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Cool On Keuchel?

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Cool On Keuchel?

"Listen up fellas DAX cells built for big and tall guys. Okay. Which means they've got closed built for style built for comfort and festival. Bill, three you get this DSL spent years developing their own sizing patterns, to deliver a great fit every time and every size. And with over one hundred brands DSL, have you looked in great, so headed the XL dot com and check out a store near you, XL big and tall built three you at DSL dot com. He's no fantasy focus baseball podcast here, your hosts Tristan cockroach and Eric era bell. It's true. This is fantasy focus baseball for Monday June ten thousand nineteen. He is indeed week winter Tristan. I am mover driver. Eric joining us today, the versatile kospi, perhaps a bit on edge about a certain basketball game tonight. As well as touro watchdog, Tom carpet, who sits quietly in the corner, editing judging on today's show and Astros prospect, gets the call a former Astros pitcher finds work more injuries Makamba meals, close a carousel later on mirrored hashbrowns everybody had a nice week interest in how you doing doing well, beautiful weekend, at least in the northeast it was, I think it was the most places. How about you? All's well, you might think we talked about this before the show. But we don't get the I wanna know though. It's this is the most important more than any of the news. Did you get some quality hammock time? I did. I did. I, I out the havoc for the about, you need to have some quality him time there. You know, I did. And you know what I did like Uniprix sheet this? So I, I sometimes I can't watch baseball team play because the announcers, just so terrible, including like my favorite player as a kid, who's just not a good announcer. And so, I listened to the radio, I put the radio on and all my hammock, and it's sunny and everything is well nice. And in the bullpen comes in and they lose but it was a day. So you came in and relief for your own team. I kind of know you might as well pitch for them and six now you don't do this, because your team has, like, twelve good, right, hand relievers and a former left us. Hey my team disconcerting week so we could we could rant on and on. About a team that's playing out their best players and still gonna win hundred games. That's not a good road trip period. I can't believe that people are talking about yesterday is there's a key win. No, come on. That was a bad road trip. It was, but it's you run the gave your team found a way to win that all to game. I team found a way to lose the game. I mean I can't say my teams make the playoffs Phillies, your team is making the playoffs. I don't think that your team is in any worse position to make the playoffs than minus my God. That's digital thing. That's divisional everything statement. And you know it I I think both teams are making it, but because the brain has picked up a starting pitcher just part of our news that we're getting to now does. Talking about the Astros prospect. I. So what I 'cause I don't think much thousands statistically. I'll be honest, like, we'll get to that. But you ought to have raise, I think, is a monster. Like if you said to me, your Alvarez, or like Illinois Jimenez, the rest of the season, I'd have to think about it and fled. Like you put all three of those American League sluggers now. I don't think Alvarez is going to get like pure it, where he only gets to three weeks. And then they demoted again, that's my new ver- for testing your being foolish, demoted after love it. Okay. That up on the fly, but I do think though, Alvarez could be like a fifteen Homer, guy in three months who got three hundred looks awesome. Yeah. And that's honest with you. I think that might be setting a low bar based on the slugging percentage, adding the miners, what was it over seven hundred. Well, I mean they're using the ridiculous baseball. Aaa two said that you have reser Ila, you'd have to think about it. We hit a couple of homers this weekend, like, flicking, the wrist looks like a future. Forty home. Run guy. I see where you're going with it. And there's reason. Optimism here. But there's always fantasy the need to pump the brakes, a little bit on the young prospects because a large number of them do struggle, and it's completely unpredictable. And Vlad had a really rough. I what was it ten games or so Vlad, ee Loy Alvarez? I can't believe average is not on our most added list that that's gotta be within I think it's the proximity to win. His call up was, this is the thing that grabs me about the Elvis, the timing for the call up is that this was, so obviously a super to move, and we don't see those these days, they're all about trying to gain that extra year of control. This was clearly a super two thing. So when you and I talked about Alvarez a month ago, and we're trying to determine whether he'd come up Tucker at nothing to do with forty man roster and to do it super to arbitration. And by the way, you can complain all you want about not you, particularly, but there's the rules. The players allowed these rules. That was in the bargaining. It'll be changing. It will be changing like change. They don't have to do that. They don't matter did not have to call him up two months ago. When he was ready. It's up to them. So, you know, complain all your one about the delay in Vlad. And, and this and Huron, being the moment, again, that could be for money reasons to this is this is a business. I don't care how much money owners have. This is a loud. So they're allowed anyway, you're have as I top fifty the rest of the year. You don't go that idea. I want to I'm saying that the realist here, you know, trying to trying to build a basic set of projection based on not just the tripling numbers and hitting friendly league says he's probably more likely to fall out of that group. I probably will rank them in my top fifty. I think there is reason to get on board. I, I'd have to think you too. I think he should be tough fifty outfitters. Let's talk briefly brave now signing after our last show, which is Thursday. We're a Monday Thursday show for as long as they let us, you know, not a big strike out guy, but going into National League should add some strikeouts, because the pitchers just don't make contact. I assume pitches in about a week, maybe. Two and he's not replacing anybody. You're already rostering, but kind of like his upside is the top fifty star the rest of the season. I don't think he is. I think he might be just based on who's in that forty five to fifty group. But I agree with you. That the at least his his past history, he doesn't miss Bazzi relies on ground balls and minimizing hard contact. That's something that's gonna play more to matchups than regular fantasy play. So, yeah, I'll throw fifty five the number. And I do think it's going to be two to three turns in the minors before he gets called up. Yeah. I would agree with that. I feel like this would be an opportunity. I the name game because people are excited about gyco. Maybe they shouldn't be. Yeah. Everybody wants to your name game highly holy Diddley do what of Dili of a pickle digitally. Do lead slander daily wall. The Dili of a pickle say, leisurely. Let the Elliott a pickle, the draw and kill the Bill the light to deliever pickle come to do whatever, you know, that's the kill your of a pickle, dilly, dally your way into another thing a name for you. I'm certain of staff row, stat dog stat kids hamster of sat white statal vicious. Mrs of Steph was wrong with you a little game of trash Christon here. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All went bad. Are you singing that we're having an intervention? You know what it'd never fails to make me smile and laugh, and we all need more laughter in our lives. I believe I do you know, smiling, good thing, laughing's good thing. We need more hammocks. I was thinking about adding one of my yard yesterday. No one of my house in your way you have one in your home. My new house. It's outside. We're hammocks goer in your house catcher to the trees. Or is it a free standing free, standing room really have one in our backyards? I'd make for a tough hammock situation. Yeah. We zoo trees, the free standing, maybe you could care less. I don't know. Could I think it's? Yeah, I wasn't I look, we discuss this. That's the only thing we did discuss before, we didn't plan that out, the we get grammatical stuff I could care less. And I'm like, that's technically not what you mean does not making my top fifty. Let me I'm looking at your ranking silver, Andrew Heaney, and John lesser. You have fifty and fifty one no way. I would take over either them and lesser maybe trending in the wrong direction heating going up, but like they strike people out, and they have a track record and they're not learning a new league and no, but you agree. I agree. They do need to be behind those two there, their cases I can make for that Haney injuries. Lester, the decline in the second half last year, but he has put up some premium numbers, the other thing, too, is after this miss time, we do have to consider the possibility that kaikal is not his typical self. It did happen guys last season, more than considered that the J habits sixty one, I'd have them higher. I take over Kyko. Yeah. And Happel probably move into that range of LeicesteR, and Haney. And I agree that he should be head of all using left easier. Joe Casey, definitely I would take him. So I don't think he's going to be in your top sixty. Who else here's and have to be a lefty like sunny gray looked fine on Sunday. I was watching I was listening, he's pitching well, and somehow that read staff is just not giving up home runs. I would take gray. Chris archer? Still a strikeout guy said fatty, arraign whip on a good rank comp not stuff. They're completely different rating left. He case not case, but I think that, that's a good value based comp. Steven Steven Matt seventy six I would take maths over Quaco hundred thought a you know, we've talked Matt's Hutton, et, nausea on the show and you're saying that, but like mats and Pablo pays if he removed their one bad start. And I know you can't it all counts, but they've been fine this year. If you just remove the ten run games, I'm sorry in advance, I hate that approach. I do too. But it tells me look, you never have a bad day. Of course you do. I've seen your bad days. You've heard my bad day. Every Monday Thursday hear him. But the point is like they had a bad game was allowed ten runs in a game and massive and get out, get getting out against philli the rest of their seasons are erased like three even like that tells me okay that maybe they had a bellyache maybe they're argued with their wife. I don't know that they had a bad game. I am bad days and my performance reflects it. I'll give you three guys on that. I know I put them ahead of. Okay. Let's hear that. All right. As I blank. Marcus Stroman are yes. Sure strong. Pretty decent year but he seventy nine that's not even like someone. You have to roster. They're, they're people like Stroman. Apparently, I'm not one of them report Selo, and Frankie. Mantell. Frankie month as can everybody out. Why don't you like? Well, there's two reasons. One is the fact that the, of the best schedule for pitchers coming up in the other is that he's going to face innings cap and that's gonna find another question. I'm very shocked that people aren't talking about this Kevin Guzman's been anointed the guy bumped from the rotation. Why good? Why terrible? I get it now. But does this signing not signal to you that the Mike sarokin max, freed innings caps are going to play a part? Yes. I do think Mike sarokin on the Chris paddock timetable. I will give you that Rocha's probably not pitching. But if they're in first place in September, and I think they might be like, how can you not like saroka just getting a deal stint any day right off around the all star break? They'll be funny business. That's my they'll be funny business. But, like, I'd really have the funny business around paddock and saroka that Kevin gauze Missouri is six fifteen. They should Pavetti him and put him in the minors for month. Sure. Like maybe that'll visit maybe that'll fix. I do think is good stuff at times. He can. Give you productive month or two and more to a major league team into a fantasy team. But I do think that this signals the Braves are going to that. Let's shuffling around like the Padres have been doing. Sure fantasy focus baseball where we make players name verbs. They're gonna prevent him. There's only one person it's five cast. It's done that so far. We've made names, adjectives, I've done that you choose choose. Now, we are going to read something from seatgeek. Do you ever feel like ticketing websites make get into the event difficult on purpose? It is, as if they're so big. They can get away with not caring about the customer experience. So what if their site is annoying doesn't have the events you want. Does that is quo? The real question is, how easy could it be those ticketing sites actually cared with millions, a live event tickets and a price match guarantee seeking proves? 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It's just a couple of weeks ago to meet me at a baseball game, and then he ate a Turkey. What was it called a big Turkey stiff wing thing, you know? Anyway, it was very good. Anyway sequel even give you ten dollars off your first seatgeek purchase. All you need to do is use the promo code download the secret gap today and use promo code F F B for ten dollars off on your first purchase. That's promo code F E for ten dollars off your first purchase. Why is the name escapes me like Turkey had clearly a deep fried Turkey, had a big Turkey wing? What is it called? It was a Turkey fried Oreo. Okay. Karen. Cavs cell. Way Davis is back. So Scott Goldberg is really good. Is now a setup man. Way Davis is fine. I don't have my top ten closers, pretty close. You know, getting thirty saves if he stays healthy. Look Jackson blew the yesterday. But there's no sign anyone else in Atlanta's bullpen getting save and they're not getting Kimble. Now, I think Jackson saving thirty thirty games a season. Tristen does not. You don't have, you know, I could get on board with import after three days, the last time we talked about what was on board. So I do you're on board on Thursday. We play that back. I think you were like he's bad. He's gonna lose the job to I don't know Kevin Gaza. The problem is I do think to Tucson has the stuff to overtake him. I prefer, I prefer his Ross stuff too. And by the way, that's not who they're using as setup guy. They're using nukem Anthony sports act primarily. There isn't competition right now. Greg Holland has run saving five weeks. That's just unbelievable to me. And it's not like he lost the job. They're setup core is particularly problematic. And this is the most unluckiest thing you can have a Jit closer. It's working for your for your team. And it's not working for the Diamondbacks. Now granted little different. Overall structure taking the bullpen out of the equation, but still gonna remind team. I have them in several leagues. And I feel like I made a good call. He's back. He's of bridge is what I mean. Your complete lack of bridge, and they have complete like a bridge. I can't I benched in wherever I could one save and five weeks three the other one, by the way, who's getting surprisingly chances Felipe Vasquez. Yes. Similar reasons. Kennedy's bad Baltimore's bad. But like zone is a five hundred team Pittsburgh's same thing. This is ridiculous like a weird season for closer, first of all, very, very little turnover. All right. So, like I have a league in which I need to have to relief pitcher spots. And I- Greg Holland in one of them, and he's doing nothing. I might as well use Matt Barnes, or, or a good setup man once say, invive weeks and finally this week, I've just put starting pitchers in my release spots. Martine Peres's in there. I can't remember what the other guy is. I'm like, I'm tired of this. I lose saves literally every week because of Holland and the second spot has been like a Boston reliever at times Tampa Bay reliever times Leclerc who I drafted. It's I'm tired of deal with this, this too many teams. It's a third of the league Tristan. It's not getting saved chances for their guys. And the other is that in including some of the third, you mentioned almost a half is doing some sort of closer by committee approach. I think this should be a Combi you this well have to take a look at this because now the last compare this the recent seasons. A third teams are just not giving their closer save chances. I will. Yeah. I notice it's myself because I was trying to make the anti-oil 's comment in the closer chart today. And I couldn't do it because the Orioles were not down at the very bottom in terms of generating overall team chances the season which I found very odd. You'll look at their total number of saves down near the bottom, but not the opportunities in the ninth innings of the traditional ones. I would bet the listeners of the show would dispute that there's been a lot of turnover though. But I think you're right. Because at the top tier. They've been pretty rock-solid. They have kimbrel investors might be disappointed because they're not giving a lot of chances to their clothes. I think they will. I think that's going to correct itself a little bit. But I see what I see your point. Yeah. All right. There's two pencil and ask you about quickly. Yes, I want to ask you about the Marlins. And I wanna ask you about the Mariners what to do with those two. You know you could say that surge aroma lost the role yesterday getting getting pounded for four runs in the ninth inning. But I don't see who they're going to give it to. And I don't see Romo getting traded because nobody's dumb enough to trade for Sergio Romo so he's gonna get fifteen more saints. He's gonna end up with more than twenty six I think, and I agree that I don't think that this is an imminent change. But he hasn't pitched all that effectively lately. And if the Marlins are pressed into making a change over the next week or two based on more poor performance, Nick Anderson has become an interesting pitcher. I guess he has. But like I don't agree with your point. He just got let Sunday he wasn't pitching poorly. He had a good may sort of Jerome. He didn't. He had an alright may he did not have great may good enough for the team with five games. And that's why I think they're going to keep them in there. I think that there's too much is being made that he's lost the job based on that one game. I don't agree with that notion. But which, well as a lot of talk about hundred stricken coming back and getting the role, but who cares like Elliot's has gotten so few safe chances because the? Loses three out of every four games. Now, like I one of you hundred on the way I do like Michael Gibbons, Baltimore just or Kansas City's in Kennedy's clearly, they're closer but he's getting to save chances a month. Like what's the point dealing with these teams teams there's a lot of buzz about trying to add Strickland? I think this is the desperation angle for safe. So you're throwing away a lot of your fat because he has an injury history history of inconsistency. No save chances for the Mariners this entire month. Yeah. That's not a fluke. They're bad. Let's do the combo meals are good. Christian yelich on Thursday, man that MVP race between yelich and Cody Bellinger is going to be kind of interesting like their vote just having months or seasons. Friday, was Josh Redican Fernandez junior. Now I would've lost my vampire league match up five five if I had been allowed to activate to tease on Monday from the injured list and put them in my lineup for here. I wanna loss five ended up losing, six four, but man that angers me and I tried to active Nelson Cruz a league and I was like a minute late. Because what was the move was? You're getting demoted like men. I and I lost that league six four. It would've been if I five tie which would have mattered there. Anyway. It's on me too. There was. No, I remember you and I were texting about this, because this may with a believe it was a different player in another league, the inability to activate it, and that's the rules of the in the well is in some cases, there's some leagues worth five minutes. It's not like to the minute of the game. If the game starts four zero five lakhs of four o'clock, I write Riley lacking first day first game not of your team not like of the whole league. But, but even in that situation there was nothing you could do with the hero activation. So then the question becomes, do you allow players on the teams that aren't playing at that time in the first game do you allow them to know? There's the weekly versus daily debate as well for weekly because it's less work, and I'm not twenty five anymore, but I don't wanna be up at midnight picnic players and, you know, I like you and I have an no league I knew a couple of days in advance, sometimes, you know, if that means I miss out JD Martinez mistakes tire weekend, if I miss out on that then so be it. But, like I tried to get him out for the double. Header when I figured out he was he was out. I couldn't but the guy was going to put into nothing although we in Desmond finally stores first base, so. Brief economies any interest here is the V active in all leagues cost anything there. I love that you're just declared Taty must start. He has to be, of course. You don't agree. No, I I'm on board. I've just a little surprised that it's so automatic. Well, I don't know why I mean he's good. I'm with I think that the Padres are very different offense with him as their leadoff man. They've been using Greg Garcia, and I want the guy who can go deep. I'm not gonna take walks. I want, I want the guy who can go. I'm leading off is just ridiculous managers are still making some of the most idiotic moves have ever seen their bullpens with their lineups with their way Rosser. Maybe that's a GM but, you know, guys at ninety five pitches. He has to come out of the game for the next after the next batter. Why some pitchers go one ten some interest only go ninety every different wise one hundred pitches half to be when the bear comes out and removed from a game. And you're in a week where we had an awful lot of complete games. And by the way, I'm watching that Yanni cheer knows game against the Red Sox where he went eight deep. Wow. I love that. But, like there were couple managers, let their pitchers go to, like, I think one hundred fifteen pitches like Jason Vargas. Girl hundred fifteen bitches it could probably through one hundred forty it'd be fine for his next outing. But Brad peacock can't so, like every pitcher different. So the way Aaron knows removed from Sunday's game look, if they don't win that division. It's a new manager next year. I'm just saying like the pitch can't argument, okay? I understand protecting your pitchers, and one hundred pitchers as what we've just asylum because. It's a nice round number but for air. No, it might be one hundred seven or maybe ninety seven I don't know. I just stuff too. Yeah. Why chair knows because I love the Chico. I like he's the guy cheer. No some Morton Perez of the to relief pitcher starting pitcher eligible I have in my lineup and league. And I fall into place in that league for some reason, mainly because of Matt carpenter and half my offense doesn't hit, and then also because I blow saves every week anyway. But on start bulk is, is what I'm talking you win, vampire. No slaughtered. I, I ended up losing six Forbes closed, but like the guy didn't have a starting pitcher. And he didn't understand why I didn't have relievers active. And my thought was why would I'm gonna lose saves anyway? And actually did win whip. I add all starting pitchers, and he had zero and I one whip so there you go. Didn't help any what do I was talking about before. Oh my blog today. It's a bit of a Downer, but like Giovanna is on pace for thirty five RBI. I love this topic. You know what that's is saddest number that makes me sad because I would win. I think the league where I have oughta win if I just had a normal hit, or even last year's auto, if I'd last year's motto, I'd be up fifteen points in this league, but I really can't believe he got worse, and they're going to be people out there say at his age, you should have no thirty five arm. The I come on too long for the last year really down one hundred points. He's he he's, he's choking up on the bat. Like he's Larry Bowa from eighteen seventy five or Chris Spier, Tim Foli, these little shortstops, you couldn't hit Chris Speyrer. I mean, it's I anyway, so anyway, I picked out other other numbers per for hitters. That's sad me like either, most of because I'm relying on this player and they're not doing what I thought they would. I thought body go twenty eighty he's gonna go ten thirty five. The end. Desmond finally stole base on Sunday or Saturday against math and only because it was on a three two pitch and Brennan. Roger struck out. Only reason, Desmond finally, first base the season there's some unbelievable numbers. I don't wanna give them away because column like Jeff McNeil like east, like eight basis last year and a third of the season I thought he's gonna steal twelve to fifteen. He's over four Jose Ramirez, the fantasy boss of the year. But if you add his home runs steals and runs last year he had one hundred eighty three of them in a hundred fifty seven games. You know what those numbers at two right now? Oh boy. It's barely went bottles. Paces for our anyway. I don't want to give away the Jose Ramirez, look at you wanna drop Jose Ramirez. I like I wouldn't. Because at least it's gonna steal twenty thirty basis. But if you wanna drop vodka when a mixed league p my guest, honestly, I need a lot of guys, the pickup for Joey Votto. It's what, what are you getting for them? How we kind of his coming off the power and candy, Rick Howard Kenner CRA, Joey Votto on advocating, okay, but, but I'm going back to your Ramirez comment. I mean it's very different between Votto, that's a little different. All right. What are we doing? Now are we gotta talk about the schedule for the next couple of days because otherwise who will in today's scheduled everything's at night, ESPN plus tenor? Anderson of Oakland real sure who that is against Charlie Morton. Jason is pitcher you wouldn't use Jason Vargas at Yankee Stadium, but he has pitched well for those in all these, I'm just saying, watch out for the weather in New York, and Philadelphia and Boston, it is raining. Sandy out can tear. At home against Saint Louis to start week tried to Adam in tout mixed. I got outbid because I'm cheap bit in numbers there. But sandy Qatar, it's not a lot of strikeouts. That's the thing. I get like there's a difference between him and Pablo Lopez al-qatar does restrict anybody out? Cow's note about where he decides to pick and choose the starts. He wants to the last three starts not against the national twenty two innings nine it's one earned run my job, professional number under over here. You know what though he was on my list of the to start values out there and a lot of leagues. So, yeah. Yeah. I would agree with that. Also decent chance at the W here because he's facing Walker and Saint Louis with their rotation in the state that it's in with the injuries. You know they're struggling a bit. They're asking too much of their bullpen Tuesday on ESPN plus Trevor Howard home against the other team now Bowers e array of a past like month or so over four he's walking people like sometimes like I look at a player, and I said, I've got a trade that guy way now because then a week it will be too late, but we look at that for Bauer. I feel like if you were going to trade him and reap the rewards of where he was being valued in the preseason or early may say you're already behind the curve. I'm gonna stick with our Bauer versus James Paxson rest of the season. Barrier. I worried the packs another deals or I'll stint at some point packs, and faces that we learn ESPN on Tuesday, anything else of interest on Tuesday, still bunch of undecideds. To navigate you still deal with that Juncker. No. Like if you had him in a mix you still having him. He had a game or two. They're one of the ones I watched. He was pretty decent. Which one was the cardinals game had pretty good command in that game. But otherwise it's been a mess. That's another guy who I'm probably ranking the same ballpark, as Keiko, which means I'm lukewarm two star for Peter Lambert, the Colorado rookie look great Wrigley field now. It's a rematch at cores I did not bid on him and he went he went for only a dollar an NL labor, and I'm a little embarrassed. I don't have any room for him. I have anybody to drop for I would've made a trade with you this week for LeicesteR but Lambert, like, are you buying? Here's this guy who's going to be safe or is that just is debut was good. I think just as debut was good, and that might have been partially the product. I mean, a lot of the debut or have have kind of an advantage there. The other is just the scouting report, but lack of knowledge but two cores games. I really don't want any part, he's got cups, who's the second one. The second one is the Padres, which is good matchup. Why though that's probably the price to pay what price to play in labor because you have to lock the player in for the long haul Turkey leg. That's what I was looking for what you are serious about that. I just forgot. What it was called guy. Like I think something wrong. I might be concussed. No, I'm serious. Like I couldn't remember what that word was. I'm forgetting words all the time. I wanna call Kyle cell before the show. And I can't remember that this fried cookies reshare talk. Like I can't remember Sunday. That's the word you were condescending if I have to come up with the word for which I was, and I'm no longer. Wednesday, briefly pianist brand Woodruff is a big strike out guy like there's cleven jer cops here for the strikeouts. And like a high Eric from like two or three years ago has that for a cop on Woodruff. I like that was it. I think it was twenty sixteen. He led all of minor league baseball in case. So, yeah, it's, it's not like this brand new. Yeah, he gives stuff up, but he's it's not some more like either. But like that's a lot of strikeouts. Brennan, I don't think people realize how many he's at Houston against Burland hate that they meant him up to that matchup your want, and I actually would have hitting because he's a really good hitter. Do you know what do you know what happened here when they switched him they took him out of AT and T park and dropped them into mid park against the Astros. Well that that's bad. I mean you can't well, you can ask for more but yeah, at cores cow, Cointreau, San Fran, you want that I have Cointreau in labor and hoping for good stuff there. I know he's going back to the monitors in a week or whatever the one last thing. Wanted to make for you. This is based on wins Spencer Turnbull and Madison. Bumgarner based on wins. You realize bunglers three wins and turned doesn't win at all because the trait but look at their other numbers like I almost traded Bumgarner in that league. And I was getting something I needed power but he's not winning ten games unless he gets traded. Bumgarner had more complaints about theoretical black wins yesterday. You lease it in throwing them. I thought for sure. Next time he's going to throw it. I've watched that replay four times. And I'm like, well he's not. But where was the bad flip or the taking your time, don't know why you're getting mad at don't give up a home or into it's not the over the months. The Hornets is great. But look the winning I cared about their is don't hit him with a pitch the next time up any each other next week. That's what it was gonna go now next week in LA. I hope not get suspended. I hope not with these throw a baseball a projectile ninety miles per hour and Twitter lit up with, like what's wrong with me? Like when I said that, really what's wrong with me? You want somebody throwing at your head. How can I just? I don't get it. When you go deep off Iranian, by the way, I was happy to see that. Yeah. He deserved that, that, that annoyed. That was I remember last year, actually was. AJ show. And I remember I was ranting dust. And like the Mets pitcher gave up a couple of homers. And then through at the next guy Desmond doing that after tenure Murphy. How did you not get suspended for that suspension? Twenty games. I just don't get it. So he's going to get hurt. Anyway, up next has Ron's nobody gets hurt. There are you big fed up with clothes that don't fit. Here's a tip head to d- XL, anyone can make a bigger shirt, but DSL makes closed that actually fit. It's all they do want to know their secret. Okay. They've spent years developing their own sizing patterns to make sure it's a comfortable fit every time and every size and good luck finding that anywhere else. So head to excel dot com and check out a store near you. Excel big and tall built for you DSL dot com. You better not throw at me. I couldn't throw fast enough to hurt you just like Twitter like the worst place. But like how are people? It's the worst like they just they. What that it's okay to throw it hitters like push back off the plate. Don't him the head, but like hit him in the back or in there. But, like no baseball going ninety five miles per hour. You can't do that not to mention you're hitting somebody for doing their job. Well. I just don't get that next month by the way home enough. A lefty having another amazing season mazing but pretty good. Yeah. Like almost crying named Brett regression to last year. And he's still the same player, which Sommese like nobody even knew who next month. He was a year ago, but he wasn't like some prospectors rookie basically flamed out, like, who is this year's months that just came from nowhere like to put up HAMAs, Stella? All right. That's that'll work. Very similar circumstance too. And by the way, a city that I hear is pretty close to months. I think yes, the same, that's what it was. I got you're gonna make fun of me now. Very nice. Crossed. I'll buy Turkey like I don't want it. All right. Baseball game. I'm like, oh my God. Like, what are you? The, the bulls one was better. That was the Philly. We'll go to a game. Okay. Not today. No. It's going to rain, a list, Stella is a good convert last year's Muncie. Although actually, although those gonna hit twenty five home runs member a month ago and he thought thought I was crazy. He's gonna hit twenty five home runs. The metrics didn't support it and they still don't put. He's doing it and all I can go back to is that, that ballpark by lowering the line in right field has made a huge difference. Reassess your metrics tristen because people who just hit fly balls like that. And don't hit grounders and know which pitchers swing like yellow is doing yell at stall, high Graham ball rate, but he also hitting home runs his home run a fly ball should not be sustainable, but I think at this point, we can say it is I don't think Homer to fly ball rate is sustainable over on. Although not at those levels yelled agree with drive home runs. You only yell at forty five home runs a year. Well, I mean, considering how many as in the tank already this is the thing for me. It's all about what comes I don't care about. Okay. So, so you don't think yellow has another eight homerun month or several of them? I think he does have another. He's probably going to get to your number. I don't think that's absurd. I think that looking at a sixty Homer season is getting absurd. I have a FOX at my window, what the heck is going on. Fox a FOX just walked up to my window of my office. Looking at you guys. Looking at each other's guy. Contact for like a split second. I don't know. Is that a jinx I can't be good? The doorbell thing didn't go off. Shocks not at my front door. Mr. go to the front door. I want to hear the answer the door during this joke. Wow. All right. I can tell them we're wasting time what questions. I'm good like that. Wants you to compare contrast de condescending. That's clearly showing off because you know the word now. Want you to compare and contrast DD with two TS thrust of the year. Ooh, wow. That's a peeling. Wow. They both need to be rostered in every league. They do. I'm surprised not more popular, I just have the playing aren't paying attention, but DVD's gonna hit fifteen home runs in the second half of the season. And teast is going to be even better and it's still basis and score runs leading off. I would say, t's because of the basis, but I probably if I thought was playing the entire season ranked them in the fifth or sixth round. Now I would have to a head about. Ahead of the fifth or sixth. Yeah. The Steelers in next year's draft for nets going before the fifth round is. Yeah. Why so saddened by that he's no? It's, it's shortstop is just such an awesome position that I'm thinking about where he'd rank among the shortstop care about that. I'm telling you take into Korea. I loved to tease, okay? Career missing his thirty games a year doesn't feel any bases. Bregman immediately Zander, Bogart's comes to mind versus to be close for me. Right. And that's and Bogart's is probably going to get a third fourth round ranking, so not by me, I would say more you're putting them probably v. I probably had them this. He doesn't still basis, and you never know where he's gonna hit the lineup but, but Bogart's because he doesn't steal basis brings this back to DD versus not. I agree with you just because of the steals, and because Tateishi is probably gonna steal, what twelve to fifteen more basis, you d versus Bogart's is a pretty decent. Comparison I love DD swing for Yankee Stadium. He's from that Curtis Granderson school of, let's try to go for pole power. Put the ball in more home runs the rest of the season. Dear bogart's. I, I agree. And bogus rostered never league. So why should D DD will probably be competitive for the home run lead at the position? I agree. I love and he's gonna play every day. They're not sitting him once or twice a week to rest them. Right. So. Well, they might initially but I think after the all-star break, he's locked in guy, they meet key Anki here key, there in first place out, everybody. We'll give me key. He's a key Yankee. I think man DD over Bogart's. I didn't think we'd get there but we just got. But see this is the thing center Bogart's batting average. I think it's a little more locked in the DVD's that, that does make up a good amount of the difference. Head. Ahead. I think it's close actually. And by the way, has only number nine among shortstop season player, Aitor house. He fish. Fish man Martinez. Thirty five. Home runs number ten Swanson do hit thirty five minutes. Number eleven batting averages steals play way too much of a role like in this player. But okay, what's next chip wants to know how you're projecting Victor row bliss and keeper leagues. What is his overall ceiling? A lot of people unhappy with victory want to drop them. And, you know, I thought as numbers we're little bit different like is batting average is lower than I expected. And I don't know why does steal more basis. But he's still like even if this is an old Ian Desmond season. Like he's got nine homers and nine steals after sixty two games he's gonna go twenty twenty he made that only fifty doing it and but he's also scored a bunch of runs, like he could end up with eighty runs scored and at twenty twenty season. Batting two fifty that's better than what was going to do this year, I think robots is a top forty outfielder and fantasy. I would not drop him. That's too many as too much power and speed. I'm disappointed in his approach at the plate. I thought he'd walk more. That's not a good. Walk rain at all. It's got to be like five percent. I thought it'd be closer to ten percent is twenty seven percent. He's only gonna get better. I'm telling you victory was a future star and fantasy at some point in his future. And it's obviously not this year is twenty five forty guy who best to seventy five I love Rover, Laura Bush, but I would not drop them this year. I'd agree. I think there's a lot of, of Dennis potential in him. But the metrics, especially the stat cash ones don't create a mile to answer the people who wanna know why dentistry, a Nario is ridiculous things. I think it's partly because game of thrones. I wanna talk like they do. That's all trying to be cute. I'm not trying to be kind of sending like our producer here. I'm just saying the record. I wasn't the condescending one. How would they say condescending on that show? Can the sending condensing capacity I can do? His his K rates nearly double odors, and AAA robos. Yeah. Oh, double. He looks overwhelms. He know what he's looking like this is not a good cop because the other guy didn't hit for power or run. He the last couple of weeks. He's looked to me, like Kingery did last year where these aren't even competitive at bats. Right. And Kingery just went on for four months like that. I hope doesn't do that. Every game is over four two strikeouts. I think he could be awesome. I think he's going to turn it around really soon. I like the combo you're going because that reminds about the lengthy adjustment that some prospects take the majors. But that the raw talent is putting forth useful fantasy numbers right now. And it wasn't for Kingery speaks volumes about as long-term talent and carries a twenty twenty two although they don't run enough from steel twenty but they're getting creative. I like I like that. They're using a more always day center fielder. Who are you gonna play there? They have to play center field. But like Roma Quinn. Going to come back soon, and Haley's not that he'll be back in a couple of weeks. I, I would leave Kingery loan. The problem is Michael Franco, is just after the first couple of weeks. He's done. He's done. But, but at least then, you know, you have the safety net of dropping him into third base everyday if you had to write I would like to see hey, you know, Hayes Lee is Hayes Lee is a guy. He's cakes he would hit two eighty every year with twelve home runs and seventy five ribs. If you just left him alone, about six, or seven out of as a nice left handed swing he hit the opposite field. He's not going to strike out a ton. The walk a little, I think, as the next more cakes. How about that comp? I like that in on base percentage comp. He's not going to twenty runs doesn't still basis. But I'm a scale of one to ten how proud of you that comp. More proud than Moby. See that you figured out your way, but I do think I'm good cop car very good. Very few strengths in this show. But one of them I'm just saying thrown language, you're up there here up there. You know what you shouldn't hate any way you do. I'm just saying like. Getting obvious here. You don't even be so obvious. I'm gonna take a break from your hate and read something from ZipRecruiter because we need to move on. What if you had your own personal recruiter to help you find a better job now ZipRecruiter's technology can do that for you? Just download ZipRecruiter job search app. Let it know what kind of jobs, you're interested in and its technology starts doing the work for you. Ziprecruiter app finds jobs you will, like put your profile in front of employers who may be looking for someone like you if an employer likes profile ZipRecruiter. Let's you know, so if you're interested in the job, you can apply. No wonder recruiters the number one rated job search app based on a third party, third party survey. Seven out of ten people who found a new job on ZipRecruiter increase their salaries. Disclaimer, these are the results of two thousand seventeen US survey of over five hundred ZipRecruiter users who got hired for a job. They found on ZipRecruiter. Our listeners should download the free, ZipRecruiter job, search apt to day. Don't wait and let the power technology work for you. The sooner you download the free zipper. Cooter job search up the sooner can help you find a better job. And maybe at some point, we can do that for Kyle here where you can go to a place where. Shine interesting. And everybody's rainbows and unicorn Rosen unicorns, I got everything I need right here. I'm happy here. Trysted. I'm already he's been a little negative today. On it. I don't know if you know. Basketball game. He's somebody's never been Toronto before. But he's a raptor. A little too wrapped up in his final right now. Yeah. Fine college. Or study time we got a game seven in hockey on Wednesday. Nothing better than game seven any sport. That'd be the first hockey game. I watch this year, but I will tune in for every, so I watched last night. I loved it. I, I wanted to say was to win. Boston's one enough things get the blues have never one is up game sevens. Awesome. Unbelievable. I wanna see one in basketball too. I don't know. See I wanna see that push because I'd be crazy Toronto game seven I'd like it. There was a game. Seven ended very well. You don't there that takes that shot one hundred times it goes in what ten less than one. Came in less than one went in once I'm saying it's under one percent chance, still, you still make it once in a while. Whatever. Two more questions here other than who you want to win tonight. We got Greg. He's in shallow keeper league wants stand Earl two long term. Wow. To it should have been back like two weeks ago when I was in Houston. He was like data day for coming off the injured list and settled for an injury and Stanton Stanton, plus judge is one of my sad stats of the season. Their games played in home runs combined the same meta home runs as vodka and vodka has half the homeroom teacher that I younger. Stanton Earl two. They probably stand. No. That's probably too. You are good six months, roughly six months. I'll take out to a would you? Yeah. People seem to forget that before last year. Stand couldn't stay healthy someone whose fault, somebody threw Adam, but I. To in the future is probably stealing twenty bases the year, but I still feel like to for the rest of the season given three months he would bat three ten with some power. Maybe not run. I do worry a bit about what the injuries have done well to over the last year and a half, but I think that his skill set is less likely to steeply downturn. I think Stanton's got the danger of that, not imminent, but. For stanton. Don't you think it's gonna fall off a cliff? Yeah. He's not going to age Nelson Cruz. He's gonna aids like Miguel Cabrera pools. And you know it boy, the except for longer home runs, but, like he has a season in his future, where he plays like one hundred ten games, and doesn't get on base, but he might thirty homers. I would I don't think he's a good keeper at all. I don't either as a good keeper to be honest. I still think they've got a decent amount of time to contribute to, but, you know, for the season like they don't even need judge or Stanton or Severino until, like August that the visit, I know raise fans Red Sox fans, I the Enke's are a playoff team. And I think they can win the division with what they have. And if you're them, like I don't why wouldn't rush anybody back? I'm almost surprised came back soon. DVD's been pushing a comeback for a month, now, I'm surprised wasn't just sat for three months to see if his arm felt better July. They wanted to do that. And I'm not sure quite why they brought him back when they did. I know dis dis been felt like he could come back a month ago. He was even saying they interviews. Pre-game. Detail a mayor's doing this out, of course he showed no interest in doing like this on road games, and now look at them, it's also a good park from but yeah, you'd think the skill set doesn't play the Anki stadium which really amps up the power and that's not as game anyway. I think the woman who does regress pretty noticeably. Okay. That's, that's not positive. And what else we got last one here Marcus is the price of the lack of downgrading as he LB's in the ranks this year. Can't hit right? Handed pitching can you explain why he why you are still confident obi's? He's not that good. He's not that good. And even a Swanson wasn't doing this. They would have had moved more cakes and number two, they can't that is the second lineup because he's not that good. A lot of the power last came in the first one month or two and second half is terrible. And he's not even stealing basis, which is a voluntary act. You know, like I watch Albee's playing like he just gives away. So many advance, he's not a strikeout guy. He's walking fine. He's not batting eighth so it's a legit walk rate like I'm surprised he's not doing more. But you're right wrote that like he's an automatic against Rhianna pitching. Yeah. The split is a real problem. So terrible. I'm trying to dig up his past calendar year numbers because I remember it was about wasn't about now where he started cooling down. Yeah. Mean it was like a month or six weeks and sixty to sixty seven three nine thousand four nineteen. Okay. So we call it a little later than this last year. I should read a blog on just like over the past calendar year. Look, some of these numbers, you wouldn't believe like people overrate players Albee's is one of the ten players being most overrated because of what he started out at last year. I look at his numbers over the past one, sixty two he's shouldn't even be rostered in mixed league. I and I gave him more regression than the average in my ranks in the preseason and it wasn't enough. So this a good question, and I will address this in my ranks next time, I'm not calling you out. I'm just saying. Like people look at him and say, oh, I have to have him, he's my starting second baseman, and you're disappointed by the numbers, but maybe it shouldn't be. And this is like, obviously, Jose Ramirez is a different plane here. Okay. But what he did in the final two months last season. Nope. Took seriously. I wish I hadn't ranked them in my first round. I'm not sure I rank top five but like I really wish I'd taken. This is numbers for the final two months. More serious. I thought maybe risked hurt he'll be fine. This year, the parents Peter legit. Everything looked legit last year for Jose Ramirez and next year. He's going around Ted. And there were people who saw this and did downgrade. I'm in the industry, and I'm sorry, that I don't remember the specifics. I wish I in a more they something well done that, that happens. I think Albee's is a decent baseball player here. I don't think he can turn this around. Yeah, but what's, what's this ceiling now? See, I felt like Albee's was of fifteen home or at best kind of guy, and my hope was he could get back up to twenty steals and give you a good on base percentage. I know beyond that, I mean, this is a game of adjustments pitchers adjusted the him, and he has an adjusted back Danes Swanson justed after a terrible two seasons really at the plate. And he's a smart number two hitter. Anyway. That is all on. Mondays baseball tonight, podcast BUSTER, and Tim, Kirk Jin discussed the latest with David Ortiz. The war of words between Muncie and Madison Bumgarner on a whole lot more. Find the show wherever you get your podcast and we do hope that big Papi gets better after terrible. Incidents. Anyway. Good luck to David Ortiz. I'm sure he'll be okay. It sounds like he's going to be okay. Any final thoughts from uterus off? I'll give you a geeky stat if you like really. Yeah. Thank you. You like. X WNBA. Yeah. For people who aren't familiar with this expected wall by this is what these data does to tell you what they should have been expected to do based on the quality of contacting where they hit fecta bliss to eighty seven in this category. That is two hundred and fiftieth place out of three hundred eighteen and, you know, he's only five points better than joy vodka. I'll look we're auto as well. Your favorite, Greg Garcia, Joey Votto is at three eighteen. Awful twenty one points ahead of awful awful, get-well-soon Matana. We're not going to discuss any more on that are done for today's show. Thank you so much for listening. And I think we'll be back on Thursday, and hopefully Kyle and a little bit of a better mood and not so full of hate and condescension. But we'll see. We'll see what happens. That's offer today for Tommy for Kyle for tristen America have an awesome day. Darkness.

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JAN 320: Coronavirus Shuts Down Hollywood  Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971) Review (03/22/20)

The Jock and Nerd Podcast

2:05:04 hr | 1 year ago

JAN 320: Coronavirus Shuts Down Hollywood Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971) Review (03/22/20)

"This week on the docket nerd podcast friend of the show and a scenic set painter for movies and Television John. Belotti junior joins us to discuss the shutdown of the entertainment industry due to the corona virus. And to help us review a really weird and trippy Godzilla. Movie from the seventies Godzilla vs had Dora also known as God's love versus the Smog Monster. This new got delays unfriendly. And he's going to destroy your country that nothing you can do about it all that and more in this edition of the Jock nerd weekly for Thursday march nineteenth twenty twenty. Oh Hi I didn't hear you come in. This is Ross Marquand from the walking dead. And you're listening to Jock NERD podcast now. Somebody could please explain to me. What a Geek Boehner is. My knife would be complete until then rock nation jazz. One heard what's up what's up. What's up listener? Thanks for joining us. And welcome to the shock and nerd. Podcast where we give you comic book and Superhero TV and movie news reviews and whatever we choose my name is Imron Anthony. He's the chuck he's over there in. The corner is America's favorite felty. It's rug boy. What's up rugs of Shit? Somebody shoot them. Coordinate 'em already in my whole life is calling. That's a good point. Rugs cannot spread this fires also joining us this week. Special guests per special time in our collective lives. He's works in Hollywood industry talented artists and the Admin of our facebook group talking on more important reportedly he will bay in the shit out of you if you you fuck around but he is my favorite opinionated New Yorker. It's John Gotti Junior. What'S UP ALATI? Let me tell you something right now. I will not anybody if they can. Give me a fucking job right now. It yes I just want didn't refer to him as just a Godzilla expert used to only know Godzilla. Jumble something something where all here. We got a lot to discuss. But can we just acknowledge in the time between we recorded last week and this week? Holy Shit has the world changed the lexicon that we all use now has added such wonderful words like self Quarantine social distancing flattening of the curve. I infected It's just pin funding threats. And I never heard that before all the time so with everything moving so fluidly so rapidly. Let's just mark document this moment in history? Thursday march nineteenth at seven thirty. Pm Central Time official numbers of this thing rotavirus. Two hundred forty four thousand nine hundred. Seventy three cases deaths have passed ten thousand ten thousand thirty three worldwide. Eighty seven thousand Recovered now to compare last week when I check this site there was about one hundred. Twenty five thousand cases and deaths were just at like two twenty-five Italy that's an Italy now surpassing the number of deaths in China where some good news First Time in three months there have been no new cases of Colvin one thousand nine and Wuhan China. So there's some kind of balance going on here in the USA. Thirteen thousand plus total cases. Two hundred nine deaths tidal wave. Like you get. He would have waived in like subside. Just the wave is done over there and now we are looking at the way. If this was a Zombie Movie People. We are just at the end of act one over here. We got two more fucking axe to go. Just depends how big the wave is. Yes it is it a small wave or is it. A typhoon type wave flat on the bed on the assholes out there Astro Curve. Get off the beaches. You fucking idiots now. Let's start with like last week. We were all like Oh yeah. It hasn't affected us as usual on the fucking that day we've listened. News was breaking the following day. Everything started to get cancelled Anthony what your state of work. Currently I have been told to work from home for the rest of the month so at a working from home and rolling out of bed throwing on the laptop and I will say that It is nice to work from home. under these circumstances maybe not and Even work is just kind of strange. Because it's not that busy for me right now so I know Belotti is GonNa have the most important story pertinent to our topics of conversation but for me personally. I'm a reveal a little bit to the listener because it suddenly very relevant. I'd ever usually like to talk about work but I will tell the listener that I worked for a minor league sports team in Chicago. That was in season. Yeah so last Thursday. The beginning of the day I had all this shit to do get ready. We had three big home games coming up and a by the end of the day in the afternoon in in the span of a second. All of that was gone. Who has all Major League sports and Minor League sports were indefinitely postponed? But essentially the season's over the shit ain't coming back. I know they want to avoid saying cancelled or the same postponed. But I think this is going to be more than your ears stuff. I mean to piggyback on that. I'm not going to reveal the exact place my the company I work for. Basically ITS ENTIRE CORE. Businesses live events where the concerts theatre yup or sports. Soc and we're pretty much Shutdown. We're we're just kind of giving people their money back as we speak so on a matter of a week Bars Ban Dine in dining. Just carry out and and dry and delivery. The theaters of shutdown sports is shut down. Schools are closed. Everything Francisco's officially on lockdown. As of today and I can't help but we're all going to be that way all major cities. I can't help but think that we're looking at like countrywide. Complete like federal lockdown soon. Maybe by the time this show is how fast it's fucking changing now. Want to lock down as a shelter in place order saying. Don't fuck come out unless you got to go to the hospital or you got to buy groceries or you got to do something essential in France. There's about one hundred thousand cops on the streets green go for a walk. Go along the fuck away from everybody. It's weird just create more out more than ten people. You don't WanNa be crap Road that's my life. Anyway people yeah. He's he's quarantined already. I've been quarantined. My whole I've been ready for this. Yes has been working toward. This is how much more guarrentee can you be on base winter. I got my little frigerator microwave. I Got Rama Noodles Sam. Don't we have the same way as long as people deliver sandwiches? The tough thing you got to go to Delhi delivered now people. Just keep throwing your but then you gotta worry about. Who's giving you the funds? Go point it's weird because like you gotta go food shopping and then you've got clean all your food when you get it. You gotta clean it with something soap and water. I just don't care yeah alcohol. Tito's vodka to clean everything. A lot of absolut vodka. I can't afford Tito big fucking plastic jug of that. Oh I can't even pronounce this psycho psycho via Greek letter. Smith comes in the plastic bottle. Warble I just hose everything down with that. That'll work now. The LODHI wait before we get to that Anthony. You had a trip to Vegas Planned and I believe they were shut down there until just recently where they shut down. Mgm Grand and win and now probably they're gonNA shut down shut down. The trip is not happening. Apparently there's one drive-thru strip clubs still. We've been providing nudes for thirty years. We're not gonNA stop now looking like we're not stopping through but I kinda WanNa go there. I'm very curious into strips. Sounds amazed just the I mean. I'm like I have a lot of friends that around the age were getting married. They've had to all star postponing the wedding. Yeah that's my thing mansion. It's crazy and some of these toes aren't giving money back Everything that was planned and scheduled and then well if you call the better business bureau or something. Tell on them the right. Yeah and and there's an act of God clause and a lot of these plannings Ivan working from home. They shut down the office on Monday. But there's been a lot of layoffs a lot of unemployment belotti. Why don't you refresh the listener? I love what you did. Jeez pass along the finality to what he's saying stole like five bucks from my mother. When I was fifteen I was you I knew it. Tell them what you did today. You saw Asia such beautiful web web fluid all over There was something about you. More Belotti what. What do you do for a living? Profess the list there if they forgot. There's not just one thing I have my career and both are affected which is insane. I wanted a paint scenery for movie. Tv's Alvian TV's movies in TV's he wasn't TV's TV's. Where was I going? What are we doing? I paint sets right now. Work in Hollywood. My side job is illustration Freelancing and I saw my work at conventions yeah both of those industries are completely wiped down a matter of days so yeah the show you worked out all productions of TV and movies have hall right and shut down so now. Here's the thing I've been out of work since January because I had knee surgery those that don't know nobody really cares. I don't think anyone newport some. I heard myself on the job so I've been on workers comp since January so I've been quarantined since January because I can't go anywhere so this is just another week for me. Yeah but that's like. Oh I'm starting to get better wait. I can't go outside. Go Fuck yourself where you at work when this happened. Take us through. I've been slowly keeping tabs on. I'm just sort of doing my own artwork and trying to keep my mind off my knee injury and like the last couple of weeks have been crazy and my co worker. I've been hanging out with them talking to him and his saying the first sign was that they said they were going to stall sanitary stations inside the stage. Yeah and like when I'm at work if somebody is sick. Yeah right whether it's a cold or stomach bug whatever the minute. They go into crafts now. Crafts SERVICES FOR THOSE. That aren't in the business which is like ninety nine percent of you craft services like the free food to give you onset like snacks and shit like that and then there's catering where you go wouldn't eat dinner. Somebody doesn't wash their hands. They go grab a handful of chips. Another guy goes and grabs chips. He gets sick and it. Just tears do the entire film crew. That's what happens right. Oh my God yeah like you only times. A he like all. Yeah the whole phone calls like diarrhea. No it's hilarious. 'cause I so I'm like this is this is bad. Need to stop filming. Yeah so Sony which owns show analyzed. Anything bad about them but they they wanted to a lot of shows going on hiatus and we're network show. We had like three episodes left law and order pulled the plug on their last weapons. Yeah they were the first ones they film upstairs from us. And I'm like why is black was still going. What's wrong with these people? We have three episodes left so finally last Friday. They pull the plug on us and instead of saying it's a wrap on the season they said it's indefinite even every other network show is said. It's a wrap on the season. We're not coming back. We'll come back in July. Were supposed to leave you hanging a little bit. Which is annoying They said they were GONNA pay us. But I don't know if that affects me because I'm on workers comp right now and I can get to a lot of trouble and I wouldn't wanNA take money anyway. I haven't been there. Yeah but I don't know what they're thinking even if they come back in April it's more expensive to start up a production than it is to end it so from if they and like if they just called if they call it quits now the naked just come back in July when hopefully this thing calms down or levels off blows or whatever. That's the cheapest best way for them to do it. But a lot of shows aren't even wrapping up their seasons. They're just like okay. Two episodes were done. There's no season finale. Yes there will not be and there's also an impending writers strike. That was going to happen. So some places you gotTa Jump. Start and made more scripts but I think network. Tv has the worst. Because you have scheduled out the seasons. You have time slots and not to cut you off Network TV Kinda escape this a little bit. Because they were sort of wrapping up. Yeah but the problem is all the films and the streaming. Yeah because I'm hearing from other friends like carpenters and painters at like. Oh my show is on hiatus for two weeks mine is on hiatus for three mine is on hiatus among while it's all different but the network shows already had this plan that they were going to wrap up because we were going to be done in late. April anyway so Sony like I read. They're hoping without hope again. All the network shows we're one of three that they think is going to finish and it's not. I just gotTa be like the sports industry unfinished season shift. And you're just going to have to move on to pick up pick up later on top of this right. I mentioned I do conventions where somewhere art work out you guys mentioned Emerald City Comic Con Seattle Rightfully so Cancelled the show but every show across the board all the big spring shows or canceling. I think see to eat. You was the last big one. Yeah which are buddy dope. Luckily he got into that show. And you guys were there obviously But that was the last big one. They're all I just put them application for New York comic con in October. And I'm like I don't know if that's GonNa actually got cancelled and this is the same company that does Sandra Eagle Comic con and I am doubtful. San Diego goes on Cindy was late July. Yeah we'll see. It's tough to brill. Honestly I've heard I've starting with chas on the for Jock. Talk there is is very weak. Thanks thanks jazz. I think I'd just call him jazz. Whatever and we were like trying to speculate is we were talking about when this would end and I just went. There's we can't there. There's literally nothing to compare this to. There's to even speculate would just be guessing. There's no there's no I've heard projections of you know this could blow over by June. I've seen July. I've seen I've seen where we could be like this for a year. Like a vaccine. And how do you know when it's time to come back is there? Is there a horn? That goes off like there's no way to live. Look I mean there is a I mean. There is a way so I've looked at a Ebola. Yeah and how that kind of blew over and eventually like the if the numbers level off you eventually get to a point where you've quarantined all the people. No one else was getting sick. And then you've had a good system where you're able to identify the sick people and isolate them. Latin occur is away but scenes will The vaccine stuff. I think there's that helps you tree by scene. Where like a year away from the vaccine stuff? People really need to not put their hopes. There's GonNa take a year now not only. Is it taking a year? And they're GONNA take a year. Ebola? Moore's SARS all these other breaks. There's no vaccine for any of that stuff. They never avert invented facts discovered. I saw recently. They discovered this malaria drug that seems to work against the discovered nineteen. So yeah I think that hopefully like in a few months. They're going to get something that least Shave saw a per tail. The death toll. Yeah you know maybe shames off a few not cure it but I mean just lower the impact of it so it's not like just killing people like these percentage. I think India just used experimented using Hiv drugs. Oh Wow cure. Someone how they've cared to people with AIDS. I think maybe in India right. This is like a first while this thing's happening curing. Hiv BIG DEAL age. Well I don't have any more I got to respiratory disease. Also we're obviously there's a lot of ethical stuff with the how fast they're moving on the vaccine because I read it while they have their so they're moved past animal. Trials already introduced reviewing human. The problem is there's a lot of ethical things with that like you know the whole Credo Armato for medical professionals is do no harm and you're risking doing harm by doing that. I've heard there's some brave people who have who are. There's tests ethical to to jump right into humans. No not the planet of the apes movie. He's a bunch of people's lives at South Africa's really running into a hail of bullets to save peoples aren't sure is okay. Was it responsible to are? We being as medical Russians. Are you following the do no harm? You don't know you're not. I'd yeah absolutely not but if you get their consent you know. Get their consents. Yeah I don't know and we don't know like the the vaccine it might never happen line and I read. Who that. There's a lot not a lot of business like we're pushing obviously towards this vaccine but the reason why vaccine companies don't want to come up with vaccines for these things is. These aren't reoccurring diseases right. If you come up with a vaccine for this it's one time you've invested all this money for the one time payout on the disease being cured but there's nothing real. Money is in the testing units. We'll know the real money is unlike the flu. Which every year has a different strain which you then are able to keep this coming year after all so yeah but again. It's also money and Resources. Like what are you going to spend all your money resources on something that keeps coming back or something that just. GonNa be a wave right like h one n one has gone right. Never came back saying with a few of them. I think right now they just need to look at Asia. And just see what's going on do because even if it's like I know the reporter no case no new cases of China but it might come back to rally keep an eye on everything see isn't gonNA come back. Come back worst. I definitely think that it'll go away. A little back. Problem is is that every every country now seems to have it. Yeah right unless every country goes on lockdown or we. Just shut off our borders for a very long time. There's a theoretical possibility. Like if we go back to the kind of free borders at the world head. It'll come back that you know the world before what this may not exist. The way used to anymore which is fucked up and you know it's one through eighteen. Weren't that baboo. The nine hundred eleven to two things. I want to get out before I forget. Don't take Ibuprofen why that's what I heard. It was bad really hurt too. It's not don't take that take medicine. So that's number one number till is that The reason why this is so bad is because people have it in. They don't know it. It's so it takes two weeks so for two weeks and we have no tests. If you could just get a test in the mail everybody everybody. In America gets tested in the mail they tested in. They fucking send it out a mail it out in whatever a couple of days they have it or not then then you know in the meantime it. Just don't move don't they? Don't leave their house and then if they're clean they're clean. I mean people may have to have badges or cards. Saying I'm clean. I mean twenty three and me you spin the tube and find out your whole goddamn genetics. During how hard is this? Why can't we get one of those similar tests for this thing? That is the scary. Part is that there's young people that can be very. They can be symptomatic still this spreading around because most most Americans will get like if they do experience symptoms. The the virus will stop in your throat. Yeah but it's when it gets down your lungs. When is when it's a real scare governor? I think just said today. He anticipates like half of the population in California getting the virus. Some for what the numbers show but look. Let's get some of these fucking news things. I got news. I did want him on the news about. It's all related. Nobody plenty of this because we have a lot of here and like you heard. I wanted to focus on effect on the entertainment industry and stuff we love like movies and TV shows Black widow was one of the last movies to be delayed and they finally pulled it from the release schedule but it does not have a. They did not give it a date. This following a chain of reactions where movies like Mulan Fast and furious and a quiet place to no time to die Antler's all postponed their releases. Fast free and it's nine pushing back to a year next year April and then and then. The theaters started shutting out. Amc Regal cinemark closing all locations. And then they're like okay. We're GONNA oppose both black widow. However in the Geek sense I don't think it's GonNa Affect Marvel's face four much. It being a prequel in terms of storylines fucking up the delay in production on Falcon Winter Soldier Loki Water Vision all of which shutdown also so. Who knows when they can finish that are saying they're saying two weeks for a lot of the shows really ambitious. That's way too optimistic. Shot the mandatory and this may be the new way to make these things. All of that was shot in front of this amazing screen projected back projected outside background. Like stuff was outside it was honest set with projection of landscapes and Shit and looked amazing. Oh yeah I read an interview with producer Jon Favreau? Yeah and they spent months trying to convince I think it was Disney or the money people too were like look. We have this idea. We WanNa do this screen and it takes like five years to grow those crystals for that. Lcd Screen Shetty said. Nobody understood what they wanted to do. They got it. They got approval to do it and a producer walked onto the set and he didn't know he was standing in that he's like. Oh my God this is this is i. I can't believe like it's now like because I work on this stuff. Yeah the only thing that surprised me when I watched that show because I only watched like the first four or five episodes good finish. I tell everything was like a green screen or whatever everything was phony except when he remember the episode but he's on the Gaza with the Nick Nolte Alien. Yeah that will like like a like a sort of like a desert landscape jaws where he's like climbing their cows. Yes that was like. Oh where'd they go to Arizona for? That was good right like the snow planet. I tell all screens look pretty. Good Man technologie. No it's great his John's best interest to say that it saw that's true. Yes well he says he has. No yeah I know I used to think that too. When Sin City and three hundred movies are coming out you've ever like they filmed them. All in the green screen goes to set. But it's bullshit because that's never going to happen because all that's anything that we've been replaced with all the backdrop stuff so that's screen doesn't really affect me at all right. We DON'T DO BACKDROPS. Only theaters do it. It's all the the the ROC stay. Sit on the the rooms at their in that all has to be built. That's all practical stuff and you're not going to get the looks that you do you know with the light in the atmosphere by doing a. Cgi said it's not gonNA run as easy area backgrounds always easier This fucking new mutants movie can't catch a break by the way fourth time listen cancelled for a good reason that push back the wants to see. I heard it's terrible from a friend of Our Name. All the inside scoop at Pat Ha- yeah he said it was Like bad not just like good bad like a bad movie. Like roadhouse but it's like bad bad movies just a bad bad movie is what he said. Probably like Bloodshot what have you heard on the bloodshot? The reviews are not good really. Yeah VIN diesel. He looks nothing like bloodshot. Either arid is very generic. You know what the problem with. That is yeah. They're never gonNA NEVER GONNA have another. Mc You explosion because nobody has Robert Downey Junior. Yeah you need not yeah. Vin Diesel Ambush. Those aren't the character so the character and the actor to launch Valiant Universe Missouri. It's at thirty percent on rotten tomatoes Four point seven six average rating. But here's the thing It made nine million dollars which is under. We were talking. Ten to twelve million. It's made about twenty four million dollars on a forty five million dollar budget. This is the worst absolutely worst weekend to release movies at the box. Office saw the lowest level that last weekend in over twenty years with the movie. Now run a virus. So they're gonNA be releasing it on video demand early March Twenty Fourth. Just eleven days. After it's released you'll be able to watch it at home for twenty dollars. That's good and blahdy. What do you think about this more studios are putting out first run movies on early on home entertainment you'll be able to watch the hunt? Invisible man The new trolls movie coming out day and date on I'm streaming and birds of prey will also be released early video-on-demand Disney put up frozen too early. I think this is a good move now. I don't think this will be permanent. And as much as everyone would like it to be permanent. It's it's I like it. It's not the first time it happened. I just think they need to lower the price because right now it's like twenty bucks I want. We're not at twenty bucks a household to watch a first run movie. You are not making back your investment on a fucking one hundred million dollar movie plus you know. Oh I know of cor- me too. Cheap bastard you cheap pastor you. This isn't the first time this happened. Steven Soderbergh did it. Years ago with forgotten even the movie but it was like the first time. It was like when Netflix I think went streaming or I. It was right on the cusp of all this and he he released movie in theaters and on streaming at the same time. Oh instead of a parasite Paris I saw into theater. But I couldn't watch it a parasite because I'd been at the festival Kahn. Which has been postponed the house for that? Shit for Southwe Streaming Theater Anthony. Do you think this'll be the new normal that these movies come out on streaming day date if and when the movie theaters ever fucking reopened now. Two weeks after me. Why not well first off. Actually that is a good point. If you WanNa win an Oscar you still have to release your film in Movie Theater. Oh Shit that's right but as far as like this becoming the new normal. No I don't think so I don't think so either. I just think after this people are going to want to go back out again so from from my experience at work. We're already anticipating if this ever gets back to her. And which should hopefully that business in terms of social gatherings will actually boom because people will have been cooped up along out. They'll be in a celebratory mood and want to do all the things that they haven't been able to do ever on. We bikes before and have no money or that or the world's very different or will that or the F- The people that are lucky enough to be still getting paid. We'll have actually a lot of money. Well it's like after World War. Two the baby boom. You went out. Partying little babies. I mean babies will. There will nine months from all yeah. It'll be a shit ton of ONA baby's marketplace corona quarantine corona kids. Pbs show. Hake Ed's corona kids I totally get sidetracked just talking about now. Wait what I wanted to say. Well actually Anthony Sports. What what is the JOCK world like right? Now there's not much there's a lot of NFL stuff going on Ufc is still trying to put on some fights. He's hosing two nights and Wrestlemainia House. I I have been highly entertained. The Internet's Great. At some point. They've been low. They've been doing these commentaries on live marble racing so I've been watching something about marches racing which is pretty funny walk out. Marwell racing But other than that. What have I been doing? I recently finished my Last Oscar movies women. So wow you saw. I saw little women. Yeah I've watched all the Oscar films before any of you guys. I fucking loved it. Yeah I love little women so so let me ask. Because I still haven't seen all the OSCAR MOVIES. My brother just saw most of them. He says Joe Joe Rabbit was better than parasite and I said no fucking way. So what did you think? What was your between those two all out of all the all the note to my my My thoughts all I'm allowed to have my thoughts changed because I've only seen all of them just once right. I would say parasite is the is the best but to your Joe Joe. I really liked Joe Rabbit. I would have it in my top four five. At least I might even the last ranking. I did with where I put little women there. I had Joe Rabbit at three. I also fucking Love Movie Little Women. I think I had like seven or eight. I might I might actually put it by the at this is also done at the last one. Not because it's not a bit a good film but it just not not my fill is not for me. Go to rabbits fucking ballsy. That's Georgia and it's very good. It's very charming. Little women for what it's worth is a good is a very very good film. But it's just it's not. It's not the best version of that book. By Lisa May alcott. I remembered the author Marcin. The the ending is kind of ambiguous too. It's not from the book so they kind of follow book. It's not the same. Does it end like Sopranos where you don't know if she's the of Jerry. It ends in a way where you don't know what happened. What happened really happened? Or if okay like inception the topspin over. I little women's one of those movies I've every year I feel like that movie is gets gets made. Yeah this is the seventh adept at either that or it's a secure nightly Victorian era period piece. I'll never watch. I had no idea the one from I think ninety four. Yeah because I've never watched low women F- had like Winona Winona Ryder. I've seen that one person and that's why I watched it. Because they were all super hot at the time I was like. Oh Shit like twelve years old and that was just very confused because I expected to be small. And they're just regular size women. I thought they were GONNA be hiding in the cupboard. You know. There's there's a few lives in this one or the dad comes back. He's like Oh I love my little women I'm like Oh my God. No one would ever talk like that. I love my little ones to leave it. That's like the I was watching the perfect storm the other day because I can't go anywhere. Yeah that's fine. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It will be perfect. That's a real dialogue. It's never win. The title of the movie is shoehorned into the warriors. Oh Yeah Warriors. Is that works named after this works in Celebrity News Idris Elba Daniel Day. Kim and torment from game of thrones all test positive corona virus. Can I can I quote our buddy Michael Schakowsky of the vampire? Robots what did he say he said? I don't know verbatim. Said Belva got corona virus because all the shooting movies. He was in weakened his immune system. Going pretty good and then torment just needed to drink. What was he drinking drag smoke on the show? Is that Shit? He just needed to drink. More than yeah. Yeah he well he leaky grew up From the teat of a Giant giants milk. That's what it was is drinking. Fucking giant Belkin antastic. We'll just re just today A couple of Lakers got tested positive. Show virus so my one might be Lebron Owen Sean Payton of the NFL. A in the New Orleans saints coaches the first. Nfl Guy to get someone. New York Yankees Minor League system got tested positive for I mean yeah as these tests come outward and see more and more people hate hate hate to say it but may the odds are one of these. Famous people might even pass. I mean yeah older pre or maybe even an older person. Now it's GonNa be fucking Val kilmer. He's gone got betty white has. He's still yeah he. He was in Jay Silent. Bob Dole. Is He still taking bloated? He looks horrible. He looks like he has a stroke and didn't really talk brands at the end of his life. Yes Dr Moreau with the big sitting amores. The Knicks beat Corona virus. She survived everything else. She'll be fine you know who's GonNa fucking beat Virus Russell brand why? He's already because he's already had every every fucking STD celebrity. Now you kind of have to be careful. You could be like Jared Lido who just came out of a twelve day retreat away from the world and was like Holy Shit. What's going on here? He literally the yesterday. Just found out about this. You should have just gone back out to the. Why did he should be? Yeah I heard there was. Someone told me that there was a show that they're filming. I'm thinking Germany like a big brother. Show cast of big brother. Germany does not know they were GonNa tell them live on TV. That's crazy talk. That is the move. Yes all get out of their show every Wednesday. They WANNA readings so they're going to tell them live on the air on big brother Germany so those people did not know. Or You could be like Vanessa hudgens called Bullshit on social media now my career's done but she's she's a movie about this in like a year or so. I think the rock is going to be the star. Oh yeah it'll be like as far as Vanessa Hudgens all. She did say something stupid. And she's getting a lot of flack for but she apologized to the world while she did. The world is so crazy right now that everyone will forget. They are absolutely like this every hour. There's a fucking you'd think Tony. I'm sure you know about this but did you notice. Did you think it was a little like weird to Tom? Brady left the Patriots in the middle of all. This was right is the best time to get out because they know that's what someone saying to me. Is it Brady numbered? He can take a piss without the fucking Paparazzi. Everyone sportscenter talking about it. So here's probably like I'm GonNa go now us. Actually I think him leaving now. Actually I'll take the opposite approach. That's the only sports thing that happened. So actually that's what everyone's talking about. Sports is that so but he's not gonNA get hounded by the Paparazzi. Because you gotta stay home everybody in Boston. You can't go to the bar for Saint Patrick's Day now Brady leaves. They're probably just hang in them so he'd had a good run. He saw no no one feel sorry. He still wants to play because he could still do this. He's good he's good. He's not like Peyton manning where he got fucked up. Yeah he's thinking that'll do it. Yeah you missed that one season because he got a tackle the wrong way. We'll deal he can't do it anymore. That's that's our most are making movies. It's crazy Disneyland. Shut Down and possibly losing twenty million dollars a day while they're parks closed and they resisted also and apparently attendance was huge the night before they shut down everybody came out well. Shanxi shutdown who is three hundred grand a day? She's direct ourself isolated. Thought he had it. He got tested. He's negative but yet Shanxi shut down the Batman Matt Reef Shutdown Matrix for the avatar sequels fucking shits or never coming out now. I don't know what are you gonNA put out the Avatar on major should have a? It's it's it's it's fucking everything. I'd melt interesting thing with the stocks down Anthony. Maybe you could shed some light on this analysts. Saying apple is in a position to fucking by Disney hit because of the stars and in fact right now if we all put our money together we buy a controlling interest in a company. Like stop dollar like we could own game. Stop Right now we want it. I don't know I'm not the stock expert but I think it's just because They own a decent share already and with it being lower they could Acquired I read an article that if Steve Jobs was still alive some guy who was like if Steve Jobs will they they would have figured out a way for apple and Disney to be working together. I mean oh absolutely because he has the Pixar and the you know and Kinda got them all together accelerate. Go back to Apple. Yeah that'd be crazy. So Disney billion dollar company apple a trillion dollar company. That's a big fucking gap there. I read that they're not going to do like somebody was like. Oh if a some sort of financial analysts was saying that if apple wanted to buy Disney they could right now but didn't mean it doesn't mean that they were sitting around like Tim. Cook wasn't sitting around saying we should buy Disney. Yeah I know that they're apple. Tv's hurting because buzz. May maybe there might they break bring it up like a lot of time at these meetings thumbs. Something that's in. The news could totally spark something. Well that's how miles morales was created right. Because of was Daniel Glover. Was that his name. Tom Glover there was a campaign to get him spiderman after the Tobey Maguire movies. And what's his name? Brian Michael Bender saw that and he's a Martin was wrote an article. That's who it is about to offer and then yes bender Spiderman and. He's an amazing character. So other articles saying Hollywood could take twenty billion dollar hit from corona virus easily. I think the number is in the bees and as far as the new does. What what form do we get phase four in? What is it going to change knows? Yeah unfortunately as it is to predict this kind of stuff. It's so unpredictable. So here's some more facts regarding conventions. I got a press release from wizard world. We went we got press passes last year. We're just world already preemptively. This is what they put out there saying. They will launch a October wizard. World Virtual Experience to bring the convention experience online later this month. They'RE GONNA launch this thing. Where celebrities and groups involved in the inaugural programming will be announced. Faysal have the ability to purchase a personal one minute video chat or a fifteen or thirty second personalized video recording like a cameo. You can still get your signed. Eight by ten photos signed memorabilia. They'll be group chats limited edition art wizard world already proactively saying we're going virtual this year. I think you're GONNA see a lot of these places follow but the Lottie. How do you sell your artists alley? Wears if everything goes virtual they have to include in this as an and they've been they've been talking a lot about this like e Emerald City. Did something similar that they had like blocks of time. Where it's like okay between one and three? We're going show this artist this article of these guys. That's a great idea. I had this idea because I'm supposed to do mega con- in mid April. I don't think that's going to happen. It's in Orlando just if Disney shut down. There's no way they're doing now. But I had the stupid idea of sitting at my table putting my banner on it putting all my prince on the table and just doing like a facebook live or an instagram. Live of like my table and talk about my arms. Here this is like the link to buy stuff but if the post offices shut down it doesn't matter anyway. Snow was making any money. But that's the that's the idea. I had how someone's going to hear this and go do it. But I'm assuming that's what they're going to do is go on and it's sort of like skype or something along those lines as you can jump in and out of and stuff. Maybe and I'm sure people just setting up in their homes. They're not going to go out for this. To set a table in on is probably GONNA be like an ebay sorted by click on this link to buy this or buy that but again if no one has money. I that I don't know. But this is my pushing a whole new era of of the CON experience. Or just you know teleworking and you know I think it's gonNA open up a lot of doors for the job. You didn't think you could do at home all of a sudden you can do at home what do you what do you guys think about the online comic. Con Going on you're missing the community experience. Yeah what's really the point? If they wanted to offer something like that I guess in this. It's probably the best thing they can offer. But if you're if you're saying like this is going to be now a thing I think the as Belotti said that the big thing about cons being in a room or everyone is like mind that feeling of being around everybody around. You cares as much as you do about these. This niche thing are the Qazis get seen in Free Comic Book Day which is always the first Saturday of May where you can go to your local bookshop. And there's a whole stack of freesheet. The publishers put out is now going to be free. Comic Book May overheat the whole month of. May they're splitting out the distribution of these books to ease shipping and handling at the comics store and so the whole month of May they'll be different free comics At your local bookstore. The POD is. I've already seen this start to happen. A lot of the because of the shutdown if you're a small mom and pop shop. A temporary shutdown is inevitably going to lead to a permanent shutdown. Some of these places if they're down for a week that's it a business is done and I've already seen some stores. Say we're not reopening we just can't after this and we can deliver your police online. You can communicate. This isn't just calm. And this is how this is it. Yeah I know we want to stay in our lane a little bit. But in general small business in general people are going to go. Yeah belly up. Yeah during this time unless unless the government help subsidize thing where you buying gift cards from restaurants to use later Gift certificates try to support your local. It's hard But yeah let. Small businesses are going to be. They're going to be hurt. I mean the thing that's an. It's all well and good to do that. If you have the means to support small businesses do that but there's a lot of people that just don't have jobs stephen this all this shit happening at once as bad fucking cycle. It's up bad situation. Get excited up. But there's some positives people it's not all doom and gloom NASA has shown images from China and Italy and saying that the pollution has gone down in China and Italy and in fact in Venice. There are dolphins and swans returning to the canal. This is the first time. Dolphins have been there for sixty years say we may have inadvertently figured out a way to solve pollution. Maybe every year you just shut everything down for like a month and it cleans up. I don't know I put out an instagram thing on the other day where it was like some positives from this so going on so far so I was read them. 'cause there's five or six smart. According to The New York Post China has shut down all sixteen. Temporary Corona Vice Corona virus hospitals in Wuhan as cases are drastically diminishing number. Two Potential Cova vaccine has reached human testing. We talked about the hidden for step countries. All over the world are suspending water. Electricity and Internet showed off residents unable to afford their bills. Yeah there's a lot of that going on a lot of people saying don't pay the lease on your restaurant. Just pay your employees doctors in India. I mentioned this cured occur virus patient with a combination of HIV drugs. Suggesting the treatment be used on a global scale and from the Daily Mail one hundred and three year old. Chinese grandmother has fully recovered from the treatment coach. So not not. Real old person goes away now. The percentage I think is like twenty thirty percent. Yeah it's it's a killer but it's you can it's it's not like a so a Bola for instance I think are the number right now for the world is around somewhere between two and ten. We don't know Ebola is like vicious. It's like a thirty five thirty five to forty percent. Hiller and there is an outbreak of that recently in the Congo. Just like wow. This is happening. World Health Organization was basically releasing Bala numbers to know in during the summer they to watch out for this reason. Yeah that's still there. There is another crazy story in Thailand just city monkeys in Thailand is monkeys everywhere. The Tours Love Them. They eat the tourists food and hang out well now without any tourists. There's literally gangs of monkeys fighting in the fucking street at highland looking for food. So that's fine. How old I just saw this thing on twitter. A bunch of movie right. That's part of the apes is a bunch of elephants in China like broke into this farm ship for corn and they found all the corn wine and drank it all and they got drunk bill asleep in our get drunk past their party. There's still good good. Hope in agents from the first Matrix are the virus. Just like the walking dead. That's not the monsters monsters. It's the people you gotta look up or terrible okay. That's a place. We'll take a quick break. Play some PROMOS and we're GONNA come back and review a legit Godzilla movie people right after this. Get you back to your regularly scheduled podcast in just a minute but we wanted to introduce ourselves. I'm Jason I'm Jeff and I'm Blake on this highly produced advertisement that's right. It's The history of Bad Ideas Aka Hobie. You can find us on twitter. Ipad ideas podcast and on facebook at the history of bad ideas. But if you like a podcast roundtable with three to five guests. Usually every week depend on sick. Leave Talking about all things including movies. Tv. I ain't getting paid for this yet. Blake bitching about something ranting and comic books and anything else that we can think of. We have a top five list every week along with a box office news and somehow we have listeners. So they send us some feedback. We answer every week. 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Flav board okay. What play was trying to say is checkout voice from the underground on your favorite podcast at work wounds from the underground I. You've been working hard during the quarantine putting a bonus content on our lovely fan club that you could find jogging near dot com slash patriot. What'd you put up this week? Kind of talked about it a little bit already a little bit earlier. But there's a jock in did you put that up up there. That's up there. There's an instant reaction to Joe Joe Rabbit in an instant reaction a little women as I mentioned earlier now completed my Oscar tour and actually I'm going to do a episode I Spinoff show with one of my buddies where we just discuss all the Oscar movies and maybe rank or something like that right on. Yeah and like I said I also watched Joe Joe. Rabbi fucking loved it. I'm I haven't listened to your little women reaction but I think I'm just listened to that watching the movie because really curious you kind of answered. You're not the target audience. Obviously but no it's good. It's Greta Gerwig. She did lady bird the year before. That was also nominated for best picture Everything she does become. What's her name is in its source. You're C- RONIN S Watson. I Love Emma Watson. She's into she's Laura dern isn't it a Laura dern won the fucking Oscar and New Black widow girl. It's that too and we're GONNA have to wait to see her until who knows. When in the black widow but listener you can find all that John Boehner dot com slash Patriot and you get bonus audio bonus content. Go there click at check it out. Let's get to our movie review. We are doing. Get this listener Godzilla vs Dora. Did I say that right service versus the smog monster? Here is your spoiler alert. I got a little special mix. Right here talk. Zillion mailed it. This is so You know if you've been listening we we do a lot of Patriots requested Patriots sponsored movie reviews would probably not have a lot of new movie reviews. We could do bloodshot now. It'll be much twenty-fourth shitty movie and well. Well we pay a one time. Everybody can watch it great perfect but we wanted to do something different and have each of us pick movie for everyone else Last week was I last week. Two weeks ago I had picked true romance the last week it was two weeks ago. True Romance. Everyone watched it and this week was the jocks Pick Anthony. And why did you pick this particular movie for the review I saw I picked? I wanted to pick a Godzilla film just because I wanted to make you watch something. You haven't seen this In Godzilla was a was a big part of my childhood. Yeah why this particular film so this particular film as a child. I had so much trouble finding a copy of this film to watch for me. I don't feel I felt like it was never on. Tv The holy grail every time. I went to blockbuster Hollywood video. It was never there. I'd seen so many previews for it so many trailers for it because I had these VHS which were just trailers of every monster movie that you know like us the US was or Japan was producing. So I really wanted to see this movie. It's a cool looking monster so I saw it when I finally saw it as a kid. I don't remember how old I was probably under twelve years old. Okay I thought it was the greatest movie ever but I don't think I've seen it since then allow so. I've only maybe seen it prior to watching it for this review. Maybe once or twice I was shot up the `fiddlesticks winterbottom for sending us the links Godzilla movies apparently are archived dot org. You can watch them for free. I will have a link in the show notes. If you want to watch it all along so any on that real quick the reason not only did I pick this because I thought it was a great movie as my childhood in my child but as an adult I haven't really sat down and watched a Showa Godzilla film in a very very long time and adult sensibility in critical. I kind of thing I've watched You know some of the recent stuff. All the recent movies that came out of watched as an adult But I haven't gone back and watched a show a film let alone this one which I probably haven't seen since I was eleven years old I was. I was curious to see what I would think. No I'm glad you picked this because this is the one all you fuckers. Have been telling me to watch like you will love this movie and I'm excited to talk about this because I know you body rub boy seen as we many many times. This is the first time I've ever seen this movie as an adult Let me set it up real quick. This movie came out in. Nineteen seventy-one it's directed by Yoshi Mitsu Gano and written by Bono and Takashi Mora and produced by Toho studios that makes all the Godzilla movies. This is the eleventh film in the Godzilla series and you just mentioned is the show era which spans nineteen fifty four to nineteen seventy five body. Say anything wrong. Just jump in and correct me this show and then it was re released theatrically in Japan. in seventy one released in the US under the name Godzilla vs Ahmad Monster in seventy two as a double feature with a movie called frogs. You go see God's a little bit smog monster and frogs on rotten tomatoes. This thing has twelve reviews giving it a fifty eight percent tomatoes score five point three out of ten box office wise. Apparently it made about three hundred million yen in Japan. Which in today's dollars is about two point eight million dollars and obviously you. Tub Budget was not healthy. No very low and Godzilla bodies. This wright played by dude name Haruo Nakajima. Yes that is correct and the guy that played heat era. Is Ken Satsuma? Who would go on to play Godzilla in the hey say era? Godzilla movies from eighty five up until destroyer and as far as that was his first role as well. Okay didn't he have appendicitis during the movie? I was GONNA say as far as the director. She he was He worked with Akira Kurosawa. I believe he was like an assistant. But then somebody didn't liked this movie and he never made another movie he got fired. Everybody hated when it originally came out. So there's also a couple of different versions of I watched kind of two different versions. They were the same but different. There's the original. Obviously Japanese. There is a version where the English is dubbed but the songs are still in Japanese and then there's a version where the English dubbed and the songs are in English. That's the one I saw saved the earth. They're seeing about safety. Say The UH thought. I actually liked the one with the Japanese. I dug the bucket and Japanese songs. That's the one I've watched today. Yes the voice over what you expect. Voiceover Ionian Yeah. That's the one that's the most popular as far as plot for this movie. Anthony you ought to do the plot. It's simple it's straightforward. Yeah basically there's a monster that is formed because of all the pollution in the ocean and in the air That has come out of the ocean and now is terrorizing Japan and Godzillas here to save the day I So let me start with my opening. Thought since I've never seen this seat it for the first time at forty flerfu. I don't even know how old I am older. You know what this reflects working at home. Shit I have lost all concept. Of What fucking day. Is anybody else going through that. I'm dumber than I already Ed. Like I can't even say wasn't sure it was the beginning of the week like there's no concept time anymore because of how fucking fucked up everything is in. This movie is kind of topical to what's happening right now in a way But my initial reaction to watching this is I kind of really fucking enjoyed this movie. What a weird fucking trippy. Movie with. A heavy handed message about pollution but the spirit of the psychedelic sixties in the movie. Also with weird cartoon clips and. Just trippy visuals in some fun. Kaija Battle I. I really enjoyed it was it was very I did like. It's great seemed very different. It seemed to mirror kind of the original Godzilla in the sense that that was a message about nuclear war. And what we're doing to each other world was going to point that out so I feel like it's like you said you were twelve. I feel like it's important to To find out. How old were you when you watch this movie Blahdy how old were you when you first saw this movie? That's a really good question. Eh. One of the earliest memories I have watching Godzilla movie. Is this one think. I think I was either ten or twelve or it's it's I remember. I saw once kind of Anthony did and then I've found a video copy of it at the local video store so I had it on tape and then it disappeared but I had it forever and then it just disappeared. I think The company that had it just went out of print and then come back just one day in a ninety s it appeared on the Scifi Channel. If you guys remember this and it appeared like was totally restored. It was subtitled or just. Yeah out of nowhere. And everybody freaked out. And now it's just got released with the criterion collection. So that's how you can get it now if you WANNA pick it up. Iran's a DVD available which Iran and It's a yeah. It's not any company. They have like these big box sets. It was always absent from those so you get like a show a box. It and that will be missing right in. Destroy all monsters. That was that was that was the big holy grail. One for me was signed any camp. Now that makes sense because as a kid I could never see those. Are the two movies. I had the most trouble tracking down walking. Yeah I saw the strom aunts as on TV. I remember one Godzilla lands in Tokyo and the monorail seen member. Mantas in the foreground with the monorail. I remember as a kid and then I never saw it again and I was what was fucking movie and then I found out what it was and I watched it was really let down. I went to tower records. Remember Tower course used to sell. Dvd's away had a used copy. And I didn't buy it and I'm like so mad I didn't pull the trigger. I was embarrassed by it in front of the people. I was with or something like that because I was with. A bunch of people will rock people. You know in leagues. How old were you any? I saw this. What is it might not? I don't know I I was like six or seven. Yeah and it was on like The W PIX like they have the the Monster Movie Kung Fu our they add the Masa Movie Kung Fu movie after it. And then it'd be like the whole afternoon would be like that shit smile childhood right there in order to posters. I do come from movies. And Godzilla moves 'cause that I mean that basically like if you were a kid in east coast nyc area. You'd see that marathon every Sunday. Every weekend I remember and Yes this one I I I was all about the toys and the little kid had just remember running to my mother. And say I want that Godzilla that big one that he has on the slide? I want that one and then I would like look at it and go look in the scenes where 'cause they go back to him playing with the site a couple times now so. I was always looking out with toys I noticed. He has an ultraman and air to yeah. There was an ultra manager and as a seaman godzillas Fighting Dora. At the end he shoots him with his IBM. And I just found this out to that and we realize God's little puts his hand up that was Nakajima. Doing the old trump does shit. Fuck that's it. That is what that will have a lot of questions and a lot of observations. But let me tell you just got answers the question. It's amazing we didn't get into someone someone with opening on. Who else wants to go? Anthony you said you were twelve. Well I mean. I don't think we heard either there. Did you guys so before we get into me. Like the BELOTTI rug boy. Did you guys like this? Why did you like I saw this movie? I was a kid so I didn't really have in a amount of a accurate in the film. Is it good or is it bad as Shitty? I just remember it was God Zillah and I like the way that this Godzilla Kinda looks more than some of the other ones and I remember that that Hetero could fly and transform into different thing that was crazy I remember. There was little cartoons in their weird. That just stuck with me as like. Oh this is like not your typical Godzilla movie. This is like a little bit more for kids. This is a little bit more Fun and I remember the I remember the seventies music and the dancing in the that like weird bike Baba lamp looking ship behind everybody the pulsating liquid. I mean it's kind of gruesome isn't for kids. I feel like Anthony. How is this different than the other gods all movies leading up to this? Well I mean it's it is a little more violent carnage but it also is very heavy handed with the message. So it's it's a kind of a weird mix of of tone. What is Love Lis- When I was kid? Acc blood. I would freak out like I think in Saves the world or whatever or key con con states this blood in that one gods God's delivers guy and he gets a cut on his nose who's Geoghegan Maksim apart from Mexico and their people are believing that I think there's like what people would believe I would freak out when I was a kid. This one is more this movie. I think is very dark and the only seen in this movie that hurts me as Gods Ila flying. Which was the director felt? The movie was very dark. Oh that's hilarious. It's hilarious but the director was bad. But he wanted to add some sort of levity or something that was a little humorous and took is the home of Dr. There's a scene where they have all these talking heads on TV and there's a baby buried and pollution and you know it was a real baby and then there's another scene where the sludge comes down the stairs of the of of the club there in and when it comes back to the cat carbon. What is this bullshit? Very strange I think it's hilarious. When when Dora flies over and miss everyone the decomposing they dry out. But then they're like super white clean skeletons. Like it's almost judy horrifying the flying is this the first time it's fluid a movie. That's the only time I made that. I'll catch up with them. Listen if you're a little kids you don't question it you're just like is flying. So you WanNa hear funny story about the fly. The the Basic Godfather of Godzilla series Tomoyuki Tanaka was in the hospital for this entire production so he had no idea what was going on so when he came out and he saw that. See that movie he said that. Guy's never ever making another Godzilla movie. He actually had the famed Godzilla director. Shiro Honda yes. Look over the movie. I know the I did not. He got fired afterwards or did not make another movie. He wasn't allowed. But what's ironic that? He ended up producing the legendary. Godzilla movies. Oh he wanted to make a sequel to this call is over staedtler and while he wanted another Godzilla three d to the Max in Africa took it. He wanted to make this movie and then eventually it manifested it. I don't know the whole story. I wish forget but it turned into the legendary movie because he was approached. Hollywood about it. And they you know it turned into twenty fourteen movie I don't know if it's a good thing. I think it's a bad thing but I'm not really big fan of legendary movies but anyway that's how it that's how it started because of that. Guy. The guy that made the most polarizing Godzilla movie is why we have the legendary movies. Well let me jump in real quick. 'cause I will. I want to just get in my opening thoughts and I'm curious to see what you guys both Belotti and Rugs think of it now So I was. I've mentioned I saw it as a kid and loved it Had No concept of anything watching it as an adult is very very different experience. The fight scenes are still a lot of fun. Yeah it is a tough for me kind of watch to go through again. I I do enjoy aspects of it but there are points where I'm like. Let's just get to the fight scenes. Some of the fight are are kind of dark like Belotti had mentioned yeah there's a weird thing that Godzilla keeps doing recused rubbing his nose. Why does he wipe is mouth and then like wave his arm? What this he's just doing. He was doing on more human behaviors. Yeah I think he was like I guess because it smells bad. I couldn't I was like why. Does he keep doing that with the door. Though is a is a cool looking monster. And my pat. Great design the The scene with him just smoking the fucking the stats that. He's getting high off the pollution. I mean it is. It is a disturbing looking scene and just sitting there. Smoking there is a there is entertainment value there but it is. I will say quite a different experience watching it as an adult in something where. I'm glad I saw it as a kid and and enjoy it could enjoy it then. If that was my first movie as an adult I would be. I'd be entertained but I wouldn't have had the reverence for that. Had as a kid. I still think you can appreciate this on a B. movie level like you know it's God's movie it's quite a good b-movie like the miniatures are pretty cool. Positing is not bad the well there is one shot though where they they look at his arms and you can tell the costume deteriorate and sometimes his his wounds changed sides like sometimes he has to. This movie was made for the champion Missouri Festival which was going on in Japan. 'cause they were done with God's own movies after Godzillas revenge and realized they were packaging. Godzilla films for this festival nascent. Why don't we just make new movies for this festival? This is the one they went in there with. And then they follow Megatonne and guy again and so on and so forth but this movie to me like revisiting it. I think it's as powerful as the fifty four in terms of message and I think a lot of the show of films which is sort of spectacle after fifty four separately mother verse Godzilla that was about capitalism and King Kong. I got was about corporate greed and stuff like that but this movie was so dark and so serious and when I watched it now I seal the themes and I really appreciate it because it has what I love about Godzilla where I either like Godzillas. Like our punishment while like went. He's part of a bigger story. That's not really centered on him and like watching this movie now at all I can think about his wish to. Budget was bigger now. Because there's so many scenes that could have been just much better if they were fighting a city if there are bigger crowds running industry because this one scene where he is attacking and it's just a kid on the street. I'm like where are the people or the construction worker? The full of the buildings like one construction worker on this entire building. That's GonNa win the building collapses and silence this music editing. Weird Museum basically an experimental film. God's it seems that's a great way to put it. It seems like an avant garde art. It's almost documentary style with those The animated clips kind of showing you. What the next chapter is about chapter headers. I think that's why I'm sorry to cut you off but I think that's why a lot of anytime it. Yes yeah please do. I think that's why a lot of fans have a hard time with this movie because they just want like big Big Monster Bang Bang Boom Boom and this movie doesn't really give you the. There's three good that'll get you get the battles and get goofy shit but you also gotTa have very heavy handed message out as well. Yeah I mean like yeah. The heavy handed message. I think worked for me as a kid because like absolutely you start recycling. Okay Guess Guy Smog. Monsters obviously bad and and you know for me. I was entertained as a child. Because you this monster is in the water little Jauzi thing. And then all of a sudden he's out and he then he gives why so a lot of variety so you got a lot variety a lot of fight scenes. You GotTa Really Easy Story. That like a little kid can follow some of the Godzilla stories. I couldn't figure out the fuck was going on. He's like wanted to see the Mosser's fight but this one I remember like knowing what it was about because there really isn't really anything. We pollute the earth and then at some point they say something about an they totally. Put this in leader like this whole thing. They're looking at planets at. It's all voiceover because you know they slapped this on later to try and make sense out of bowling. Oh no one. It's the alien Element Doria rate wasn't stories that he's like an Alien Tadpole slams in this pollution and grows grows in the. I mean the shots of sludge. In the beginning there's a mannequin in the sludge constantly. Come back to this and I believe some of it like Y- The guy who wrote it in the director saw sludge in Japan and kind of gave him. It's idea There was a whole backstory. All that shit all that imagery like as much as you want to say it did. There's IT with me for years substances so there's something to say about that that you can create an image that's going to be that Enduring see your mind. Utera was also scary. I remember when I was a kid. That scene. Where he he crashes into the freighters yeah and you see his head and let's hear absolutely or when when the father sees them on. The water is terrifying that even when he even when the kids on the rock and that he's like Oh my God like the there he is right there and the jumps out of the water out jumps out up hold the knife up and then jumps out and then the next thing you see is that heater is back. In the water. Going the opposite he jumps are so many cuts in this movie. I can point them out a close up of him slicing his body and then you hear a splash and then he turned around in the air and fucking water. I loved this movie. I Love Meeting the human characters you know you have the scientists how he figures out the tadpole. I love the kid going. It's a tad pool. I these shorts. I love the old man. Who's like broaddus? Weird for your son. I don't know what it is. A WWCO favorite out. Everybody great fucking guy in the disco fish and I love it when they're talking about the forms of good doer and they're both drinking tangs for different views about the orange. I love that there's different versions of this of really enjoyed. I knew you would like it was so fucking shitty movie but I enjoyed it a lot of aspects like there's things that I don't like as far some of the cuts like there's that one scene where Godzilla for some reason falls into a grave that's been dug out and then your door in a door. Diarrhea Hetero like this shit's diarrhea cut to them rolling down. I forgot that happened. I mean I remember watching that. I'm like wait. He was basically kayode in that crater. And now they're both just rolling down the fugger mountain. Yeah there's some some fucking going on with this this editor share. Something was cut out that we didn't see I love. I love the seventies rock like guitar music but I also love when it just suddenly cuts out and changes to something else abruptly. There's like no transition things. They all decide to go to the top of Mount. Just dance in the middle. They're not but they are doing spring breakers during take. Let's bring fucking here. We're going to go party. Had Dirt shows up kills all of them except for cannon his mom. Some of the MOM is super invulnerable to anything he spits out but it kills everybody else. Belotti I know rugs you said he still enjoy the did you. Do you still enjoy it as an adult I do. I find that it's in my top five for the show. I do think it's the best movie but I do enjoy it. I can't stop enjoy the school because it's simple it's good and it's good and evil. What I it's the monster design Mazar edible and at that concept of the of the different stages that started everything in Japan that started to hold the veldt evolving creature idea what I noticed though only only three of US obscene gamma to when I watched this recently because I haven't watched it in years and then I watch it for the first time like a year ago and I notice. It was very very similar to camera too. If you watch the whole you know an alien comes it gets bigger. It's evolving it's growing. It's GonNa take over Godzilla has a team up with the military to stop it and gamma to its alien lands. It grows its evolving is GONNA take over. Gama's team up with the military stop it. You know what else? Let's discuss delivers destroyer. It's thing where it's the little creature evolves right. There's different forms and it gets together. But even the embassy dealing with destroy was at like that was the end of Godzilla. Right what I noticed that at the end Godzilla so basically for those. That don't know the military makes me shine. Electrodes sort of dry out hero. Select Electrical Beam. But it doesn't work. So godzilla drags over. There blows radiation into it and it works and it kills. Eudora in at the end. Godzilla looks at the military. Looks at the people and he gives a look of like you know fucking did this for you guys but you do it again. On a fucking. I'M GONNA kick your ass next day. She saves the day assume camera to at the end of that. He blows up lesion to use Earth's energy. He goes to hell and back to stop this thing. He stops and he looks at the military again and instead of them getting scared half of them salute him and a gamma flies off to Mike. All that such a cool little nod So He'd aura because that's my favorite part is when a just to give the guy respects wife. Those are supposed to be his eyes. I thought they were like are they really. That's what we're supposed to supposed to be. They do have really bad cut because it the Hetero is basically a husk and then he starts to fly away again. Yeah so he thinks he's got him down with the electrodes he pulls out these two orbs but his eyes are red. You don't see any eyeballs but doors not done this is where Godzilla flies anybody. You've probably seen this Jeff Godzilla staining up his tail curled and his breath propelling backwards the most inefficient Fi. I don't know why they didn't have just fucking fly normal belly down but he catches up but he's got no way to know propelling. No propulsion flies backwards. I notice about that scene when he fries them. Then he comes out in an and he'd aura flies if you noticed member. Godzilla grabs him by the town slams him on the ground repeatedly that was. That was the costume from earlier in the movie. So I think like the cacique grows remember. He got bigger than that so I think that's a fries them in the movie. I think was what they were doing. And that. That's kind of like a second skin. Almost yeah right. He's like the smaller size. And God's is able to them and slam them it's great battles. Because God's law gets his ass kicked allies. It's my favorite fight from the show era and also like when I see the final form of where he's silver like he's clearly spray painted silver. I love that version of the suit and the miniature is actually look pretty good like I didn't think they were that bad for you. Know being there is one thing I noticed about the miniatures. Yeah where they are doing their flashing the bright lights cars. Yes well. They're certainly toy cars. But I was like. That's not how that would work. They would only be able to brighten up like the bottom of his feet. Yeah he's he keeps show indoors or outdoors writing every time. The car shows up at Mount Fuji at throwing their torches that like what does this up in his face throw power. You know it was cool. But that's you know you don't really show era. You don't really see the monsters interacting with people that he sees them and he starts to sludge sludge while pitch shifted everyone. It's fucking past. Oh Yeah and there's that weird scene in the middle with the talking heads in the news and the TV screens in repeats and it turns out the caller what the fuck is going on here. It's very trip. Go ahead say. Those are the scenes. I think. Put a lot of people off. I was GONNA say this is the type of movie I recommended this to you before you WanNa Watch years ago. Ads like this is a type of movie. You get like really stalling. Do your favorite psychedelic absolutely this movie. It's IT'S AGAIN. I guess when I watch it now it just it hurts because they talk about stuff that you do in the movie that they couldn't show because of the budget yeah actors like if you notice. There's no military stuff in the movie. There's no military attack. They say they were. They were attacking him in Minna bombs and missiles went right through him so they told me about a lot of things. Military was literally just standing twelve fuckers. Just standing there the whole time doing nothing at the end. Great great like you can kind of see where the guy is. But it is bigger than the the other Godzilla custom. Here's another question. Maybe you could shed some light on this. There's a lot of scenes where there's fire really close to him and smoke and I'm like how much of this acting versus. How much of this is a guy going? Holy Shit. That's too much smoke. I can't see you guys put put the fire out. This fucking Shit is drowning me This is not good like some of it doesn't seem like actual acting well. It's a little bit of both. Yeah it's because I I read. That's the third time that suit was used in a movie and then the next time falling assume it's the same storm after another which what's the other one guy again and those revenge it's the most out of all real fucking beat late. Show where he looks down at his hands. Oh God his his fingers that that's that's part by the time of Guy Ganders seen after Gigan- pizzas. It's remember he's hitting his head and he come any wakes up. Godzilla sticks his arms out. You can see the latex of the costume. Just SORTA hanging off angling. I do love at the end when he finally kills him. He's just fucking ripping pieces of them and throwing he's he. He is unusually brutal stops. He goes and does the breadth again just to make sure that that turns the DOT com. Yeah he's got one fucked up and so does Heater at the both. Have Guys But Yeah I li- I do. I kind of the design is so fucking tripadvisor sideways. It's fucking great. Well the thing about heat or that made me really enjoy him as a kid and even now as an adult is like he is. Actually you know he's just. He's the amalgamation of pollution. But he's very like a at times. He seems almost invincible. Right lack in keeps growing every time. Godzilla sixes harm through 'em it's like doesn't have an effect hasn't made of any earth elements so you don't they don't know how to kill him And he can. He can transform so he can fly out. Mattias Godzilla is completely outmatched at turn. Points and Godzilla goes for. La has one. I there like the rest of the movie too. And that's why I love it. Because he's so matching this movie and he has to team up with basically army right. Because if you think about it. They didn't make those electrodes. How would he have won? It just would have been a running battle right the one thing. I don't like about this movie but I have to put a negative criticism. Is the Godzilla music you miss at all but I like that. It's it's good for little kids by it. I love so many other musical themes that they do other than this one. This is my least favorite. Better what is let me ask you this though that music in the movie because all the music and movies fucking bonkers. It's all right. Can you imagine putting one of his classic themes in that movie like I love to see somebody that did cut with like the classic counselor? The classic Godzilla theme I mean I think that there are themes that Godzilla in Godzilla lexicon that maybe not maybe not by the the classic stuff but maybe something that we can use as better than this. I don't like the trumpet like I'd is. That made it more eerie and weird for me. Well they went for more well they did have. Music was really good. But they didn't have a fluke. Obey do this so they went with a forgotten. The music and this one But he has you know I know they were trying to make more of like a Superhero Godzilla in this like I. E You know ecological defender which is funny. Because he's pure radiation. He's defending the world against pollution really. I'm not really that familiar with the intricacies of all the different Godzilla. Music there is. I just know that there's Era In that's different than the show Arab at the beginning of the show. The original stuff is really good. And then you know all right I'll I'll break it down The the Maestro is Acura Fuca he did the music from the first Godzilla up until term Mecca Godzilla. There was a few. He didn't do any of the movies that Honda direct he didn't do. Sometimes they used art can music is and feel like paying them and then they may God's a lady four different computer composer and he may Allante and Fuca Bay was like. I'm not going back. And his daughter was like you know they're using your music and making disco music right and he's like really. He came back and scored the rest of the. Hey say era out the last movie. He did was destroyer and his. He pretty much just recycled his score for for these movies but Godzilla. He did one for termed. God's will wear you know it's it's the enter Godzilla theme. But it's more of like a heroic. Which is I think would have worked worked better for this. But he's basically he is the father of Godzilla music all the famous Godzilla themes was accused. Fuqua Bay. Yeah I mean the tariffs Becca. Godzilla has great music. I remember that and that was him. And that's I think the terror of Metronidazole is awesome. That's that'll class. What it's worth the scene were Godzilla. First appears in. The shadows is one of the greatest. Oh my God it is sitting Godzilla appearances. Ever and TITANIC SOURCES. My favorite design. What's your favorite part of this movie? You guys if you had to pick anthony. What's my like a moment? What favorite moment in this movie? Your most favorite. I mean I think my most favorite moment besides like just the overall fight scenes is the shot of him. Smoking the the smoke. Stacks that connick. And it's so creepy and to this day that this monster gets out of the water and is just huffing up on pollution Anderson. They're like and with like the red is. The giant is really. Make this monster what it is so the most iconic thing from this movie favorite favorite moment of the movie. Oh when he's swinging him around. I light up those people. They're fucking domino. Game gets all they all die when they play Dominos. Shit Shit this shit. Flying Everywhere Body. Favorable it from this movie favorite moment. I always go back to the scene. Guts is looking at the humans at the end of 'cause he has the one eye and he lost down and he tells his head because he can only see from the one. I that to me. That's the scene. I like the most seem I like when he's in the water and he's like destroying all the pollution was pretty cool. That's a dream sequence right during secrets kid like I tell us coming. He'll take a tadpole. I know you guys think about the flying but what he did that. I was like all snap go. He's got to get our head so many things in this movie. You can tell us so badly. There's when he's walking. He's the first time he walks. Onscreen yeah you can see the background the backdrops like this where they put the pieces for the sky. You can see all that shit is Louie. Could see a lot on the wires. See at the last thing where he walks off. Until like the distance you could see the end of the backdrop all you can. There's no depth whatsoever I was like. Why did they shoot it like that? Some of the competing pad though where the live action. On during the seventy seventies remember this is the seventies low budget for a guy down. Its budget remember. There was an oil crisis in the seventies and the film industry in Japan was tanking because of TV because of ultra. Yeah ultraman started this whole like why do you have to go to the movies to see monsters and Nico Watch at home so they? They didn't have the budgets like they do now. And that's what I always kills me. It's like man if this movie had the budget you'd see the United Nations you'd see group rooms of scientists. This is why I kinda liked this better than shinnecock villa because there was none of that bullshit fucking conference table meeting scenes. It was just the people. Were there to move the fuck apart. And there's three big Godzilla battles and there was a lot of Godzilla and heater which I liked. Well it's two different two different concepts altogether. Yeah Zillow to me. I noticed. I started appreciating of movie. Now with the president's response to this. This movie is kind of topical. Now in terms of fucking virus creates a monster we allow saying. I think I mentioned it earlier but I will say that. I actually appreciate this movie less. Oh go down for it. I mean if I was a kid I fucking this up to. I still remember as a kid and then that doesn't change. Have you appreciated any of these more since you've been an adult? Has There Been One? All the original Godzilla is the one. That's grown honestly like that. One is the one where I'm like. That is stood the test of time and I realized as I got older because I never liked as a kid. Because it's in black and white. It's Raymond Burr and then when I saw and there's no the monster but when I saw it as an adult in Japanese as this moves fucking masterpiece. Smell that one. I've I've appreciated more eighty five. I appreciate five. Yeah that's another one. That's a really good one. It really good. I like the ones where I'm as a kid I was like. He's not fighting sucks. Yeah like a little kid. I thought when I saw the previews Godzilla the original of like he's fighting a man with a beard. What's going on? This is the patron five. Eighty Five Raymond. Burr how's that going to work? I have some production notes. Some of which body has alluded to also already Bond Bano is given only thirty five days to shoot this film with a really low budget. And he only had one team available to shoot both the drama scenes and the monster affects seeds. Usually right body be two separate machines seems like a bt with one thousand nine hundred stuff these guys do the monster stuff now. You had to do everything himself. So rugs like you. Mention can put Chiro Satsuma Satsuma. The actor who played Hetero was struck with appendicitis during the production. Doctors forced to perform an appendectomy while he was still wearing. The fucking suits shit dude of the length of time. It took to take the Goddamn thing off during operation. Such Suma learned that painkillers had no effect on him. Or that's a shitty time to find that talk he's like hey and out. And then you mentioned yesterday was going to be a sequel and they got scrapped turned into what it did by. Wow just fucking fun I I love the Pick Anthony Great trippy movie. So let's rating and ranking Anthony. GimMe a number where you would if you can rank it. I don't know how many fucking Godzilla movies there are. Okay I got to rankings okay. I got my kid ranking Ha. Now as an adult got it makes sense. He'd ranking ten out of ten latest move as a kid. I always loved creative villains that were that Godzilla that he that were. Bigger than God's Zola and Godzilla was outmatched and he had to find a way to went As an adult Godzilla movies have to be graded on a curve. Scale that you can't like rank these alleyoop especially a lot especially a lot of these show when you can't just like compare this to even like Joel Rabbit or like you can't. It's just not the same thing now as an adult. I'm going to go five hundred ten and five hundred ten It's it's good Actually you know what I'm going to change at six out of ten better than good. Okay I it but It's not like it's still very memorable But it's not like some more meat like it's not going to be the best out of all the Godzilla films for at least for now. Yeah it is it is very memorable in the villain is good rugs Give me a rating. What would you rate it? Where did you put it? Wow I mean my kid rating is also like you know it's up there. I'm looking at it as a little child. It's like it's a perfectly digestible. Not really complicated. Simple to the point one Godzilla film lots of Godzilla in it bad music but like it's got trippy. Shit visual so all that stuff for kid is great now. So ten for a kid for an actual grownup man. Trying to recommend if a regular other grownup person's GonNa Watch it. I'm going to give a six point. Five In that way because yes there is. There is a lot missing in. This film is a lot of weird cuts. That that are weird in understand his parts for Godzilla just kind of staring here but like it might throw people off the message being heavy-handed might throw people off so I I'm I'm considering that so it's better than average it. It's definitely good and I still enjoy it. I mean I know that it's a bad movie that I love so but a by no means going to give it like a Ted God's a little more than this okay so but but it's still up there as far as enjoyable Lonnie. We already kind of know what you think about this movie. We'll give it a number. Where would you put it? You want to do the kid. Do both ten lists like a put this movie on our list. You know what's Funny Kid List is? Let's say like seven really. Yeah because it scared me as a kid at it. Yeah and as an adult. Yeah I'll give an eight. Oh Shit because I got it when I got older. I got it. I understood and I like the message and that it's dark and serious and we're not totally series gets a bad rap and I think it's actually pretty fun. So yes it's it's much better than Gigan- it's much better than Megatonne in a Lotta ways. I'd have to re I remember as a kid loving guy against I'd have to rewatch. I had it on today after this. That's that's a hard one to get the rest. Were they talked one another right. Yeah they talk. Maybe that's the next one you review. That's that's a tough one. Dam is so my Rating as First Time. Watching this as an adult. You know knowing what I'm walking into this Godzilla manage suit B. Movie. I'm leading a seven. I really like it. Held my attention and it was so weird and didn't expect the animated seems and just as this fucking crazy trippy movie but I did. I had a really good feeling. He would like it not not not only because he just likes everything but because this is kind of kind of up in Bali Godzilla will be. That's made this is fucking wild and perfect. And why does it keep my? It'll illicit the kid inside. It does and if I saw this as a kid I imagine fucking I and this is probably a great movie to show your kids. Get Your House you have kids and you. WanNa get the mid Godzilla. This is the one I like that. It's just scary enough for kids that it will freak you out a little but it's still harmless preface it. By if if I if I have a kid I I might have a kid out there that I don't know if I have one that I'm training to like Godzilla what I would do with this movie as I would show my kids some other Godzilla movies I where like not as dark and build up to this one. Yeah we're building this one and then there's one it is so you you you talk about like Sun a Godzilla. I would probably do like Sunny Godzilla. Gay Dorota three headed monster and God's revenge those are God's love even like Gulliver's Galon where it's like these movies were they're they're a little more kitty and then I would. I would throw this one. It'd be like now this door one. I have to talk to you about the big big fucking boss and this one like this. Is this Godzillas. Really up against it in this one. You want to. You want to know while this movie. What makes it so good is because out of almost all the Godzilla movies? I think it's one of the most original creative concepts they ever had. And if you look at the movies after this. It's just like Oh. Oh nuclear testing. Will you know right? Woke up the Saito Paeans and Sir sending Meghan or the robot Godzilla and even early show movies. Oh he fights a giant crab how original I mean this. Is this like you don't know where it's going? He door is is legitimately dangerous. You feel the. He's deigned house and he could literally take over the world. Was there ever any thought on during the? Hey Sarah of bring a back door or if they ever talked about inter no one time thing it was only Bano he was trying to do Death la which was a sequel. Because I don't know if we didn't mention this but at the end of this movie another he'd aura peer a minute and that second version this version that has the Japanese version of the song and again. I didn't see that at the end that they cut back to the ocean to Putin Ocean and heaters head comes out and it says and yet another one question mark So he was bottle was going to want to do it but then heater came back and final wars for like two seconds bloom away L. Really Yeah Yeah. I was wondering if you had seen this guy again. You see him he. They redesigned them and a blast The ocean and he blasts him into a building and the explodes. And that's a tough. Forget it in final wars heater. Show some talking. He's in for like two seconds. So now having been to all the G FEST. The toys of The SMOG MONSTER SUDDENLY. Make a lot of sense like this. Let me tell you. Some door. Has his own facebook page by page? I've never in the history of God's Fan have seen a Kaija more mass produced outside of Godzilla than door. Haven't done a Dora piece on rebel. Seven DOT com. Actually that's the first poster ever did. Oh back and fourteen and now one got published in monster attacked fourteen. Nineteen nineteen thousand nine hundred forty one of the Spanish flu teen doboy fighting across in front. But it doesn't exist yet. Wait so you don't have enough anymore. You should do a new one. I retired it because I want to make a new one. But what the fuck and fish heads. Why was that do tripping? Because it's the seventies. Did you appreciate that girl dancing with the clam on her coach in front of him? Yes I know. That's why that's why did the poster. Because I wanted to tell her okay through and I'm GONNA put on a new post a weird bugging one piece bodysuit with a claim on a Coochie. I noticed that right away. It's an it's an awesome Sudan. She's really pretty. Girls is pretty watching settled Godzilla and the girl in that. The warriors preteen. She's pretty cute. My favorite is the princess from Peter to three hundred monster and catch. Sarah's Riyadh I don't remember any of the girls the other than in the. Hey Sayer Mimi aldini Mickey yeah. I noticed I bought two books. Have all the women from all the Tojo Movies? I bet you playboys. Those pages. Sticky hold off to the metric on any great pick. Thank you so I was like I said before. I was hoping you'd pick Godzilla. Movie did not disappoint if you're a kid at heart like I Next is your turn to pick a movie. Do you know what you're going to pick. God Damn it. I really had so many up there but I figured and I know that you've seen this immorality if one of us hasn't seen that great but I know Anthony hasn't seen it in. This is probably the most bizarre move yet and making watch that he would never wash without me telling him to watch. It is also one of my favorite films ever was nominated for Oscars. So I know I'm not the only one that was good. But it is a hard one digest. It is very David. It's the Fisher. I love that movie. We've mentioned it before Robin Williams Jeff Bridges. I think we should talk about this because I don't think a lot of people do talk about it so Yeah next fishing anthony. I will tell you where you could watch. This movie will figure out a date and time Yeah so I love this idea. And then we'll get back to The Patriots sponsored movie reviews if you want to have your review a movie reviewed listener right now is a good time to join Patriot. We'll do it right away But yeah good stuff. Let's do some some the nation for news the nation's public this new godzillas unfriendly and he's going to destroy your country. Look Out You know our facebook group talking to the nation. It's kind of fun place to hang out in this post pandemic quarantine world. Everyone is trying to give Solutions to what to do while you're locked in and we've had some good. Some good ideas atom Morris right some quality quarantine watching for you say well you will. I still love Kevin Smith and his movies still made me laugh. So I'll be checking out asap assuming I can stream it in Canada. That is Jay and silent Bob Reboot on Amazon. Ooh I also watched it this week. I watched a lot of movies this week. I actually really enjoy. This movie. Had Great Cameos and call backs to all his other movies symphony. There's some funny shit. I like that. Kevin Smith is in there and making fun of himself great self deprecating humor and it even had heart you know with the storyline with with Jay and the kid and Kevin Smith Daughter Harlequin Smith. She's pretty good actress. She's better than he is almost in some ways that she did a good job. What did you did you like it you ever see? Yoga Yoga hoses. Everybody makes fun of Bob Shrike. Back was awful. I still never finished it. I see I kind of liked that movie. I like it's dump. I stupid movies is on my kind of tough again. I recommend reboot if you have Amazon allies it was in the one and Shannon Elizabeth Catholic Cher. She's she's pretty she's in. She's in this one. She's pretty pretty. I knew they were wearing catsuits under there. It's it's fun. There's a Muslim girl. There's a deaf girl. They got a great team there. I thought I was not going to like it but it was fun. It was great great. Kind of Self Referential Kevin Smith Movie. Lots Blake says so everyone's probably already losing their minds with the potential lockdown quarantine looming over our heads. I present to you. A potential solution to not only hopefully create a new avenue for the nation but also helped get our members better through other venues other than facebook. I present to you net flicks party. A social interaction with the group can have all watching a movie together as a nation. It's this thing. Go to Netflix. Dot Com works only on chrome. You download this extension and then you can set up a movie and there's a little. Aol style chat box. A chat room. Right alongside Blake did a test with the dark knight and The one random person I think it was a girl named Kells Kelsey. She joined the group we kind of turned around to the show but Blake. I love that you took the lead on this and Eight is a fun way. Everyone to watch a movie at once and like comment down. The sides called Netflix Party. I've I've had a couple of friends suggest the net flicks party to as well but I don't know we'll see how I know. Nothing else left. Let's just whack off. You get tired all I and I'm spent and finally David mosquee has shared link says hi folks if anyone is self isolating and looking for some comics to keep yourself entertain. You should check out this APP. It's called Comic House and it's basically net flicks for indie comics. They just tweeted that. They're giving away a free month to anyone who comments on this tweet. They have loads of content. Happy to offer recommendations to people if they want you can go to comics house dot com slash APP. I'll have linked to the tweet in the show notes but Moscow editor and Cape of a place to Hang Your Cape always at the forefront of promoting indie comics of which there are tons of really good ones. I just might read my comics. I actually. We'll have time to read all the stack of comic books that I have here and bought Bitta route from Sanford Greene at at sea to read that I have the paper girls to trade collected editions and a bunch of other stuff rugs. It's a good time to read comics. Yeah so I just want to thank everyone for you. Know keeping US sane and giving us things to do speaking of doing things. What are you guys watching? I just mentioned watched Jay and silent Bob Reboot Anthony. Have you watched anything with all this time? You have well. Yeah that'd be talked about it on patron low women Joe Girardi irritating else might start up I might watch American factory maybe Maybe I'll get into this. Altered altered carbon. I still have not a couple of episodes into that. I heard Belotti about to comment on American factory. Yeah that's that's really good and when it ends or just like fuck okay. So I've been sitting at home this January with this new thing so I've watched I've exhausted the other day I. I'm so desperate for movies and content like I draw. I've I've been drawing. Nonstop does the most productive. I've ever go to my wife happy and I kind of never WANNA go back to work and so I put on movies when I'm drawing. I resorted to put on Lionheart from Van. Damme like yesterday but no. There's a new series on Netflix. That my wife was like all we have to watch called panoramic because there's one called it's called love is blind. Blake fucking pinched and I hate reality shows in this one. Just got me. It's great trashy television. It really. It's I don't know if it's true. She's locked into that. I will do it a little bit. They're not really trashy people. No that's true. It's not like we watch ninety fiance on the fucking hate. These people like you fucking idiot. S why do you need this person? From Nigeria. Yeah hate yourself. That one girls in Asiya Jessica. She's tragic she's a tragic. She's just like her her personality. Just like you feel for her. 'cause she's so trapped you know she's trapped in her like the real people. That shit is trending everywhere on. If you got netflix. Now you notice there's like a top ten trending stuff. They've added a new section fucking. The movie outbreak would was trending. Watch that I watch again. Dustin Hoffman does I was I was I watched the Jason Momoa Conan. The barbarian was terrible. You know what like this is the thing? It's actually a very just. It's not terrible. It's just bland. It's underwhelming it's like they they have. It seems like they have everything they need to make. Good movie like the Art Directions. Not Too bad like the costuming decent. You know. Sometimes it looks like a video game in certain shots here in there and some of the effects aren't quite as Polish. Should be but in Jason Momoa like in battle he's really released like slick in. Who's really well? He doesn't deliver the dogs. That's what I was GONNA say. I mean he delivers the lines like he does allemand the same exact way. So it's nothing you after getting the same guy doing the same exact credit man. How's IT GUIDE? But it's just so like underwhelming like it just really is like. There's nothing new what they do in. This movie is great because it takes you through a lot of CONAN stuff. But it doesn't do it with any like panache or or anything just kind of like is there and some fight scenes are but like they're just they build up to this okay based on. I'll tell you what happens the main villain in the movies trying to get this helmet together like mask. And if he gets it he can bring forth This this Demon or something that's GonNa give him the powers of God. That's going to be resurrected as his dead wife doesn't mean okay but he goes through all this you never get to see the. Oh Shit. So I'm like all right. The coining would be puts the mass together. His is is resurrected wife. Demon whatever is going to come and he's going to be a powerful as God and then Conan's GonNa kill him and he never gets to that point eight he gets just fizzles out before that in the in. The ending is so bad so Anyway Cure Jason Memorial the stored in a cool way check story. Plot Kinda reminds me of another thing. I finally got around to watching just last night. Which was a leader a battle angel and I do the the effects and the the design in this movie are amazing. Like you forget that. Alita is a completely three d you know. Cgi generated character. The problem is the fucking story is not the best and it also like it. You'd think it ends and then it keeps going and then it promises the whole time. She's chasing after this one guy that she's remembering and you think there's GonNa be a showdown and it never gets to the show. She doesn't get to the planet they just like what the fuck. That's how you ending this. But I did enjoy her performance and the way everything looked in the action scenes were good. They were really good action scenes. It reminded me of a couple of things. But it's the story that ultimately holds it back from being better than like good so you know what? I just watched that it's still stuck me. Movie called King of New York. Oh she's Chris Walker never never saw it and I was like. Let me just treat myself. Just treat yourself. It's Chris. Walk at the top of his game. It's Laurence Fishburne knowing fucked up and it's so slick Dave crusoes in it out Wesley Snipes. It's like a sort of throwback to like those great seven East Gritty New York. Yes movies brutal but if they filmed it in nineties. New York which is just as Shitty as seventies new Giuliani cleaning it up because he caught it as like right before. I got my favorite scene in. That movie is where he shows up to with the briefcase. And the guy thinks there's money in it puts it up at. Its pull a tampons guy goes. What's this and Save Jackson's like the bullet holes mother fucker? Who so good. It's really good. It's really stylish. It's atmosphere. I think if you like movies you will enjoy this movie turnover. I haven't watched it. Haven't I gotTa Watch that again? I watched this other thing on Netflix. It's the reboot of spenser for hire. If you were around in the eighties you may remember. This show called Spencer for higher with Robert Urich. It's called Spencer confidential starring Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke as Hawk and Alan. Arkin bad for a netflix movie. There's some decent action if you're bored check it out. It's a remake of Spencer for higher standard for higher is show was a TV show. And this one's called Spencer confidential. It's a shower. He does a movie but it's the same idea like he wants to help people. There's a dude name Hawk. That's his party. He what he's trying to stay out of trouble but can't help himself and so they may end up being a space nine. No he doesn't. That was Ben. That's Robert Urich right now. I don't know that hockey is the is the cabinet. That's right the guy played see. That's right yeah. Everyone Robert. Avery Robert. Avery Yeah I don't know I don't know why expensive for higher reminded me of Vietnam War but I did. I watched the Ken Burns Vietnam documentary. That'll take up like forty hours of your time is eleven episodes depressing. It's super depressing. My Dad is so I watched somebody with him when I came out. I sat through all of it like there was one day where I watched that and I watched platoon or shame and Hamburger Hill. Which is another Vietnam and I was just. I want to cry. I was in shower too sobbing. I was like I. I watched the naked gun two next remember. Oj Was it comedy movies. He was really. I watched that documentary to and all you getaway. You really drive the point home that we did not need to fuck it be aired all come tiny watch but just fucking like if you guys think like the world is bad now. It was worse lots wide. Why are we there? Why all these people need to die. There's no delays ego governed. Didn't want to Lyndon Johnson refuse like. We'RE NOT GONNA lose. We're not GONNA walk away. And they want to cover acid in the name of fighting communism. Yeah but but the kids just finished to Oliver Stone series the untold history. That's good it's like You Watch it and they would roosevelt. Fdr and you're like oh he's a good guy yeah and they make it they show. He's like a president and every president. After that you like Eisenhower he was good. Oh no he was bad to Carter. He was good right. So you go through like I bush. Then you get the Clinton and you're like you know the story and I'm like okay. There are Obama. He's not a bad guy and I was like I fucking hate Obama. No he made me almost always indifferent to the guy and then I wash my does fucking guys no different. I want your back now. So that's a good one. If you really WanNa hate everything though it's called the untold history of the United States Oliver Stone it's a few episodes. Yeah it's down Obama. Yeah anything. It's done it just exposes how we've interfered with the world and for our own selfishness. They bury but the stuff about Obama. I had no idea I've never been like wanted to be like of this. Country is infallible or always right. I'm like we're fucking just as dirty as everybody else. There's no there's no country yeah then you'll like you. I is that we are discussing. Shit you'll really like show them. Yeah I was really surprised about the Obama stuff because what trump. Everyone's GonNa Musso Paul but a Mike. Yeah he was a nice guy cause I don't really pay attention. I'm really because he was so quiet about everything I mean. I didn't I watched this to my other. Obama's like demeanor like I miss I. Miss Professional is calming nate. We could use right. I miss his ability to me the impression that things are in control and even when they're out of control right in not only that but like us able to compose himself in a way that A lot of people could find something. do look up to instead in so like when people used to say stuff about Obama. You'd be like well. That's the furthest thing that then. Yeah they're totally making stuff up when people say stuff about trump. It's mostly drones. It's usually deny it. You can't even defending somebody. That's the that does these crazy things like that. It's just like ridiculous. Trump took all the all the phony Baloney political bullshit. All the fucking nonsense trump literally took that and just turned inside out and said this is what we are. I don't Fuck Oh so. Trump is in hiding. He's not hiding and he's like we fucking so I feel like what he's doing. It does it matter who is in the office of President because the people doing the shit behind the scenes. They're GONNA do whatever they do. The sell it. Here's you figure out how to sell this out of smooth this over. This shit is going to happen. We just put a different face on. It can calm people downgrade. If you can't hold you're shit together doesn't matter which still gotTa Paul fucking Horseshoe. What what this show told me? Was that our engagements in Iraq were extended because the military told Obama. Like we have to stay there because at Xyz and someone said Obama like us you in the military says something you have to listen and Obama just capitulate to it and said okay. We'll keep people over there. I mean when you just got to sell it to the people. Yeah it's crazy we're bill. Burr always jokes. He's like they should pay all the presents millions he's like he's like. Obama went in making like one hundred grand a year and he came out with ten million dollars. Because you don't know that's good you'll make a lot of money in the president Couple announcements we've made some guest appearances on other. Podcasts myself. An Anthony that yeah you should check out I was on a recent episode of two peas on podcast with Gerald Morris. This was recorded a while ago. We are ranking the top five MC. You movies There's it's mayhem and another dude Giving out ranking and then recently anthony you made a guest appearance on voice from the underground the the podcast elitist. They're pumping out a bunch of shows because people need content and I was on with Jason Dutch and big. Shout out to just going over Just life with this. This new corona virus outbreak in. What's going on and the politics and sports sponge of just basically shooting the shit about it. I mean we're all at home. We may end up doing a couple of extra episodes. I don't know we'll see I feel like we're going to be a it depend. You know how these things go by the weeks. Go by if they become really bore here probably like I should probably make some John Den and maybe get some cool stuff. You should make contact. Every artist right now. Should be making online content. What else are you doing? Also next week listener will mark our fifth birthday. It is our five year anniversary. We did not you did not Do our five year plan. We're supposed to billionaire. We're supposed to take it over the inter- smits but I damn it Yeah I don't know something special. Probably not just the Brazil reminisce on the fact Magin. We did finally made the big time and quarter virus. Everything shuts down plant. That could happen. Sleigh guys on tour you know do a bunch of interviews go you know see the country no shot it down in this cancelled worse was your chance but like five years of podcasting is nothing. That's fucking crazy. We'll talk more next week. In the meantime give some apple podcast. Ratings we're up to one eighteen to get to two hundred. So we can be rotten tomatoes reviewers however the movies don't come back. They may not be any more positions for reviewers. Now it's week to week fluid movement. Everyone stay safe. Watcher hands rags work in the listener. Find you can find me after the snap on twitter. This fucking planet is so dirty that even galactic pass. You know what I'm saying even fucking Belotti thank you so much for your insight from the entertainment industry. I'd but I'm really sorry that you're one of the collateral damage of the corona virus right now. It's okay I mean you know what the whole world is hurting right now but settlers and not alone plus years. You know sell your stuff. Where can people find you online? What do you want them to do? Well I just got a new website made for my buddy. John Ruffin K. Michiji he does those awesome Kaija Hydro photographs of toys and stuff and Dioramas. It's www dot robo seven dot com. It's Oral B. O. The number seven dot com. Check it. Thanks yeah we still working progress but You know my works on there and t shirts and prints and all that stuff and you can find me all my social media through the contact section of that. Robo seven dot com hub links to all of these in the past in the Show notes what am I trying to say what was going to say? I was GONNA say have linked the password. Show why I said that Anthony. I hope you hanging there with no sports no Vegas Look not going to be the hardest hit Rodman recluse all the things. I don't go to anyways. You know bars and James Fucking Oh man. I have on your. He's going to be fat intake. Nick Nolte and his mugshot on instagram. The earlier this morning and I'll read it out to you guys real quick. Can you just find it so the Barstool Chicago put this out? They go they go. Maybe not the time but the first Saturday night at the bars after all this shit ends will be the best night of our lives. I'm talking complete takeover. Every drink as a double cigs inside sex in the streets illegal fireworks from Indiana. Live music. GimMe everything you got. So many deaths from alcohol poisoning. You're going to have in the mega data centers six inside. I'm all for Senate thing but good. Listen hang in there. Everyone hang in there right as an email show a jock and let us know. We'll how's it going? On your end. You can find links to everything in our show notes jock in their dot com slash three twenty. Which will everything? We talked about how to get in touch how to sports. Show back the fuck up but keep yourself healthy and thanks for listening to the podcast by David. Zimmerman Anthony. He's the JOCK. He's the nerd next to me. All fucking loved Lawson Autumn.

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