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Ep 144: Brad Williams

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Ep 144: Brad Williams

"Hi there. It's me. Stephan from comedy advice podcast. You think this is a lot like a low of the meditation podcast you're listening to. Tell you to be aware. Close Your eyes. And just. Feel. Well. I'm telling you that's not the case. Is More like the opposite of Meditation Really I. Don't want you to think about yourself at all. You thoughts I want you to just sit back like a a little drown that y'all. And I want you to just laugh. All right soothing is that voice is a minute. Go back to my normal voice. Hey, guys, Stephan here just wanted to let you guys know you're in for a very special treat today. I treat you well. I'm like your Audio Sugar Daddy, so keep on coming back for more baby. Anyway today you're gonNA. Listen to Brad Williams our very special guest. He's been on TV shows like David. Tells comedy underground live at Gotham the tonight. Show Jimmy Kimmel live mind of Mencia! He's also had to comedy specials on showtime. He had fun size, which has showtime's highest rated comedy of two thousand, fifteen followed by daddy issues in two thousand sixteen, and he was also featured on Netflix's comedy. Show the degenerates season one episode to watch it. This guy is. Is Absolutely hilarious. I was cracking up the entire episode, and we just have such a good time so I want you guys to listen have a good time with us, and then if you feel it in your heart support Brad. We've got links to follow him on instagram. Look for his shows on Brad Williams comedies you can see. He's coming to a venue near you, and then for all of our Phoenix listeners. We've got linked to see him live in. In Phoenix coming up this week, June fourth through the seventh at standup life, so guys go check him out and guys just wanted to say. I love you. You're awesome. Thank you so much for listening to the PODCAST. If you guys haven't yet, please subscribe Tele Friend and leave a review I can't stress how important that is! It gets us up in the charts right now. We're still top thirty best Improv podcasts of all times and Apple PODCASTS, but we. We want to get to number one, so please leave that review and tell your friends and family about us and get them to leave a review. The most opportune times or Thanksgiving's family gatherings got damn it. That's not a thing anymore with corona. Okay, well, the best time now is at zoom meeting, so get the link and then let people leave a review. Right awesome. Thank you guys so much and open my alarms going off I. Guess it must be. Comedy time. Advise, PODCAST. And friends. Statement to be taken, literally was up seven. PODCAST. And I think Brad's come on. Hello Hello. What's up? How's it going? Brad? Going all right my friend by the way, my name's Stephan, my co host and brother Anthony is right over there and then Eric. He'd just dropped a way to get a drink, but as soon as he comes, we can get started. Eric we don't need them. That's what I say to you know what? Let's just go ahead and get started. What? What were there ever Reduc podcast? seriously. Everyday. Eric you'll like such an Eric. I know. I know you know we were actually asking each other? What's the male version of Karen? Found the answer Eric. Eric would be a top five I'd I'd say todd. Mean like. Definitely. Like like definitely todd move I mean. My Name's not far beyond my brad off a browser such so I was saying it can't be just the dushi factor Karen I was saying you could picture on like the PTA. But a bunch of Dushi. Guys would not be there, so it's not like the FRAT row. Maybe maybe Nathan. Yes. We all. We all agree. It's gotTa be white. Oh I for percent. You can't have it be like I'll find so. Oh, that's Oh. That's too far. It's funny I did change a joke because I used to. So my my my my wife has friend who I hate I. Fucking Hater and She's involved in our lives and. I DIDN'T WANNA. Use Her real name on stage, so I went through a couple of different names in the funniest name that I found. Was Karen. So Sing Karen for a while and then this Karen Shit started really picking up and I'm like now. I can't Karen. So like I did. I pick a new name and no, no joke. The the the new name I picked is carol and then Tiger King comes out and I'm like. Yeah, it's A. It's a now. Do stick with Carol. Or do I like. or or use the bitches real name? I do that. Yeah, I am I, tried. Though her real name too long I. It's kind of weird. It make like TRY IT OUT ON US yeah. It in comedy. You can't even for one second like. If the if the audience takes a second, just a be to go with what bigger joke is not ruined, but it it it. It won't hit as our as as it would, so yeah like I use very simple name like Karen Carol or something like that I. Get it. It's kind of like saks. If you're things are going good, and you accidentally say the wrong name. It's still good. It's just distracts them for a second so they. They don't quite get that. All Right! Have you ever had something like really weird? Like interrupt your sex now Eric. You don't know about this. You haven't been laid, but. When you're when you're having sex, stop could happen at at sometimes, it's eight your control, sometimes, not your control. Have you ever had something happened Stephen? Words like like. A light flickered on and off. The wrong song came on Dora Espn. Turn on. That's bats absolute that happened yesterday. That's what I was. Point my finger, but yeah, we wife and I. We're getting. We're excited. We just bought a couch, so we had that post couch, purchase thrill, and so we're like. Let's celebrate and get laid, so we? We didn't have the couch yet, so we were on the ground. But, we were like Hey Alexa. Do we have triggered? So? That's one of her skills. We say like sexy time and then they a playlist. Oh, you should change it to be like Alexa. You know what to do. If, you can do that. Aw, that's great. Now I've noticed that this. This doesn't happen so much when you're married, but like when you're dating the last thing you can actually do when. Like the vast way to make someone mayor a motor mostly women. Not WanNa have sex with you. Even if they want to have sex at you is to say hey, we're sex, art, weight and then. Not Going to happen married people. It's a little different because married people off them. Live together you're you're you got your schedule yet? You have to literally A. fucking tonight. Yes, co! Get the penciled in. Especially my situation now I got a full a four month old baby. We definitely act like a really an hour. Let's go. So Yeah, so what you had you had a song come on. That was not a fun song we had we had by the way totally get married thing too, because we're just kind of past the four play where it's just like we're doing it. We almost have a look I to my wife and Mike. You know what to do, and she's like yeah. Her name's Alexa Alexa by the way. But. No, we had her do. A playlist in the playlist was like. Ninety Skoll, and so that made things shrink a little bit. You haven't sex Goldfinger. Like maybe ready. Golden. You're having sex that Tony, hawk pro skater soundtrack. Severe some real big fish. came. Your ex I mean if you pay attention to the lyrics, though it does mean comes across very sexual. I'm doing all the foreplay I can. I'm down there licking roping, but it's just the music. The melody doesn't match to it. So. Here's everyone for our young listeners that don't know about I out of together good sex playlist Here's the key. They have to be sexy songs, but they can't be too popular. Because if they're too popular, then you start like mouthing the words like everyone's like. Oh Marvin Gaye. Let's get it on a sexy song of all time. You can't actually put that song in the playlist, because if your wisdom on especially, if it's like your first time and all of a sudden, you start hearing. Just goes into like laughing. He'll start laughing. And just be like really thought. This song would get me like yeah so. yeah. Or like Berry. Why can't get enough of your love it? It's too on the nose. You have to get something. That's got a good rhythm. A good be slow. Good lyrics, but that you can't hear. I might. Recommendation is at Pandora. Just say play. PORTISHEAD Andorra Hortus said. For me, I mean unless you're. Really like nineties, arm or something like that or does said works. I like that that's a good recommendation and listeners. You're already getting free advice here from Brad. I. Not On topic you like or you don't like. That's the guys that Amazon going to be like. There was a sudden surge for Boorda's head on on Alexa. What's going on? Really popular now I mean. I don't know how your guest is, but a fairly very. Oh, it's insanely especially when it comes to sex tips, but I was GonNa say to my wife. She's Brazilian so she wasn't quite aware of the stigmas. The social stigmas of bans that are good, not good. Clapping because the other Brazilian wife, thanks. I appreciate I still don't know how it happened. We so she's a big fan of nickelback, so she's like Alexa when it's time to get dirty, she's like. Can you play photograph and I'm like now? Song about like your light grimacing album. That gets in the mood. It least do Rockstar or I won't Sadea. That's. Yes, that's true I'll. I'll try and suggest that next time she's the. She's the dominant one, but I'll try. y'All say a before. She puts the gag in my mouth, but. Anyway guys welcome to a comedy advice podcast. We are here chatting it up with the one the only Brad Williams. Yes, please applaud Hulu late, be naked. However, you WANNA celebrate. Yeah, it's it's awesome to have you by the way this is. Stephan speaking we've also got our co host Arabic, say Hello Eric. Any. Awesome and then Anthony Eye Eric introducing. OUTY! You don't see. I can gallon hat. You can say hi. You could say be good, said you know because he gets. Stephanie gives me Shit no matter what as though. Well well, at least we can see eric. We've also got Stephan my brother. That was a weird way. Your brother also named stuff. Already come in with Shaq. We've got anthony who doesn't have a video. He's there okay? We don't have to worry about him. Anyway Brad, thank you so much for joining for for audience members. That might not know who you are. Would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself? I am a porn star with the largest Dick in the world. That, it's a problem, isn't it? It's a burden. Drags on the ground now. I may stand up comedian. And I've got a couple specials on. On a showtime, which are now streaming on on a prime flex that degenerates I was once handcuffed oriented Guerande for a week as a true story. What's We. Did her NICKELODEON TV show called Salmon? Cat and they did this weird like the kids version of the hangover. Where where where she drinks this mystic, a Asian tonic to help her study then she just wakes up and. I'm handcuffed to her and she doesn't know how I got there, and but it's. I play a a foreign person. Who would we never say where I'm from what language I'm speaking because I made up the language. It's all GIBBERISH Wow, so yeah, that's that yeah. I got to be on salmon cat, so it's always weird when I have. Aired on Nickelodeon like eight years ago, so it's very strange when I have friends that go like. Immense Oem cat and I'm like you don't have kids. Why are why are you? Use go down, Grandes IMDB and just like say I'm GonNa do everything. I don't get it I've. I've got nothing to do I'm quarantined. I'm just going down the whole catalog Arianna Guerande. Buffet like like. If you showed up, you know I. It's like when you hear that Porn Stars. They started doing born than like their. Uncle Calls Day I. Know You're doing born. You're well uncle. now I know what you're. because. Main like. Especially is. Like us, all you doing Blow Bang? It's like Oh. On. God I think that my parents might be one of the very few that haven't looked porn. And maybe just me convincing muscle. Ernest the real dirty shit, they're. Real. I'm not worried about the guy. Yeah, watch more watch. We watch it. L.. Maybe masturbate being a wife. Watch it of skin I'm not worried about that. I'm worried about the guy that's life or or I say. How's IT pronounced? or Are Worn. What's this or not long? What is this available somewhere you that person as a basement? What is? It's and the water heater is not the only thing that's down there. There are some of the people that still by porn. They've got collections down in that base. That one and like I would think that now you'd have to have like one of those like hidden doors. You're born collection. You know like you. Okay, you. You pull the book down in the thing rotates. It's just all is like stuff from the eighties like all like old. Jenna Jameson Stuff Christy Canyon. Classics. You have a golden era This is the only known copy without pages sticking together. Now. A debt so definitely. Your parents watch them really Kinky Shit. Oh God. I, don't I see it. I don't WanNa. See it but I. Picturing our heads. I Yeah I did one time walking on them. Post Coitus, thank God there was no movement but I did actually walk into, and they looked like a medieval painting where. Some effort I think my dad was feeding my mom grapes at one point it was. Just glistening and they were. Anthony, wants elaboration. announced. Today have sex. They're in the. Trojan, war. My? Dad was playing the harp. They didn't have Alexa back then, so that was the playlist. Har. To be like I mean out of all the instruments. That guy's a take up in. Guys take delayed the harvest goddess like. That's the worst idea the heart. You know 'cause like a guitar. You'll be like Oh. Your some Brad I'd like the heart. You gotta like shove it in. Like opened up like no, you have to come into our fru took. Could you imagine a guy walking around a college campus? lugging a harp? He can't even carry it on his back. He's dragging. Drills some wheels on. Dolly Want Your Brown eyed girls you. Want to hear wonderwall. A word. Fuck well and. We're going to ask you a little bit more about yourself. How how did you end up getting into comedy? I was nineteen years old on thirty six now, which is like seventy two dwarf. It yet. You don't know wardrobe person person short stature. Okay on that. Yeah I was nineteen years old. I went to a comedy club and the comedian on stage I. wouldn't Father's Day weekend two thousand and Five! No the the to the two to four and I saw the I brought my dad in the stages, making midget jokes, and a half the audience was laughing, and the though sitting by me was not laughing. I was there like her. And the comedian notice that he goes like literally after rumors about it. This Adler is not laughing. He goes said on what is one of the here and I just raised my crib little hand. Comedian called me up on stage and start asking questions I answer the questions. Honestly, I did not rides. You get laughs and. The might answer got laughs like he asked me. What would I do for living at times? Nineteen years old I live in Orange County I was working at Disneyland and I said I work at Disneyland. The I started laughing I early audience as fuck you not onset. That's like the I laugh I got. From that that was that. Was it man? That was the drug where I was like. Wow, this is! The rest of my life so. I started doing open nights after the two weeks after that I started I did my I hope Mike at the laugh factory, in Hollywood, and then just did open mics forever, and then you slowly work your way up to catch a couple of breaks yet. Open for a couple of guys. You may get on TV show. It's I mean. All that makes it sound very simple. The the the best part about stand up comedy is his only one way to get better at it. You can't read a book you. Can you know one piece of advice? I'll I'll give you whatever advice I can't, but like there's nothing I can say. That can make an unfunny person funny. Nothing. So so you're saying how fucked! Yeah if I'm sorry. It's like you can only get funded by doing it and then learning, so that's the that's the that's the beautiful thing about standup. Is that the only way to get better is to do it and the worst part about stand up the only way to get better to do it because you can't practice, you have suck. You have the bomb of the learn from it and in. There are no shortcuts. There's no there there. There's no. Class, you could take. Some people said like a comedy class can make make you be funnier. Yes, because comedy class forces you to focus on comet. That's that's it soccer Okasan it performing it in the end the only way you could ever know that a joke is good is about forming for a live audience So during this time during the during the pandemic. Now Elida options right now for like developing comics at really it really sucks for that Damn I and I was gonna say I heard on Theo Vons podcasts. I know that Jeff Die, and you jumped on. Because you guys are kind of some of the pioneers that are venturing out and starting to use live shows again, which is awesome. I was GONNA ask what's what's the experience been like is? Is it kind of like? I know that you have to keep working working and working at it. And as You keep working at it, you get bigger venues bigger stages, more people, etc, and yeah, is it like taking a step back in a sense where you're at the big size venue? But it's half the people, or it's a certain number of the AD. It hearkens back to like six seven years ago when I when I was headlining, because then I would sell about a third of the tickets, and now I'm selling about a third tickets figures that's all that can happen in in the room so I'm not too far removed from those years towards not. Like yes, it's weird to go on stage and look out the audiences to people sitting together then there's. Empty seats, and then another two people, and then for like and in some of the wearing masks. Yes, it's weird. It's weird, but I'm not that God. It's Fook it. Fill up the club where mass? Like I'm not like. or I'm not performing until it's all like. I can't do that, so my philosophy is I'd rather do it for a third of the people than Opie. yeah, and I know that the difference during needling at now in. A room that was third fold six seven years ago. Is that when I was doing a room a third full six seven years ago. Those who weren't there signi air just they are because they're like. Oh, it's a comedy club. This is good, or they got free tickets some promotions now I have a I have a have a third of the room, but every single person is there to see you wanna get out. They want they. They WanNa see Rod Williams so they're very excited about that so it all the shows were great i. went to Oklahoma City breakdown comedy club, and then I went to rise. Guys in Salt Lake City in that was awesome. I got In next week I'll be at stand up live in Phoenix Arizona. Young and and. Like as long as we're all taking. We're all taking precautions to keep safe. Then, I'm feeling comfortable I'm one of those guys that's kind of in the middle I. Don't think that everything should open up. Folk asked just be like we're back to normal right now. Let's. But I. Don't think we should just hide under our beds. You know for a year until everything's gone. People to work people need to eat. People need to get out so I'm I'm kind of in the middle on it, but the shows were very exciting to do and a really just A. Felt. Like `I legit almost burst into tears when the show was done because there was a time. At the beginning of this thing I didn't think I was going to get to do up ever again. I was sitting there like way. This might be done my goal. Herbs, in life might be over. I might be stuck. Doing cameos for people that would like remember me. Rely remember that or comic US pretty funny ten years ago when they would stand up comedy like. Wow I might have to get a job. You know doing something else I don't know but Yeah. It was scary for a second so to be able to come back and start doing shows. was really really cool. That's awesome, and I totally agree with you. Wear being in the middle on. It's such. It's a complicated issue where you've got. It seems like you can't put a stop to everything. And then there are also people you have the mental health. To think about where is this is really helpful for people to go out. Enjoy comedy show now granted, not everybody. If you're at risk, you should probably take precautions. Yeah if you're can stay home if you're elderly, if you if you live with someone who that risk or is elderly, okay? May. Maybe you don't get to do this kind of stuff yet and people that go let's not fair, yeah! I wanted to be a pro athlete, but It's the best pro athletes. I couldn't do that like. It's not isn't fair. You kind of adjust. You GotTa do what you need to do. You know right. Those people I don't know. Find the comics or burchell shows I don't know it's like a listened to hilarious podcast like this since sponsors That's you know that that. Would you do so it? It's Ralph and will eventually get back to normal ones, you know there is a vaccine or or the numbers of just so low. We don't care about it anymore or learn more about virus in Potentially how How? It's not what we thought it was maybe by. Yeah. We'll get back there, but for now while we. I'M GONNA. Keep touring. Keep doing. kick you in shows than keep getting tested when I when I come home. That's awesome and I was GONNA say congratulations. I know I'm five months later, but you just had a newborn daughter. Hey Trust me five months later, still it still at Selah newborn until until she can like shit on our own without me having to do anything. A. Newborn so yes. Yeah and this, and this is the first child so I mean there is never never a good time for a global pandemic, but if I had to pick a time, it would be perfect for me. Personally it would be right now because I stay home and be with my daughter and I I've heard all these comics are like yeah I saw my daughter, and she was born next week I was on. The road saw her again when I was like. When she was like nine. You know who? Are there for those moments so I I'm I'm glad I. Get to be here for that kind of stuff in here for these moments and. I'll tell her stories of of the pandemic as she grows up. That's sweet. I was GONNA ask to during I. Know There's no substitute for comedy or go stand up comedy going up there, actually doing it but during. Before comedy clubs started reopening. What were you doing to I mean if you were doing anything to kind of keep up with a tweets, I was doing funny tweets. I join cameos of one book media, a shoutout to somebody or a the funniest one I did was some a lesbian couple had broken up, and some girl hired needs to tell ex girlfriend their pussy. that was my favorite. How did you get into character for that one? I just I just remembered some x girl. Are Good to go. Yeah did that. I did a couple of virtual shows and. It's weird. The the virtual shows are weird. I've heard some comics on podcast. Talk about how much they suck. They'll never do them Romeo. I got a newborn daughter I made money on. The Virgil shows I wish I could just sat back and been like got twenty million in the bank. You know I could do whatever but. Then option, so I had to figure out so I, did so virtual shows which are not stand up comedy, but it's close if stand up comedies, heroine virtual shows are the methadone. Is Just Kinda just Kinda get? into our next break I like it cool. We'll thank you, Brad. We're GONNA. Get into the self help portion now. Unless there's anything else you'd like to say, we'll plug everything at the end to, but. All I'll say is that I'm on this podcast. In one thing is five gas will will not. A time as really tired. If someone doesn't do your podcast now, they don't like you. And me. Because before you can be like all I'm so busy. I'm on the road I got glides got bag bag shows like a bit now. It's like you're nothing. We can do it on zone. Who from your bedroom and? You're still not coming on the PODCAST. It's because you don't like the person you don't like off cast or the Bersin. Asked in you at least ask the nice way like I don't know you guys. I'd like. It's always where we when you want. As you don't know, 'cause yet, 'cause they do a little bit of research. Just so you're not podcast, and then like you laugh it up and take a great time, and then they tag some tweets like. Hey, it's alright Fridays and. That Exact Hill research so I. I looked up your podcast. Read read some reviews, now's like. Seem like a serial killers Well, anyway, it's time for our next segment. Self help for the outright. Five steps or less yeah. Hey Stephan here. Have you ever thought about making a podcast? It may seem complicated, but anchor makes it easy. Let me explain it's free. That means you don't have to spend any of your hard earned Cheddar to get your voice out to the world. It's easy. There are creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast from your phone or computer will also distribute your podcast for you so it. It can be heard on spotify apple podcasts, and so much more. You can also make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. So what are you waiting for? Download the free anchor APP or go to anchor DOT FM to get started all right. We're going to get into cell portion, but before we answer these questions. We're GONNA fuel ourselves with. From a motivational quote from well before we get into it, we like to ask our guests if they have any inspirational quotes that help them get through their days when they're having tough times, so do you have any brad any inspirational quotes? That bring light to your dark days. I have to one. One quote is nobody cares about you That seems very dark. It seems like that would make Dr Days Darker but I like that quote. It was told to me by a Improv comedy. Because I started talking about all the all in Providence. Would if I fuck up, the audience is GonNa hate me. The Isis thinking stupid and they don't like my my outfit and they can't look past them a little person. In the congress stopping with nobody cares about nobody, so they're all worried that they're all in their own heads about the stuff. They're doing so win the world like. When you too much in your head like Oh, I I I can't do this because people were not gonna like me, order or they. I I can't do this bit because they're. Too close to my last album. That was nobody cares nobody. No one's sticking that much matt I like that I think I might use that one next time. My wife asked me if the dress makes her look fat. We're like no one. Dress mainly look fat. Why does it matter I'm taking you dinner on and I'm GonNa try to have sex. Afterwards. Where are you working? Why are you concerned with US I don't get it Yeah and then the second quote is everything in your life turned out exactly the way it did whether you worried about it or not and I don't know who said it, but I really like it, and it's. It's exactly what it means. It's wide. Stretch yourself out in worry about things when it's not going to change the outcome you stressing yourself out you wearing doesn't make. One thing go one way or the or the or the other, so yeah, those are my those are my two books. and. Good compared to the the hot garbage fire. Yeah, and let's. Okay, let's. Racial. Go home. That's actually a step up from what we've got. So as we let the powerful quotes from Brad. Resonate, we're going to introduce our quote from a robot called Inspire robot, so what it does is it actually uses ai to take some of the wisest words known to man and Mesh them together for a tasty inspirational quote. But all right, Eric, would you like to read this week's quote? This week's quote. Only, if you believe in your own inner beauty, will you get naked flesh? That sounds like something that some hot girl would write on instagram. And you're like wait what? Inspired hard like what? What about you, Eric? What does this quote scream to you I? Think this is just another way of saying Brad disclosure of nobody cares. If you believe that nobody cares then. You'll have the competence to get that naked flesh. Can we all? When they get that naked flash leave. Nobody cares you. You will tap that ass like that, or is it like you'll be confident? Walk around naked 'cause. I! Don't know if I like that either way. What if it's like a Hannibal, Lecter? That's. Yeah. The flesh part was pushing me in that direction. I got a freezer full of. Flesh when dates yet when I went out with my. When I was single. I never, I never went. Bro. Let's go out and chase them naked. That sounds like something like if there was a movie and like the alien was trying to appear like. Elo froze. Kid. Guys. have some sugar water naked. So. I was. I was hoping that you guys would remember that far back. Guys I feel now that we're fueled in motivated. We can go onto the question, so we've got the first one. It's a question from read it, and it's found by our very own fan. Sarah Thank you Sarah. This question reads the Color Orange disgusts me I really need to know that I'm not the only person who feels like this anytime. I see the color orange. It makes me want to throw up and I have no idea why. This is bothered me for years and I. Don't think I'll ever be okay with the color any advice. Sincerely color me disgusted, just not orange. Don't be Denver Broncos. Fan Stock. Don't live in, Colorado. Or Ayob don't live in Colorado and I. Hope you don't live in Syracuse or Knoxville Tennessee because that's all orange centric. Or India. That's the flag right How would you get over Europe orange? I'm wondering if it's just trial by fire where where you gotta go, like somebody paints remorse, shock me in the middle of it and slide food underneath the dough our. Oranges The row or desired slices APP maybe. Yeah, I don't know I I. Don't do well with the irrational fears. I'm good because I'm the guy that's like fucking. You know what I mean like. I'm back that guy I don't know. Why became bill Burr half of it? Yeah I don't do well with the people that are like I have a fear of toothpaste all right, so I'm not gonNA. Get. Yeah I can smell. Your oranges. Now? Maybe you're right trial by fire. Just go into an orange ren pelted with oranges, maybe on the naked flesh too, so it really stinks. I go. In that I fear normal things like you know death failure. Like stuff like that and that it's not like Oh. We're driving over a bridge. Hold on, I gotTa go around it. I can't. I'm saying that because I have a friend who's like that is I've never driven around a bridge, but I do get well. No no heights I'm afraid of heights and so yeah I used to have dreams where I would fall, and then I'd hit the ground, and I wouldn't die, but I would jolt in real life hard enough to empty I. Was GonNa say my bowels. Dream. But I but I did Piss my pants I did have to wear diapers I think from nine years old to eleven years old. Anthony Remembers that fondly because. That was your own personal. Nine eleven got that was. Never forget something. I'm never going to do better than that joke. Wow and the podcast we we. Wrap it up. Thank you very much, everybody. Wow. Telling jokes. Anyway. Yeah, I think we kind of answered that one Eric Anthony did. You guys have anything you wanted to add. Now like the Orange Room. Idea that's that's gold. I'm wondering. Are they afraid of the color red? And if not I, WANNA take him to a paint store and take him to the Swatch Wall. and Color Gradient just until Abbas is going slightly orange, slightly orange and really dial it and where they freaked out right no I get that burnt orange employees. Yeah, it's. Like this is blood orange? Good with it you are. I'm okay. All the area between Brown and Yellow Yeah. So Okay and then once we figure that out I. Don't know what we do. If that information been would be interesting. It makes me think of like like you know in nature. If you see like an orange snake, you're like yeah, pick that up. It's probably venomous. So maybe there's something to add to that. They're. Good. Oranges I. Okay thing, keep the fear of your ever in Australia. Touch. Anything in Australia. Good. All right good moving on to the next question question to this is also from. Read it. It's from our Fan Ben Thank you, Ben. Oh Boy, this question is I rubbed my genitals on money and handed it to someone when I was a teenager. It's not really questionable. Let's go on when I was a teenager. I ordered pizza for me and my friend before I opened the door for Pizza Guy I, put the money in my underwear and rubbed against my balls and Gooch area. The delivery person opens the door and before I can stop, or she takes the money from my hand and smiles and says thanks. I closed the door feeling like a horrible person, an idiot for a prank I thought my friend would laugh at I still feel bad about that to this day, and I have changed and been a better person since then I spoke to my therapist about it, and she agreed that it was weird, but the teenagers do a lot of crazy and wild things. How can I atone for the dollar bill thing sincerely looking for inner peace. Yeah, you have to take a job at Wafa John's during his pandemic Start delivering pizzas. It's gotTA. Come full circle. You know You gotTa tone for your sense and don't rub the Pete's on your balls before. We're GONNA. The cycle starts all over yeah. Small, very gross, what did but I get it? new stupid things but yeah I, think you need to be a server in the service industry and you have to deal with people, and that is your atonement. Because you will you, you will tip better after that. You'll be nicer. You'll be the nicest person anyone will ever like all my friends that are waiters, which his? They all tip way more than people that weren't in the service industry because they know that life can, so you don't have to know what that life is you have you have to have? Some people do some dumb shit and just say how. Guys. It's not like pornos you don't get to go in. Oh is the pizza have extra? Sausage goes right now, but. Occasionally, you'll get a fat guy. Angela door naked on a dare, but that's about the closest thing you're gonNA come. Else. That's the closest you'll come to naked flesh, but other than that it's just you gotta do your time taking the money I think because. As one towns, yes, a tone I like that I totally agree with that by the way of. Well I don't if you were saying exactly this, but I think everyone should do maybe six months to a year mandatory of customer service working as a waiter. We're working at stalling getting their dude because I I worked as a Barista and I worked at starbucks in New Jersey for a year, and that was a fucking nightmare. Are. We just a gloss over the fact that you pronounce it Bar, Re Sta. Way How how is it? We shouldn't do that. What the fuck are you saying stepping? It's a Barista. Why'd you go I work as a Bar East. That's that's how you said it. That's my. It's a regional thing. That's how Cottonwood Arizonans from the same family. I don't think I've ever seen Bari. I say things like that one dude. That says okay. I was feeling low energies. I bought myself. I shook bar. What's? Wrong with you I also. I all I speak well, yes I'm also the guy that has his name spelled Stephen but says it's pronounced Stephan, so that's the exactly you about to say. You speak Italian I was GONNA. Say you're in the same room out a slap the shit out of you. Steffan as this thing where he likes to sell every person. Yes, it's Brad Williams I gotta let them know that I. I heard you start to fucking saying Harland, bring it up. Because, you talion the accent. Yeah, that's how they say they say body stop by. I'm sure they do now. I. Know Why people treat you like Shit. Services because you probably were like and my name is Stephan. By today. Than then like I saw. You Creating I call Dixit. They're like. Here's a split like it says experts acts on a sign. Say Espresso. Announced the Frappuccino. God Damn it. Just give him my fucking drink. Man You. Just talking like that makes me never WANNA play. I want to hear that voice. Oh, that's how I learned Italian. The professor like. No now speaking Italian accent Oh! Great Yeah Yeah you you! You're that God. It's like. When someone or a media and you're like? Oh you mean grander. God. I hate myself. I'm going to have to add it this later and Do not take. Anthony. Make sure he leaves us in. Eric. Eric on him. Guys. Than I've ever errict. We net we. You should never go full ERC. Okay as we say. Italian VERBANIA. So, what else do you have to say about this anthony? Really Likes I. I really liked how the therapist agreed that it was weird because. Every therapist I've been to like. You told them some bucked up shit and they're like normal like. Heard Worse. Yes. That not many across the fuck. Was Wrong with you. Personal diary that day. rubbed nuts on. And Diary Andrea and Yeah the this is this therapist where someone once said yeah I eat my own poop and they'd act like they were shocked. And then you told the story about rubbing. On your balls, they're like Oh God. That's fucked up. Robe. That therapist just thinking. When did he pay me in cash? Oh God. Money. All Right! So go work in the service industry that that as your pants. Beautiful all right good. All Right Eric anything else I think once they've served their penance at the Papa. John's and that's done with. They then need to go and get a job. where the currency is made right because he they defiled the money as well. Someone made that money. Taken the full steps here. Okay, so go to the royal. Mint is a called here or The the mint makes coins, but. I hope he wasn't rubbing coins on his group. In Nichols. Wasn't. About that story is if you paid and. I hope he dated and got some. Or on his boss. Nickel poisoning. It's like a J. James. Bond Villain origin. I. I feel like this guy's a sweet guy though. Hear me out the fact that he did make a mistake, and now he's trying to atone for it and years later. He still remembers this, and he's trying to atone for it. Because I I can't remember maybe I rubbed my gooch on some stuff and gave it to people i. don't it's just those? Teenage years are a blur, so yeah I feel like the fact that this guy's pointing this out and trying to atone for it gives me hope that the world is going to be a better. Less tainted place. NAH got damaged. And that's our show. Brad thank you so much for coming on. We really appreciated having you. I was chuckling chortling all the time. Thank you so much. Where can people find you? Gentlemen I got I got a good left the. Comedy, Dot Com Check out. My tour dates. It changes kind of by the week with this whole thing some. Are Open someplace art, so please. Call Clubs. Doc them before you head out there Yep. Dot Com on instagram. At Bradley Comic. Follow me on twitter at Funny Brad and book me on Cameo and also your ex girlfriend that are pushing. Love it awesome well, thank you so much. Brad, we really appreciate. All those links are going to be in the show notes for your upcoming show, especially at standard up live in Phoenix and Yeah, we really appreciate coming on the show. Thanks, guys. Thank, you everyone! Letterman.

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