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"Me will I still go on believe me the world could show nothing to me so what good would living do me God only knows what I'd be without you I don't know how old Brian Wilson was when he wrote this. But this to me feels like a love song you write after you've been kicked around a bunch because he says I may not always love you. But I love you now and he says if you would leave me life would go on believe me. It just wouldn't be as good a life. There's none of this like I'll die. I won't be able to get any oxygen. You know it's true. It's a very grown-up kind of love song. What do you think? It is. When you say max, he would have been about 23. I think he would have been a little bit older than that. Yeah, because they started in the early 60s and so he would have been a little bit older than that. Yeah. I think he just turned 80. I think he did. He's had touring right now. Yeah, exactly. So there are some good songs. Absolutely. Get some great songs. Bob and cherry. The fun size podcast, a shareable taste of the show at our website. Or the free free bob and cherry app. I'm reading this survey about table manners and how they've changed. And I've just realized that I am both frumpy and old fashioned, evidently. Which comes as no surprise to a few people. I suppose. But I'm just going to read these are rules that have evidently not with everyone, but changed. Half of the adults say these following practices are now okay. Putting elbows on the table while eating. New manners say that's totally acceptable. You know, for me, it's acceptable if you're eating it like dirty dance barbecue. I don't have a problem with that. But if you're sitting down at a nice restaurant or you're with people at a party, say you've been invited to like a wedding or something. I think the elbows on the table is a little bit rude. What do you think about that one? It's the sort of thing that was so drilled into me as a kid, that the only time it seems acceptable is outside at a picnic table eating corn on the cob. Yeah. Exactly. It was just drilled. That's right. New manners are being brought in to replace the ones that are being set out to pasture. And one of them is not using your phone at the dinner table. 100% agree with that. Three quarters of people reckon old rules followed by their parents and grandparents, no longer apply. Almost half of people think that you need to wait for everybody to be served before you start to eat. I don't like it when let's say it's a party and everybody's getting their own dish and uncle Billy goes up there. He gets his stuff. He sits down and he starts eating right away before anybody else gets there, including the women. I guess I am frumpy and old fashioned that way. I just look over at uncle Billy and I'm just going, wow, man, you know, have you not eaten like in a week? Could you wait for everybody else? What do you think of that one? Is that one that we should jettison also? No, I like that one. That one just seems polite, you know? Yeah. And finally, some people say, I don't have to use a knife or fork. Are we going to be eating with our feet? Is that acceptable? You got a pedicure and you're going to start you sit down and you're going to eat with your feet or just put your face right in the plate. So I mean, I don't expect you to use a knife and a fork with a banana, but are we eating rigatoni with our hands now? That's what I'm wondering. I know. That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw that. But it's the casualization of oh, shut up. Nobody wants to do that. Well, you know, no, bob, and you're defense. Here's the thing. There are certain foods that are finger foods. And we all kind of know what they are. Seems to me, it seems to me that it would just be easier for everyone if you used a utensil to eat mashed potatoes. Thank you. Scooping them into your mouth. Like, what? I know. Or just putting your face right in the plate. You know, there's the potatoes. You got a little mountain mashed potatoes. Yeah. You know what? I'll be the first one to tell you when you're being like whatever, but why would you want to eat scrambled eggs or mashed potatoes with your hand? Like it's just so messy and weird. No, I'm with you. Can you imagine walking through an airport where they have all those airport restaurants and seeing all of that going on? I love it. Through an airport. It's bob and sherry. Leave us a talk back. Talk back with the free bobbin cherry app. All right, it's time for everyone needs a laugh. Here is comedian Maureen langan. Let's get to it. Here's my real gift. My true gift. Who talks like that? My true gift. I'm a motivational speaker. So I help people. I hope that's right. All right, focus, both. Here's the deal. It doesn't matter how old or ugly a man is. As long as he is wealthier famous. He will get a hot chick to the day he dies. Women, we have a shelf life of about 35, 40 with good refrigeration. I did not make this up. I learned this decades decades ago from Anna Nicole Smith, my spiritual advice. Anna was married to an octogenarian in a wheelchair. That's a man in this industry. He hadn't walked since Watergate. That was a political crisis in our country. And the 1970s. Crazy. Well, they're young, and I love, and they're gonna help them. Anna was voluptuous gorgeous. He couldn't move on his own. Anybody seen the inequity? Anybody? Anybody, anybody? Okay, over for me. I feel like Canada, I have so much to offer, but nobody gives a crap. I don't think it's over for me, but people treat me like that. Okay, I'll give you an example. What did I get from my birthday? Somebody gave me a bread maker. A bread maker. So that I could make my own loaves of bread. Because that's what I want to do. I want to make my own lobes of bread. That's why my mother came to America. So I could make my own loaves of bread. Spending three bucks at the shop right was killing me. But thanks to your gift, I can now spend 5 hours needing and rolling down. Maybe next year, maybe you could give me a pick and a chicken and we can make bacon and eggs. Wouldn't that be fun? Good times. Let's do that. Fine. Do you know whose fault it is that women like me are getting bread makers? Martha Stewart. She won't go away. So she won't. We put her in jail, but she comes out. And the problem with putting her in jail is she gets straight Cred. When she comes out, yo, yo and dog. And in America, when you do the wrong thing, you get rewarded. That's the way it works. So she comes out, she gets a rewarded with another cooking show with that rapper who likes the weed. Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg. He brings the pot, she brings the pan. That's what happens. So they make it work. And that's not my point. My point is, we put her in jail and she had too much time in her hands to come up with more crafts and crap for women like me to do. Because of mortar, there has been a resurgence

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"Shot with Jillian and marvelous Who has doubled down on her I may have had gay experiences She's so your type Right Super hot super unavailable What does Trump do Like the weather in Miami Very hot very unpleasant Yeah I don't know her I don't know her I'm just kidding That's interesting John feeble said joke She's super hot and super unavailable to use that My type Okay Yeah Right Oh shut up Okay Biden is expected to write So he's huddling behind closed doors perhaps as we speak right And then expected to deliver remarks at The White House late morning as we said toward the end of the show today which we will go to live And it'll leave for his trip Yes To urge the rest of the world on climate change when we are apparently the president is actually a guy that makes all his money from coal in West Virginia Yeah just go mansion Oh my God I so wanted both blue in 22 We should our thing should be make mansion in cinema irrelevant Yes I'm a whole driving force Oh my God are they not enjoying this They're just like they go back and forth with microphones Like in the billionaire tech and I like that How about just like no I like that I don't like that They're just like it's like a chess game between the two of them Just one we have an agreement It's like no I don't know I don't like This billionaire thing Can we just talk about how stupid the billionaire thing is There are only 700 billionaires in the United States How many there are in West Virginia Zero There's none There's your own husband Of course This reminds me in the country Has anyone ever heard Kathy Griffin's story about what she was sitting next to Anna Nicole Smith at some event And they serve polenta Nicole Smith didn't like it It's hilarious but that's what this reminds me of She just kept repeating to Kathy Griffin Not like it She's like what is this He's like it's polenta I don't like it And then she just kept saying it's polenta I don't know like it That's what Wright mentioned in cinema are like what is it Category was like just eat it Just eat it And shut up How can you not like polenta It's delicious Let's start with that Yeah A little bit of garlic some butter Oh we're at the polenta part of this legislation Joe Kerstin We're also the bath salts portion of the show right now Yeah Okay Well all right Cannibal dogs from hell So the Democrats apparently dropped a proposal for a family in medical leave because that's what you want right before the president doesn't overseas trip as we would like to remain the only point for who's not have any kind of leave of any kind Because we're yeah you know one of the poorest most underdeveloped countries in the world as you know So yeah Okay Biden had originally posed 12 weeks of paid leave unless it was a four weeks and then it was eliminated altogether because I guess that was legislative polenta Joe Manchin Yeah We don't have that West Virginia Democrats have said the bill will provide an extension of the child tax credit funding for child care centers representative Joyce Beatty said will also include funding for housing and vouchers for historically black colleges and coverage for more seniors and Medicaid recipients I don't We're getting some sausage I just don't know what You know what it is It's like a kind from Wisconsin with a candy corn in it I mean it's sausage I just think it's there's also gummy bear sausage I found Oh That's what we're left with That is the sauce and polenta But polenta is delicious So Kristin gillibrand was negotiating with mansion right She's a longtime champ of paid leave as our the vast majority of Americans She negotiated throughout the week to try to salvage some sort of scaled down benefit those efforts prove unsuccessful By yesterday Right It is being dropped after attempts to drastically parent downward deemed insufficient Okay I'm just saying Google a bit if you can find it Oh Kathy Tweeted back at oh with John people saying close to the picture me and him and Ellie miss doll at the last politicon were Ellie miss Dahl's dressed as a trumper Yeah yeah And a wife beater T-shirt in A-okay Anyway but Kathy tweeted at us So Kathy sent us the sentences that we can post it for Okay Oh this is the headline Look at this Oh sorry I didn't mean that I meant to do I was doing the backstroke through my This is my late night stack and my morning stack because this is part of the polenta Mansion's skeptical of billionaire tax purposes That was the one thing he didn't like The Kristen cinema light Yeah Right but then the paid family leave No Computer says no No Okay How are they Democrats I don't understand I hope Malcolm dance is not right He says Kristen that is gonna She sits on the Republican side now I don't By the way she is dressed as Aaron Neville for Halloween Black T-shirt and the gene vest Aaron Neville tweeted that I wore it better Did you see that Yes Amazing Yes God I just Instant follow She does She says disrespect Was it for everybody Her constituents the body of the Senate She doesn't give a right Thank you They even need to include these stories as Kirsten cinemas unavailable for comment She's always unavailable Did you see yesterday that they had a dog Halloween costume contest No And one of the dog up as cinema What Oh in the vest It was the pink drive All in the paint for us Okay Okay so where are we with that So right Joe Manchin is not down with the proposed billionaire tax Kirsten sinema is against the she voted against the Trump tax cuts and now she is for them and doesn't want right because that makes sense to erina Neville Can we find in our Neville song I love his music He did work better That is a true Okay Management said I don't like the connotation We're targeting different people Billionaires There are people There's people basically that they've contributed society they've created a lot of jobs and invest a lot of money and give a lot of money It's time we all but it's all the time we all pull together and row together You are saying it's time we all pull together and grow together You're the one that broke your or off and threw it Kirsten they don't have traditional income They don't have traditional income like the rest of us You can't tax income that you don't get Manchin aide said that he's conflicted about the idea but hasn't closed the door Oh it's just such an existential moral to love us Should we make billionaires pay their fair issue Cinema ignored questions about whether she supports them believe in her texts because of course she did.

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"If i'm not mistaken some right to life thing. It was A number of years ago. And you know he's a man of very deep religious faith so you know that made sense to him and to his brand. I don't really think you'd see a garden variety hollywood's celebrity getting anywhere near a lot of social issues Especially because you have You know we live in a more polarized country. Then we have arguably since the end of vietnam right and If you're going to say something that'll be interpreted as a socio politically polarizing yeah you're gonna alienate fifty percent of your customer base. So who on earth wants to do that right. I don't think it's celebrity would i. I don't think that they're even under pressure. Because i don't think brands want to do it either And so i that that is one thing the other hazard and i don't know that this may not answer your question david. But you know i got to thinking after i was looking at lucy and desi About how much celebrity is expected to actually use these brands and his or her real life and what happens if they don't right and what. Those risks are for the brand and for them. And i'm no going back a few years. You might remember this. When anna nicole smith was found dead in two thousand seven In the refrigerator of her apartment were a bunch of bottles of slimfast diet. Drink the problem. is that trim. Spa had paid anna. Nicole smith to endorse its diet. Drink and that was in headlines like two weeks It was it was it was grim. I mean in fact the the the slimfast bottles made more news than the fact that there was methadone in her frigerator rate. So i feel like there are some risks here in terms of You know if if tiger woods pulled up to his club in lamborghini and not a buick. Is that a problem for buick. I don't know. I've never seen these contracts so i'm not sure So i think it is a matter of you. Know the personal use claws. I guess you might say And also the political Political risk but I'd be interested in what shannon has to say about this shannon specifically to. I'm curious like i think something we here now with musicians you hear this. A lot with musicians probably true athletes is that they're excited to do ads right like i remember like i. I heard an interview with migos where they're talking about. How stupid they were to do Like what was it. A mountain dew ad. Or whatever is like i do think that rising talent because of all these issues. We've talked about the mainstreaming of a talent being part of marketing and An athlete's being a such a huge part of marketing for this generation. That's coming up now. That's all they've ever known as this era of post michael jordan multimillion dollar deals but is there anything they don't wanna do or that still like You know that they're like well. I just want to avoid doing this kind of work. You know i. It's hard to say. Because i find these days at there are there's a much celebrities won't do for attention so it's a little tough But what i will say It was interesting that you brought up musicians because thing that stood out the most to me When you ask that question was that for musicians excited for themselves to be featured in advertising than for their music to be featured in advertising music that they hold like near and dear because like growing up there were like three major indicators that something was going out to pasture whether it was like your personal brand or whatever you produce you ended up on the surreal life..

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"Come on really really really. We're going to do this. So i mean it was good. It don't get me wrong. Like kyle tapping adam in the handcuffs was amazing. But i think all of us earliest rock and i don't speak for the entire internet But it right if we did you know that would be much better place. I don't know about that Late at least for myself. Anything for brought to that it was a little bit lacklustre. Just because the falls were awkwardly timed in kind of awkwardly placed and the violence level was not appropriate for what this should be but also again. this was just. We're gonna get three out of this even though you could really ended it too. I'll give out. I'll put it like this. The blood feud didn't and the way of blood futute end more violent things in the buildup than they did in the match throughout his entire feud. We've had people handcuffed and arrested. We've had people trying to the and people's careers this ended in a basic steel cage match with no real blind. It just it end in submission. It ended with two rustler's rustling. They fought but in the end. End rusting hole in the middle sort of middle of the ring tapping someone out not losing blood. Not passing out. The blood feud ended without the blood feud ending what may make some other three stages of hell good is. It's bloody fight until the end and someone you finally win the war. Kyle won the war but it didn't feel like it because one you the whole thing. Just sorta like his contract stuff. Coming account killed this match because you cows winning. That heard it too. Yeah this match was really hard to get into in the main of it was really hard to get into. Because you knew that adam cole was potentially not staying or i should say you knew for sure. Anna nicole was not staying in exceed that this was going to be his last match. And then it's like. Is he leaving the company. Is he not leaving the company. I think that kind of overshadowed things just a little bit because it's like knowing knowing that he's like leaving potentially permanently makes the timing of the match almost make sense where it's like. They're not going to go to specific degrees just to protect people which they should right like if adam's going up to the main roster and they're going to debut him on our back down this you know whenever they're ready to you don't want him to get hurt. You don't want him to get injured in his last match up in exte- because then it's like now he's potentially signed breaking new contract and they have to pay him sit at home which is not what anybody wants so it makes sense that they projected at them and they protect to kyle because they don't want the same thing for kyle like they don't want kyle to get hurt and they have to pay him to stay at home especially when they've done all this work to kyle up as a singles wrestler. I don't think this necessarily did kyle. A lot of favors In terms of giving him the rob and giving him the final victory. Over adam cole and essentially banishing adam cole from an x t I think they kind of redeem them a little bit on tuesday because they had him come out and challenged joe. Which by the way. I low key screen when re rich hong came out for joe because i thought it was walter and i suddenly pictured walter joe my head and i was very much about that and then i realized it was a challenge and i was somewhat disappointed. Anyway back to the point So yeah i just. This is good like i'm not saying this is bad this. This is good. This is actually very good but it was just. It was one of those things that it just didn't feel. It didn't have the same lake drama to it as what the other ones did. Crowd intense teams need manages. Blood was needed. It just missed some elements that yeah a blow off match for rivalry. This long needed late. And that's the thing and it sucks what it's been like that. We did the outside stuff interference with your german of wrestling. But adam calls contract is up in as showtime is but thirty eight minutes from now supposedly supposed in theory so and his last w. w commitment was apparently could have been him mattel mattress pretaped which was pretaped. So where he goes. Nobody knows suicide he could he oregon. Aws on wednesday. He's gonna be a free man and thirty eight minutes so the world is literally his oyster right now and that's a great place to be for him like you know he could sign with. Wwe he signed with aws. He could go back to japan he could tell wrestling off and hang out on up down and be a part of the the party like they've got a really sweet kid going on right now with that. He may just want to do that. He may just want to stream on twitch like he could just say. You know what i've done everything i wanna do in wrestling. I'm good. I wanna stay home. I wanna play video games. I want hanging out with friends. And that's that like he can do anything he wants. He could retire and go into obscurity. We never see him again. Like it's it's literally whatever he wants to do at this point which i think is great for him but it did knowing that did interfere with the enjoyment of this match and almost feels like they did the few in reverse like they did. The blood feud ending. I and because of that they just could not top. It was just. There was no way. 'cause that would have been the perfect ending to this that kyle and atom or wheeled out together one last time adam never comes back and kyle o'reilly comes out and says i banished adam cole from annexed. He's gone because of me and they could still do that. But it just yeah. I think that's what happened. Is they just flipped the view and they did the one match. I i kind of wonder if they almost did that. Match not thinking that there was going to be two more to go with it and they kind of had to scramble with it. I don't know we'll see but last but certainly not least you have another blood viewed nother okay match and by okay. I mean it was fine. samoa joe. Taking on carrying cross for the next championship. I'm going to be real. I expected this to be a shit ton more physical than it actually was. I expected murder. My favorite part of this was not even the match before the match him. Rigo walk up to joe. And you know i gotta be impartial in. Yeah thank you for doing what you did. The kick his ass. He didn't say that you didn't hear me. But kick ass. This match was okay. What this matchup shown is a lot of the limitations carrying cross house as a worker is good but he bigger guys are harder for him to muscle around as it were. We'll put it like that but he got job and this was joe's first first singles match in a long long time and it showed a little bit it show. There's been some wear and tear in lombardy and he can still get into the move and go hello performer. But you know he's probably taking a step back from what from the joey remember. This is not him. Age has caught up on a little bit but he's still really good performer. He was a little winded us. A little blown up by the end. And i think that's just conditioning thing 'cause he has you know like the rest of us put on quite a bit of weight and so he's trying to work with what he's got and i think if they can get him back into wrestling condition..

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"Santa. My appeared tarleton. Zandy is worth video. Yeah money tim. I'm always everyone always always talks about like how insane we our country. But i'm always surprised that there is little of this as there is considering like you go. Everyone's got gun like three hundred thirty million people and three hundred and fifty million guns and everyone's on medication and everyone's having fistfights and commercial airline flights now phone kind of surprised in everyone's the weaponized with government and against remarkably little sort of ram van into the capital fence. Stuff or the the white house if you look half this country's nuts there's the white house seems like every third day someone we try to fly a cessna into it or drive a van. You know through the front gate or something. It's it's it's kind of repair considering. How nutty medicated. everyone is. This is the exception that proves the rule. And it's interesting because this guy. i mean. the video was over half hour. And he's talking about there was like some stuff about his wife his ex-wife's medical bills. I think she may have cancer patient. He's he's overcome overwhelmed with these bills. He's never going to get out underneath and unclear whether he really had a bomb he he was talking about like a bunch of change and a role in nichols. And like you know he was holding this kinda rusty looking tin thing But so far. Nobody knows if that was anything. I look at that man's face and desperation but usually it's like they're kind of easy to make fun of a punchline wack job but i watched a lot of this video and he just i mean not that he seems well but he seems desperate old. Remember when old nutty was like anna nicole smith. Yeah that used to be our old like clinically sane person buddy. We'd all have a nice laugh about it before they turn. That was a turning. How funny she has yeah the reality show she said oh she's dead not so funny. Yeah right yeah now. They've amped it up. Will you mention that show by the way it was a ratio. Is it called on the rent now. The red carpet or her show anna nicole smith. Not paul smith is something maybe that thing that it does feel like a lifetime ago that around You mentioned Fights in the air and glad you because cnn reports that federal authorities are proposing more than a half million dollars new fines against commercial airline passengers who refused to wear masks hit flight attendants through luggage across the cabin. The faa's announcement of more than a half million dollars in fines against thirty four passengers accused of being unruly so federal documents. Show that nine of the thirty four involve a passenger accused of touching her hitting a person on a plane including crew members and half. The incidents involve Flights to or from florida the faa the flight attendants union would like to see harsher punishments. But the faa says we. We don't do criminal charges so we can't help you there really. That's what they said. It strikes me like when i was in junior high. You'd have the kids get out some kid with get out of hand but we didn't have to turn the classroom around and go back to. Wherever we're from the bummer. The airplane is you can't just kick person off you've got to turn it around. Everybody pays and go somewhere that every no one wants to go to. I don't know like you think. Do you think airlines is gonna be this with airlines like You know you take accommodations like our case so you you have airlines. And then you have the destination of the hotel r every might go to on your airline when you when you're traveling and we we all understand that if you wanna go to vegas and you want to go down to the end of the strip and hang out at slots a fun. There's going to be different clientele from vibe and there may be some action in the casino that you didn't want they're going to be some drunk people getting into it and that that kind of thing. But we all understand that. If you go book meal at mr chows and liked caesar's palace is going to be completely different world. And we got frontier airlines and southwest. It's and country is something going to emerge domestically where you go. It's gotta dress code clientele. You're paying a little extra. But they're never turning the plane around. That's a good idea. i mean. I've just meat ax. They have another competitor. Euro era like jets. We'd ex is awesome and perfect. But they're real limited. Yes yaro i think is what it's called but it's also very limited and there's one that does like exclusively first class is like a thousand dollars a ticket because you're flying essentially on a plane with eleven seats or wherever it is is limited an appeal to a wide audience. Well that's a good idea though because all flying gen pop now like in jail. Everyone's in the yard so you're right the only way to distinguish it's not going to be about the stick. It's going to be the carrot. it's going to be. Hey come over here pay another three or four hundred bucks. And i promises what happened on our flight will didn't wasn't virgin and jet blue kind of that fifteen years ago. Clicky a little bit better. I was version was literally a step. Above every poster boy loves loyal is out loyal member or whatever it was yeah status and then got resort by alaska now just nother so might there be. Might there be something for that. It'd be nice. It would be star by richard branson when feel on line now. Yeah just we paid little bit more. You got a little bit more in the clientele was not the because let's let's face it there. There used to be the division used to be the plane versus the bus greyhound..

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"<Music> <Music> <Music> <Speech_Music_Male> it <Speech_Music_Male> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Advertisement> <Music> <Advertisement> you <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> are for mommy <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> when <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> you talk about anna nicole. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> There were a lot <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> of happy moments vert. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> There was a lot <Speech_Music_Male> of highs before <Speech_Music_Male> there is a lot of knows <Music> <Speech_Music_Male> this <Speech_Music_Male> bloody <Music> shirt. <Speech_Music_Female> We went on <SpeakerChange> a date. <Speech_Music_Female> Who's that kovak <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Music_Female> stop. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> She <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> thought it was cool. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Who should <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> be remembered as <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> this larger <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> than life figure <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> that was really <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> a caring giving <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> person and beautiful <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> lady <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> who loved her fans <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> and <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> loved <Speech_Music_Male> her family <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> as a <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> book. Your mom and <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> sore <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> no one ever <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> not <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> even touch <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> the pictures <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> of your <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> anna got <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> deliver dream. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> She wanted <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> to be a mother. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> And danny <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> len is her legacy. <Music> <Speech_Music_Male> That's what lives <Speech_Music_Male> on from <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Speech_Music_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Speech_Music_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> and we should know tonight <Speech_Male> that the case for jay. Howard <Speech_Male> marshall's estate <Speech_Male> didn't get <SpeakerChange> resolved <Speech_Female> until twenty nineteen. <Speech_Female> That's right and after <Speech_Female> all those years <Speech_Female> anna nicole. Estate <Speech_Female> was awarded nothing <Speech_Female> from the courts. <Speech_Female> That's <SpeakerChange> our program <Speech_Male> for tonight. I made me rohbock. <Speech_Male> David muir <Speech_Male> from all of us here at twenty <Speech_Male> twenty. Abc thanks for watching goodnight.

anna nicole len jay marshall Howard rohbock David muir Abc
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"Have never seen a judge. Priam's stand like that. The battle over anna nicole. Smith's final resting places finally over clearing the way for her funeral. It was emotional. I try to put the paternal step aside. Meanwhile they're still about who. The father is of anna nicole. Bait state of howard. Marshall is still pending. If vata successful this child is going to get tens of millions of dollars each and who is now whole lot greater importance and a lot more potential there. The final four claim to be danny lens. Daddy there's howard k stern. There's larry working. There's the ex boyfriend mark hanna. Who claimed he gave an frozen sperm. And lastly there is prince frederick on perhaps most famous for the fourth husband. Lots.

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"Death of anna nicole. Smith's suspicious how can you die in a hospital with nobody noticing. How can that happened when a few hours earlier you were fine. And the cause of death and daniel smith still remains unclear. Final official results. Come back and it showed. The daniel died of a lethal combination of lexa pro zoloft and methadone. Daniel actually had a prescription for lexa pro and he was taking so long to because he was anxious about his plight but nobody knows where he got the methadone. Anna's been on methadone three years so did he take it secretly to this day. No one knows how he got that methadone so in the wake of this nightmare there still remains an open question as to who the biological father of nicole. Smith's daughter howard stern's name on the birth certificate so anna nicole and howard side you go to larry king because if you're announcing the bother of your baby is where else you gonna go and i have been relationship than we love each other and it's been going on for very long time so you.

anna nicole daniel smith Smith lexa daniel Daniel Anna howard stern nicole larry king howard
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"I was being a little bit vocal about medications. She was taken making sure that everything was done. Right actually told me that she was pregnant. And larry was the father and how it got to wear hot. She was told that he was only after her money. Which is laugh and that he was a nobody. She started changing her tone. You're not the father. Leave me alone. And then the next thing i know she's gone. She's taken off to the bombs. True tragedy anna nicole. Smith just gave birth to a baby girl only to have her twenty year old son. Daniel die at her maternity bedside. It was.

larry anna nicole Smith Daniel
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"Evolved into the real thing with anna so around the same time that she meets. J howard marshall she meets somebody else. One day she walks into a gay club and all eyes are on anna but her eyes are on this woman named sandy who works in a store that sells garden supplies. Anna shows up at her house in a big white limousine with flowers and gifts and their relationship got very very serious and said she loved sandy. They had wedding rings. They were going to carry on a continual relationship. She even mentioned that you know that would that was going to be her life. They live together for a while and it seemed like they had a very loving relationship and she had a boyfriend girlfriend. It was non out normal for anna to have several boyfriends or girlfriends at the same time she didn't hide it and it didn't bother her she seems to be woman of considerable. Appetites likes a lot of input. She eats and drinks freely. She seems to take on a fair amount of lovers. Thanks to her time with jay. Hard marshall the second new appetite for extremely expensive jewelry gives vicky jewelry a house. A red mercedes convertible and breast augmentation surgery and he buys her a rich and arabian horses to go with. The rich vicky loves animals and she especially loves her horses so he takes vicky till his favorite restaurant red lobster and there he proposes again. I mean he's a billionaire and his favorite restaurant is red lobster and he actually asked her to marry him at the table. Anna said no. I know i'm not going to get married until i'm able to support myself and make it on my own. I'm going to make it on my own. So at the time even while she's engaged this kind of elaborate courtship with j. Howard marshall the second she has a boyfriend picks a few pictures of her and sends them so photographer. Manager scout for playboy in the texas area. Came in was quite taken. She'll amazon between very tall five foot. Eleven or five inch heels spandex dressed this awful blue eye-shadow but underneath all of it you saw the face walked a little trumpy to walk like a duck but anna nicole. Smith was the sweetest girl you with. Everyone in the you would want is assistant since the film off to berry next day playboy called and they said this girl's going to play around nineteen ninety-two my uncle company humanitarian nikki may playboy and i said what he says she may play boringness it he she did not coming out. I was proud of her. But i was like. She's here now and she's never been. I'm a little person now. I i think when i was feeling. She appears on the cover of playboy in march of one thousand nine hundred ninety two. It is a life changing event. Because paul marciano who runs guess jeans sees refunds marciano calls playboy and a meeting. The setup came to see me. And i didn't think he likes me at first so they put Ma- made my hair and they made up for the dress. Me and stuff and i remember walking on the trailer forget. He walked up in the trailer. His mouth is dropped. Tell you i think he likes to know marciano. Thanks vicky needs a new name so together they come up with anna nicole nicole. Smith's i sort of burst on the seed. She did look like any model. Anyone had seen for a long time. She was curvy. She was voluptuous at a time. When models very very thin so much of the beauty that came before that was was really about this emphasis on the narrowness of the body that you just couldn't even achieve like i'm like am i even a person so when you saw her was like rear really doing something different. You know you sort of think about blondes as being this kind of metaphor for female power and female empowerment and control that we actually have over men. It seems so exciting those pictures alone. I think mesmerized the world that first day shooting forgets makes anna nicole smith a worldwide stone. And she's about to get everything she could have possibly of dreamed of and a lot of things that she never dreamed of. That are kind of nightmare. Guests campaign is major. It shows up everywhere it plays anna's glamour and makes her hugely famous meanwhile playboy continuing to eventually her playmate. I worked with her over a year's period of time and you could see the difference because came in. She was just throw from a fried chicken place now. She was big star. She wasn't going to trust anybody who's going to perform for you. Probably back in the strip club. She really had the ability to make you believe that you were very special..

anna vicky jewelry howard marshall Anna vicky Howard marshall marciano paul marciano sandy anna nicole nicole marshall anna nicole jay Smith nikki amazon berry texas
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"Those interests texters three though we get up. Go see les. Amanda dwell leila's mckiness Athlete answers between nominate analysis now concrete. Those gay accident don shorter set of other guests for the moment. That will necessarily It they look moses that than south korea talking year now a massive blanco's a delasalle now less features gus. Y'all mechanism accomplish. What is the protocol owning more data. Get a da da da. Last deanna anna nicole nova not around seniority mcgann is mono e de blasio next goal Luthier we don't redundant Equal makina in the lush who has of immune does the. They say they will. We responded the kwa kamala was not. This is not safe. We're gonna see that said yes a night after Taylor three young started potato chip blame. You diplomacy that in dallas giving his dine in la la senators. The communist gennady complutense university polytechnic using for the event redan intervene. If you're not gonna let three months starting to. Dr larry may become more. Savia is in. This may not going without female. Oita gonna to remind the impetus nothing matthew now life in event last so chauvinist said no easy political dot e had gone us your.

don shorter deanna anna nicole de blasio leila kwa kamala Amanda blanco mcgann south korea complutense university polytec Dr larry la la Taylor dallas matthew
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"What if your job I'll get no tipping my hand? I were the top was going. What if your job is nothing? What, if being vaccinated has nothing at all to do with your job performance his is there's nothing to do. I mean, let's say that You're an accountant for a mid sized manufacturer, and you're sitting back in your little cubicle, and you're dealing with accounts payable in accounts receivable and all that kind of nonsense. Did you know, day in and day out, you might see a few members of the staff. You never see a customer. Should you be required to get a vaccinated in that regard? I mean, it doesn't make any sense. I've got a solution is a piece of advice. Two. Employers who may be grappling with this, but we'll see if my advice would be well heated. Let me give the spring green cash contest where and then I'll tell you about something that will demonstrate how Today to my life is But which I should say before my wife's really listening. I'll get in trouble. I love my life. Don't get me wrong. I like it's a date. I like it boring. Is my wife would tell you. I like it too boring. She well, she's all she's younger than me, and she's all active. And she wants to go out and be with people and I just want to hide. That's what I wanted. I wouldn't hide from everybody. Even introvert is put me in a closet. Give you like a You know my iPhone and a lamp in a book and I'm okay. What? What do you say? We just had a Biden moment there. Oh, any of the cool Simpson in the 90 year old guy that she she killed? Yeah, I know. You think that any Nicole Simpson killed the guy just based on her? Her Proclivities and her progress and our youth. It might be the case. Did she ever get money out of that? I think she did. Did you? Did you get a lot of money? I can't believe that that old codgers family didn't dispute that. When he rolled over and croaked. And and she's out there digging all that gold. Bouncing those big boobs and that guy's face until he wouldn't be stroke out over that, or what Smith and Nicole Smith Smith. Yes, did I say Simpson? Oh, no, That's Jessica Simpson. You're thinking of Anna Nicole Smith, Jessica Simpson. That wasn't a gold digger. She had other issues. But she was no gold digger. Should I actually give the spring green cash contest? Words Would that be appropriate at this moment in time? Here is the word you have until 3 55 to go to our website news talk 11 30 dot com. And as soon as you go there, the box will pop up. You want to enter the contest? You type in the word there you hit Enter and you're all injured. It's easier than texting and we've generated just a boatload of winners. We started suspected Paul is that you were so paranoid here about the whole, you know the winning thing in the contest. We thought that this change in the contest mechanism was designed to somehow curtail our are the ability of our listeners to win. It's just been the opposite that done fine anyway. I'm not supposed to talk much about that, Um The key word is work..

Nicole Simpson Anna Nicole Smith Smith Jessica Simpson Nicole Smith Smith Paul Simpson iPhone Today news talk 11 30 dot com 90 year old Two codgers of money 3 55
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"In these weird fragments. We don't realize the degree to which we're filling in the blanks in our head. Right. So you hear about somebody like Amy Fisher? Who, you know, shot. This other woman, wasn't she some sort of teenage seductress and like that's kind of just living in my head is almost like a meta narrative. But I'm filling in all the blanks like I couldn't tell you the sort of Massapequa Mary Magdalene. No, that's not something like that. And so you're like, Well, you know, she seems like a terrible person. You haven't really given it that much thought and you're telling the stories to each other and the one who isn't telling the story is observing for the rest of us. You make a point of not knowing much about what the other person is about to tell you. Yes, I've been interrupting my boyfriend to last year every time he brings up JonBenet Ramsey. Like, Oh, that reminds me of the time that they found And I'm like, Don't tell me anything. So I know Sarah is eventually going to tell me all about JonBenet Ramsey and I want to preserve that in my head is sort of the little bits and bobs of a story. But I really don't have the details of and one of us does a ton of research and walk the other one through. And we try to make it sort of normal to come in with false understandings of these stories, Basing our understandings on the information that we had at the time and often times it was just really bad. You mentioned research, but you're not interested in obtaining New documents or exclusive interviews. You're interrogating the public record reading books that have already been written, poring over old news articles. Is it about the real story that was hiding in plain sight? For me, it often is, And I think I am a historian who is frequently mistaken for journalist. The joy of this show is that I get to do stories that pretty much it was hard for me to be able to write about, because if you're going to talk about something that happened in recent history off, and it will have to be because you have found Some new, exciting piece of information. And with this I love the chance to not have to make up an excuse to just talk about not just getting to the bottom of who this person was, but trying to more deeply understand who we were when we did what we did to them. It's also really shocking. How easily findable the correct information was, then and now I mean it. Just pick one example. One of the most radicalizing episodes that I've done of the show was the Terri Shiavo case in which there was this woman who was in a persistent vegetative state and her husband was trying to end her life, and her parents who were conservative Christians were trying to save her. And I thought going in. It was gonna be this like very murky issue of your bio ethics and who can say when life begins and ends. Then you start looking at the actual documents, and it turns out that every single independent doctor who examined Terri Shiavo said that she was completely brain did that She had received excellent care from her husband. He actually quit his job. And went to nursing school so that he could provide her with better care. And there was no chance of recovery. So a pretty straightforward story. All of the information was on inside. And yet when that was presented to the public, it was seen as a sort of. Well, Both sides have really good arguments. And isn't it true Michael Szabo that you haven't been giving your wife this great care? The information was there like there are court documents, but it appears that people just didn't present that information to the public at the time. It's incredible, telling a story chronologically. Really does seem to be key, because so many of these sort of moral panics and maligned women come to us as these fully formed figures, and we don't get all of the factors that brought them to that situation until much later, right? We're we're kind of doing it in this like memento order every time I mean, I think one of the reasons nineties scandals about maligned women are so interesting is that this is the era of the two month true crime book. Amy Fisher had three TV movies made about her that aired roughly simultaneously. Two of them were on the same night. It's amazing, and there is this idea at the time, I think people had That if you were the subject of all this attention, you must be profiting. You had to be deriving some kind of benefit from that. It couldn't just be more trauma heaped on top of the trauma that had already brought you to that degree of fame and It has been really hard in these stories for us as a public to get past the idea that if someone is the subject of all this attention, they must have one in some capacity. The person at the center rarely is heard. Certainly in these 90 stories, and Amy Fisher was ordered by her lawyer to not talk and present her story to the public, and because of that she was the only person who wasn't able to tell the public who she was in the Anna Nicole Smith episode. You observed that we were focused on her having all the power that Amy Fisher was assumed to have derived from her notoriety. In the case of Anna Nicole Smith, it was like her breasts were worth half a billion dollars, leaving no agency for Her elderly husband. But what all these tabloid women seem to have in common when they are perceived to have power. It's almost always Through sex. Mm. And it turns out if you dig into their story, it's about other people's exploitation of it. I just think it's very scary to the people. Who write these stories that these women have any power at all. Yeah, this idea that a girl can grow up with nothing and decide To provide for herself and her child by exploiting her own sexuality. I mean, I just believe it with the paradox that we're fine with explaining women's sexuality. If it's like a man or a corporation doing it. But if the woman is profiting off of herself declaring her own value, that's where we draw the line. This episode hasn't aired yet. Sarah maybe do earmuffs. But another really good example of that is Vanessa Williams, who famously was the first black Miss America and was the first Miss America to relinquish her crown. Because she took a bunch of nude photographs. The summer before she became Miss America. She wanted to become an actress. She was obsessed with Meryl Streep. She thought that modeling was away that she'd get into being an actress. She meets a photographer..

Michael Szabo Terri Shiavo Amy Fisher Vanessa Williams Sarah JonBenet Ramsey Anna Nicole Smith Meryl Streep Two 90 stories two month Smith last year first half a billion dollars Both sides one One three TV movies nineties
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"Got this great idea how to get rid of Nancy Carrigan killer. Now I think Tonya Harding is just White trash. I think she's white trash and Lorena Bobbitt. She felt the husband was selfish because he had an orgasm and she didn't so she grabbed a handful and sliced E mean this was one angry woman and Monica Lewinsky. Monica was a young Tripp Monica Lewinsky's behavior was unacceptable. Something about Monica her lives never say on Pamela Smart, according to police, Pamela Smart, convinced her teenage lover to murder her husband, Pamela, Smart offering to pay Teenager $1000 for the murder of her husband and so many others. Women who the first draft of history framed is reckless, careless, violent, stupid, slutty women whose stories from the view out here in 2021 were profitably twisted by tabloid media and lampooned by late night TV hosts. In ways utterly devoid of context, much less empathy. Like that Notorious vixen 17 year old Amy Fisher. She is accused of an affair with a married man more than twice her age. She is in jail on charges of trying to kill his wife or the quintessential gold digger, Anna Nicole Smith. She married an 89 year old Texas billionaire when she was just 26. Within months, she was in court fighting his son for a share of the dead oil man's estate stories that actually were nothing like they seemed. Enter the You're wrong about podcast Since 2018 hosts Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbs have been exploding the myths of people who've taken residence in the back rooms of our minds. People so overexposed so processed. It seemed there was nothing left to tell. But in fact, there was everything to tell about them and about America and its media. Then and now there's dozens. Hundreds of these stories that kind of live in your head.

Michael Hobbs Tonya Harding Sarah Marshall Anna Nicole Smith Pamela Monica Lewinsky Pamela Smart Amy Fisher Lorena Bobbitt Nancy Carrigan Monica 2021 Smart $1000 2018 17 year old 89 year old one more than twice 26
Britney Spears: 2007 video of Craig Ferguson refusing to mock singer goes viral

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Britney Spears: 2007 video of Craig Ferguson refusing to mock singer goes viral

"Also trending on Twitter today because a 2007 monologue of his has been unearthed where the former host of the late late show says comedy shouldn't be about attacking the vulnerable and he in that monologue went on to say like I'm not gonna I'm not going to make fun of Britney Spears anymore. She's a baby. She's 25. She's got two young kids and even mentioned on Nicole Smith as well saying like We shouldn't have been doing this. We shouldn't have been making these jokes and he said My aim was off and I'm gonna redirect. We need to be targeting the powerful and the You know those who need the accountable. That's what If you're gonna take shot in comedy, that's who you should be taking shots at. Not these people struggling. I was thinking the same thing Steve when I was watching the Anna Nicole Smith 2020 special last Friday. Well, it's just so gross. You you can clearly see that this woman is struggling. Right? You can. You can just hear it in her speech. You You can just see it. And then here's Letterman making doing a top 10 about her. Then there's Jay Leno. Um, you know, just It's just it's kind of icky. But yet I understand coming from a comedian standpoint, you know any nothing should be off limits. But I think as a human being sometimes you kind of have to take a look. It Your material and what you're doing.

Nicole Smith Britney Spears Twitter Anna Nicole Smith Steve Letterman Jay Leno
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"She marries this guy who's so much older than she is. And you're the first thing you think is gold digger. But then you find out he proposed to her so many times, and she was like, No, not until I can make it on my own. Really? Yeah. I didn't know that s so I really think she loved this guy, but I don't think it was in a like romantic. Sexual way. You know what I mean? Um And I don't think she knew how to separate that love. You know what I mean? So I can see where his what was his name. What was the guy's name? Something, Marshall The third? Yes. James Marshall something. Thurston Howell, Chris keeper. Whatever. J. Howard Marshall, you go. There you go. Well, his son Pierce. Just could not stand her because when they got married, of course, the guys like 90 something years old, he could barely stand and then The sun is like here's this 20 something year old hell no! Get out of here. You know, this has been my father my whole life and now you're just going to come in and totally get that. But it was just it was a really good kind of Comprehensive look at her life. I don't know if they should have taken that. Daughter angle just yet, But she's too young for it. She's probably very protective about her feelings and what she expresses. Yes, since she is known as that, Yes, like that is your identity Is your Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, and I'm sure they people always just look at her face to see if she looks like they do they do. In fact, they got a bad heart. You, Uh, Donna Nicole Smith's hometown and Her one of her friends growing up was like you look just like your mama. You know, and a tiny little town where she grew up. Yeah, in Texas. You know, I wonder for these situations like this. I had this thought watching the Tiger Woods documentary. I thought, What will his kids at some point they're gonna watch it. Right. They're gonna be e. I want to see what this documentary is all about. And then having to find out about your your parents life tabloidy parts of their life in a way like that. Were you here, all sorts of different voices represented in these documentaries of which there have been, you know many specials on Anna Nicole Smith and Many on Tiger Woods and that the most exhausted one being tiger on HBO, Max. Gotta be so tough on those kids, right? Because you have access. You have access to all the information at your fingertips. Literally. I wonder if Tiger gets ahead of it. You know, like, does he sit down and and talk with the kids? At what age? Is it appropriate to share? What details do you feel need to be shared so that they understand, you know? Well and in this Anna Nicole Smith. It's just so tragic. I mean, she gave birth to her daughter in Days later, her son dies in her hospital room. Huh? Like on a chair just dies from an overdose. And she dies shortly after. I think. Five months later she died so her daughter never knew her. His soldier, and then you see the footage of her when she was at all. I don't remember what award show it was the American music Awards or something, and she went to introduce. I think it was Kanye. And she was a mess. How anybody ever let her out there onto that stage? And then she was the headline the next day. So this is all out there for her daughter. But anyway, that I think, um They did a nice job. I'll watch anything that has to do with her because I'm it's just so fascinating, right? All right. You want a me on the dance? I do. Do you wanna dance? Hit it. Hey, if you see something you should say something, right? Yes. You got to when we come back. Um, I got to tell you there is a real housewife of former real housewife. Who is attempting to flirt with Armey Hammer in the most horrific way. Tell you about that. He's got a funny story to kind of funny. No, it's not funny. This is the professor that Donna should have had in college. You would've loved this guy tell you about the very weird thing that, he said while introducing himself to his class on Zoom That when we come back, and if you see something, say something next time Don and Steve or Colleen and Bradley and we're pop culture detectives with a podcast called Go deep in the shallow After almost a decade.

Anna Nicole Smith Donna Nicole Smith Kanye Tiger Woods J. Howard Marshall James Marshall Tiger Armey Hammer Pierce Texas American music Awards HBO Thurston Howell professor Chris keeper Don Bradley Colleen Steve
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"You won't join CBS for the biggest event of the year. Super Bowl. 55 got the best quarterback in the game right now, Patrick Mahomes leading the defending champs, the Chiefs. Against arguably the best average do it. Tom Brady and the box coverage getting in the way at 2 P.m. Eastern 11 Pacific with JB and the guys on these Super Bowl today, all leading up to kick off its sixties during three Pacific Sunday Super Bowl 55 is on CBS. Right. So once again, it is Super Bowl Week. I've got five NFL interviews Barry Sanders to the top of the hour, but I did start the show with some basketball. Why? Because of what did what went down in the A T. L. They're one of nine teams in the association, which are letting fans into the arena and then four people courtside got into it with LeBron and there's a back and forth and they got ejected. So if you wanna take a side go ahead. Personally, I'm not going to And I'm not. I mean, I was kind of critical of her, but I'm not taking a side because I don't know exactly what was said. I don't know exactly what was said. At this point, so I can't really throw in with either it would stand reason to LeBron's point. He's going to handle this thing a little more coolly with a cool head, then they would, Because is, he points out? We're not having any alcoholic beverages on the floor, and they might have bumped into a couple there in their seats. And also who do you think is gonna have a cool head and something like this? LeBron who gets this junk all the time? Probably every single night. Or courtside, Karen and all steroid ass. Decide again. Take Scattered aside. Hey, Rome. Did this gold digging clown say that she was 25. This piece of crap. Anna Nicole wannabe looks like she's 40. I thought that writ looked older than he actually was. But this instagram phony tough girl takes the cake. If I was this gold diggers husband I would not be taking her to MBA games because I guarantee you those MBA players make more money than her husband. And if she sees something, she likes its deuces to the old man and hello MBA money. You're gonna let a 25 year old girl intimidate you during the game by Mario and except I don't know. She made it pretty clear that she's standing up for her old man. That's why she said that she said what she said. And told LeBron to shut the bleep up or she would believe him up. And don't talk to her old man like that. Talked my husband one more time,.

LeBron CBS Tom Brady Chiefs Patrick Mahomes Barry Sanders NFL basketball Anna Nicole Rome Mario Karen
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"anna nicole" Discussed on KSFO-AM

"No, you're supposed to inject it into the economy. Bayan Apples, which people with savings is also good for the economy. Don't you want a jet ski? Don't you have always wanted to jet ski. Think that's enough to put a down payment on one? How about some leather pants? Finance it for eight years? You definitely want to finance a jet ski? Yes, For eight years. You ride a jet ski shirtless wearing leather pants. You will score. Oh, that's right. You just got married. Never mind. Sorry, 20. I listen leather pants on your jet ski that you financed for eight years. I was in the airport the other day, flying back and forth during covert because I'm selfish and irresponsible, and I saw a woman actually traveling in leather pants. On guy. I was trying not to stare at her her hind quarters because that's rude, But I wanted to verify that they were indeed leather and not, you know, some sort of spandex yoga pants was, was she the sort of person that you know, can pull off a variety of pant where Not a bad looking gal. Okay, Um, Have you ever worn leather pants in your old days? Did you ever have leather pants? I never did know couldn't afford him. What you have warned them. Had you been able to afford if I'd gone to the thrift store, for instance. Sounds nice by used leather pants. Yeah, that fit me. Hell, yeah, I would have probably. Yeah, he rose. Yeah, At least one band I played in was definitely Biker bar course in leather pants is more gay bar than biker bar. Really? Unless there, chaps if you probably would have had gone Lizard King and surrounding mine I've never had on a pair of leather pants. You haven't? No, I'm not. Okay, Sean. Um, probably for when I was in the drama and in high school, some players encounter it. Does I technically have worn leather pants? You gotta get away remount trying to impress men and or women. Oh, that's certainly no meat. This gown was rocking him in the airport. Oh, speaking of attractive women, the last Civil war widow has passed away. Just died. She was 170 years old. How does the math work on that? She must have been really young or No. She married a guy when she was 20, who was 90 and he was in the civil war. You know, Funnily enough. You missed both of them. By three years. She was a 17 year old schoolgirl and married a 93 year old civil war. Yes, she did. Yuck! And then she lived to 101 this because he had the musk of Shiloh on him. I mean, what was the was the appeal there? Maybe he wore leather pants, an enormous musket. I don't know. I don't know it was. It's love who you can't define love. Exactly. She's 17 just become a woman. He's 90 three's Got a little maturity. A little wisdom been around a little fought a Civil war. Exactly. He's got great stories. Holy cow. That's just that is so oh, no, that that's either some freakish religious thing. Um or our arrangement she was sold to him. Yet Jackson's father, That's the woman volunteered his teenage daughter to stop by Mr Bolan's home each day to provide care and help with chores to pay your back pay Packer kindness, Bolan offered to Mary Jackson, which would allow her to receive his soldier's pension. After his Dow? Yeah. Compelling offer in the context of the Great Depression. Yeah, well, that's from that book about the high cost of good intentions. That's one of the examples they give is checks going out to Revolutionary War veterans or civil war veterans, and it turns into spouses and then and then kids, and it just keeps growing and growing. But Because I was going to say I wondered if it was a money thing, because it's not far off the ages of Anna Nicole Smith and that old super rich dude that you met at the Red Lobster. Yeah. Interestingly enough. She never had a red lobster. He went to the Red Lobster and Anna Nicole Smith, who was a two time playmate. Yeah, maybe every year something or whatever she was, Um yeah, And plus they got those biscuits. Um yes, of this gets, didn't she? To Sean? The most amazing part of this story is the Red Lobster part. Yeah, playing with their Children play. Maybe she wanted to go toe. Okay. Final twist. She never told her parents or siblings or anyone else about the wedding. And she never remarried. Spending decades quote harboring the secret that had to be eating her alive, according to biographer, I guess, and she never did seek the pension. All that's wonder, Then why did you harbor a secret? Well to the stigma and potential scandal of a teenager wedding. A man in his nineties regardless of her reason was a very judgmental time. Jack did he fight for the union, Rosie a. Reb. Her old man. You know, we know that hey, fought for the union in the border state of Missouri. Almost certainly the last remaining widow of a civil war soldier would be confidence that that is the case. Remove the qualifier would take that. So she was She did not hear the Gettysburg address in person. You know certain of that? No, she did not. Wow. What an interesting story. Yeah, the latest on the covert mutation strain, which we should definitely tell you about. Um, we covered the fact that Joseph the 25th amendment is not only an inappropriate, but we know that Vice President Pence is not willing to go along with it. So that ain't gonna happen. Impeachment still on the table, Nancy and Chuck her talking about it today. Somebody else needs to start talking about it, though, are nobody's going to do anything but chuckle. You'd have tol You have to get on it real fast. And there are only 12 days left all that on the way. Strong and getting.

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Angela Yee discusses experiencing breakups

Angela Yee's Lip Service

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Angela Yee discusses experiencing breakups

"What's up what's up. It's absurd. We're going to have a fun time chatting today Angela. I'm Judy McGuire. I'm Stephanie Santiago Seattle. Hi My name's T- literally he's USA notable so you guys are here for Fashion Week. Yes pretty much you jason hanging out with the Anna Nicole show last week. I said I'm going to fashion. We just to see Riyan on. I've been here for a week. I'm exhausted and I copy last night. She knew who you were and everything. Just give you a hug. She was happy to see you. Yeah you know. Most people aren't it was felt. Good for aw shit is crazy. How dowd inches on every like she. She knew me so it was it was a good conversation and a tee for you. You also worked during New York Fashion Week. Yeah I did so. What was that experience like well. That was pretty cool because I've always wanted to do it the fact that I finally was able to and I'm like only five to I was like okay okay. Yes it's getting disrespectful. I right you're looking good. I saw a gag your congratulations in twelve or eleven yeah. T- walked in I mean we're we're also neighbors yeah yeah but she had like a fat ass and all the guys like. Oh my God like me. I'm working hard for my gay. Jokes walks in with everybody loves Raymond Jokes. The jokes are funny. Wrestle cord like whatever you know. Do you ever see anything strange happening. Jason's apartment since y'all are neighbors you you know a couple of floors we don't run into. We really don't run into each other like we run into. Each other in the lobby spread the pool sometimes but we're both like communion. The back door will no pun intended on C. You because I bring my different Jason Glennon DMC Romo's. That's letting is one of the guys that are are Bob. He's living his DMZ planning. Go respond in fact he'd left me on unread. You know you now you can read the non read. Some is cool. I did it as a joke to Charlemagne. I I I don't want him. What if he said was good dinner. Yes then dinner skip all that Shit. I mean dinners for you. I mean clearly. I'm trying the eat less dinner so you whenever you need to get the job all right. Now I WANNA get into something. 'cause today's topic is really about break-up etiquette right. One of us is going through a breakup me smiling. Did you break up with him or did he break up much okay. That's that's a and whether or not we want to admit it is breakup are difficult. They are and sometimes you'll be happy and then in a few months. You'd be sad women you know. I think men are more like that. I had lunch with two of my ex's. Let yesterday at the same time trying to catch everybody. We just have one lunch best best best friends when we were together since at eight when I was eighteen. We're we're the other one was my last ex. Who went to prison just got out and checked me last week. I was here over some bitchy for four or he'd been talking to performance and got the pussy so I had to check him but I couldn't do it individually because my schedule is is busy because the fashion week so I just consolidate consolidate and we just got all this pussy thing yeah so he has a chick. He's like Maliki Oba. He's straight explain that I mean you know. I'm a I'm a podcast. I talk about you know. I do like straight guys. Yeah prefer straight guys. Listen live straight straight date friend a close friend of mine who's gay you know my framework is and and he's the same way like he prefers like the straight guys. I've started performing because one they're never. GonNa tell my business right like I say to him. We could never be together because one of your bitch is going to run up on me and say something crazy and what happened allows here in the club some I rambling minute. Oh we have the same friend saying friend. She said his name like there was money. You get the fuck out here you eh boo straight is just for the sake of trying to sort out like the knicks who are in West Hollywood with the rainbow flags and like the negative who are indictment on the low say t right was messing with a guy and you realize that somebody that I also have is one of my side pieces. Would you tell her or is that something that you're like. Oh my relationship leisurewear him. I got into her. That's their relationship. My relationship with him is whatever we dug WANNA look. If I mess with somebody and then or you know I know that prices messing with one of my friends I would tell right so it's just a different layer when you don't WanNa also out the person. I think there's levels to write like if I was sleeping was find out that they were Melissa Ford's boyfriend caller by David exe dig good hilarious and that's the conversation I've had that conversation was like I didn't know you know but you saying you would tell her because she's your friend right because we're like really there. Aren't that close but realistically. I don't think I would want to know that like if like some of my guys they'll see you and the whole mash Spanish is lying. Fuck you live in my building. You know say you come up here and then go down there yeah so we're talking about break-up etiquette right so when you break up with somebody let's just say now. Yes single right to have a lot of friends over the course of ten years. You'll have accumulated similar friends news news well yeah. I don't really count count but okay 'cause I was his friend. I and that's how I actually know Digi but let's just say some friends of yours that you had they. We're your friends I are. They still allowed to cool him. Well good question. I would say depends on said friend. And how long we've I've been friends how close they can't become over the years and that thing like if it's a new furnace hasn't been around that long then no bitch while you around him like. Y'All oh not that close but if it's somebody that's been around for the duration of the ten eight nine seven year you know what I'm standing. It's a little different because most likely vacation with this person and they've been around him already without me for whatever reason whatever even so let's say he has a fight party at the house and he invites one of my friends. That was a long term friend that has become friends. Lehem Jason. I don't know because I just feel like you know. We'll see one thing about that guy is he's like the host with the most like like he's always throwing parties. He's always inviting everybody over. He's always like I've been Dan. We all know each other together. I know him through you and we you know each other through this and I would not feel comfortable going so party. I see that right. There is the answer because it all depends on your friends who run you like Ma friends friends which are very few like I know a lot of people and I make sure people know or whatever for work but when it comes like my personal life. I don't really deal with a lot of people so my friends friends with nationally just cut you off. I mean no like if I've seen them Ron. I'm like Oh. Hey you know what I'm saying. I'm not going to I'm not going at a party and on the other hands she I wouldn't think it would be so bad for as to go at the big party at his house. Exactly we're friends. We're all we're all three close. You know what I mean like mature also new Angela. You know her character. She Ain't trying to be close to him for any reason. That would be out of pocket. I just mind my the business is higher sometimes when you're friends with each other and you like. I don't WanNa know nothing. Don't do nothing in front of me and he can't even trust me because I'll be there like a spy. I don't really care I have our break up all the time or st new no but on this time nobody believes that I'm done because we were just broken up a year ago here. We are a year later in long as you guys have been broken apfel seventeen months long time that was the last break up and then it's been you are when y'all read books and when you aww drive cars y'all dry forward. Why do y'all go on reverse. I never understood when I break up to get where you know you get. You know you valet take over. I just don't believe that life those in reverse. Even if we break up for like a weekend is over come I now now we can never broken up and then got back together. It's just a clear set. We start from the beginning. Don't lie don't cheat. Don't still which Knicks do if you I don't like about it won't mean this way. I'm definitely over it. I moved moved here to New York for our relationship six years ago and now that it's over. I'm moving back to Georgia and you know that's part of me moving on battling oh no because now you're you're literally putting all the power in him. I'm not happy with him so I don't in our young fly. You're in the city if Wendy Williams confined love right now right. I don't WanNa live here. I would rather live in Atlanta now. Why would you save Wendy Williams menial. She was married for twenty five years. That was not that I'm running. Listen when we broke up the very first time I have been here for two years. I would have moved back to Atlanta then but lip-service hedges is kind of taken off so I stayed for this but now we're at a point where I'm able to fly in for the show. I'll still be able to be here for still coming visiting in the show my whole my whole entire families in Philly. I have a house there so you know I'll be able to come. There visit my family. You Know Oh hang out with my girls while I'm in town. Come Service see what about you. When it comes to break up are you do you go in reverse ever? I mean I have but I've been up that NIGGA. Nigga thought it was funny because I was like what was your question is like how to break up with the etiquette like I the I told someone unlike I'm chilling like it's cool and he was like well. At least you broke up with me maturity and I was. I didn't even know we were together. Sometimes you're in a relationship and don't know I didn't even no. I was with him but I did it right right. I definitely don't reverse anymore. Now you know so. I guess I guess so. I'm so confused about relationships now. I didn't know I was in one for three months. I tell you this is like a reality. Show 'cause she. He lives on the fifth floor lived on the fourth floor on a search for a chain. They moved into the because he lived there. I was like it'll be cute because it'll be like our mansion like olive downstairs and we just run this joining uh-huh together and it was so good you break up and so we broke up now we'd be like why you need to live in the same building with somebody. You know what when you are doing business with somebody like and you're in a relationship and you're like okay. Let's start this business together Hi thing to do to my last ex Mattel you how how I ended the relationship so I started feeling like we're we're. We're well. I got to a point where I felt enough. They were at a point where they just couldn't fall in love with anybody. You know they were very selfish not in a negative way but just not really emotional burs so when they were laying in bed.

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Camille Grammer Reflects on Divorce from Kelsey Grammer

Lori and Julia

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Camille Grammer Reflects on Divorce from Kelsey Grammer

"It was yeah i think she was just shocked all right well here's one and this is right jack osbourne tells people magazine after the osbournes my dad just hated reality tv he hated the experience he hated the way was portrayed he was like it's not what i do i'm a musician right is jack one his name in the news today because we have a show together they do yeah checking ozzy do yes they have some kind what is it i don't know if they're on the road traveling together some kind of a a music show i don't know but if i were is e because we never knew ozzy is a bumbling fool who needed shine yeah what do you call it closed captioning what he was saying understand him so i can see why because there's probably he was worried it was going to take a hit with his black sabbath fans they didn't watch his show i bet i feel like the they were solar and watch the only one i watched the nicole smith show what is that a reality show nicole what's really going back but the osborne is before her that's before the nicole i didn't watch that one yeah i know busy the osbournes were like ninety the first yeah they were one of the first like late seven anna nicole smith wasn't until two thousand i want say all right but the osbournes were the first and it was on mtv and it was i mean i know they say the real world is really the first reality show and then if you really want to get technical that pbs show that followed the family seven up but it's ozzy and jack's world detour yeah that's anna nicole smith started the year restarted two thousand and two but where is that kelly as born i mean we never hear anything about her anymore i don't know itself so in the foot okay here's something camille grammer okay got candidate about her relationship with the dink kelsey grammer he made such a thing to i know it and we saw that net i says he's in the choose on the real housewives of beverly hills a fan re tweeted an article about kelsey and wrote to camille never forgive him after what he did to the real meal g and she wrote back i don't progress him his happiness with a nerve is the fact i was there to help him get him through some hardships and supported his career and his sobriety was right by his side and he acts like i never existed that's appointing we were together through his success it really the writers strike and back to you and she heart attack and she helped him get sober and go in film the real housewives of new york when he was on a date with the other woman what he was doing the bribery any they have two children together and he refuses to speak to her i think it is so despicable i do too when people pretend like a partner that they had never existed i know someone who does this to somebody and it's very hurtful it's well it's just so and it makes selfish yes it's so selfish and narcissistic and in this example that i know this yeah this couple it is the man who acts like kelsey and the person i know is camille was like all i ever did with stand by him when we were together you know now you just does not existing he's always acted like he nothing to me i i will good is that for your kids kelsey for your kids to see you being a dink that's right you are listening we come back rachel zoe was on my trade happens live and it was good to see you're really was we'll be back hi i'm linda light iger in december twenty sixteen i heard laurie and julia talking about the breast center of maple grove i dialed the number made an appointment i.

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