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"ann walsh bradley" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"Who is Deborah messing mister producer what does she what shows was she in? Well and grace, so she's so yesterday. She claimed that the sheikah Biden elected. Messing. What's her first name again? Debra messing. She claims she got by an elected. It must be true. I mean, she's well-known throughout the country. I'm sure, particularly in our cities across America, everybody said I'm voting for Biden because of Debra messing. She got by an elected. She's another obsessed, radical left wing kook, low IQ, abortion supporter. So she's a one issue voter. Democrat Democrat Democrat Democrat. That's all they do. Deborah messing. Nice name. Deborah. Ballot drop boxes, not allowed in Wisconsin state Supreme Court rules will obviously filled with white supremacists and racists. Madison, Wisconsin, from the Washington compost, a divided Wisconsin Supreme Court barred the use of most ballot drop boxes. And ruled voters could not give their completed absentee ballots to others to reach on their behalf. A practice some conservatives disparages ballot harvesting. Yes, you know, it's not actually ballot harvesting. It's what conservatives disparage as ballot harvesting rights Patrick Marley. Patty Marley. Of the famous patty Marley pub house in anyway, so a divided supreme Wisconsin Supreme Court. It's a rolling feared by voting rights. I'm a voting right proponent, mister producer. You see how proud it works, folks. You see how they create devil terms for us. An angel terms for them. Voting rights proponents. Disparaging this as ballot harvesting. Oh. They're rolling fear by voting rights proponents who set ahead of time such a decision and make it harder for voters, particularly those with disabilities. To return their absentee ballots I wouldn't. Why? Have we had drop boxes throughout our history? Many Republicans hope for a ruling that they said would help prevent someone from casting a ballot in the name of someone else. Is it that important? The fourth three ruling came a month before the state's August 9 primer is when voters will narrow the fields of governor and U.S. Senate for years ballot drop boxes were used without controversy across Wisconsin. Okay. Was there any increase in the use of ballot drop boxes during the coronavirus? Patty? Election clerks greatly expanded their use. In 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic is absentee voting hit unprecedented levels. Was that authorized by the state legislature patty? By the time of the presidential election, more than 500 ballot drop boxes were in place across Wisconsin, some Republicans balked at their use pointing to a state law that says an absolute ballot must be quote mailed by the elector delivered in person to the municipal clerk issuing the ballot or ballots. Oh. So patty, the first paragraph of a literate article and a truthful article would have read. That the state Supreme Court of Wisconsin upheld. The state law in Wisconsin has passed by the state legislature. You see, that's the first sentence. Patty. The state's high court ruled the, that means voters themselves must return absentee ballots and can not use drop boxes. While the plain English would suggest that the key phrases in person and it must be assigned its natural meaning justice Rebecca Bradley wrote for the majority. In a dissent, justice Ann Walsh Bradley called the majority dangerous to democracy. See how it works? So the justice and the majority says, well, that's what it says in the law. And in the descent, that's dangerous to democracy. These aren't judges. These are clowns. Both of the Ann Walsh Bradley, the clown. It has seemingly taken the opportunity to make it harder to or to inject confusion in the process. Whenever it has been presented with the opportunity she wrote, the two bradleys on the court are not related. Oh, really? The majority opinion flatly stated ballot drop boxes are illegal under Wisconsin statutes. Now that is the way it should work, that's how I court is supposed to rule. That's what it should have ruled in Pennsylvania. This is what has Donald Trump upset among other things. The ballot boxes should not have been used during the 2020 election that drop boxes. And in Pennsylvania, many of the rules that were passed by the state legislature were breached by other parts of the government controlled by the Democrats. That is not being looked into by the January 6th committee or the Washington compost or the New York slimes or anybody else. Or

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