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"antoine craftsman" Discussed on ESPN FC

"Treated badly over the last sunday you'll two years which is absolutely true. Of course you shouldn't do this book. Yeah go down a bit as the things romantically while really wonderful if this happened. That wouldn't be fantastic. Said look back in. They saw this as mighty encourage some of leverage and pressure on some of those other places. You've refused to back down. Some of those places refuse to move on. We'll come to them in a minute. Because i think he's pretty well pointing pointing out situations blazer in and maybe maybe this could happen but he's not going to release it. We shouldn't ask him to. I'm ready to get caught but there's also another key point which we just talked about one hundred. Ten percent of their income goes on salaries even if messy goes as. It looks like. He's about to that would be down to ninety five. It's still too high evenly now. Macy's departure isn't the solution air so even if he did it boss still we still to you instill some other players go a nose of applies plaza guy. So some of these new signings may well be left in limbo. They may well not be able to be registered either and so the situation is really difficult but even at messy did this thing and let me repeat this our love. It did much as. I know that it's realistically just can't happen. Even if he did it they still might not have a way out of this now. Very that point about the players were left given the messy has basically had to go because of this and all that lots and lots of our players who haven't wanted to move on who a high wage earners and so on a still at the club the pressure they are under now. The sense of rejection from some finds that they are under now. I think he's enormous. I think the white guy into the season the tracing they find themselves in plays like ltd. Surgery roberto philippe casino. Antoine greece with those are under huge pressure next year. Now obviously someone's going to have to step up and be a leader with everything that's going on. It's going to be a very interesting year for boss loan if this does go through as what. We are seeing jill's report. Sergio aguayo is looking at his options. Now because obviously he went to bacelona open to play with one of his best friends and lionel messi and now it's not going to happen to think he's within his rights to question this what i don't think he's registered either i think. Cj said all the new signings the memphis pioneering garcia and social grow right now because of the wage bill being again too high even with messy. Leaving i don't know what his future holds. Anyway might be able to plan and botswana mahathir to only be able to fit players already on the books last season and again not all of them will be able to be registered. Because again the which will be too high even if you don't count the new signing so it's an absolute mess messed up. We're not going to go back to what explained before but they should never be in one of the greatest in the world. She's one of the richest clubs in the world in terms of revenue coming in east just absolute disgrace in this situation where we're not even sure that memphis the pie and says you are grow. If they wanted to be there and play our loud to will be allowed to do so. If i was to go out maybe even the club would welcome here and said you know what we can't even afford you anyways so mad fu region again. You can go wherever you want. Because i could also understand his point of view where he was coming to play with macy and now he's not even sure himself that he'd be able to play for bus enough or stop. Sit with all this going on. Is it just a waiting game now. To see who else they can get out the door until the transplant windows closed exactly and it has been by the way for the summer and it was quite interesting on this day. He said he used the phrase. I think in life it's not good to prolong the agony. They knew this moment was coming but of course they were working against the clock trying to get players out trying to get grease men and continue in particular to go because they were still had motivation station payments to be made they were plaza cost highs high salary and as well obviously dan delays. And i've won. But because he's injured is very difficult to make any kind of movement with him and so this was already the case. And so when you look at him and the other day you kind of stuck in a position you think. Couldn't that be solution but why. Why do you manage to get sale for like it doesn't matter the agreement but grease men or what you get south katina. Could this not fix things. First of all the financial situation is so bad that you'd need more and second nichols that's what being tried to do for the last two months and not being able to but now having gotten into messy who say financially is the most important month. Get rid of fumbling terms and emotional tubs absolutely the financial sense. He's the most important gabriel but others still have to go. So that's exactly she sake they now have until the first of all this which is the end of the transfer window to try and move these players on and in the meantime the new place not yet registered they stuck in limbo waiting to see what the what the future holds for them and if those new players registered just for argument's sake because a lot of the ones that you're looking to maybe go out to ones who haven't been playing much may not antoine craftsman but some of the others if that happens at barcelona still among the favorites to win league this year without lionel messi. It's very difficult to give you an answer on that for fundamental reasons the first one is a cool place to go. So i think we'd have to see which flies as net which is eventually go for example if a fee and produced a salary for some some of them not. We know that it would make a huge impact on the school because he hasn't played very much. He was brilliant in his first season about but hasn't been since we know senior when truth and again. I say this with the greatest respect these plays. It wouldn't have a huge impact on the way they played an yes. This could still be a very very good team. The second reason why. It's quite difficult to answer. This and another one is to sell more plano or like i'm sitting here for messy. It's very difficult to imagine. Abbass lonesome seem without messy and in particular.

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