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"anthony davis ruder" Discussed on Around the Horn

"One nine acres ninety eight feed joe harris lucid the nets holding opponents under one hundred which is a rarity this season. Clinton yates around the war and to you. What can you take away from february. Nba game without the rain without davis with the nets winning in la well number one durant gave us one of the great means of the nba season. So let's not forget about that but let's add up what was happening in this game. You're missing k. d. From the nets from the lakers missing shooter. And you're missing. Ad now what specifically went on in the game was one thing. However what i saw from this nets team if you add all of these things back up as their whole. I actually think that can win the nba finals at this point. This is the first time. I believe it was one point in this game when the nets up twenty points and they can take in one less shot than the lakers. Their efficiency is off the charts. We all know. Joe harris can do. He's got the trophy on the wall from the three point contest team. Has it in them. At this point now based on what i saw last night. It's not about not the lakers. It's about what the next. So you're taking away a lot from february game without anthony davis ruder and kevin durant kevin blackstone show. You're shaking your head. No here yeah i mean. I don't know how you can take away that much from a team that you just said was missing. Ad and schreuder. That's two guys that played sixty minutes plus for the lakers. That's two guys at. Add up to thirty points. Plus for the lakers and still they only beat them by ten points so no. I'm not taking anything away from this. The nets playing better right now. Yeah they've won a bunch of the road all on the road. Talk to me on sunday. After they played the clippers who should be at full strength. And let's see how that goes but no. I'm not taking anything. Anything more from the nets from you will absolutely talk to you. After sunday kevin blackstone thank you. Sarah spain what did you see. What do you take away from last night. And that's overlaid. I think. I'm somewhere between those two guys. Kp seems a little to dismiss it for this. Which now puts them at eight and one against teams that are top five in each conference. This is a team that is now continuing to show up. Play defense move. The ball hit threes and look effective against the best teams in the league. If they're able to do that when it matters most you hope that that translates over to the postseason as well. I do have my reservations about any james harden team that's dependent on three pointers when you get to the postseason because we've seen that formula fall apart before when they go cold but you add kevin durant back into this and they care on defense which they do against the best in the league and i'm much more positive about this team that i was comfortable more positive but you have reservations which i saw you. Were texting stack group chat about her reservations that she has tim. Keller shaw how about you. I gotta say the man striped pajamas was onto something at the start of the show. I think this brooklyn team showing. They have a lot of ways to come at people on a night when they don't have the best shooter in the nba the best score in the nba. They doesn't really bother them. Because by the way. Joe harrison's their best true shooter six per saw here we go yes. They got the scoring from hard. And they got what they needed from anna. Sarah said they're beating all the good teams when they play a bad team. They might lose one hundred and forty two hundred forty but in the playoffs. They're not gonna really play bad teams so they're the team to watch dates. Let you pick up the pieces of your wardrobe. Just gonna say for somebody out there trying to imitate my look with his own. Look check the tape from last week. We love to see it. We don't need to go deeper on this. We'll move on lebron thirty.

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