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"anna bowman brian hartson" Discussed on On Point with Tom Ashbrook | Podcasts

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"anna bowman brian hartson" Discussed on On Point with Tom Ashbrook | Podcasts

"California, the orange groves and all that fun stuff. I grew up in the Santa Clara valley back in the sixties. So we've got a little bit of knowledge about the water situation out there in California. Well, Eric ask and Ye shall receive here is a scene from Chinatown, a lot of irate, citizens when they find out that they're paying for water that they're not going to get it's all taken care seems to get you've, you're breathing the water LA or bring hell eight of water. Are you going to do that by incorporating the valium to city simple as that John? Huston, Jack Nicholson in nineteen seventy four in Chinatown. Eric, thank you for your call. More hit some thoughts, do you have any thoughts about Chinatown? It's still a powerful metaphor that, you know, I it's, it's, it's one of our metaphors and the idea is that do you want water should the city be taking water from somewhere else, which is what we've done here. I have a whole chapter on on that. I mean, it was written beautifully by Marc reisner in Cadillac desert. And I've done did some new research borrow from reisner and, and so that you cannot write a book about water and the California dream without touching upon Chinatown. Well, you know, Mark, we only have about two minutes left here and. I wanted to just end by hearing from you about if there are some solutions here because we talk about the California dream, your book is called the dreamt land indicating that perhaps the dream has come to an end. You've even used the word delirium. So I mean, is there a way to, to cope with what the reality of California, and water is, what are the solutions? What we after one hundred sixty five years, we have now finally were were regulating groundwater. And that's because the land is sinking from all the pumping, and I think when this when this takes effect, and it's, it's a long kind of lead up to it. But it'll, it'll take effect in fifteen years, you're going to see the footprint of agriculture in the San Joaquin valley alone. Paul. Five to four point five, maybe all the way down to four million acres. So the farm belt will get smaller and smarter because we went from farming very good land to farming marginal and to now farming poor land, just because we kept having water that we were taking in it had to go onto land. So, so that's going to diminish. But the city's you have to do their part. I mean, can we keep sprawling out a growing suburbia evermore, you know, all the way up to places like paradise that, that where we're a town should have never gone. And this is what's going to have to happen, if we're going to figure out a way to to, you know, continue this, this, this, this, this, this myth and this experiment, that's California into the, the next fifty years. Well, Mark Eric's is author of the dreamt, land, chasing water and dust across California. We have an excerpt of the book at on point radio dot org. Mark, it's been a great pleasure to speak with you. Thank you so very much for joining us today. Love the way you framed the whole segment. Thank you for having me on point is produced by Anna. Bowman Brian Hartson ski Eileen. Amata Stefanos, Kosonen Hillary mcquilken, Alison, poli James Ross Alex Schroeder and grace Tatler with help from David Marino. Our executive producer is Karen Shiffman. I Magnin truck Roberti. This is on point.

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