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"anthony hill philly" Discussed on Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival 2019

Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival 2019

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"anthony hill philly" Discussed on Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival 2019

"So it's not it's not really what what what about on dominant declaration at some fun of color somewhere in the gardens there. You can see. Peter pan only start you. So there's a an ace of storybook link as well. Let's one map. I drew a during the lockdown for local businesses and it was weight on the internet is an interactive map so you can click on each of those little businesses delve into the website. See what's going on and again this. I'm not talking for but of streets play much as a headache. Every time of joined the industry sorts often always got to go back and check and recheck. Something about the layer people say it was like based on plot. No i'm always thinking you know entered mouths. I love doing that. Trying to find innovative ways of drawing maps while he won't care inventing you chocolate bars so maybe a scratch and sniff about this coming soon. So this one. The dunedin botanical gardens. Which again have taken lots of artists that license here s where it becomes a painting becomes a map and again and the task of drawn. And they're they're more to give a feeling on the floor to the painting rather than i gave and you would probably get end up getting lost if you tried. It wouldn't make sense to in real life but again it's all about fun again. We're up flying. Peter pan and wendy and the children and then went to next one similar one which is a canary. None of nother. One of dunedin's portee gems again. I've really gone tone with the artistic license. It's not amount that you would use to prevent you from being which is what mobster but rather an illustration of somewhere where you may be quite happy becoming lost and all of that beautiful flora and fauna. So and then. I'll just this one again back to the commodore motel. They've been they've been so helpful to me to allow me to adorn the walls with ella street maps again. This is the reception area again. Another color and fun guests can stand and talk about places that been to and what happened there and where to go but but made just bring this to an end by reaffirming maps for me. They're all about stories and feelings on memory. And i've really a terrible terrible sense of direction and even them up but they're not not really for that for me map some more about that a souvenir of that place of tame i love fainting little maps that people have discovered and of drawn little or drawn figures we see all minor of life and stories within the streets stewart street for example some people but we all have different feelings about different streep's and dunedin and whether we like not. Maybe if you're standing at the bottom of stuart three app to walk up it to get home i mean. That's an epic epic poem let alone anthony hill philly dread feeling more place for me. The maury of course and scotland sums upper memory for me of being a teenager and camping and then walking over the bridge which links to the black hail walking over that bridge with by sleeping bike on my head to prevent the brutal assault from messages. So often thank you. But that bit marketplace's selfish that amazing stuck circular street..

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