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"anne jeffreys" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"The man is about to say yeah. Let's everybody lives in the usa. Radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time rather the cbs radio workshop dedicated to man's immagination. The theater of the mind. This is classic. Radio theatre wanted to get away from it. All the fbi in peace and war very among the unexpected. The unexpected the now. Here's your host. Wyatt reasoning friend. Thought we'd of crime bears shadow. Bill johnstone starring from eight years ago january twenty six nine thousand nine hundred forty one. The ghost of caleb. Mackenzie we thank you for tuning. In on this tuesday twenty-six day of january. We have three hundred thirty nine days remaining until we get to the next year. Happy birthday michigan. You were admitted as a twenty-six state of the union on this date in eighteen thirty seven tennessee enacted the first prohibition on the us and eighteen thirty eight in eighteen forty one. The uk formally occupied hong kong. Which china later formally ceded in eighteen sixty one. The state of louisiana seceded from the union in the civil war in one thousand. Nine eleven glenn. Curtiss flew the first successful seaplane. Former ford motor company. Executive henry leland launched the lincoln motor company which he later sold his former employer that launch took place in one thousand nine hundred twenty in one thousand nine hundred eighty four. The apollo theater reopened in harlem new york and in one thousand nine hundred sixty one president kennedy appointed. Janet g traveled to me as physician the first time a woman held the appointment ranger. Three launched on this date in one thousand nine hundred sixty to to study the moon. The space probe missed the moon. My twenty two thousand miles in a state of the union address on this date in one thousand nine hundred eighty to president. Reagan announced a program to turn back revenue to the states. Nineteen eighty eight states will be in complete control over forty federal grant programs that trust fund will start to phase out loud eventually to disappear and the excise taxes will be turned over to the states. President reagan during his state of the union message back in one thousand nine hundred eighty two and nineteen eighty eight andrew. Lloyd webber's the phantom of the opera. Had its first performance on broadway at the majestic theater in new york in one thousand nine hundred ninety two. Boris yeltsin announced that russia would stop targeting. Us cities with nuclear weapons on american television on this date in nineteen ninety. Eight president clinton denied having sexual relations with former white house intern. Monica lewinsky. I want to say one thing to the american people. I want you to listen to me. I'm going to say this again. I did not have sexual relations with that woman miss lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie. Not a single time never. These allegations are false. And i need to go back to work for the american people days later the president would walk a lot of that back in two thousand five congolese or rice became the first black woman and only the second black or woman to serve. As secretary of state western union dropped their telegram service on this date in two thousand and six they primarily. Now our money mover. You send money through western union. You don't send messages. In two thousand seven. The american journal of medicine reported aspirin may prevent attacks and stroke until now we didn't know whether apparently healthy people could prevent the occurrence of i heart attack by taking aspirin aspirin. This study which is the largest study of its kind ever conducted shows quite conclusively that you can back in two thousand nine. You remember nadia seulimun. Whittier california the octo. Mom gave birth to octuplets conceived by in virtual fertilization. She was already a mother of six and it was one year ago today. A sikorsky helicopter flying from john wayne airport to come real. Airport crashed in calabasas california thirty miles west of la killing all nine people on board including former nba champion. Kobe bryant and his daughter gianna among others passing away on this date the credited inveterate baseball opener. Doubleday mobster lucky luciano. Edgar g robinson. Cdc vice president nelson rockefeller who was by the way not elected to that office. No he was picked after. Oh it's a long crazy story. Which will talk about it. another time. football coach bryan actor. Jose pereira wrestler. Dr david schultz. Astrologer genie dixon. The send the marlon brando christian brando who is also an actor. Fish from barney miller a goede mannix connors and della street on the perry mason. Show barbara hale. This is the birthday of general. Douglas macarthur gangster. Frank costello charles lane very fine actor Did a whole bunch of character. Roles actor william hopper from perry mason also actress anne jeffreys actor. Paul newman wrestling commentator gordon solely born on this date in history as well as film critic gene siskel eddie van halen whom we lost last year at sixty five and wrestler road warrior animal. We lost him last year. At the age of sixty cartoonist member primarily political cartoonists. Jill spifer ninety two years. Old baseball player broadcaster. Bob euchre eighty seven. Who do you think you are mr big stop. Gene nights seventy eight years old today. She wrote passionate kisses her. Mary chapin carpenter. Who made it a hit lucinda. Williams's sixty eight sweet love anita baker. Sixty three ellen. Degeneres fifty three for mad tv bryan callen fifty four the last host of soul train dorian. Gregory also starting charmed fifty years of age and wwe wrestler. Sasha banks twenty nine years of age who happens to be first cousins with snoop dogg. Just something you might not know though. Some of the people who celebrate the twenty six day of january.

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