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"Extreme weather is taking a toll on coastlines and not just along. The oceans Lisa Kenyan lives in Euclid Ohio right about three doors away from Lake Erie at the end of our street. A tall grassy bluff overlooks the water Kenyon under neighbors collectively owned that land. And the beach below the bluff is about thirty feet tall. So we have like a little stairwell that goes down man, we have like a little boat house that's about halfway down the incline. But during heavy rain this past spring, a long narrow strip of the bluff collapsed and washed down the steep slope to the water like a small landslide. This type of bluff erosion is getting worse as climate change causes more extreme storms and heavy precipitation. Wayne's and high water eat away at the base of lakeside cliffs weakening the land above and making it more likely to collapse during storms Kenyans community is working to stabilize the soil. By planting trees and letting grasses grow along, but we can't control more and more intense rain events, so as the climate changes many coastal property owners both on the ocean Annalong lakes. Find their homes at risk. Climate connections is produced by the Yale center for environmental communication Marne. More at Yale climate connections dot org. Sushi caucus very own seven twenty WGN still ahead in the opening bell. Brian summers will be your from Skift dot com. We'll have the latest on the investigation into the seven thirty seven max. But right now, it's time for the news. Here's Vic Vaughn election. Officials in Florida will hand count fifty three thousand seven hundred sixty nine ballots in the US Senate race between Republican Rick Scott Democrat Bill Nelson, those ballots that were considered over or under boats, meaning that the ballots weren't filled out correctly or couldn't be tabulated through a machine that number does not include Broward, Lee, or Palm Beach counties, three of the state's largest counties have until Sunday to submit the results of their hand recounts. US forces deployed the San Diego to assist border patrol. Officially do. Not regard a caravan Central American migrants headed for the United States as the enemy. That's what a spokesman for special purpose marine ground-air task for seven tells Reuters army, captain goester Cunningham, the third. Said they're just people looking for a better way of life and asylum and US has imposed sanctions on seventeen people for their roles in the murder of journalist Jamal kashogi. They include a fifteen men hit squad that allegedly traveled to Turkey to kill the Saudi consul, general and Instanbul and as senior adviser the crown prince the sanctions immediately froze their US assets. They also prohibit other Americans from doing business with them. Let's get a check a WGN sports. Now would is sponsored by northwestern. Football. Chicago's big ten team Thursday night. Football little help for the bears. Their bid for the NFC north. Thanks to a team the bears beat back in September the Seattle Seahawks wiped out a fourteen three deficit came back to beat Green Bay twenty seven twenty four despite Aaron Rodgers three hundred thirty two yards passing and two touchdowns. Green Bay is four or five and one trailing the six and three bears and the five three and one Vikings who meet Sunday the Blackhawks route for two and a road tonight. Our xfinity Blackhawks report, the hawks hosting the LA kings pre game tonight at seven here on seven twenty WGN depaul is three and for the first time in almost a decade after beating Penn State in overtime, seventy two seventy UIC was oh in three till beating William and Mary one hundred ninety five and OT tonight. It's northwestern hosting Binghamton pre-game five forty five. wgnradiOcom and on AM one thousand couple of games in the bay area were cancelled because of poor air quality, resulting from the wildfires northern California. And some college football games are also threatening colluding. Tomorrow's Cal Stanford game in Berkeley and hobby. Or by is the cubs at distant second. Milwaukee's Christian yelich in the National League MVP balloting, yelich got twenty nine to thirty first place votes..

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