterate Your Point Dak Prescott is X. Factor. Yes. I as scared as I. am about like a couple like our secondary in our align and. How we gelled going into this game. The man. Is Wild and out. Four to four hundred yard games in a row. He you certainly rises to the occasion. It's a matter of, let's all match that energy. I think he'll really bring it. I think he's He's ready to go and. I'm excited to see him play this week. Let's let's gas some more as he needs it. But this past weekend. He reached one hundred touchdown passes becoming third third-fastest Cowboy's quarterback to do so behind Romo and Danny White. He also owns the most four hundred yard passing games in cowboys history that six he passed. Tony Romo's five this past weekend Seattle. And he top forty passing yards for the second straight game. So that means he's now with James Winston. Gloss. To. The longest streak in NFL history never let that die. And I mean, he only has to get one more rushing touchdown in he'll become the third quarterback in the NFL history with twenty five rushing touchdowns in his first five seasons he leaves the NFL. Yes of course he is he leads the NFL with eleven hundred, eighty, eight passing yards tied for the lead with eighteen completions of twenty plus yards like the man is playing lights outs like he does not quit. He truly is. Going to be. The X factor and I've said it before I'll say it again he he he is the reason in major reason why you are continuously able to compete. Fat. It just is. And if you don't see that by now, then you don't WanNa see it. I can't help you I. Really can't help you. You keep that blindfold on you've stubborn son of a gun. Like I, it's just I would say what more do you wind but I know what more you want and we all want that we all want. We all want the ring. We all want another Lombardi. Let's go ahead and like we want six against it. But Dang it. If he if it isn't GonNa, give you a reason to at least compete and. I really do. Feel like he's going to be a major component as to how this cowboys team is going to be able to truly maintain gain and maintain their edge over the browns this weekend and assert their dominance. Bone. Those. Four one, hundred yard receivers. Don't hurt you there. In how they get there though Dak Prescott what's up? Dakota. Rain, rain elevating everyone across a field. Let's go rainmaker like. He was literally born for this. His name says it all what do you want from him with I mean are you kidding me? It was in his genetics the moment was named it was to be. May get rained on these hoes. It's the ultimate manifestation of greatness and you're bearing witness to just the beginning. Ready to run through a brick wall right now. That inspiring. Hope. So it will. I'm working on my it's race inspirational speeches like listen if this isn't workout for me than I feel like I'm gonNA become one of those instagram like self help preachers where I'm like I'm just like yelling into the camera into the abyss and I'm like you can do this it is. Thirty. Actions so like I'm here for it, I. Am you're so right like I'm such a staff like I am what I am except for about two post and alcohol image so. We're GONNA. We're just trying to really diversify the content here. But yet, let's face it. Ranch waters are worthy of a post which donate me fun factory Mattel story that what Meghan ended today. God. Embarrassing it. If you guys follow us which I'm sure you do you listen to this and if you don't you should. On social media as we're big fans of ranch waters, ranch waters are to Quila and most the time not goes sparkling water will do and lime. Well, our favorite company ranch riders went out and canned this. Goodness and then and then I did have further and made a Jalapeno version. They can't keep any of their products on the shelves in liquor stores anywhere. Well, word out on the street was that our liquor store in town actually had a new shipment of the new Jalapeno flavor which we had yet to dry. So of course, what do we do? We get our car and go there and sit out in the parking lot like creeps at ten am. Literally. Later. As the dude is like unlocking the door to the liquor. You, see the I just really want to try this the Jalapeno flavored one. When the kicking it just want it. I'm sorry. What I am. You walk into a liquor store and they say good morning to you. That might be a problem but. It could also be weren't the only ones that walked upright at ten o'clock. So To All y'all. So Allegra, sword person. Telling me good morning like this. Just feels. It. But it feels like something. Your bag we secured bat it dull matters and sellouts. No fast. So it was worth it. I don't even care. I'll ongoing back already like I'm. Totally craft one before on here in dried it in. It's phenomenal. So like yes. You. Have to do that. It's so brecon good. I can handle it like i. Oh God bless range waters. God, bless them like Almond Are emerge desert while we're about to hear some more preaching of the good word. By popular demand your favorite segment is back in we are holding true to our word. Band Fridays we're you can come on in yell into the abyss with us. And talk about the cowboys are the ultimate saviors of the NFL Universe and we're GonNa win another super bowl and s team. Much. So West Mandrell is joining us here. The next segment. It's a good one y'all works about it if you want to come hang out with us though and again, just talk all things cowboys. We are very open to that feel free to slide the rules remain the same you gotta be nice. GotTa be a cowboys Fan. You gotta be a pro cowboys you know someone y'all cowboys fans are very anti couch which makes no sense. But whatever that's not you. That's my people. Yeah. Whatever Bro. By, a totally fine and we hope you guys enjoy. So West Cantrell up next. Let's note. Espionage in presents the SP nation. NFL show five weekday episodes to get you through the grind of the NFL season. With your favorite espy nation community leaders, you'll get reactions to what happened on Sunday film breakdowns fearless takes local expert, analysis, fantasy, football advice, and so much more. There's a something for everyone on the SP nation NFL show. Be Sure to subscribe on Apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP to be sure you don't miss a single episode. All right joining us now or Fan Friday. We've got west Cantrell can find him on twitter at West Cantrell W. E. S. C. A., N. T. R. E., l. l.. X. West. What's what's up? What's up ladies doing today? Okay. No. Great. So glad to have you on finally meeting Powell of the Internet's. So, either be on honestly yeah. I listened to all your shows. I think you're absolutely fantastic. So yeah, it's it's totally cool to be here and you know rent give a little take maybe. Even, has a microphone like he's so ready for this. Way More legit than ours I. Like I just I mess around with like music and like been. Yeah. You know it's just the thing. So it's An easy easy set for today. So. Here's my heartache you. Already. Obviously like is the first thirty minutes of this show being like I'm scared. So maybe you can help. Lighten. No, I mean I'm scared to if I'm going to be completely honest. But Hey, it's a it's a fun roller every season, and that's why we keep getting back on. Maybe Here's here's my heartache, and honestly this is something that I've kind of wanted to get off my for a little while like maybe back since February win. When all of the contract started going down So so there are some writers in this media market and I don't have to name names, entrust me they. They know how I feel because I have contacted them about this amount. That don't think that Rain Dakota Prescott is worth top tier quarterback money. And I think that's a load of bull crap. I. GotTa, take a hometown deal and play for discount because he's going to receive endorsements or whatever the heck and it's absolute lunacy. Let me tell you what. D-. Dallas cowboys are the most valuable sporting franchise planet earth like Menu Yankees. It's the cowboys. Estimated six billion dollars like that's ridiculous. And the quarterback is the most valuable position sports hands down to me. That's like. that's like going to you know, let's say the best steakhouse in town Jane slater friend of the pod she loves nick and Sam Seles pretend were there Qualities quality establishment. Let me just say so the waiter comes the table, your nick and Sam's waiter comes to the table and he's like. What do you WanNa order and you know Jerry sitting there and he says, you know I'll take prime rib. No. So you want the most valuable cut of meat. At one of the nicest restaurants in town. What does it say on the menu like right next to the price would be. Market AAC YOU MP market price. and honestly, I, feel like Stephen Jerry just maybe they've had one too many catered meals on the Bravo Eugenia Cassette. Now it's like. They're making a scene arguing with the waiter in the middle of the restaurant about the price. So shut your mouth you hey, the man and enjoy your prime rib. Best Metaphor. About Dak ever ever. Think. It's been. It's been on my heart. It's been. It's been Wayne kind of heavily on me. Baby. Honestly if I took it a step further. I'm kind of worried that this is like a pattern of practice you know like twenty fifteen did running back. In twenty eighteen. We did wide receiver by committee this year it seems like we're doing secondary by committee and get it like maybe it's a scheme thing. We didn't have a preseason. They haven't really had a chance like I think, one of those touchdowns digs had trouble communicating like the they're running quarters coverage like a get it. It's tough. It's new. It's not as easy as it was last year but like. I don't know time and time again it seems like the GM of this team places a little more faith in his abilities to evaluate the position that the team is in then. Maybe as actually warranted. Era. I. I I was. Talking to I was hunting. Do they were going to oh? We're talking on the BROWNS podcast. Day Monday. and. They asked us about the. contract negotiations situation and listen. I don't manage salary cap. So you know obviously maybe they know something I don't know but I was doing the mass thinking. What I guess I. Don't know the logic and not going ahead and locking down now because like you said, like you know, let's talk market price that's only going to go up especially when the new TV rights deal is signed, and now they didn't lock him in for a contract now. He's. Going to be in the era of negotiating and fully taking into consideration what this new. Influx of salary cap is GonNa look like so like. I. Already the most. Like he's already taking up the biggest chunk of the salary cap on the team this year at thirty one, million dollars on the tax. Can I tell you my like my maybe it's not I don't like conspiracy theories really hate that. I love conspiracy theories. Please hear me. I can't remember if this was Dave or John. Shoda this offseason but they were talking about the end of last year. And they said that they had just like an off handed conversation with deck were they were like kind of gas up about you know maybe setting the record for the franchise record for yards and And Dax said like he was like, no, don't. Don't don't do me like that. Guys I need the doubt like I need the Hey, and so I'm like the only thing that I can maybe see like if if they're playing some type of three d chess is that putting that carrot out in front of him and be like, oh no, we're not gonNA sign you yet. You gotTA prove it. Maybe. They think they're going to get some better play out of them but. It's just I actually totally remember what you're talking about West because I can't remember who it was either but I have been on a show with one of the two of them where they brought that up where they talked about how they think that like doc plays better with his back against the wall he's got a chip on his shoulder kind of thing like he. He kinda thrives under that environment. He's like fine. I don't believe in me like I'll better myself any day in it's worked out well for him thus far I mean. I can't. You know the Joneses I think are pretty superstitious but I can't imagine that they're superstitious to the tune of like losing millions of dollars when they could've locked him in at a better price several times now but I you know what are again like what do I know? It's the long game. In my mind. He's like he's already given them their discount. They drafted him in the fourth round and he's been a starting quarterback since year one like I don't what do you want me to do for? You Dude you didn't have to spend a first round first overall Baker Mayfield, pick on him like it. He's. He's been a baller since he stepped on the field and that's I mean I, don't know obviously I'm team. Dak But it kind of reminds me of it's almost like money ball. You know like we've all we've all seen the movie I think for the most part, Mommy Rising keeping seriously you have no. Kelsey. Oh. My God. Okay. Have you watched your movie at Suraj of a DVD player I found that out so Money will. Get it on one of those you know Internet streaming sites legally take of bucks to rent it So like okay just super-quick basically money balls like everyone thinks Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill they used. An analytics to Make the best team for the value and like totally changed the sport of baseball. But actually, that's not what the movies about the movie is about. Bias awareness and I think. People kind of forget that that it's about realizing that we make all of these judgments about players because Helix too small or you know his face isn't right like literally like some of the weirdest criteria for evaluating people and it makes us really hard to be objective about like. Truly what makes a good player? So I don't know a part of me is like. I kinda keep coming back to that and I'm like, you know my daughter is three years old right now. I was three years old the last time the Dallas Cowboys were in a conference championship game. Nineteen ninety-five I'm afraid if that front office doesn't learn how to be a little more aware of their biases. She might be twenty eight by the time to count is win another super bowl leads. Are, all our sandy's yeah isn't that long? To bring up. You brought up a point that I think that a lot of people maybe don't touch on in. or I guess it is someone needs to narrative the concept of like your year market value goes up as a quarterback of the Dallas cowboys. So like maybe you're looking at it in terms of like the total compensation package like the intangible benefits that you reap as the quarterback of the that team where literally you can get endorsement deals just for being and I can say this with firsthand knowledge as someone who actually. Paid back. That was literally part of my job. A couple of years ago I worked on the on a team that was doing sponsorship deal with him and. While we did pay him. A good amount of money. We were never ever going to be the priority compared to football, and that was very well known from the start whenever I would like to talk to his agent. Whenever talked him like it was like, Hey, like you guys gotTa make sure that whenever we're doing any content like you have to be doing this on an off day or you need to be doing this like during media days or like before the season starts or if you're doing anything in season like. Football's always gonNA come first and you might give vetoed last minute because something comes up and you just need to be aware of that and I assume. About about him, you know one hundred percent. He built a football field in his backyard this off season because he knew the preseason like his commitment to the team. To being starting quarterback, I don't know man that's that's the guy I want at the helm for as long as he's willing to play football because he's a beast. So. I WanNa talk about God, because to me, he's GonNa be your x factor going into this weekend and I want to get your thoughts on the game like I feel like again, another narrative to throw out there a lot of people like, oh, it's the browns will. Win, and I don't think that's necessary. The case I think that we have a lot of things to. I don't know concern for sure but also be considered. myles Garrett is no joke and again, we can be dead horse until until whatever you know whatever the saying is that's not even a saying but Edwards is a saying you're about I was gonna go full on until the cows come home and I'm like that's not can you can mix the middle I. I'm here for that. Yeah. Like what is that I don't even know how that makes. A lot of animals. Yeah. Ignore me and. but like they have pieces and I think that the cowboys have to come into this weekend and truly win with conviction and I think Dak Prescott is going to be a major reason why they can and will do that one, hundred percent this team these teams actually look kinda similar in a lot of ways Very, seriously the the running backs I mean Nick Chubb is excellent. Zeke Zeke is having some troubles right now, but he's still going to be a bad s of sorry Jay for. We are. Already already did it one I? Heard that well, I think I, think they're defensive line is just stacks. It's the they're going to really create some troubles for our align this week there secondary's a little banged up I think I think that might play to our advantage but then they're receiving core I mean Jarvis Landry Odell, Beckham Austin Hooper tight end I have some concerns about our ability I mean. Especially, especially with what we've seen over the first three weeks to really you know who's carrying tight end in coverage. Is it fifty four? Is it I mean? I don't know a man The cowboys have not proven to me. They proven to me that their offense is GonNa be okay if we can. If we can shore up that align with with, you know some people coming back from injuries and it looks like tyronn looks like he participated on Thursday on. So we'll see what he does you know Friday and where he's at come game time I don't know I a tank doesn't look right like the I I was. Watching the all twenty two of this past week and he doesn't have that explosive for step that I'm really used to seeing from him and yes he still a freak of nature. He's still an amazing athlete and I'm not here for the tanker hasn't done since we paid ninety million I think that's garbage but he's definitely not one hundred percent right now and so yeah, I'm concerned if anybody except for Alden, Smith isn't going to be able to put some pressure on Baker. Baker likes to get out of the pocket a little bit because he is a little bit shorter. So He. kind of redounds to his benefit if he can see over people by like Kinda, getting away from the center of the field but Yeah. I think that I think this is GonNa be this isn't the browns of you know three, four, five years ago they've got a quarterback. They've got some substantial offensive weapons and I think this is going to be I. Don't know if it's going to be shootout. But it's going to be a closer game than any of US cowboys fans are going to be comfortable with and I. Think there's a good chance that I think we win I do think the cowboys pull it out but I think it's like a by a field goal like a three point I mean I see thirty, twenty, seven that's that's kind of what I'm feeling right now cowboys cowboys thirty, twenty, seven, browns. It makes me nervous. Oh yeah I think I think it is I. Think it's GonNa. Come down to to that field goal and I hate that because you know cowboys fans have been living in dying on the field goal the past couple seasons so. Yeah. Let's See Kelsey favorite. Early like I am gay just getting to the point where like I'm coming back around on special teams and wrong you last week twice you literally burned me like it was like. I feel like a scorned like I was just going back to like being on good terms with him in life special teams in general and he was. Knows and then he's like just so you know I hooked up with your best friend and I was like what's and? Literally. and. How can I do a special teams thing quick. What the heck is CD lamb doing returning punts. I'm sorry like you're you're doing the business thing right now. So cost benefit analysis there of of putting an asset like that to have like people do a forty yard sprint riot is like we all saw that play on the sideline, right? Where like his knee kind of near like what? What the hell guys. Don't put put Cedrick Wilson back there who's proven that he is a bad ass like he's born out too. So key just protect protect the man. I actually agree with you on that but if you remember to this is what they did with. When they first desert's rookie year freshman year like. In. College. Right now I'm studying for finals. So everyone knew your goodbyes in prayers or whatever you believe in like I need all of it but literally when he was a rookie like that was what they with him too and yeah I, mean I get it but I'm also concerned I'm scared I'm like listen he's also not the biggest either. And hope like I. I imagine this. This'll be something that we'll see over over years to come him just like developing like bulking up and coming into call for sure but. He is he is not as Bryant size and it scares me like you said to have these dudes just like coming after him like. On special teams and like we don't need that right now that's the last thing we need. Not Work. Breaks, Darrien please he's valuable. We've got three potential thousand yard receivers this year I would like to see that. Like. not to sound like a broken record but protect CD. Here all week long. I was here. Okay. Yeah. No To never apologize because that's why we love you. Any final thoughts just for like Kelly's fans people listen to the show If you just want to like yell into the best time besides I don't know how you're GonNa build the top bat initial that. was epic so I don't know. Yeah. Keep the faith fans, I mean. It's it's a fun ride at least I. Don't know. I don't know if we've got the weapons for this to be the year for the sixth ring. I. Really I. Really Wish we did and maybe maybe if the defense gets better and comes along and get randy. Gregory back in week eight, then like maybe we're seeing some changes there but yeah, keep. Keep watching keep kicking by keep listening to podcasts and Yeah. If you want to hear anything that I'm doing see me what I'm up to follow me on twitter I'm at West Nile Tx Cantrell Texas Oh, and also one more thing If. You haven't registered to vote yet. That's totally cool. There are four more days to do it. You have until October fifth just go to vote Texas dot Gov Vote Texas Dot G. O. V., and just smashed that button. It's super easy and that would be a really great thing to do I wear my vote Nicholson on Frazier Mega Steel has Worked out, so I don't have my own room but. Normally do. Yeah. So all in all boat. I love that West, thanks for hanging out with us. We appreciate you the most and Golf. Hyping you up in your mentions if you if you connect with twitter so do it lessens the Shit we love West's. He joined. By. Of course, you guys, thanks for listening another episode in the books. You can follow all of us on twitter until next time. Hopefully, we're back on Monday with a victory podcast because if not I just I don't know what I'll do like West said you could find him on twitter at West. Cantrell Texas. T. X. Goodbye me at Kelsey, underscore Charles and mega. Memory with floor. Ours really do appreciate you guys tuning in to your subscribe to the blog the boys podcast every beer podcast apple spotify itunes stitcher rate review subscribe. It really doesn't mean the world to us but hey, west you help on this one. Absolutely. Meg, are guys together or are you going to give him? I want west to tape is one. Okay. Okay. I was forever philly fanatic. By guys.

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