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"anita scuitto" Discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

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"anita scuitto" Discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

"Caught with uncle. Johnny get some sound I keep I keep calling Garrett Gavin. I don't nothing of Gavin and on me I don't even give it is I know a Gavin but I'm not thinking about her Gavin close. We actually spent Christmas Mus in Italy with a guy named Garrett. Did you think of me. No but uncle Johnny Calling Gavin and we and we and we kept making fun of his name is now. I'm calling him. I did it once thanks. I know you did it for twenty five times I. It's okay so we gotta get some drinks out of Michael Johnny Way to sober for my liking. Also I wanNA play Klay Yummy. I'm so happy that a justin bieber is breaking all sorts of records with this song. This week I mean it was as they say in Rodeo. The most added Song and radio. This week I mean it just to hear that just going to come out with some new music and get a tour we're going to share. He's got he's claiming we've got that Danielle's report. Where do you WANNA start straight nate? Come on sound and by the way. Also thank you to everyone who who's texting in a loving loving Our Anita as we bid her farewell. She is a lovely lady. We should all be more like Anita. I just walked by to give her a hug. Because I didn't get to because of where I sit in here and couldn't reach her and she. She was crying like all the way crying. She said I cannot believe what just happened. So amazing scaring her brand new instagram account. Just quadrupled follow her S. C. I P. DOT COM. Anita's give you Sei pyeho Anita scuitto. Let's get into sound Garett. What's going all right? So we'll Smith. He's out promoting bad boys for life that is in theaters today and stop the tonight show and him Jimmy Fallon they wrapped will Smith's career. Here's a little clip of it in every Monday on the Silky. Thank.

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