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"anthony googly elmes" Discussed on WBBM Newsradio

"Ville and thirty along the lakefront WBZ news time eight twenty. Our top story this hour, President Donald Trump and congressional leaders failed to reach a deal to end the government shutdown agreed to meet again on Friday. The president says a budget approved by the previous Republican controlled house of representatives failed to provide enough money for border security. They five billion five point six billion approved by the house is such a small amount compared to the level of the problem. We'll have much more under story coming up at eight thirty one a pair of seventeen year olds were wounded in a shooting about two hours ago on the near west side. Police say the shooting happened in the twenty one hundred block of west Washington. One teen was shot in the upper body and take an astrologer hospital in critical condition. The other was shot in the arm and taken to the same hospital in stable condition. Neither of the genders are known, and no one is in custody. Chicago aldermen Ricardo moon knows is due in court tomorrow to face a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery. Police spokesman Anthony googly Elmes says moon. Owes pushed and struck struck his wife during an argument at their home on New Year's Eve this summer the Fifty-three-year-old announced he would not run for reelection in the five way race to unseat alderman. Ed, Burke, Illinois, congressman elect hastens chewy Garcia is throwing his support behind Tanya Patino. If elected the civil engineer would be the wards first Latina alderman Garcia tells the Tribune that Patino is ready for the challenges. The city faces Burke a fifty year old incumbent is facing scrutiny after recent FBI raids on his city hall and ward offices. The new King County sheriff says he's looking to the concerns of both the people who work for him and those he keeps locked up in the county jail and tonight he'll be one of those behind bars after a series of behavioral problems in two sections of the Kane county jail. New sheriff Ron Hain ordered a security sweep in them and besides graffiti and pornography on the walls illegal homemade alcohol was found in. All we removed between twenty and thirty bottles of hooch from one of the pods on the other side of the coin sheriff Haynes says inmates make complaints to him about the food and temperature at night in the jail. So he plans at least once a month to stay overnight in a cell wearing what inmates where and eating what they eat. If I can live by it as a baseline, then they should be able to if I find it to be disgusting and inhumane, we'll make the appropriate changes to foia NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. WBZ news time eight twenty three Illinois ranks high in new population study, it's not a ranking that officials will be proud of the national movers study ranks Illinois is number two on the list of how many people moved out of their states in one year in a report by North American van lines, the top reason for moving in and out of Illinois was for a job last year. But people sixty five and over led the move from Illinois. A recent Bloomberg analysis determined that Chicago experiences in exodus of one hundred. Fifty six residents every day. Chris cradle NewsRadio on.

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