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"anita sniffy" Discussed on Court Junkie

"The state's case against Anita sniffy begins with an early morning at nine one one call in May two thousand, ten, a nine, one one operator tried to understand what had happened as a hysterical Anita sobbed on the line. Somebody. Exactly To learn. You're. Just, trying to charter. Let's. You. And Right, did you? Did He hurt you? Heart. Is. Pretty badly. I'm writing where? Okay. One of the first to arrive at the scene was a veto police Corporal Kelly Heathen who saw forty-one-year-old Anita Smith. He running out the front door of the House I've been stabbed Anita. Kept repeating. He shouldn't have been here. She held a bloody towel to her side. Firefighters comforted her and held her while she wailed hysterically. A man inside the House Robert Klein the third. Anita's estranged husband was dead. Lieutenant Dennis. Bell a veteran of the veto police department saw Roberts naked body face down in the budget. Roberts left hand was by a knife, but the murder weapon. A gun was covered up by bed sheets on the bed. It was a chaotic scene. The families skittish pets ran around the house. The couple's children were at the home to as please began to investigate what happened. Lieutenant Bell Noticed Roberts close in the living room, he observed a wine glass in the bedroom and a Tequila bottle on the kitchen counter. Things just weren't adding up. There wasn't any sign of forced entry to the House Lieutenant Bell said in his deposition taken in April of two thousand eleven. He asked the fire battalion chiefs opinion could need his injuries. Be Self inflicted. Lieutenant Ballast signed a police officer to ride in the ambulance with Anita and accompany her. He rarely sent a police escort to the hospital, but is department appeared to be investigating a homicide now. Bag Anita's hands. Lieutenant Bell instructed the officer and don't let her out of your sight. Anita might be the primary witness to a homicide lieutenant. Bell thought so. He wanted to get her statement..

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