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"anneli sabato" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"I when I was a child I would take walks with my paternal grandfather Luigi, San Marco, and we would beat him sometimes on a Saturday of the north end, and we would walk around. I heard the story from him. He lived in the north end at that time, they didn't move to Bedford until nineteen twenty one. So in nineteen nineteen he would have been fairly young IB by he wasn't married until nineteen twenty one. So I assume that he basically notably saw it everyone probably saw it. It was one of those things that was to go to place, but the all aspect was definitely get two to three feet deep. So it must have permitted cobblestones. Would the cops hill burial ground? That was directly across the street. The staircase that leads to that. So everything was probably permitted with molasses, and you could probably still smell it within months. For years afterwards. Re-signing wooden structure would have be imbued with that stuff. Definite her ever. But even you know, brick is poor and things of that sort. So in a hot muggy August day. Maybe but the whole aspect was it was something that was just devastating. And it's fortunate that not more people were killed, but there's a little bit more to it. Because actually that nice it again froze over so ba- Lassus froze and the horses, and humans who were admired in this molasses. Sometimes a few people weren't even found for a week. And then later even what I think of later. So it was something that was really quite incredible. But it was something that truly was something that many people must realize subways that was devastating. But it also was something that a lot of ways that lead to some very important changes, especially through weights. Seals of the city of Boston suspecting of any type of a container that would hold any type of material like molasses right after a short break. We'll talk to Lennie in Wakefield. But before the short break, you mentioned your grandfather Luigi. Yes. Talk a little bit about Luigi when he did. My grandfather was actually a banana specialist. He actually so bananas. He was associated with United fruit company. And when I was a very young child. I used to always be intrigued it wasn't just yellow bananas. That was served after dinner on a fruit tray. It was also red bananas than what they called finger bananas fingerlings. So I was always really aware of what he would do. And he was retired. Of course by the time. I was born in nineteen fifty seven, but he was a fascinating man and on Saturdays. We would usually beat him in the north end. We would go to the European for lunch. And then he would take us through the Hebei market. It was not every Saturday. But it was usually once a month. And it was really quite a fascinating thing. He was very quiet, man. He always enjoyed a drink at a cigar. And he's been deceased for many years, but he lived to be a hundred. Four. I was always quite intrigued with his life, and his, you know, love for my grandmother roads, g Anneli Sabato, and he used to think in a lot of ways they lit a very quiet retiring life, but I have great memories of him one hundred and four good for him. Yes. Now after this. We'll get to Linney in Wakefield on busy. We gotta talk..

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