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"annella dejesus" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"Together i don't know because john officials on yeah annella dejesus produce it i don't know i we we didn't of us watched it here but all of her hudson remember three years ago he dragged his absence t dad bill hudson into social media by wishing wishing him a happy abandonment and then bill hudson of the hudson brothers for people wherever certain a was with goldie hawn and have the two kids kate and oliver he went to the daily mail and said that his children were dead him well apparently according to oliver he was on larry king talking bars his tv show and he said well we're trying right now oh we've had some texts back and forth there was an incident my instagram that was darkly comedic and it blew up into something and it actually helped us with our relationship well that's bill hudson is always accused goldie hawn of alienated alienating yet wind when she got with our kurt russell well so yeah so the show is splitting up together and it's on after it was on after roseanne you did well maybe maybe it'll work we'll see the handmaid's tale dining posted the trailer if you're fan it's here the big question will you watch it just to watch the first hulu now around the corner right listen we need referees people he'd to grocery.

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