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"anne hathaway mackey mcconnell" Discussed on Lights, Camera, Podcast

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"anne hathaway mackey mcconnell" Discussed on Lights, Camera, Podcast

"Boy serenity with Anne Hathaway Mackey McConnell. Jason clark. That's another tease for future. Bottom. Ten movie on this podcast here. Serenity came out recently. I did not expect us to review it what it stirred up a lot of controversy. I don't say well controversy. Yes. Around the nakedness of Matthew mcconaughey there. Rumors he had full frontal nudity in this movie minute was disputed, and then the movie came out and everyone talked about the twist. So here's a synopsis Baker dill awful name, by the way, awful name is a fishing group. Name it is is a fishing boat. Captain who leads tours off of the trickle in on enclave of Plymouth island, his peaceful life who soon shattered his ex wife, Karen, which is incredible. Okay. I realized that he didn't have a peaceful life at all. He was fucking miserable. He will ris shit life. He was. Yeah. He couldn't couldn't pay for gas. He was miserable. And sad. So yes. So the fact that it's ex wife named Karen that's incredible. Tracks him down desperate for help. Karen begs Baker to save her and their young, son. From her abusive husband, she wants to take the brute out for a fishing excursion them throw him overboard to the sharks thrust back into a life that he wanted forget Baker now finds himself struggling to choose between, right and wrong and that shit, right? There tells you nothing about what you're going to embark on with this movie against the spoiler review. All right. I'll splice the time code in here. I'll be fair though. I just think you gotta listen to this to avoid spoilers for serenity skip to fifty six forty seven. Also, watching guys grocery games per usual on editing, the podcast, and I just want to note the this episode. The winner has to go up against iron Schiff, Alex Gorna Shelley which respect to her. She's an iron chef. But nothing goat. I wanna see the winner. Go up against the goat iron chef. And the greatest of all time is Michael Simon. Thirty four seven one. The best earn chef his down. Even more remote, though is not that good. And he is incredible. He's twenty six seventeen Bobby flay forty three and sixteen. Very good. Michael Simon thirty four seven one almost unbeatable. This guy is so damned good. He's the best iron. Chef. If you disagree with me. Do not tweet me don't posted anywhere because you're wrong. Okay. Back to the pod you wanna skip serenity. Go ahead. Here we go. We're about to spoil the shit out of this movie. So. I I don't even know where to begin. Can we start? Let's walk through the plot bit by like, let's try to reconstruct. It ourselves as we go along. Okay. So I'll start off. So like you said Matthew, mcconaughey as on this island? He's miserable. He he has Duke with them who is assistant or co captain of this boat. Second maitre, whatever it's called any can't pay can't pay him. So he goes to have sex with this lady gives them money. He's basically prostitute. And he's he's drinking. He's adding a miserable life until one day is wife played by Anne Hathaway shows up at the bar gentleman. And would you know, the whole thing just seems a little surreal when you say fellas the acting a little over the top. You're kind of at this point. You're kind of thinking is this a is this a straight board murder mystery movie, or is this a little Sifi type of element move anything to add you're doing your job? No, I'm gonna continue. I want us to piece this together. Because from this. I want to keep. Note that they can make an appointment note. How he Baker had like a cerebral weird. Like psyche connection with his son that kept saying that over and over again..

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