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"anne archie manning" Discussed on Good Seats Still Available

"Football so we the one rule and i it doesn't really matter i don't i don't think it was my idea but i love the idea must have been jin was that the players would play men on men in other words team you're the wide receiver where the sikado bulldogs the defensive back for the philadelphia shenanigans i'm covering you when when this again nine against have the ball you're covered me so it was really man on man because when when anne archie manning or too many when he li manning is on the field against tom brady they're not against each other they never even before the game they can after the game but otherwise never in the field this way you did everybody but the quarterback i thought it was a great idea also cut down on number players and yet iron men out there and people could relate to that so we went up to up to rockford had everything said had one set of of netting the players who know anything that indoor we never told them that they come on and now it's a flashback to the atoms they thought this is where they were going to just change clippers we take them out onto the field and say you're going to play a game here and we don't really know what the rules right so we get some videotape the really funny because one thing we forgot was a referee shirt so doug logan found some striped shirt and it's me down there with a whistle that's that's really terrifying but so i'm down there and we're trying seven men eight men all different kinds of things we get videotape but doug logan being extremely forwardlooking bright expansive guy said this is the greatest thing in the world it's football and it's indoors and the fans are on top of it hell they can.

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