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Dec 11, 2019

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Dec 11, 2019

"Hello and welcome to sword and scale daily. I'm your host Ryan Williams. It's Wednesday December eleventh. And this is your daily true crime report coming up on sort and scale daily breaking news from Jersey City where police officers were involved in in a shootout that had multiple casualties including one police officer. The suspects and civilians in Birmingham Alabama. A five year old boy was shot and killed after relatives fired at one another during an argument in Iowa a social media entrepreneur was sentenced to fourteen years in federal prison after his plan to force the Sierra rapids man to hand over a domain name backfired. Finally the Chicago area optometrist. Tom Tryst has been charged with the November twenty second stabbing death of his girlfriend. The case has reignited interest in the two thousand eleven death of his wife who passed away after a car collision. The cause of death was considered undetermined. Causes all this and more coming up on sword. Gordon scaled daily happened is through the area Fisher telling everyone stay in. It is the audio you just heard is from chaotic shoot-out that broke out yesterday afternoon in Jersey City. The shootout shootout began as a possible homicide investigation detective. Joseph Seals was called to the scene at the Bay City cemetery and upon arrival it was shot and killed by the two suspects. The two armed men then fled to the Jersey City Kosher supermarket on Martin Luther King drive where the standoff started around twelve thirty PM PER NBC. Four New York. Four civilians were inside of the market. When the suspects entered entered three of them were killed inside of the store? Heavily armed local and state police swarm the scene and gunfire between law enforcement awesome and the suspects ensued videos. Posted a twitter and shared by the media showed exactly how chaotic the scene had gotten some. Tom said it sounded like a war zone with shots. Ringing out from anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes the schools including an elementary school right across across the street from the store where the suspect holed up remained on lockdown and tell around four thirty PM thankfully no children were harmed so as of last night a total of six people were confirmed dead including detective. Joseph seals the two suspects and the three civilians billions. who were holed up inside of the Bodega multiple others were injured but have been listed in stable condition? Law Enforcement was on scene throughout throughout the night. We will continue to follow up on this story and update you on any of its developments. Our next story brings us to Alabama a five year old. To nary more junior was shot and killed in Birmingham on Saturday December seventh police responded to a call about about a person who was shot outside a North Birmingham apartment complex. On Saturday officers found areas on the ground. According to reports sports he suffered a gunshot wound to the head and was transported the Children's hospital where he was pronounced dead Birmingham. Police chief Scott Prater told. Al Dot Com. That two of the boy's relatives shot at each other during an argument and the boy was subsequently. Hit in the crossfire. Neighbors told the news outlet that they'd heard multiple gunshots and the owner of a nearby grocery store said he had to take cover to avoid getting hit. Investigators found multiple shell casings in the complexes. Parking lot an out in the street when reporters asked chief Prater whether Canarias Canarias mom was involved he replied quote. We're speaking to the mother right now and trying to find out what exactly happened out here. What I do know? Oh is that. It's always a terrible thing when you lose a child out on the street. The seems to be compounded during the holiday season. Nobody wants to see that. But when it's a child who is with the person they trust the most and something like this happens. It's heartbreaking to areas. Junior played youth football and was named All Star just mere hours before the shooting in a sad coincidence scenarios more. Junior's father tune areas more senior died. When Mary it was three he was also a victim of gun? Violence he was shot after a feud with another man and his shooting was ruled justified. Multiple people have been detained in. Police are still looking to interview more witnesses in other news. CNN and reports that twenty-seven-year-old Rossi. Laura Theo Adams the second a social media entrepreneur from Cedar Rapids Iowa was sentenced to fourteen years in in federal prison on Monday. Having been found guilty of one charge of conspiracy to interfere with commerce by force threats and violence Adam started his social media company state snaps in two thousand fifteen when he was a student at Iowa. State University at one point state snaps INC accounts on twitter instagram and snapchat and had more than one million followers state snaps collected shared videos and the images of young people partying or in the words of the US Attorney's Office for the northeast district of Iowa videos and photos of young adults engaged in crude behavior. Savior drunkenness and nudity. In two thousand fifteen. Casey a local station aired a segment on state snaps for which they interviewed Adams who went by the nickname polo in the show. It was said that ninety percent of the content on stay snaps was too risque skeie to air on television. Polo responded quote nudity. That's what draws the attention. That's what got it going on. I mean sex sells many of the posts by state snaps. Were captioned with the Hashtag. Do it for state which was also used by followers of the the accounts for this reason Adam wanted to use the domain do it for state dot com to expand his platform. The problem was this domain had already been claimed by another resident of Cedar rapids. The prosecution said that Adams tried for two years for two thousand fifteen into two thousand seventeen to convince the owner to sell him the domain name for naught at one point a friend of the domain owner began to advertise. It's concerts on the domain leading adams to send him threatening text messages containing multiple gun emojis. Eventually Adams Adams decided to take a different approach. He convinced his cousin. Sherman Hopkins Junior a convicted felon who is homeless and sleeping in a shelter to help Pimm in June of two thousand. Seventeen Adams drove hopkins to the residence of the owner of the domain Hopkins broke in wearing pantyhose pantyhose. Sunglasses and hat over his face so he would not be recognized. He was armed with a gun and Taser Hopkins then broke through the bedroom door drag the victim to his computer and put a gun to his head. He gave the victim note from Adams with step by step instructions and on transferring the domain name Hopkins pistol whipped the victim several times but the victims struggled and managed to gain control of the gun so the victim then shot hopkins several times in the chest and once in the leg before calling police Hopkins recovered and in December of two thousand seventeen pled guilty to interference and attempted interference with commerce by threats and violence. He was sentenced to twenty years Adams on the other hand went to trial and was convicted. In April two thousand nineteen in addition to his prison sins Adams was also ordered to pay nine thousand dollars dollars in restitution in Additional Four Thousand Attorney Costs and twenty two thousand in attorney fees. The last two sums were ordered word because Adams represented himself as indigent and used a court appointed attorney during the trial but it was later discovered. He was still making money in in part from states. NAPS which ended up using the domain name do it for state dot com after the break. The Chicago area optometrist is charged with the murder of his girlfriend rekindling interest in the investigation into the death of his wife. Now for our final story. Anthony prayed a fifty five year old optometrist from all Gone Quinn. In the northwest suburbs of Chicago was was charged with first degree murder this Monday in connection with the stabbing death of his forty eight year. Old Girlfriend Margaret Daniel. The charge Renews Interest List in the investigation into the two thousand eleven. Death of Anthony's wife. Bridget pray Margaret. Daniel was discovered deceased in her house in Schaumburg Berg in the early hours of November. Twenty second she had been stabbed between twenty and thirty times. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that hours before her death Margaret hosted a dinner party at her home for guests including freight and someone for neighbors. Pray and Daniel had only been dating for a a few months and this was the first time her neighbors had met him. According to the neighbors who attended during dinner the conversation turned to the topic of death which seemed to upset Anthony. He left the table for an uncomfortable amount of time and seemed aggravated upon his return in the neighbors left around midnight Margaret. Apologize to them for Anthony's behavior and Anthony interjected that she did not need to apologize for him Around one thirty am anthony. praet called nine one one. He told the dispatcher that he and his girlfriend gone to a fight and he stabbed her after she stabbed. ABC him quote. My girlfriend and I had a fight. She stabbed me with a knife stabbed her back and I think she is gravely wounded. He told told the dispatcher. That Margaret was not breathing and asked multiple times whether he should perform CPR when the dispatcher asked Anthony whether he was holding the knife life where the knife was. Anthony said multiple times that the knife was on the floor and quote. We were both fighting for the same knife. Police arrived at the scene within five minutes of the nine. One one call and found Margaret Daniel lying on her back in the kitchen bleeding badly and not breathing. They found a knife in her right hand. Hand autopsy discovered that Margaret had been stabbed three times in the chest and seven times in the back in addition she had cuts to her stomach and defensive wounds to her forearms and hands. Investigators say that in the twenty minutes before calling nine one one anthony pray called three of his his relatives and told them he had stabbed Margaret. Anthony pray was treated for cuts at a hospital and then booked into a Cook County jail. Where where he is being held without bond the murder charge against Anthony Praet has renewed interest in the investigation of the death of his wife? Bridget praet on March first. Two thousand eleven bridget. praet was discovered. Dead after the couple's car which was being driven by Anthony crossed is the center line on Pyatt road in the community of Lake in the hills. Anthony praet claim the car collided with another car and spun off the road hitting a tree three. He told police. His wife was unbuckled when he lost control of the vehicle because she was reaching to get her purse from the back seat. First Responders bonders noted that the passenger side airbag had not deployed the Chicago Sun Times ads. That Dr Mark Wittig the pathologists who conducted at the autopsy on Bridget Praet said her injuries were not consistent with a car accident and she may have been dead before the collision the autopsy found no fatal injuries leading the examiner to find the cause of death is undetermined in two thousand fourteen. The family of bridget parade. Hire private investigator. Bruce Johnson formerly with the Illinois State Police to look into the case on their behalf. Johnson told the daily Herald that he found several causes for suspicion I. The crash was low impact and it is very rare for people at the scene of a low impact crash and not suffer any fatal injuries that can be seen during an autopsy for example a broken neck however when paramedics reached bridget praet she. She had no pulse. In addition as mentioned earlier the passenger side airbag deployed in the damage to the couple's car was not consistent in with a fatal accident moreover one week before the accident Anthony pray called the police on his wife per the Chicago Tribune soon. Anthony told police that he overheard his wife talking to another man in their house and Elgon Cohen based on the conversation he overheard he. I became convinced that his wife of twenty years was having an affair with the man and the two were planning to kill him. When police talked to bridget? She told him that the man was a friend who was helping her study for real estate exam. They were studying procedures in a case. Where a homeowner dies this explanation satisfied? I police lake in the hills. Police spend ten months looking into the accident in two thousand eleven and have reexamined it since most recently in two thousand sixteen but never filed charges against Anthony Praet in a statement released this week. They said quote we are closely flee monitoring the ongoing investigation related to Mr Praet and Cook County and will continue to evaluate incoming information for any bearing. It may have on the tragic death of bridget. praet in two thousand eleven before we leave you. We have an update on the case of bomb. poonam tech's seera. Who is on trial in Boston for the two thousand seventeen murders of doctors? Lina Bolanos and Richard Field. WC Channel Five News reports that Tech Zero with found guilty of two counts of first degree murder yesterday afternoon. Tech Zero was also convicted. Did home invasion kidnapping and armed robbery. The conviction came at the end of the day which saw Tachira removed from the courtroom twice. Due to inappropriate behavior. Jury deliberations in the case began on Monday on Tuesday morning right after he was led into the courtroom. The court officers removed his handcuffs shackles. Texier then leaned towards the prosecutor and threatened his wife with sexual assault saying quote. Hey you better hope I never get out of jail. Your wife is getting expletive. The jury was not present at the time and tech zero was removed from the court in the afternoon having been returned to the courtroom tech Sierra loudly exclaimed. You WanNa know his last words referring to field. He was ordered to be quiet. But repeated the outburst and then use an expletive to describe the victim's death he was removed for a second meantime and thus was not present to hear his guilty verdict. He is due to be sentenced on Friday. And it's facing life in prison without parole. The Suffolk County District Attorney's Office are investigating tech sears courtroom threats and may bring additional charges against him. That's it for today. We'll see tomorrow. And until then stay safe soared and scale daily is an incongruity media productions. Your host was Ryan Williams Research and writing Hagar Barack executive producer. Mike Boudai if you like the show subscribe and leave us a review. If you'd like to write us with feedback or suggestions use the email address daily at Sword scale dot com.

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