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"annapolis government" Discussed on Rock N Roll Archaeology

"Now I mean it's beds blooming so. Yes! Gone this. Way As you do. If you bring your kids to conventions, address up together so we. Macon's out here. Is usually like right down the block, so we don't have to get a hotel. We just by three days. Go to come home at. Cleveland has some really big Detroit recently. Our half from US has really big ones, so we go to those. Who wants to go to new? York one really bad. Big. Into COMECON. Ridiculous Oh my God I can only imagine. That's like its own little city. Grazie because. We were on tour with Angel on airwaves and we were playing the outdoor field. It was weird. It's like where comic con happens in. San Diego. There's a bridge that goes on an island so the stage on the island. No, fancy. So we would BANSI. We had like three openness, and we just crossed the bridge in conscious. We have free pass right. We gotta go back and play show. Was Pretty Cool Day. That sounds pretty awesome. But. As of right now they haven't cancelled new. York common to have canceled New York they need to. That's not happening. Probably Shutting Down Ohio again. They said today on these really so many people are dying in. It's just people only take serious and. they took a picture of this beach. This island also right off of where I live. Famous, island, that you have take ferry soups, but it's basically the party island. To a picture of thousands of people just. Think you then like today. Like three hundred people from that party ended up in hospital. Don't say so. It's like it's like it's connected or so. It's real. Real. You Know Ford. Or they say it's not real, and then where their mask everywhere and you're like well, not Annapolis. Government Bullshit this trump trying to whatever I don't know I. So I take. My Mascot worked so yeah. Yeah, it's fucking serious guys. Serious I know people got it I. Know People are still. I have a girlfriend of mine who I grew up with she. Ended up, her husband ended up in hospital and she still sick three months later. Yeah, it's awful some serious shit. Went. Softly goes away. and shows could happen again. Yeah, that's the biggest thing man I miss shows. Yeah, we had. We had a bucket list of shows. Up For this year and pretty much, every single one has been canceled or re reschedule. Unquote reschedule yeah, but. I'd like. To cancel all their shows of course. Everything in twenty twenty one, but I still don't think it's going to happen I, Don. I, think. This is something that. I have a friend WHO's a doctor. Ever friend WHO's in the CDC works for. And they said there's a lot more to this that the public doesn't know. Trump and the government's just keeping it like. Yeah. The fact that we have a fucking more on for president is in helping anything so and the protests that I support it. Hundred percent I think it's great, but it also didn't help it helps spread it. You know what I mean unfortunately for something good. That's linking around that people forgetting about that is there. There's there's some protests like we went to a protest in our little city here in New York and Everyone, literally ninety nine point, nine nine nine percent of people were wearing masks, and they were social distancing and I haven't heard anything about you know about like clumps of people that were at that rally like getting sick or anything, but then gotTA. Get sprague's. Exactly like everything you need. They're realizing now. That does not necessarily touch thing because I get wear gloves another ruling by touching it solely. Like yeah. If you, you're bichsel. If you touch your nose, your mouth, your eyes or something and you have it on your hands. Yeah, that's that's gonNA spread it, but if you don't look at yourself. Off I can say names and Shit, but he works for all at Shit. And he said that would screwed up is that there's another virus that they're now? That's what I've heard mumbling. Her, but it's it's, but it's it's I. I hope I don't get in trouble for this. Apparently don't quoting. Co allegedly. There's another virus going around. Back Mike and that's why little kids are getting that weird. They call it a a different form of of of Verona but assigned as another virus. How they don't want to cause mass hysteria. Yeah, well. Here I am coffee and Louisiana. I'm probably hey. He was nice. Sony guys up. At least recorded your last conversation saying we got. Your. Today His friends in the his friend's, MOM's a doctor, so of course I trust them. Hang aware that mask use a gay I'm like you're not going away mass us like while might take off. I was like our school Nancy. And when you come home, and you give it to Dan and your daddy dies because you're gonNa feel horrible by life and he was like dude that star dates. Car. All my kids so does. No seem your kid into where that math. Yeah, if only it would work for like everybody. Jimmy Dormant. It's tour minutes zone. Okay, yeah yeah. I just got the death glare. The, wrap it up. We got. You're taking him somewhere. Good last night with my daughter grabbed the cameras on issues like my dad has to go, he's making. His on you. Guy was like we're cool. We're good and. I saw vegetables on you on instagram. Yeah! I would interrupted interview for that, so it was. It was bomb on a good I the one thing I can say that. I like to cook so I believe. Vegetables. Spinach Keeney portable mushroom scattered the best ship. Male sauce amonar about the sauce. Make the night before. So. It sounds orderly eight. Oh. My God, that's when you know it's good is when a kid will eat half of it. You did something really well. Yeah, my son is such a meter. He's like faulk that I'm going to eat. And my son curse, and I go. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, or whatever you such a New York. It's like in his blood, and then you don't fuck that and so this last night. He was dead. beccles johnny was bombed dude. My Dad, I think we can go vegetarian and he goes fuck that. I. Am with your child on this issue. One hundred percent. I'M NOT GONNA. Force you to. Join anything on there talk about I'm sorry I'm like you've been wonderful this. Is Fine Absolutely. It's been absolutely wonderful before we rationale. Quicksand Okay Company Cross. Dash and into that's GONNA fucking up. All right, perfect great summation of the last however many minutes. Christ, Name of God oh shit. Is. I've been obsessed with this. Ban The cold Rollo Tomasi give him I fucking love Rollo Tomasi Algorithms that. Time will die and I was. More. Or whatever he we are, they still around. Oh. Yeah, there's still a ban, really 'cause. I remember learning..

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