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"Um Suffolk County Police homicide detectives are investigating. A really horrible situation, right? Actually, in my neighborhood neighborhood, a man was electrocuted. And another injured in Rincon Comma, investigators say Michael Jacob was working on runway lights at Long Island MacArthur Airport when he was electrocuted this afternoon. The 51 year old victim is from Holbrook. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. Cops say a second employee was also shocked while attempting to help the victim who died and was treated for non life threatening injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, otherwise known as OSHA, has been notified. The Justice Department is ready to suit Texas over its new abortion law, and that could happen today. The lawsuit is expected to argue that the ban legally interferes with federal interest. The attorney general has vowed. Excuse me. To protect the women trying to get an abortion. After six weeks, Vice President Harris will meet with patients and providers in the state today, as well as from Mississippi, Kentucky and New Mexico to talk about the impact of the law there. Yeah. You know, I heard you said that you have a little bit of a call. You didn't mention that yesterday when I was talking with you. Well, I didn't want you to get nervous, and I kind of thought I was done with it. And then you know, you know, usually you wake up and you feel a little bit better each day and I was and I was I thought the cold was was done. And then I woke up and it was like I took a step back. I don't know that's interesting because you know, I was telling you I felt kind of lousy yesterday. And the day before, and I woke up. Well, of course it's morning. So you always got to feel that the feeling but yeah, I feel a little weird today, too. I don't know. Maybe it's I mean, it's his chest cold type. No, no, it's all in my nose. All in my mind is in my chest. It's a lot going on there. Sorry. That was completely inappropriate. Um, but it's appropriate if you say it if I'd say it's inappropriate, by the way, New York Governor Kathy Huckle um you mentioned on Wednesday. Signed a bill into law that required all passenger vehicles sold in the state to be a mission free by 2035. This law is going to make New York the second state after California. To phase out greenhouse gas emissions and cars and light trucks, and it also eliminates, uh, was aiming to eliminate emissions for medium and heavy duty vehicles by 2045. It requires the creation of a detailed plan for zero emissions vehicle development by 2023. By the way, Governor Hogle I'm told today is going to be attending at 4 30. A Planned Parenthood Day of Action rally at Brooklyn Borough Hall in downtown Brooklyn. All right. We got sports with Matt Sapienza in just a minute. But first Howard University is cancelling more classes today. The Washington D C School is investigating a ransomware cyberattack discovered on Friday. Most systems have been off line since Since then, though some courses resumed yesterday, online and hybrid classes remain suspended. But in person classes will continue. No word yet on who is responsible for the attack, Students and employees will have their devices and their credentials audited. Quick bit of national news a warning of potential violence during an upcoming right wing rally. This is coming as violent rhetoric surrounding the September 18th event in Washington, D. C. Has caused a bit of concern. There is online and counter protests being planned for the same day. The latest intelligence reports on the justice for J six rally. That means January 6th rally, which is obviously We've been talking about this. It aims to support the insurrectionists who were charged in the capital riots. Um, it notes that online chatter and support of the event started increasing after the officer who fatally shot rioter Ashley Babbitt went public. There have been additional discussions of violence associated with the event, the online chat, suggesting violence against Jewish centers and liberal churches. Um well, law enforcement is distracted that day. So that's just fantastic. That's a great way to to make your message. 5 15. Let's get a look at sports with Matt Sapienza. Alright, Thanks, Frank. And here we go. We got a lot of sports go through today. So here it is. Vladimir Guerrero Jr hit his 41st home run and the streaking Toronto Blue Jays knocked the slumping Yankees out of the ale top. Ls top wild card spot, beating New York 6 to 3. The Yankees have lost five straight and nine of 11 since winning 13 in a row. This latest defeat dropped them a half game behind Boston for the first wild card slot. The Oscar Hernandez hit go ahead single in the seventh inning and Guerrero connected off Aroldis Chapman Chapman rather to begin the ninth as the Blue Jays won their seventh in a row. Toronto moved within 1.5 games of the Yankees. And in the Magic city, Brian dela Cruz had three hits, including a game winning single off the center field fence with two outs in the bottom of the 10th as that give the Miami Marlins a 21 victory over the Mets, Miami starter Sandy Allah Contra Struck out a career best 14 and allowed one run in nine innings. The right hander gave up four hits and through a career high 114 pitches. Anthony Bender worked a scoreless innings for the win, and he finally made it. Former Yankees shortstop and captain Derek Jeter has been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Better missed by one vote of being a unanimous pick in his first year on the ballot, but that was far from his mind. On this day, Jeter noted at the start of his speech that 10 Hall of Famers had died in the past 20 months. He was greeted by a sea of Yankees fans for a ceremony that was changed to mid week in September from its customary spot on a Sunday in late July because of the pandemic with sports at 15 and 45. I'm Matt sappy Ginza and that is W ABC Sports Back to you guys. 5 17. Let's get a look at Traffic and transit on the sevens with Joe Nolan. Were you pleased to see Derek Jeter inducted yesterday? Oh, that was great. I actually watched it live. It was awesome. Just absolutely terrific. He is such a classy guy in such I mean, he he he is the New York Yankees. You know? Well, now he's the Miami Marlins. No, no, he's not. He'll never be owner. I know, but that's he's getting paid for every ticket that that's bought there. I know, but that's easy Yankees he's done. Marlin and Marlin Marlins aren't even a real team. And by the way the Yankees stink. North.

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