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"antara ponant" Discussed on Throwing Shade

"And I graduated magnum could block. Well, it's been a couple week. I mean, it really has this has been one bucked up week. And even I wanna say even I would say the past couple of weeks. It all started with Jamal Khashoggi and Trump essentially saying we like Saudi Arabia. I think it's okay. We believe them with everything they're saying a journalist was mutilated. Let me hear it. I don't believe. Yeah. And with Mike Pompeo also saying to the press, I don't wanna talk about any of the facts that data want to either. That's just being said by the secretary of state. And everyone's like, okay. Yeah. I mean, it's absolutely crazy. Fucking fistfight in the in the White House between John Kelly. I don't remember. That adviser still skin. Yeah. Run be stilts. Also, Megan Kelly today. I know by the way. So if you don't know Megan Kelly was defending black face today. Countess lou. And and catch us Lou Ann her costume when she dressed up as Diana Ross. That's right. And the rest of her panel was like. No that that. That's absolutely like, you gotta be embarrassed when you're panels like, yeah, you're wrong. And here's why she should look at the pattern because you've discussed it before she she's convinced that Santa clauses white made an argument for it. I mean, there's exceptionalism problem. And she did issue an apology for face thing. Even believe her and find like great apology. But also like look keep looking deeper also NBC should be fucking embarrassed. Sure. They are. I'm sure I'm sure they are just waiting on her contract. But at this point, maybe they should just pay her out. Is it doing is it doing well people watching her stumble through being a human being, I don't think so. And then also today. Gang is is a few days 'cause Berg record on Monday, people Brian Kemp who is the secretary of state for Georgia today in it was a private in a secret recordings. If you don't know what's happening there. Stacey Abrams his opponent running for governor. Who's a king bad ass as a college student in ninety two she joined burning the state flag on the capitol steps at the time. The state flag incorporated the confederate flag and in one thousand nine hundred burnt it. Right. I'd like she's ready to kick shit up a notch, and she's fabulous. And she's the one who said who sort of believes people, and they say, no, I think there is like a temps for voter fraud here in the state to suppress voting, and then Brian Kemp who's the attorney or excuse me, the secretary state Antara Ponant governor who also controls all the vote is overseeing the election and today secret recording was done where he said, they just have I think meaning the Democrats and unprecedented number of absentees, which is something to confer. To concern us, especially if everybody uses an exercises their right to vote. This is someone in elective office. Saying we've got a problem if people vote, and this person has not resigned yet or been removed. This is disgusting. This is someone advocating for voter suppression. It's it's beyond the pay what the supreme court, which whatever is now irreversibly tainted, but they should really look at themselves and the and the way that they've Oded in the I forget what the name of the case was basically where they're like. Okay. The south. Yes. Okay. You can you can make your own rules when it comes to voting..

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