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GSMC Entertainment Podcast Episode 97: Jussie Smollett Attack, A. Kutcher Phone

GSMC Entertainment Podcast

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GSMC Entertainment Podcast Episode 97: Jussie Smollett Attack, A. Kutcher Phone

"The always on the go. But the day just be one without your Hollywood Phipps foot, Golden State media concepts that are ten podcast take care of that and all inclusive luck, pop culture. Greetings, good people the planet earth in the known universe. Listening to GMC's Timur podcast. She captain Keith. And today's podcast is entitled Jesse smaller attack Ashton Kutcher phone and Zack Snyder returns. So let's get to it Hawes. He shares the biggest lesson she learned after G eazy split. Well, listen is that cover glamour magazine. Hoz e says e is just not having it hoc- addressing her split from G eazy shame when she learned from their break-up in a candidate new interview, the him an idea, I call it a quits July after one year together before getting back together about a month later, but but by the end of Tober source states that a couple of broken up once again, the he never made a public statement regarding the split. She did feel the pressure speak about the end of the relationship. In a Cup story for glamour, the twenty four year old singer opens up about that pressure. And what being in that situation? The biggest lesson I learned was to make art not headlines. She tells because it can be it can become quite easy in a social media generation to go from being a musician to becoming a personality Ha's. He goes on to talk about her song without me saying that it's about caring for a person so much that you end up losing sight of yourself. I call myself a collector, I collect things from people and used them to widen my artistic repertoire. So that I'm writing from a combination of experiences from the world, she shares. But I, but I am an imitator as well because I'm so passionately putting myself in other people's shoes all the time hoc- also opens up to the magazine about the suicide attempt at the age of seventeen following what she spent seventeen days in a psychiatric hospital and was diagnosed with police order. Okay. It was a lot of things happening at once with a complete lack of direction. She says glamour knowing that the experience taught hoc- that she didn't really want to die. Thank god. I've learned to Dan, hospitals magazine. Given what I've been experiencing the past couple of years if I hadn't already had my meltdown who knows who knows what would have happened. Three more from Halsey interview. Check out to glamour magazine, she's cover and some sad. News rest in peace. Mr James Ingram. So nice cover of him, Mr. Abrahams data sixty six years old cover from his record. It's your night. Great soulful voice. Amazing soul senior Abram. See let me. Okay. Here we go. Sometimes my notes get the best of me. All right. We remember singer James income dies from ban cancer at age sixty six Jane's Ingram the Grammy. Winning singer songwriters it after losing his battle with brain cancer. He was only sixty six years old sources say Igam have been dealing with the condition for quite some time the deaths the excuse me, the death was disclosed the social media polls from his good friend, Debbie Allen who posted I have lost my dearest friend. Wow. James Grammy for his duet with Michael McDonald for YoM mobile. They're great song. He also won one for one hundred ways African about that. So additionally, he was nominated for twelve Grammys. Yeah. In the eighties also recorded several toppers, including his duet with petty Austin, baby come to me, create some as well as someone out there with Linda Ronstadt, I didn't know about that one and Ingram and Quincy Jones worth closer together. Over the years. Recording and writing hits he co-wrote Michael Jackson smash hit PYTI. See I didn't know that. All right right on. Okay. It's also notes. It's also it's also been noted that during a recent Quincy tribute concert LA, this passive timber James was notably. Absent when paddy perform their hit song baby come to me. She soldiered on without him. Doing her best impression of her. Dear friend, singing his parts. He's an Ohio native Ingram I received attention in the late seventies is part of the ban. Revelation funk and served as pianist for the legendary Ray Charles what he played piano for HR. I love my job folks, the people the planet earth. I'm learning stuff as I'm reading this stuff to you. So this is really cool. I been a fan of his I didn't know his roots like this. This is really cool. But it was nineteen nineteen eighty demo tape on which he's saying that became it's unexpected career boost he cut demo of just once a berry McMahon, excuse me, a Berryman slash Cynthia wheel composition that was being delivered Quincy Jones for possible inclusion on Jones landmark the dude album on he killed it on that song to Jones not only like the song. He liked the singer on the tape and invite Ingram to provide the vocals to both just once and one hundred ways on the dude, of course, do became its national smash and both Adam cuts rocketed up the pop soul duck and adult contemporary charts. Ultimately landing Ingram performance at the year's Grammy awards as well as the trophy for best Rb vocal performance and debut album. It's your night was released to grant anticipation, and it didn't. Appoint let off by the smashed up with Michael McDonald Yama be there. And the night was perhaps the best soul album of nineteen eighty three. And was how I by the achingly beautiful ballot. There's no easy way. Most of that was awesome. Put it on Ingram's nineteen ninety one. Greatest hits disc. The power of great music and nearby essential collection of romantic, eighty soul. Muc- and good people are planet earth in the known universe. When I got on for today. I'm gonna go to the record store. See I can give me some chains. England hate to have to do it now. But. You know, how I mean? I listen to a lot of music, I listened to a lot of music. Anybody who knows me to tell you that. So sometimes she just forget about stuff that you wanna pick up. He said you're going to do it. And then you just get distracted. And you just forget, and man, I mean, James England, Mike and Mike down on that Yam won't be there. They're always stayed with me that and one hundred ways. Baby. Come to me. I mean. Yeah. He yeah. They don't make Saul like him anymore. They just don't may he rest in peace and power to his wife and his on his loved once in his children. And more. Entat news generate Rigas is hardcore miss Bala workouts, left her unrecognizable to Anthony Mackie Gina Rodriguez. Put an hours and hours in the gym for ladies role. They miss Bali star went so hard with her workouts coaster. Anthony Mackie's didn't. While she was training fiancee. Joe took me down his path the training. He's a hardcore athlete stated. During the film's Junkin. She stated in the comes kin pressure on. So that was definitely a world. I had never entered into. It was a strict diet. It was working out seven days a week way. Too many hours a day. It's a lifestyle. I don't think I wanna do. No, I'm kidding hopefully for character. But it's, but that's what you go through. And the cool thing is having the opportunity to go through it. Because to be honest, if I wasn't miss Bala. I probably wouldn't have put my body. Through that. Because it's so strict. Macula? So impressed by her workouts, saying her hair pullback. Sweaty breathing her on the treadmill. Like, jeez. Louise, these girls are going at it. The funny moment came when Rodriguez went to say hi to the actor. And he didn't know who she was. So she comes over. And she goes, hey, how's it going? I'm like, hey, he because she goes Gina g you were rough. You are working out. You're going for this character hard way to go channel. Like you're burning thousand calories today. It's that determination effort that the Jane the virgin leading lady puts into every project, especially one which represents the Latino community. This was my first action film taking on. I'm very proud of the fact that community made it every express, and when I say community, I mean, the entire Latin community Mexican Puerto Rican Dominican Colombian Argentinian. So okay, what was beautiful about that that there's very rare. She can you that was very exciting spirit. So I hope that fans away having fun and the studio sees that. A teen is no how to make a great film. Not even with Gina put other teen is in Latinos in front of the camera and put them on your films and have them be your leads because we're capable and we can do it. That's very exciting to me to show that we made a really fun action movie. They should go miss Bala arrives. In the theaters of what this week on February first. Okay. And I will be checking out I've seen the trailers for it looks really good sum. Check that out. My thing is you make a good movie, you make a good movie period and people from all coaches all over the world are capable and able to doing that. So is he is born postpones. You can't and European leg of tour due to illness. All right is he's going to be getting sit on us now. We love you. Let's see as having to take a break from the road. The seven year old rocker behind became ill with the flu this week. And now has been forced to postpone the UK European if it's no more tours to tour. I love it's no more tours part to he's brilliant. I love him in Shan. I hope family. Just awesome. His team released a statement on Facebook on Tuesday regarding the news ninety the postponing was happening doctor's orders. Okay. Yes. Folks. Just the just case. People didn't know. So John Osborne, aka Ozzy Osbourne is basically like the the grandfather of heading music. Okay. Yes. Black sabbath. Yes. If you wanna know where music started go to black Sabbath. Yes. We love Led Zeppelin. They been cited to but now Sabbath black Sabbath. Yes. The is the osbournes vocals, originally, you know. Yes. So that's yeah. He's kind of like a big deal just saying. This follows yesterday's announcement that that Osborne was postponing the first four dates of the tour because of the flu after CENA's physician. Again, Aswin has been diagnosed with a severe upper respiratory infection, which the doctor feels could develop into pneumonia. Given the physicality of the lap performances and an extensive travel schedule throughout Europe and harsh winter conditions. Wow. Okay. So as he get better. Yeah. Take take care of yourself get better because I've seen you. I've seen you sold. Ama- black Sabbath. It was awesome. So yeah. Yeah. But get better. So your health is more. There's the most important thing. And more entertainment news, Zoe crab. It says right, folks. The darling daughter that of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Benin. Zoe Kravitz SM are Super Bowl and for Michelob ultra is here. Fairness pitcher from the black trust this lace on it. She looks just like both parents very pretty girl. Let's see so crops joins in on the fun. Zoe Kravitz has joined in on the videos that seem to becoming at a rapid pace since teaming with Michelob ultra pure gold USDA certified organic beer for Super Bowl commercial. Yeah. I watched a commercial skills. Cool organic beer never had that. I don't think. So peaked my curiosity. Okay. I'm sorry. Let me get to the store. I get distracted. I'm sorry. I'm like organic beer seriously. What what's okay? Yeah. I need to know more about them investigating. All right. So back to the story at hand. The university of sees Zoe sitting in a plush green landscape in Honolulu on a wooden platform. Just two mikes and the ball of Michelob ultra the forty five. Second clip features Zoe whispering sweet nothings about the beer even cracking open the bottle and pouring into a glass. I'm not gonna lie was a high commercial. I I'm not. It was. I didn't enjoy. Okay. I did some research before we shot and watch some videos, and I think it's really interesting Zoe toll pop sugar, even if I didn't experience that tingling sensation always captured my attention in a way that I found really call me when something can actually fully grab your attention. You're not thinking about the millions of thoughts that are constantly running through your head. I find that element to be really combing as for team with the beer company. That was an easy choice. Rizzoli? I love the idea of of Cannock beer that's available to masses. She added. I try to eat drink and use Kim products that are Ganic because it makes me feel better and more responsible noy the ingredients that I'm putting inside of my body. I love the idea of being the messenger of this for this one four Ganic option. I mean that was a great thing to say. And she's right. So yeah, okay. I'm gonna cook. When I get home. I'm going to come out. Any fast from all, right? I'll cook tarries isn't raised his ex wife left a child with the friend one -cation. Oh, I love my job pitcher tirees looking dapper in his black and white tuxedo. He's pinching his his his black bowtie. He's cheese. And it's a picture of him. Co-parenting is tough tire. Recent ex wife Norma Gibson have a tumultuous relationship, but his Hewlett many headlines over the years now teams E thirty miles on is reporting that there is more trouble in the shedder paradise. The media side is reporting. There tirees was enraged when he learned that Norma flew out of the country on vacation and left their daughters. Shailer with the friend ties hated that didn't just alert him. So he could take care of his daughter instead of dumping her with thera- party. And a new court finally obtained by teams he tarries claims Noma choppy kid off to a classmate for one night's sleep over while she hit the Trinidad Shirley was returned to Taibbi today later. Okay, there I'm B singer. And actress says he learned about the sleepover after the fact with no one from Norma allegedly number violated a court order from the two thousand fourteen that gives him the right of first refusal in this type of scenario, we'll be back with more on this story at this break. One of find out what movies to go see and check out the GS MC movie podcast issue ticket to the lead est movies. Whether it's a new blockbuster event, romantic comedy or action flick. This show has got it all covered they talk. Some what to go see? Now, don't bother what's hot on Netflix and everything in between. That's G S. See podcasts dot com back slash movie. Dash podcast when it's all about the movies. It has to be this new show. Don't forget to like on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Visit GS MC podcast dot com. For more info. Once again listening to Golden State me to concepts entertainment podcast, captain Keith. Getting back to the store with tirees and his daughter and his ex going out of town leaving his daughter was someone who wasn't him say it's a judge ruled that have normal were to leave town that tire teams to be notified number must appear in court now to justify leaving her child with at third party, just when they before ties custody kick kits back in if she doesn't she risk being held in contempt of court online. So we'll see what happens with them. Jay, call meek mill set to perform at the two thousand nineteen NBA all star game. Okay. Pitcher j Cole now on jumpsuit looking like, he just got jail. I don't know why he wore that. That's like the that's yeah. It's a horrible outfit. Come on to really. Gene villain dream chasers. Jayco has been on the role since last year when he touched down with KO D since then he has slaughtered a plethora of pictures an orchestra at the meeting of the minds last month for Jim bills revenge of the dreams part three. He also dropped the scorcher excuse me revenge of the dreams the third. It's yeah. He also dropped his courtroom middle child which have yet to hear still last week. The hot streak will continue for call as the NBA. Just now that the Bill boss set to headline. The all star halftime show this year. The all star game will take place in Charlotte. North Carolina on February seventeenth, call famously said a basketball team narrative for his mix tapes, the warm up Friday night lights, he kept the theme going for his debut album co world the sideline story now 'cause passion for basketball collide with the biggest in the NBA prior to the finals meek mill will also perform for the introduction of the all star teams Anthony Hamilton native Charlotte perform the national anthem while Carly Rae. Jepsen will be performing the Canadian national anthem. Lebron James is the captain for the west while. Okay. All right. Well, janice. Oh, wow. Okay. Let's try this folks. Janice and. And tuck. Woo anti take while. Anti Toko poll. That's best best. I got on that one folks will lead the east the remainder of the western all stars. Starting lineup. Includes James harden, Steph curry, Paul, George and Kevin Durant for the east, Karbi Irving. Kemba Walker jaw Embiid and quiet. Quiet, quiet. Joined the Greek join the Greek freak the all star game draft for the remaining rosters will be televised. Live on TNT boy, seventh seven PM eastern time. Okay. And more entertainment news good people on the planet earth and on Mars. Netflix wants viewers. But. Netflix wants viewers to stop calling Ted Bundy attractive. Oh the world. I live in today. Wow. The fact that this is a story just blows my mind. Oh, man. This guy was a serial killer. Who got he got? He was on death row. He got executed and people are calling him attractive. Wow. Some find the Syra killer to be quite cute. Ted Bundy, the infamous serial killer. Yes. People serial killer has been brought back into the public consciousness. Thanks to a new Netflix documentary called conversations with a killer. The Ted Bundy tapes, the film looks bunnies. Life and the relationships he had with his victims. How he used good looks charm to lure women and eventually commit his crimes while some people have been shocked by the content of that community. Others have taken to social media to talk about how hot and attractive Bundy was this unexpected reaction caught the attention of Netflix who sent out a message to viewers via Twitter. Another movie about bundy's life. We'll be releasing with Zach Efren playing the role of Bundy who the film is called extremely wicked shackling evil, and vile and vials. Okay. And director Joe Barringer spoke to Uproxx about efforts Casten that good looks charm. Are why he was a good fit to play the killer. Other people have taken a two hundred to denounce those who have been calling Bundy attractive with some saying that no one should be attracted to sociopathic killers yet. Thank. Wow. Thank you for that story. I enjoyed. Lebron James helped activity Spencer, equal pay on Netflix. So from one store to another when I was to go my deal for Madame CJ. Walker the Brian James had to intervene Academy Award Academy Award winning actress. Had to get help from guy to get equal pay. Yes. Something's not right with that picture. Academy Award winning actress activities Spencer recently spoke at a panel at the Sundance film festival where she revealed that Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James helped her aren't equal on a Netflix series Spencer who works alongside LeBron on a biopic about ma'am, CJ Walker, America's first black self-made millionaire, and she may actually be America's first female, millionaire still not. Yeah. That's open for discussion. So that's that. Yeah. So described how the four time NBA MVP stepped into ensure she received a fair deal compared to male cast members. I have to say when I was negotiated my deal for ma'am CJ. Lebron James had to intervene Spencer said during the panel. At it. We we need all our male counterparts being the fight with us. And she's right. You do. I agree last fall. Lebron's spoke out about the wage gap between men and women specifically African American women and use the backlash received by Serena Williams lashes, yours openness example, he taught Marisa Guthrie at the hub at reporter. What we all have to understand what she is fighting for is bigger than just that match. He said she is fighting for equality always having to win more and more and more just feel equal being an African-American woman plant in the predominantly white sport. She's dealing with so much more. I have no idea what was going on in her head. But I feel that struggle. King james. Cain james. Anymore? Entertainment news ex-boss reveals games with gold titles for February two thousand nineteen. Pitcher of I guess Microsoft building with X screen logo on the side of it people walking around. All righty. Let's see what we got here. Xbox gamers excuse me XBox game as I have some new free game soon who doesn't like free games. Right. Doesn't like free stuff period right ever since the Xbox One released in November two thousand thirteen alonside the PlayStation for the council wars have been in full effect with sunny Microsoft valley at out to see what has the best console Sony has some great exclusives. Microsoft's is known for supporting any developers offering free titles to its players. One of those initiatives that bring free games to consumers as the experts is the XBox live games with gold campaign, which sees free titles make their way to the Xbox One every single month. Sometimes these games are older and other times there bit more contemporary today. Major Nelson XBox and now. Which gains will come into gamers for free in February Amman tiles are blood-stained curse the moon. Super bomber man. Assassin's creed row and Star Wars you at night. Did I can't Amee according to the first two games richly released on the Xbox One. While Sassoon's cre- wasn't an XBox three sixteen and star was was an original XBox game. Necking January XBox release released far cry. Partout Celeste, Laura Croft and the guarding of light in WRC six as part of games with gold. So there you go. Very cool. Jennifer lopez. Wiles boyfriend, excuse me, Jeff Lopez. Wiles boyfriends past and present with sexy new selfie. Yeah. Even Jennifer Lopez. Xs can't help a company to care how much publicly declare how much they admire her the forty nine year old beauty who does not look forty nine at all whatever that look is. She does not have it looks like she's like how thirty twenty five the forty nine year old beauty to Instagram to share a sexy new snap showcasing her super fit body and steamy Avs on Tuesday. She indicated the hotbot was thanks to giving up sugar and cops for ten days. Wow. Day nine and feeling like I can't wait for daytime. Lopez wrote who still with us at a riot has ten day challenge. Hashtag no sugar. No carbs at neom Oso has. Nemo sel. I that is the Latin superstars ex Diddy was quick to come in. On the pig. All g alonside emoji with hard is Lopez current bull outside Rigas. Also, come any comedy lucky me, right? Why Instagram account Ben called on Lopez lover and father to also ex husband? Max, Emma, Mark Anthony to add his feedback on the seniors figure, and to my knowledge, she didn't reply so, you know. And that's all right. We understand. That's not a returns to movies after stepping away from Justice league due to daughter suicide. Zack Snyder is heading back to the director's chair. Hit us actually, the Batman superman Justice league director has lined up. His next part of almost two years after announcing he was stepping away from movies Snyder, fifty two may the decision in may two thousand seventeen after the tragic death by suicide of his twenty year old daughter autumn. He was in the middle of filming Justice league, which just Weeden avengers. From the adventures helped finish Snyder will be directing army of the dead Asami thriller for Netflix along with wife and producing partner devas Neider, according to the highway reporter excuse me, according to the Hollywood reporter the movie is set to start filming this summer. And more news Snyder announced his decision to step down from Justice league in emotional interview with HR where he also revealed that autumn had died two months earlier in March two thousand seventeen and the he initially went back to work to after her death. He later realized it wasn't what was best for him and his family, and my mind, I thought it was a cathartic thing to go back to work to just bury myself into see if that was. If that was way through it that was a way through it Stanton. Toni T HR the demands of this job are pretty intense. It is all consuming and in the last two months, I've come to the realization decide to take a step back from the movie to be with my family be with my kids who really need me. They are all having a hard time. I'm having a hard time. The director later thanked fans for the support on Twitter after they announced. Thanks for the appointed support. I can't express how much it means to Debbie. An I an honest mother Denise at such difficult times that row automates his daughter from his first marriage to the niece Neider. So that's my story on returning. So we're happy is going to be doing a movie or net flicks. I wish he would come back to DC. Yes. I do. Yes. I do. I wish I could get the Zach Snyder cut the Justice league film. Yes, I do. You're supposed to be two parts. I'm not gonna I'll just start getting agitated let me let it go. So happy that he's back and still goes out to them having to bear your child guy be one of the rougher stays in the world. So our condolences still Mr. Snider, but we're glad you get to work. And I'm looking forward to seeing your new film. Netflix with the chain your wife are making when you when you release it. So. And yes, I like Batman versus superman and I love manner steel. Yeah. I said it more entertainment news after this break. Let's say you just bought a house. Bad news is your one step closer to becoming your parents, you'll probably mold along and give anybody noticed you mow the lawn. Tell people to stay off the lawn compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complain about having to mow the lawn again good news is it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance. Which of course, we'll go right into the lawn. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers discount available in all stages situations. Tired of searching, the vast jungle of podcasts. Nell, listen close. And here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching, the Golden State media concepts podcast network is here thing less podcast. Lists with endless hours of podcast covered from news sports music fashion looking enter table fantasy football and so much more. So stop blurted around and go straight out to the Golden State media concepts podcast network guaranteed to fill that podcast. Whatever it may be visit WWW dot GS C podcast dot com. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and download us on items soundcloud and Google play. You're listening to GSM sees entertain the podcast captain case. All right. And then more entertainment news. Oh, yeah. Bret Michaels daughter rain, make Sports Illustrated top six swimsuit models, but Michaels from the famous glam rock group poison glam pop group poyser. Yeah. So let's see. Ray Michaels is more than the daughter of a rocker, Bret Michaels. She's also made it to the top six of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models contest. The eighteen year old rocker heiress announced the news on Instagram on Tuesday sharing amount shot healing so many emotions right now as I said, I'm moving onto the top six of the hashtag, Sports Illustrated or sl swim. Search and will officially be a part of the two thousand nineteen at sports illustrator underscore swimsuit issue. There comes out. This may. So beyond grateful to everyone who has believed in me since the beginning of this journey to everyone who is just joining me a love, you all to sure it has been my dream to be a special shirt swimsuit model since I was thirteen years old. And and it's now coming true Exo her dad was also very proud and let us fan. It's no it with sweet message on his Instagram story. So proud of my daughter fifty five stay humble, kind of always rock on rain is currently a student at Belmont university studying music, while also mildly and this to our studies a mile also had a brief cameo in two thousand eighteen the last track NATO, it's about time the shock Nina films. Oh, so much fun main should have her stuff doing Miami swim week back in July at the two thousand eighteen Sports Illustrated swimsuit show. Okay. Go. Hey, go. More news empires. Jussie smollet are smaller hospitals after homophobic, racist attack. According to teams E smell at told the police in an interview that is a sailor's yield maga- country during the attack the Chicago police department confirmed this information, untold enu in statement. And the initial reports there was no mention of maga- when is follow up with small later in the day. He we call it. The offenders making those comments in taxes completed a supplemental report police are still seeking formation evidence about the case. Variety reports that the show will continue to film scheduled empire star jussie smollet has been hospitalized after being attacked the Chicago early Tuesday, surely after riding in the city from New York smell that was walking when to finish approached him and gained his attention by yelling out, racial, homophobic, homophobic, slurs towards him the offenders began to batsman let with their hands about the face and port an unknown chemical substance on him during the attack one of the offenders, wrapped a rope around Smuts neck defenders later fled. The scene was self transport it to northwestern hospital, and he is said to currently being good condition overnight. The Chicago police department received a report of a possible racially charged assault mattering involving cashmere at the television show empire. CPT spokesman Anthony Guglielmi states. Given the severity of the allegations. We're taking this mitigation very seriously and training as possible hate crime detectors are currently working together. Video. Oh, I if I- potential witnesses and the savage investigative time line. The statement contains the victim is fully cooperating with investigators. And we ask anyone with information about this incident to contact area central detectives at three one two seven four seven eight three eight two are reported anonymously to WWW that CPI DT IP dot com. We are deeply saddened and outraged to learn the member of our empire family, Jesse smaller. Smaller was viciously attacked last night, twin Century, Fox television and FOX entertainment tells E news in a statement, we send love to Jesse who was resilient and strong who's resilient strong, and we will work with law enforcement to bring these perpetrators to Justice the entire studio network and production stand United in the face of any despicable act of violence and hate especially against one of our own spill posted video to answer Graham story late Monday, showing him taking off from LaGuardia Airport after launch travel day, the thirty five year old actor sheriff's Molly for himself to answer him with the caption has mood after spending seven. Hours in the plan for two hour flight, but finally landing all good love ya. Good night has tech winter vortex is her hashtag, Chicago weather. Ain't no joke has tax mile has troubadour February second has tech freedom. According to TMZ after small arrived in Chicago too. He was hungry and went to subway attack reportedly Kurt as he was leaving. Interesting stuff while they're just get better. Mrs mullet. Get better. Maroon five cancels pre Super Bowl press conference in in unprecedent move. In an unprecedented. Move skews me. All right. Let's see what's going on. The Super Bowl halftime show continues to stir controversy as the NFL now that maroon five will not participate in the traditional pre-game press conference. The National Football League made the surprise announcement just five days before the musicians would take to the stage and a press release. The league said that rather than participate in the press conference that artists will participate in the social and digital media rollout and advanced in advance of television show. Maroon five has been working hard on the Pepsi Super Bowl. Halftime show that will meet and exceed the standard of this event. The statement begins as it as it is about music artists will let their show do the talking is prepared to take the states this under maroon five's agreement to perform for the halftime show has been a source of controversy ever since the ban announce they will be performing in December. This is doing large parts of the NFL stance on players taking need in the national anthem and may NFL Commissioner to Commissioner Roger. Cadel as to their new policy that would impose a fine by any legal team personnel. Who are not standing and do not show respect for the flag and anthem. And this reportedly was the reason that reality did not accept the honor us weekly reported that that works in that the work singer said no because of the kneeland controversy may comedian Amy Schumer caught on the band to step down as headliners Amit rooms of their appearance in Tober. She spread the word about a petition on change that or demand that the Adam LeVine front group back out of the performance and Saudi with quarterback and free agent count. Cabinet this pressure even caused Levin to question the man's decision. In member he variety, I'm still from lending allowed things mcgarth performance. However, it appears the NFL one over Levin and the rest of the man by promising five hundred thousand dollars donation to the organization big brothers big sisters of America. We think the NFL for the opportunity and also to them along with Interscope records. For making this donation. The big brothers big sisters, which will have a major impact across the country. Living told you news empire, creator Lee Daniels sends emotional message to Jesse small hold your head up. He says. Lee dance, sending his love to actor and activists Jesse small after news broke that he was hospitalized after being assaulted in Chicago. Earlier today learnt that smell that was the victim of the possible, homophobic and racist attack and writer director wants to add to the stay strong through all of this. Daniel shared his emotional reaction to the news on Instagram saying is taking me a man to come to social media about this. Because just a you are my son. He didn't deserve to have a news put around your neck to have bleach down on you to be called died f and censor whatever they said to you. You have better. Then you have better the net. We have better the net America's better than that. We have to love each other, regardless of what sexual orientation we are. Because you're shows that we are United reassured the ad hoc your head of dance finishes his message. No racist can come in. And do the things that they do to you. Hold your head up, Justin. I'm with you. I'll be there in a minute. It's just another effing day in America out the other captions video. We got this ad Jesse smaller, according to this police to announce suspects. That pros the empire star and yelled, racial, homophobic, slurs towards him the offenders assaulted, the actor important, I know the chemical substance on him at some point. They wrapped a rope around the actor's neck and fled the scene smell that was self transported to the hospital dances. And the only person speaking out against jesse's attack. Danielle Brooks Vivica, FOX, John legend, shonda rhimes is in dire and more calling for Justice. Rhymes tweeted. We all have we all have responsibility to rise up against the ignorance and hate out there, if you know who did this to adjust you smell at report into the police Brooks at they can try to break, you physically, but they can't break your spirit to my friend. Just his I love you king. I'm praying for you and your family. This is reality America. We must do better the end up Lacey pe- president and CEO Derrick Johnson also issued a statement on this assault on small. Let us up the recent racism homophobic, tag on claim to Acton activists. Jesse smell is troubling. The rise hate crimes is directly linked to president down j Trump's racist and xenophobic rhetoric mind, go to state media concepts does not endorse anyone. I'm this reporting story. We have here. So. Back to it. So that's what he's saying. That's not what we are saying. It is dangerous when any society to allow tone of divisiveness and hatred to dominate the political discourse knowing that as this rhetoric continues to bleed into our everyday lives dangerous behavior with attained to place many law by individuals at risk we pray for full physical, mental recovery. Just Jesse smaller and many unnamed victims of this form of hate based terrorism. The Chicago police are asking people who may have information on the incident to please contact areas. Central detectives at three one two seven four seven eight three eight two or reported a damn Asli to WWW dot C P D tip that COM our thoughts and prayers I would just Jesse and his family during his time this time diem ex opposite about addiction faith and the state of their end the state of the rap game. All right. The scene. Good have DEA mex- back in the fold looks like all right hip, hop secured, a unanimous victory Wendy Mexico released from prison last Friday now legendary rapper has been making the rounds including stop at big boy's neighborhood. While the full conversation has yet to be released big boy has shared snippets of the full interview, which find X looking at his God himself and the rap game at large when asked whether hip hop is suffering a case of misrepresentation de mex- offers his own perspective. It is he explains before setting callous for change given his OG status. He's certainly able to play a role though, ex-police the responsibilities should be showed it, but whoever has the ability to I the inside to see it and the talent and they Bill to you know, to do the right thing. It's all it's all about responsibility. Whoever can not just myself on that no ex- mentions one of the game's most celebrate topics the glorification of drugs as part of the greater issue. Hugh, they're promoting drug use. He says if that's what you wanna do that your business, but you ain't got to promote it like it's cool and make it cool kids walking around like I'm Papa Mali. I'm popping perks on that note x takes a moment to reflect on his own drug free lifestyle. I don't do anything says the I have a drink now. And then, but that was never the problem. When asked about the specific problem straight up about it cocaine crack, I think we kind of knew that was the problem. He says his tone revealing a hint of annoyance, I would get in trouble. It wasn't worth. It seems difficult for extra flood on the darkness. But big boy makes. Sure to send him some positive vibes. X seems to lighten up explained that he's been feeling the love and the streets since his release come across my fans in the street. They let me know keep an eye out for the full interview set to drop on YouTube shortly, courtesy a big boy TV respect to ex-. They go. Seeing here's other stuff. You don't hear about specialty comes to hip. Hop artists and rappers you know. You know, let's let's spread some positivity here currency the rapper announced. He's opening a burger joint New Orleans. That's right. He'll musicians are starting to invest their money. Why that's starting to allow them about have been doing it for a long time. So let's let's take a look take a look. So canting nounce. He's opening a burger joint in New Orleans. Buys buds broiler out plotting rebrand. Okay. Currency is always flooding the streets with new music, but his new venture my eat up a bit more of his time, the rapid Instagram this weekend this weekend to reveal that he signed a deal to take over staple burqa spot in New Orleans city park area and more on the story after this break. Golden State media concepts. Bring you book review by haven for bookworm of all ages and the widest genres from mystery to memoirs romance to comedy fantasy scifi if you look to read this is the podcast. It's the Golden State media concepts look review podcast. And you're listening to GMC's entertainment podcast cats, Keith. Courtesy aka Spitzer is getting into the burger game the rapper veal that he purchased buds broiler in New Orleans and rebranding it into life. Burger the ink is dry. Let's use me. The ink dry is dry. So now, I can talk about it for years me. And my loved ones have put up to this historic location near city park to enjoy tasty burger recently the place for sale house considering purchasing a Don and Bentley instead I bought a business now it's time to remodel and brand here on Instagram. Hashtag life burger Nola coming soon. Mussa five oh four we got a bus another move because I still want the Bentley and the dawn. No, ha ha. There is no buts Berlinger was the staple in the area. According to the New Orleans advocate the location shutdown late late last year in the midst of a dispute between buds broilers parent company in the franchise holder for the location, ultimately the city park location, and and the second related franchise that opened the Baton Rouge two thousand two thousand eighteen were shut down. Okay. Well, good luck currency on your new financial endeavor jussie smell that turned down extra security days before brutal attack. Let's see. Empire's star jussie smollet. I I didn't want to be encumbered by an entourage by the guards. When he was when he wasn't working despite an offer by FOX week before the attack sources close to situation, tell us security for the empire was increased last week after FOX studios Chicago to see that threatening homophobic letter addressed the small we're told FOX made the call to beef up security for everyone on set and wanted to give Jesse additional protection around the clock. But he declined our sources say he made decision the decision not to have extra security during off hours because it was an intrusive way of living. We broke the story of the actor was really attacked by two minutes Chicago after here late Monday from New York and made a two year run to subway for food. The two men both white and wearing ski masks beat Jesse put a rope around his neck and pour bleach on them as they left the actor in the men screened maga- country. Goodness and empire production. Sources tell tell us just see what have a twenty four seven. I'm security guard going forward at least until the two thugs where I handed smell it missed shooting Tuesday as he recovered from his injuries. But we're taught he plans to return soon and the show will go on planned, though, the shooting schedule would be refer to accommodate Jesse Chicago cops are still investigating the incident. The FBI continues to investigate the threatening letter contain the racist, homophobic slurs. Both agencies are trying to determine at the letter and attack are connected. All right and here's Ashton Kutcher phone number unless he just punked us all pitcher Vassar picture of Ashton Kutcher sitting on the couch. Let's see. They say that call or text way. But what if it's from Ashton Kutcher on Tuesday afternoon? The Hubble actress surprise fans of social media when he decided to post his phone number on social media. I missed having a real connection with real people might community from now on you can just text me. He shared with his eighteen million Twitter followers. I won't be able to respond to everyone. But at least we can be real with each other. And I can show the latest and greatest in my world, plus one three one nine five one nine zero five seven six Ashton, add it, yes, this is my number since we're curious we decided to send a text on our mobile devices here news, then they stay while. He didn't personally reply to our questions yet has automak replies. Shed some light on what he's up to. Hey, it's Ashton. This is an auto techs let you know. I got your message. Everything else would be from me. Make sure you click the link at yourself to my phone, so I can respond to you. He wrote welcome to my community. The texts continue. This is what the lawyers are making me text. You. There would be no more of that. I miss having a real connection with real people my community from now on you. Just text me. I won't be able to respond to everyone. But at least we can be real with each other. And I can show the the latest greatest in my world. Yes. This is my hash pick that Twitter dot com. But five Kizzie. See Ashton cut your at. A plus APO US K. Let's see while we're still waiting for a personalized expect. We warn you that it may take a while to act as the he's hard at work on the set of his Netflix sitcom as what he truly has perceives. We're still guessing pirates knows he's a genius businessman who has appeared as a guest shark on shark tank. Okay. But how can we forget about all the seasons? At prankings MTV's punt we are smarter than that. We think all right definitely not going to be able to respond to everyone of your questions. But love hearing from you actually showed another text message. I'm on the set of the ranch right now will will send update soon had the best damn day. You can. Whatever the case may be you caught our attention ashen well done, and that was pretty cool, actually because you know, celebrities don't usually do stuff like that. Let's see and more entertainment news. When I pass when pouch slams lawsuit over alleged hit and run ski. Let's see. When a pouch chose being sued for allegedly pulling a hit and run while skiing in two thousand sixteen the alleged incident took place on the slopes of the deer valley resort in Park City, Utah and February two thousand sixteen court documents obtained by e news alleged where pow show ski out of controlling hit the back of Terry Sanderson another skier who was down him when the award winning actress hit the then forty four year old doctor the complaint alleges she knocked him down hard knocking him out causing causing brain surgery for broken ribs and other injuries the complaint alleges. Wow. Per the skier responsibility co which is a summit county ordinance. Skiers are required to stop at the senior such collision and rented to any person injured such collision reasonable assistance. The ordinance also requires that any skiers involved in a collision shall give his name and address to an employee of the ski area operator. However, Sanderson and another witness claim Paltrow guide up Tarrant and skied away leaving Sanderson stunned line in the snow seriously injured. How Samson also alleges that an instructor falsely accused of causing the crash allegedly filled out and signed an incident report Fosse stay in the pouch within that caused the crash even though skiing special did not see the crash question to the complaint, Sanderson and his lawyer alleged that the damage has more than three million and one hundred thousand dollars, okay? And we'll be seeking reparations at a Tuesday press conference the forty six year old daughter mushroom, call the trauma. He suffered due to the alleged incident. Kill you TV reported. Dan Raskin reports that Terry Tennison said we live in this hard skiing with five other friends. It was a beautiful day. We passed signs slowdown. I heard this. I heard this hysterical scream as Tanis. I got hit in the back. Remember, remember going down? That's all remember in a statement to enu Paltrow sit this lawsuits completely without merit. And we expect to be vindicated. Oh, my. Ms Paltrow, traumas Paltrow. Okay. So we'll see what happens and more entertainment news. Matt REEs wants his standalone Batman over to be about the world's greatest detective. That means movie appearance of late have focused on the dark nights. More physical side. He is after all both vengeance and the night. So we're kind of just used to Batman stalking through shadows. And beating the bat, but Jesus out of people, but Matt Reeves long percolating Batman film wants to bring Bruce back to more cerebral side. It feels like the Batman or whatever this movie ends up being called. It's still a ways often DC's ever fluctuating ever expanding plans for Cinemax late. But still it's nice to get an update every once in a while to remind us that it's actually still being thought about beyond the realm of beyond beyond the realm of hey, it's been athlete going to be in this thing. Or what the latest update comes courtesy of an exclusive sitdown means had it with the Howard reporter discussing his career current products. And of course, the long shadow of Batman. Here's what we've had to say about his plans. It's very much a point of view driven, nor are Batman tale. It's told very squarely on his shoulders on his shoulders. And I hope it's going to be a story that will be thrilling. But also emotional it's more that man in his detective moat than we've seen in the films, the comics have a history of that he supposed to be the world's greatest detective, and that's not necessarily been apart with the movies have been he's right. Actually, I love this to be one of to be one where when we go on the journey of tracking down the criminals and trying to solve a crime. It's going to allow his character to heaven arc so that he can go through a transformation. Given batmans proliferation and movie form over the years. It's nice to see that. The latest addition to the Batman to the bat movie canon actually wants to plug the fact that this guy gotta start in a little book called protective comics, let them do. Let him do some detective work right on as the DC movie. Verse continues tonight versa. Fi expand its tone. We can leave the big the big punch-up spectacle to other heroes for a bit about man film. That's a little more subdued a little more about Bruce hunting for mysteries. Mysterious cases of something dark and moody in the New Orleans and not so much in the. Martha sense. That's something that could be really worth the long way. We've had for this movie. So far. Yeah. You making a jibe at that number, man. But like I said, I think it was a good movie. I enjoyed it a lot. I saw it three times. So. I'm definitely a fan of the accent is work. See? And in more news, spider-man's zendaya may diet may join Doon as the front warrior Channy. Yes. The star stuffed cast Dennis waivers. Due continues to grow. A new report says in dire Spiderman from far from home isn't talks to join the latest option of Frank Herbert's. Classic work. Collider puts diet is in is in negotiations to play the role of Channy from the warrior who eventually becomes poetries companion played by Timothy Xiaomei. The how how do report also filed up with his own story, a trace first meets Channy after he and his mother, Rebecca Ferguson, escaped from Iraq and Iraqi enjoying the desert dwelling primitive Iraqis she's never seen it before. But he knows who she is after having a series of visions about her. That's right. Paul dreams about her. As far as the rest of the cast goes in addition to shall we recently learned the Oscar Isaac is in talks to start his father do also features Charlotte. Rampling river mother Mahim Stellan stars guard is barren her colon. Okay and day Batista's nephew. I knew it the beast Rabban Glasser, Robin. I knew it. I can't see him playing fade by seeing playing the beast Glasser rub on Conan at least it has been announced yet for deal, but you can catch the die inspired him in movie far from home, which if. Right on. So I am looking forward to the new movie in the reboot should be lot of fun mowing the longtime for this on longtime. Let's see. Any else could people the planet earth known university wants to talk about. See see? Thinking thinking cap on. Yeah. Well, believe with this. All right. Kevin Smith, just dropped major info about Zach Steiner's planned Justice league trilogy. Just like the adventures did in the marvel cinematic universe justly saw this the Stein heroes of the DC universe. Come together to the threat. None of them could have handled on their own a lot the advantages Justice league was drastically altered during the course of its creation from what directors Snyder originally planned with the foul cut resembling Frankenstein-like creation that underwhelmed critically and commercially. As a result, the plan to make more Justice league movies has been put on the whole, but filmmaker and longtime DC comics fan Kevin spent as provided details about what Snyder supposedly have plan for his Justice, the trilogy, and what have seen the cosmic sided and would have seen the cosmic the DC opening up even further. One second. This is true. I mean during the latest episode of Fatman Kevin Smith mentioned that during his trip to the Star Wars Episode. No that is five or something set in London. Months back. I can't remember numerals. He met members of the crew who had also worked to Justice league. They claim to have set seen storyboards L shape by DC's pops Jim Lee for what was in store for all three just as movies back. When Zack Snyder was still working Justice league regarding that first movie what we saw in theatres was basically the same story that was conceived only at the end boom to opens up presumably the same one that those demons dressed through and on the other side was dockside exactly Steppenwolf master. He sees the Justice the on the other side and vice versa. Which paves the way for Batman superman. Wonder woman flash Aikman and cyber to take the fight to apocalypse Justice league to one imagine just to have also seen the protagonist either visiting new Genesis as well or meeting some of the dens given that the world and apocalypse are the two main anchors of yet Kirby's fourth world mythology, but that wouldn't. Been the only cosmic the sequel, apparently the Greenland corpse would have been involved as well. In fact, remember that it Justice league seen part of which was also in a trailer where Alfred pennyworth meet superman and tells him that he prays he's not too late. Kevin Smith her that when that scene was shot green lights were flashing on Jamie irons mean the Alfred was originally interacting with Greenland, although it wasn't specifically which emroe night. However, the similarity this the similary shoot me, however, similarily to to how things turn out for the heroes of the see you at the end of advantages Infinity, Warren Justice league, Infinity war Justice lead to would have ended poorly for the for its heroes. They would have been defeated by dark side who then goes to earth and levels me that the nightmare vision. Their Bruce Wayne Batman, superman, Don Justice would have come to pass and just as three would have seen the heroes making one last stand against dark side and the forces of apocalypse. Man. Spit me out. Nima say that is that this is a lot to chew on. But keep in mind that this information is by no means official, even if it is true. When also can't rule out that the details have been embellished by these crew members either accidentally on purpose nevertheless, hearing about this Justice Choji, I can't help but agree with Kevin Smith that we might have missed something, and that's not even talk- taking into account other things we've heard about the just as the sequels like house. Excellent. It was interested in killing off Batman. It makes one wonder if you know more. Even more. What this is not a would've looks like. Assuming all this information about the Justice Choji is true clearly had a grand vision for these heroes county manage steel and bat member Mandanas adds to the five months to the five movie run that we previously heard have been in. The works is worth noting though that just as three has never been a caring team back when the initial state of D D C E U movies was announced in late two thousand fourteen just as part two as it was known then was scheduled to come out this June. But then plans chain so that Justice league would be one movie as opposed to split the two parts and the Justice. They was eventually taken off the calendar. This is a bummer. The sea. While give people planet earth. You get the gist. Zack Snyder had an elaborate thing plan for that franchise. And maybe we'll get this Justice league. Maybe we won't. I don't know. We'll see. But even Jason memorial has gone publicly on record. And that he wants to see the Steiner cut as well. So well good people the planet earth known universe. Thank you for listening to me to concept's podcasts. Captain Keith up. You had a good time. I know I did appreciate you all and next time. I was out in space. You've been listening to the Golden State media concepts entertainment podcast, part of the Golden State media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at WWW dot g m c podcast dot com. Download our podcast on itunes, Stitcher. Soundcloud, Google play just type in GS MC to find all the shows from the Golden State media concepts podcast network from movies to music, throw sports entertainment. And even weird news. You can also follow us on Twitter and on Facebook. Thank you. And we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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