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"antoine brooks" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

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"antoine brooks" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Away. They invest the third round pick in the Kendrick at tender Green, who I think is going to be a good player, but to bring it all back to the original question. He's going to struggle at time. Their line is going to struggle. At times. This team is going to struggle at times because they're in the process of rebuilding. They're not going to tell you that that's what it is. I mean, you have Um, the way it looks right now, you're gonna have to rookies starting in your offense flying in a rookie tight at. I mean, I don't know how to find that they needed to find guys that can play those positions. And to me, rookie means struggle. Not every game, but they're going to get Beaten on scheme. They're going to get beaten on matchup because they have players who don't have, uh, you know, and they'll gain it as they go, but they don't have NFL experience going into week one, so their ability to kind of transition to the NFL is going to be critical to their success. But that's not going to happen every game on defense T. J Watt make of that. Fitzpatrick Cam Heyward. They're all back. But but Dupri, Mike Hilton and Steve Nelson or not, That's the three terrific players coming back. But three big hits off that defense that has always seemed to me found a way to carry struggling offense. So how big a hit, is it? Um, I think it's some more than others. I think, but do three. Um, but with a good player. I think they got pretty good performance out of Dan Rookie Al tied to play his position. Last season. They kind of have an idea of what they are without, but in that lineup in but but a good player. I mean, you can't take that away from him. He was definitely a value to that team. That's why they gave him a franchise tag. They really wanted to keep that unit together. Make one more running things in my opinion, anyway, before they had to kind of rebuild again. There's that concept. Um, they weren't going to bring Dupri back again. And they didn't. I think Highsmith is a pretty good player. I think he's young. No, he's got some work you need to do. But that's also probably why they signed Melvin Ingram. Um somebody that can chip in here and Eric can also be used as kind of a weapon along that front seven. You're going to see him and coming from different spots on the line. You'll see him as as the traditional outside linebacker that the Steelers defense would have. You'll see him coming over the age gaps as well. So they're going to build differently than what they were not an issue of replacement. It's an issue of figuring out who they are. Without these players. I think what we're seeing now, though. Um, it's going to be interesting without Mike Hilton there. I'm not sure how they're going to handle the flock Cornerback position. They had eyes on the second year safety Antoine Brooks to help out without a bit that the Maryland graduate, uh he didn't get a whole lot of time last year, but I really like the way he looked in preseason, but he got hurt. He's on injured reserve. So, uh, they they're looking for answers. I don't know if they have a step one at that position. You're going to see that the veteran free agent signing our thermal at play in that position. I think you're going to see. Can Sutton moved from the outside inside and come down with James Pierre coming into play on the outside? They have multiple options. Wolf remains to be seen. How good how effective Those options are going to be a lot of question marks on that side of ball for sure. We know what the stats say. We've seen him play at least twice this season here in Cincinnati. But what in your opinion? What does my kilt and bring to this team? Mike Hilton is, in my opinion. He is an excellent Inside kind of non traditional defensive back. They they used him in a very non traditional way. He can cover guys down the scene, which is not, you know, all that typical of a cornerback playing inside. It's pretty tough to take on the bigger guys. And what's a pretty tough route to defend? Um Hilton in particular is not a very big guy, so he plays much bigger than he is, but I think it's highest in death is he can he can defend the run? He does defend Iranian willing To step up and take on the run game and you can get after the quarterback. They blitzed him a lot. I'm not sure how many quarterbacks block quarterback lift as often as Hilton did, but he had great success with it. Um it was an effective weapon that they could use, but I don't want to undermine his ability as a cover guy. Um, he's a quality player. I really think the Steelers wanted to keep him. Um, it's interesting. I mean, in a pandemic year with the salary cap getting cut the way that it did routine. Probably, you know, many of them losing money last season. I'm not sure. Uh, I'm not sure the market was accurate for Hilton. I felt like he could get a bit more than he did. But flock cornerbacks just Also this. They don't seem to go for all that much money, so I'm not entirely sure I would have thought What Cincinnati signed him for was money. Pittsburgh would have been willing to investigate him. Um, I'm not sure what happened there to be honest with you, but I think Cincinnati definitely gains from that. He was a good player. I don't know. A whole lot of defensive coaches would not be upset to have my kill bomber after Any player any sport any team. One of the guys they never bet against his Roethlisberger. Now he's 38. This is from all indications. His last roundup sounds like it is, unless something bizarre happens, but it sounds like it's his last Roundup. Um, with the offensive line problems that you just outlined with the running game that last year was not good with the defense that did take some hits. How much should we expect out of him? Because he is Robocop. Just what do you think he's going down? He's bringing back up. What are the expectations realistically for Roethlisberger this season After me, Um Here's one thing..

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