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Free Agency Signings for 2021 Fantasy Football

Fantasy Feast: 'Eatin

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Free Agency Signings for 2021 Fantasy Football

"It's time to eat four. Sit down and get ready to consume abundance of fantasy football nominee from ross. Tucker and joe dolan me now on the fantasy feast and podcast. Yeah let's e maybe it is the fantasy feast eating podcast presented by draftkings whether it's draft kings fantasy app draft king sportsbook app. They've got some unbelievable deals this week for march madness. Nca tournament trust me. Just make sure you use the code. Ross when you get those apps on your phone. Ross that's me at ross tucker. Nfl twitter instagram facebook. We even have a youtube channel. Youtube dot com. Slash ross tucker. Nfl be great to watch. Joe dolan myself on the fancy feast. Podcast if you haven't previously. I've got an orange shirt on the day. Joe has an orangish hat so for you to see that momentarily andrew. Brandt was awesome on raw soccer. Football podcast this morning talking about free agency thus far which actually technically doesn't start for two and a half hours. What an absolute joke. As far as the podcast man. I mentioned draftkings and the insulate tournament. You've got to listen. To what steve fezzet and my new best friend. Brad wachtel said about march madness where you should put your money. How you should do your brackets. These guys know they know. Make sure you're listed only like twenty eight minutes. Make sure you listen. The star of this show. Joe dolan already referenced. Him most of you already know that he is the number one ranked fantasy analyst according to fancy pros dot com over the last five years. He's got the orange chat. Which i think sort of clashes with your reddish pink shirt if being honest joe well ross it. You know we're we're. We're both wearing orange. Because it's st patrick's day. Obviously that was that was that was our coordination. Now i just put this damn thing on. Because i i'm not having a good hair day so i'm a i wanted to just put this on. I had it in my office. These ads all over. So i can Not offend too many people. It does clash though. I got admit that rossi well helpfully more people go to youtube dot com slash. Ross tucker. Nfl check it out the absolutely check out his fantasy. Points dot com. That's the site. Joe owns with guru and scott barrett and graham barfield and really all the fantasy superstars that are out there. Fantasy points dot com. We're to new code for you. Twenty one feet so when you sign up for this year again use the code. Twenty one feast so they know what year it is. Ross it cannot be reused so we put a new code out there for people. Yes the one last year. Feast cannot be renewed so us twenty one feast to sign up for this year. Check out joe on social g. Underscore dole and i mean joe is pretty simple. We gotta do today and next week. Maybe even the we got to that. We're going to talk about these guys. I mean we got there about orderly. These guys landed and what it means from a fantasy perspective. There's a bunch of quarterbacks. So i'm gonna i'm gonna go running back and wide receiver because there really aren't as many to actually talk about russia think is interesting but let's make sure we get to him. Aaron jones is back in green bay four years. Forty eight million. Interestingly it's two years twenty million and then we'll see and right and that's the way running backs are these days ross. Unfortunately that's the kind of deal that they have to get. and we you talk with greg. cosell alabama. I'm sure you've talked with andrew brandt about the business for running backs. It's a cold world. So aaron jones who quite frankly has been one of the most underpaid players football the last four years relative to his level of production. I am glad he cashed in at least somewhat but from a fantasy perspective. This is good news because jamaal williams moving on and we will get to that. Aaron jones is going. We know he can were split backfield. We've already seen it. We've seen him split with jamaal williams. As a matter of fact. Aaron jones your attempt rushing attempts per game fell from fourteen point eight to fourteen point four over the last two seasons that was twenty thousand nineteen to twenty twenty but his receptions per game increased from three point one two three point four from nineteen to twenty twenty. That is where. I think. He's going to make his. Hey for fantasy splitting the backfield. Now with aj dylan. Who is much more. That bruising type of running back and i wouldn't be shocked if the aaron jones upwards of four passes again and that's significant because we know based on research that my guy scott barrett fantasy points don that a target for running back is worth in fantasy. Npr roughly two point five times as much as a carry. I think aaron jones is carrying might continue to fall to the twelve thirteen per game rage. Maybe somewhere in the range of where you look at an alvin kamara but with aj dylan probably plan more of a bruising role and think jones playing on all of the passing downs four. The green bay packers. I think this is a great move for fantasy. Jamaal williams is bone. Aaron jones locked in first round pick. I am glad to see him back in green bay and he's going to be able to continue doing what he does best. Okay so is it a reception worth two point five times a carry or just a target. The targets wow. That's a real. Keep in mind rocks. That running back hornets are. They're often open their often. Check out there in the short field so running backs are regularly catching seventy five eight percent of their targets which is an absurd number for for a wide receiver to get to very few wide receivers. Who were downfield options. Get to that level. A number so for most part when running back is targeted. You have a reasonable expectation that the running backs going to haul that target in. But just just think about it. I mean say running back catches four out of targets at averages eight yards per reception. Okay that's going to be seven point two points in appr league up. If you give a running back or carries he basically needs to either go seventy two yards or get in the end zone on one of those carries for harry to even come close to replicating a target. So you know you're you're looking at just. We wanna running backs like if my running back caught one hundred passes in the. I wouldn't give you carry. I mean that's that's just the way we look at it that running back position playing pr for fancy. Okay I would say to aaron jones. You might only be splitting carries with one other guy rather than two other guys and jamaal williams lands in detroit. Interesting spot for him joe. That's one you can. You can put on it ross. I hate this landing spot. I love jamaal williams. He somebody i've talked to. I actually right after a game. Two years ago member when aaron jones was hurt down the stretch for green bay jamaal williams tearing bandaged championships with his production in green bay. And i thanked one. I was like dude. Thank you you just want me a championship. he was receptive. I think every he's a blood player in green bay. Energetic books like great teammate. Both in aaron jones kind of fed off of each other but now unfortunately for our gain not not on jamaal williams clearly probably took the best money offer of ram. This is not a great landing spot because while jamaal williams able to function in split backfield effectively with aaron jones in green bay. That's good team. All fame kovac the detroit. Lions neither of those things jared got. Maybe they draft the guy. But jared goff right now Review is the quarterback. And the big problem here is. What does this do to the andre swift. I'm not knocking. Swift too much. Because i i really believe in talented act kid. But i think when. You're looking at being what mike max out four or five win team this year and maybe i'm being generous. I think people can. We have a lot of trouble looking at him in the second outed saying am i gonna take him or am i gonna take this really good wide receiver. Am i going to take the andre swift running back. But i going to take hundreds from i to take jefferson and you know people will never fantasy player. Never wanna get behind back position. But this is going to mowing the trigger on d andre swift in the second round. It's going to make it a lot harder pill to swallow for some people because jamaal williams is there and jamaal williams has still set. He's not anywhere near as explosive as the andrea swift. We understand that but he's capable grinder. He's a good receiver and he's a beloved guy in the locker. Room brings an epidemic in the present to the field. that's kinda. That's the kind of stuff. I think coaches love and i would not shock if it dan campbell and anthony. Lynn jessop a overused jamaal williams based on the contract. You just got. I do not love this landing spot. Frankly because i don't expect the lines very good some other running back deal it's been quiet. Now carson four net drake lady on bell. James conner all still out there mark. Ingram signed a deal with the houston. Texans carlos with the jags devante booker with the giants. Any of these guys fantasy relevant at all or onto the wide receivers. None of them are fantasy relevant. Thirty one. I do want to point out. How about daryl williams resigning with the they. Surprisingly cut dean williams talking about the plight of of the running back damien williams ops out of the covid season two the arab his mother who was diagnosed with cancer and it gets cut at Just absolutely brutal business. Daryl williams right now if not want to spend money draft pick to get a number to be the number two in kansas city and now you can produce and that offense and malcolm brown sign with the dolphins but it looks like according to eran wolf. They're espn beat writer. The dolphins are going to expand that back in the draft. They didn't want to spend too much money in free agency. It looks like they're going to act in the draft. So maybe brown who kind of were cam. Akers l. l. a. last year does the same thing in miami. Let's get to the receivers allen robinson franchise tag back in chicago. Chris godwin franchise tag with the bucks. I don't know if there's anything to stay there. But i don't wanna those Not really the thing about alan robinson. And i mean we know. It's impossible separate the allen robinson discourse from the quarterback discourse. And i know you just wanna pop into the running back and wide receivers. But i guess. Andy dalton is. The best quarterback allen robinson's ever played with and that's as about the racks and our robinson is played with a than it does about elton allen robinson's quarterback for if you think dalton's an upgrade or downgrade on trubisky alan robinson's quarterback group and he's probably gonna slot into that third round yet again. A if they have gotten russell wilson and the report was they need an extensive of your dan. Patrick ross reporting that. They made a massive offer for russell. Wilson it i would think that would allen robinson into the second round if they were to land back. Maybe you still get a discount. On allen robinson godwin value him the same exact way item last year a little bit up and down probably in that fourth round range for receivers but those two guys who i think their their their teams real niki. Kenny golladay juju. Smith schuster will fuller. Curtis samuel t y hilton. Aj green sammy watkins. Among the guys we might talking about inept week. Break some news to you. Came on air atrial jeremiah. Green agreed to a deal with the arizona cardinals interesting so i at times. He was the least effective for stephen football last year. And it was evident at tee higgins was better than aj green lush year. Does it change of scenery help things out for. Aj green I'm not too sure about that. If this the last chance for christian kirk to really make a significant impact. Because you know. I i was of the mind that arizona could actually spend up at the wide receiver position. Chose i mean they both rabat. Defense with jj watt they. They've made things so much that they're going for this year. Let's put it that way But i wondered if they might even be in. On kenny golladay sweepstakes will fuller sweepstakes the try to improve that position opposite deondraye hopkins this aj green signing which i think has about six million dollars guaranteed. That's at least what i just saw suggests that maybe they're not gonna be gone at high and receiver going to try to make a good season at a green. But i think this might be a meaning referendum on christian kirk. I thought it would be a huge one if they had signed golladay or will fuller but this one is hey come on man you gotta step up in produce on a more consistent basis than he has but anti-green is not somebody. I'm terribly interested in for fantasy. What about corey davis three years. Thirty seven and a half million with the jets including twenty seven million guaranteed this on the surface. You might look this up suggests coming off a career year pay guy they overpay guy coming off a career ear. And they're going to. They're going to regret the deal. But you know you really effective of by yards route. Run a full according to His yards per reception was fifteen. His catch rate was above seventy percent. Now that was in that very efficient titan offense. But here's the big question throwing accordance and until i t that look john mccain of the houston chronicle came out today and said he expects to shawn watson will be traded two months ago. That was not what the song he was thingy he said. Today he expects the shawn watson will be traded. And you would think the new york jets with the number two overall pick in that draft or going to be in on the talks shawn watson. If the shawn watson is in the poultry. If that's the case corey davis to the moon man. I'd love corey. Davis it shawn watson worthy quarterback for the new york yet. So maybe you're doing best falls right now and that. There's that corey davis went to the jets. Like why couldn't he go somewhere. Like four. were were. Maybe they have a better offense even if he wouldn't be the number one receiver. Why couldn't he go somewhere like that. Why couldn't he sign with the chiefs. Who you something opposite tyreek hill. Maybe getting discount on corey davis right now because look at the bare minimum there. I think i do not believe donald coming back at the bare minimum. I think that second aac is going to be used. Upgrade the quarterback position whether it be zach wilson or justin field trae lance or whoever they like it could be you could flop the nuts if you draft corey davis in the ninth round right now and they get john watson and all of a sudden. He's john watson's number one either. And we know how to shawn. Watson fills targets to reacts receiver like he did with with The andrea options. So maybe you can get a discount on corey davis right now but the provide of all analysis. Him who's pulling the trigger throwing the ball in that new york. Jets offense marvin jones to jacksonville nelson agholor to the patriots kendrick bourne to the patriots manual sanders to buffalo. Which of these. If any of my carrying the most about probably marvin jones because i think he will be a great fit opposite a dj charcoal jacksonville. And i it kind of gives them a one a one b younger guy who's flashed but maybe it's been inconsistent. Thanks to some inconsistent quarterback. Play and marvin jones is just alway- when if ever outperforming his eighty each shows up in the dictionary marvin jones picture will be next to it. That guy is always the most boring like nine round pick and he always produces like a fifth or sixth round or even after it looked like he was dead at the beginning of last season. He came alive. When kenny golladay went down carried some teams to some championships. So gordon jones. The guy on probably carrying the most about emmanuel sanders is interesting in buffalo because amendment. Sanders is replacing john. Brown signed with the raiders and john rouse replacing nelson aguilar who signed with patriots. So there's that kind of relationship they're going on but emmanuel sanders interesting. Because i think people are going the the surface reaction is going to be all right. He's gonna play ex. He's gonna play some of that slot. Because that's what john brown plant here. John brown was the x. In buffalo's offense. I think this is a buying opportunity. On gabriel davis. I know for fact buffalo. Love that kid. I like argh. I adam kaplan at at fantasy points dot com was telling us all season wall. The buffalo was going to cut john brown at the end of the season because they like. Gabriel davis ex. Oh adding another receiver. Much slow the fantasy hype train on. Gabriel davis. I wanna use this as a buying opportunity. Be in dynasty in best ball. You're going to still be able to get. Gabriel davis and double digit rounds. And i think that is a great investments make because he flashed big time last year and we know. Buffalo was one of the past heaviest teams in the entire. Nfl surprisingly so to me josh. Allen took the big step forward. Gabriel davis is a guy on still extremely interested in getting onto my best baltic. This year for tight ends. The top of the market for the tight end has been active. We've got hunter henry with the patriots rob gronkowski back with the bucks. Jonnu smith with the patriots. What does it mean joe. For fantasy purposes that two of the four highest paid tight end in the league are on the same team. Talk to me about jonnu. Smith and hunter henry Obviously it means bill. Belichick dot mcdaniel not able to do last year. What they really wanted to do which is run twelve personnel and they are going to run into the ground this year Quite obviously and allies we stand. The quarterback of the patriots is cam newton. Now could that change. Sure they could trade up for somebody match jones. Maybe they don't trade. And so i think you're gonna to trade into the top five to get him. Maybe there's another quarterback that they like in the draft that cam newton contract does not preclude them from from acquiring somebody to improve that position. But when i look at the tight end. I think this indicates that they are still going to be a run heavy football team. I think this is something where they believe that look. We can't run them. Act like we did with tom. Brady got nelson agholor kendrick bourne to stretch the field on the outside now but this is going to be condensed offense. That's going to be focused to the middle of the field for fantasy purposes and maybe might might change on this efforts through a little bit more. I still prefer johnny smith. Even though they sign hundred henry. Jonah smith is somebody who i view as untapped potential now. Of course everybody's out there saying and maybe patriots did overpaid. Oh my god. They overpaid for a guy who's never had five hundred Who's never had five hundred yards in a season but look at look at the packs. Jonnu smith ran a route ran a route on only fifty percent of the titans passing place last year. He was into blocked a lot after they lost taylor. Long left tackle. So he's good blocker first and foremost which indicates to me that they want. They want to run the football in new england. But johnny snipped somebody who because he was a good blocker was utilized in that area. More so than maybe you would have thought. And i think this is a guy. Bill belichick called the best tight end. He seen after the catch in the nfl said that Before the patriots loss to the titans in the playoffs last year. Tom brady's game in. And you know this is a guy who's been on bill belichick's radar and we seen the titans utilize a jonnu smith out of the backfield. Not just as a as a receiver but as a runner and look we saw. We saw the patriots. Do that stuff with aaron hernandez to when aaron hernandez was a football player. So i think. They plan on using johnny smith in an exceptionally creative way. I think they had their eye on this player. For eight a longtime. I think they were going to go after jonnu smith no matter what. Even if they thought it was overpaying. I think they believe this is the kind of player they can build their offensive attack around. Maybe that sounds like the overselling. This guy who again never had five hundred receiving yards in a season. But i think bill belichick and josh mcdaniels are looking this. Like player who they believe is being Essentially miscast in tennessee. We saw them do that years ago. They're always looking to improve on a player who they believe. Another team is is utilizing poorly. We saw years ago when they traded for wes welker when they traded for a traded a second round pick for west walker and the fans. Were like what we traded for this guy. I think that's kind of how they view. Johnny smith somebody who was under underutilized in tennessee. I think he can have a very multiple roll. New england the question becomes how much volume and when you digital hunter henry with the addition of nelson hackler with edition of kendrick bourne. There apparently checking in on some of the top running backs on the market as well. Chris carson leonard fournette yet another indication. I think this is going to be rushed at the that is the big question is when it comes to jonnu smith. I'm still gonna slot him in their round tight. At between seven and nine i think on my rankings and henry probably somewhere in the similar range seven to nine ten to twelve. They're going to run more twelve personnel than any team in football. It's guarantee claire. Spending more on the tight end position than anybody. But johnny smith is particularly interesting to me. Still because i think he can be used in multiple ways by the patriots gronk as a fantasy tight end in two thousand twenty one joe high end tight end to for fantasy in best balls somebody who maybe if you if you draft jonnu smith and then you're like i need a tight end to you really quick. 'cause i'm not really sure what his role is going to be gronk. It's going to be there in that tight thirteen to fourteen range. I expect this snaps will probably go down a little bit But brady as you saw love throw into him in the playoffs they he goes to in big spots. The question is going to be used more like he was in the regular season this past year. We wasn't huge target. But when the when the going got tough. And the buccaneers needed the score touchdown to win games. That's tom brady focuses attention. Poor forget joe should tiro williams beyond on my radar and ball drafts big games to the lions. When they're running the ball and a couple of play action passes yet eighteen round fifty fifteen sixteen th round. Maybe i mean look. He's the most accomplished receiver on that team. Which i mean. Jared goff has supported a good downfield seaver in the past. But he's back. Part of his game has really waned for for. Jared goff and obviously tyrone williams has been in and out of a lineup with injuries. He is a double digit round. Flyer again because. I don't really trust the quarterback situation there with the lions but he is the most accomplished receiver on the team. So he's gonna play. Okay let's get to the quarterbacks and we are even talked about dak have we joe. I mean the thing about dak is the take. Connor remains the same. Like this was a team not now. I think the cowboys hope would be dak. Prescott doesn't have to produce at record-breaking pace because their defense is so freaking bad the way it was last year he was on face the fro for over six thousand yards and attempt over eight hundred passes both of which would have shattered. Nfl records and that was because the defense was so bad. and of course they have those good receivers. I wanna keep an eye on his his health. He thinks he's going to be good to go for training camp. You wonder at the rushing. Numbers are gonna come down a little bit but locked in top top five innoc- picked presuming. There's no setbacks for him out of the other. Guys that have signed jameis winston with the saints ryan. Fitzpatrick was washington cam newton new england. Andy doll chicago. I'm not going there. What you colby percent or tyrod taylor right now but out of the other guys. Who's the most fantasy relevant in your mind. Quarterbacks yes fritz magic gravy. it's magic he's going to the team he's gonna start on. And here's the thing that's going to happen in washington fits. Magic is going to be significantly significantly more aggressive than Alex smith was last year. I mean look at this. Miami fits magic last year. He threw into a tight window per next stats more aggressively than anybody in the nfl But he also averaged seven point four average depth of target on his passes in miami compared to six point. Seven for dwayne haskins and four point. Eight for alex. Smith alex smith average depth of target was the lowest among quarterbacks with fifty or more pass attempts per sports info solutions. So they are going to get more aggressive in the passing game. And i mean. Just send terry mccormack to the mood like ryan. Fitzpatrick has been amazing. At sporting fantasy relevance for two receivers basically his entire career is our guy. Scott barrett has the has deduced. Terry maclaurin is probably gonna average between nine and ten targets per game. This year is going to be enough for him to just create some absolute explosive weeks. Fourth round is not too early for terry mclaren. And and patter though the deal doesn't preclude washington trying to improve at the quarterback position or even maybe allowing taylor heineke compete at some point ryan fitzpatrick just raises the ceiling of this entire offense and quite frankly i expect washington will do something else that the wide receiver position opposite opposite terry mclaren and that could push bits magic into the intriguing quarterback to range for best. Ball's if it looks like he's gonna be starting and i'm drafting him in the summer. I'm gonna be selecting ryan fitzpatrick in that quarterback nineteen quarterback twenty. Four range when unwrapping my second quarterback interesting so you like fits more than jamison new orleans cam nodding lynn or any and in chicago. Well i think fits. Magic right now has the has the best shot of those guys to start a full season. Quite frankly we know jamie's antesa hill are going to compete for the job. Chicago is still going to continue to make every overture possible. For russell wilson andy dalton will not preclude them from doing that and i still am not ruling out the patriots drafting quarterback in the first round but in the event cam. Newton is the starter. He's my favorite of that group because believe it or not even in his terrible season ehab last year. He finished as a top twelve fantasy quarterback in eight of his fifteen starts. That's the same number of top twelve finishes that russell wilson and ryan tannehill hat. So even even season which he threw eight touchdown passes cam. Newton finished eight times as top. Twelve quarterback because of that rushing production and those twelve rushing touchdown. So if you're a guarantee any cam starts the entire year undrafted in kansas top fifteen fantasy quarterback but that is a hard thing to guarantee right. Now love it. Joe terrific work. As always next week we should have a bunch of running backs and wide receivers landing in new spots to talk about. You gotta think at some point this market shakeout out a little bit more again. It's funny to talk about this. Were were more than two hours away from it. Actually starting but there's been so many other movement that's where we are right now. Check this man out on social media at fg underscored dolan. You should absolutely watch. How joe's hat clashes with his shirt at youtube dot com. Slash ross tucker. Nfl take four dollars to draft gangs on an underdog using the code. Ross if they win you get children fifty six dollars in the end subway. Men's basketball tournament. Draft king sportsbook at turn four dollars in two hundred and fifty six dollars and check us out certainly on social at ross tucker. Nfl at ross tucker pod. I am stuff we're finished. Thanks for listening to the fantasy. Feast podcast make sure to subscribe to the ross tucker football podcast even money business of sports and the college draft all available at apple podcasts. Ross tucker dot com or wherever podcasts can be found.

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