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"anthony casket" Discussed on Jenna & Julien Podcast

"Can I just like maybe react beforehand and give you my thoughts here? What Hell you're GONNA throw MOTECH? It's Nice I'm trust me. I'm I'm these are good. Go Melba youthful. Have you been there? Yes but it's on the way when we go to visit my brother Julian area. Okay so I think it's super beautiful but like I said since it's on the way where we go visit my brother I'm not sure that I would go there for lake. Because we live in southern California sure is a little too similar for me to like completely like I've gone somewhere. You know kermit. Don't get on the table. Sounds lovely though. I would love to go but I think I would rather go to Tuscany Italy okay. So that's your first impression. Yeah it sounds lovely. I've never been to Italy now. Let me add USA modifiers okay. Okay so In Carmel you're staying in an artist's home and the artists whose home belongs to constantly tells you the shot up loud Treat yourself some. Tiffany Co at the Carmo Plaza. I heard all of the shops are KARMAPA. Tiffany CO okay. All of them. There's not a single other business. The streets lined with ten. That's it now food. That's it possible legal in that county. What HAPPENED TO TRANSPORTING MY TONGUE? Tusk in your your tongue will be transported to jail if you have pasta. Oh so think about another cuisine. Because you ain't having no Pasta Carmel. That sad I love Pasta while now to the modifiers for Tuscany remember. It's e- love your way through this extraordinary Landscape while you're on your trip to Tuscany. You have to start every sentence with eat. Pray love okay. Okay I can do that. You can only consume wine out of camelback. Okay totally down. Watch me cooking classes that you take our top. I'm me okay okay. So you're onboard. Yeah Okay where's the downside rented? Bicycles can only fly all right. Fine go right on. You have to go for a rented bicycle ride by school. It says it says you. Can she achieves end? Like relaxation levels with a flying bicycle. Says all right. So what's IT GONNA be Carmelo? Anthony Casket. Somebody wants them. Possum I guy I want pasta my guy all right so you picked Tuscany. It sounds lovely. We'll done I would love to go to Tuscany.

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