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"anne frank ogden" Discussed on The People's Countryside Environmental Debate Podcast

The People's Countryside Environmental Debate Podcast

03:37 min | 2 years ago

"anne frank ogden" Discussed on The People's Countryside Environmental Debate Podcast

"We have three this podcast. She stopped to appreciate the night. Show around you in your local area and we we. I'm to keep the big issues in your consciousness here on the people's countryside environmental dubai podcast and today's question which has been set by listening. We're going to be covering Support for for each other arm. Shoot the waldman mother and moy job alongside Being co host of this sharada. This podcast as our. I've been wildlife garden for nearly three years. Give talks lead walks do radio co host. I'm anne frank ogden collaborating for at least twenty five years. I think it sometimes feels isn't so for those creative of creative as well. Budget went weekly live show. Facebook faced repays shot at an angle seventy and gmc talking about creativity and talk say very much naturalist nature and i woke up because i said that in a few episodes ago i've been surrounded myself by nature with actually realizing why was today's episode is question from oxford again. I haven't we. Actually when. I was young when i was born. I don't think this place was even acne at oxford in the city of looks. I think it was a bit later. We're talking about little more jenny from natural. Yeah still feels like a little village. But the ashim boy oxyde. Yeah jenny from more. Thanks question and yusei you talk about supporting each other. On numerous episodes of the podcast. What form does that take and now do you know when each other needs support speed by style magazine every weeks before isn't it lost me talking. She's asking about being. You know about people support each other. Generally but we can move onto that maybe for you just so when you do something out of out of routine maybe Like there was You did you live show on the facebook nervous. One week just went on that. You didn't do it. And i just knew that that just wasn't right So it just might a call. And i did. I said how do you know why when something slightly different You have to get to know the person you yeah. I'm very wairoa. What you need what sport you need need pushing to do your work whether you in the podcast. The podcast editor art you. So i'm very you have these struck you good structure in place that you when it comes to actually managing the files that i sent you because we record these separately and that's everything my support for you is is more. It's just being there to do the things that you can't do necessarily maybe by because you have been up in up in manchester. I'm here on a very regular basis that you'll house keeping things keep things good. Keeping keeping sticking uber disturbed. Little things to make this place. Look at ryan but i mean i think the most important part of this question is is like how do you know what other needs support and i think you definitely got it right..

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