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We DONT need to talk about ghosts: Episode 4 - Emails & Driving Dogs.

We Need To Talk About Ghosts

25:07 min | 4 months ago

We DONT need to talk about ghosts: Episode 4 - Emails & Driving Dogs.

"From a girl goes with. Kevin used us. Hello you wonderful beautiful. There is taste sexy individuals. Welcome turn of that. We don't need to talk about ghosts now. I'm with Rebecca usual. Let's say about that and that's the new thoughts as per usual every time that funny that one time it was also not as per usual in yours. I read it somewhere. Definitely read it somewhere aspect usual every other time. Not every time. I was convinced that I've read and believe it. Well but my big POWER GRANDMA WISE. I tell you taught me in the way detrimental where I once wrote. A review for one of my staff was trying to praise them because even that good job and put in the report I can hold on heart say that Jane was absolutely detrimental to the success of this campaign. I was about nine thousand nine at the time very manageable team and my line manager came to me went out and then June. Did you mean to say detrimental because the rest is quite glowing suggest so that means like we couldn't have done it without her she was like no it means that she's kind of fucked up. It was like really and I kept thinking about every other report that are detrimental and respected in their public. Ariz taskmaster in two thousand dollars oppose. It was just being dead. I serve So we've just done the paycheck episode where we informed them of our sporting endeavors for today. Trying to stay healthy. Don't go by -able than no because let's wind you up. Rebecca Stop the payment on all right. Then Becca Bekka Becker back on the WII as soon as you go on the podcast. Suddenly we meet somebody in the streets or something or it's like I introduced as people. I see Rebecca that as well. Because if it's someone Anissa partner Becker it sounds like one word and like ooh. What's apartment Becker? Will this is my partner Becker. Jane no not. I'm seeing that partner. Becker Kevin. There's no difference with those Kevin's and obvious name Bekker's s tiny politics. My partner Becka can't do that. You can't do that watch. This is my this is awesome power BECCA. Sounds like a boxer. This is my partner. I should anyway eh in an effort to try and keep fit today. Becca NOT REBECCA BECCA. Here Rebecca does. That looks like you've been rebranded. We well anyway. We thought it'd be a good idea. I try and play badminton on the balcony of a third floor apartment. Now I thought this through because you might think that sounds dangerous and I thought the same. So what you don't want. Is it falling down onto cars or anything like that as people drive in dangerous so I decided to tie piece of string attached strings skill to the balcony so we couldn't lose the shoulder? Yes we've literally just went over all this with the Patriots so won't repeat myself. Needless to say it did not go as planned the good news. Is that if you for future reference. If you are going to tie a short cock to await you can retrieve the Cochran you knock it over the balcony activists even actually. We'll probably get another time. It just ellison okay so obviously as we said. Yesterday today's episode was going to be a watch along but in truth. I've got far too much on this quiz tomorrow. It turns out that there's a lot of things to do for. Chris tried to warn. I said I'll tell you I'll know it'll be just a big laugh this actually now. It's a little bit of Bolic so I just didn't have the time to China range or watch along. I know you think I'm what you just video and talk about it. Yes you do. You've got to find a suitable video and a certain length video and don't get me wrong. They seem to be there all the time. When you not need one for a podcast but when you want off the podcast you spend a good twenty minutes search and I just don't have that time but I still wanted to put a few guys today because that's what we're here for to be too friendly argumentative with each other voices that you can chuckle along too if you so wish. Isn't that right Becca? Things isn't that right by partner. Becker Becker you'll want to talk to you my partner Becker Becker. I'm your partner Becka cap to partner backers and so yes. I am so we've had a good few emails in for some great stories for the show's over an F. I obviously with the quiz going on tomorrow. This show this week the standard. Show the Gosho which you probably all missing at. This point is out on Sunday because it'd be getting recorded Sunday that'd be a we'll have a bit of laughter about the mop of the quiz because the quizzes either. GonNa be dead for crap or grow too so either way. I think you where you please tell us about. Tongo seems I think I think the like absurd. You know it says in the bloody title. We don't need to talk about. Looks just maintain the usual which he obviously will exactly so. We do have quite a few emails as well. So I'll go over a few of the ones that aren't related to the main show if you like so we've had one in from Anita Saga Stig Gate. All on sagas absolutely name. 'cause planet and is a sarcastic. Lou Sarcastically suggests we say Saga Stig. Yeah Anita suggestively very nicely she says. Hi Kevin. Hi I heard the sooner Fangio. Well it does and finding you impulsive in this time of seclusion. It does indeed. Your life goes crisper. Seti sounds like a fantastic distraction and I hope I will be to watch it me too. We three however inbreeds quite happily actually do not have facebook and whenever I tried to access content shared by folks from facebook. I am Julie blocked from it. Will you be offering other ways to access your quiz? I understand if not but if so please do let me know. Thanks to you and Becker for keeping probably spooked and being the kind human beings you so very obviously are nice but I appreciate that. That's a really good point because I'm just as an in San Francisco Bay area which is as we all know my favorite place. I've never been thanks. Thanks to so married an expert so thank you and it's a very good question. Yeah it's a good point because in fairness whilst we were talking about trying to fill live stream on facebook and Youtube we were. I think we both thought that we'd still be sharing the link via facebook. How will we get so? This is a very good question. I think what we're going to do tomorrow is going to be very tech. Specific in your website is this. The answer could be these and if people don't facebook twitter actually tweet it. That's what I'm GonNa plan on doing so I don't think you can listen what we'll find out. I will say this twitter page which anyone can access a relative. What do you got twitter on our Goto twitter Ford Slash? Talk about ghosts and there will be. We'll put the link so hopefully to be youtube and if not youtube we all should be information on there and watch as you say Mike on our website. That might be a way doing the that. Probably be more beneficial than. I don't know that you can do that. I'm sure that quiz right now. I'm pretty confident that we can get it on facebook and Youtube at the same time. That's about Youtube. Sorry about twitter twitter where you can view twist without signs. Put the Youtube link on twitter or you could be my little hope. Yay. That's fine okay. Let's see okay so thank you very much with Anita. It's a very good point. It's a very good question and we hope we've answered it for you. What else was that? That's not related to the standard show to do do do do. That's a stories from be sent. Which is very good story. Look forward to this weekend. I tell you we've seen from patacas in Seattle another one of my favorite places. Thanks to Asia. Well yes and Nevada off G. says just a note. Thank you for the entertainment of last year on this time and then this is a sense your genius not my words backer. The words of patacas. I'm a pro. Patria continues to support you. Keep it coming lots of Patricia from Seattle and then P. S. come to Seattle and I'll be your guide. Thank you I would. We demand to go to Fraser's home. What's phrases building? I obey hours Elliott Bay towers but I mean I don't think that's a real place but I also WanNa see cats house unfortunately shot himself That'd be nice to also as well had an email in. No that's another story so if you sent the story and Linda. I'm talking to you so many stories but we have a nice email and as well from Alyssa and the. Let's assent in a specific email folder. We don't need to talk about ghosts. Which is saying we're doing pat and it says a little something we don't need to talk about goats says hi Kevin. Becker hope this fondue happy. Hello this Reggie happy healthy and with some seventy speak of well it. Does we have questioned silence outside with well. I guarantee you. That's going viral right now. Thanks to some Nahmad filming. No thanks to the world. Worldwide thing this choppy name Amen. You do an amazing job of the podcast and I love the idea in brackets as well as the first episode of not talking about ghosts immediately. Thought of you. After reading the story linked below it was exactly block capitals the kind of news in inverted commas. I needed right now. Invested speech motive. But you that's a commerce or speech marks your opponent. Robert is speaking very common. Yeah I need right now and I locked myself. Tears attempted to read. It's my mom over the phone. My only disappointment came and realized there wasn't body Cam footage at least a still frame from its show in the office perspective as he walked up to the car. Thank you for all the hard work you put into the podcast every week. Let me know a few in Becker. Ever make it to the Chicago. Indianapolis areas says Hashtag Indy. Five hundred almost my happy place. We're GONNA believe you saw go on me. If you can put us up this flow. Stay healthy stay sane and stay the hell home and off the balcony. She says and don't play badminton. She says does not say any. Oh she thinks she needs to get on the go show because she's psychic rollercoaster and that's from the willfully named Elsa or click so thank you and then the point of the is. She sent a story which we're GONNA regale and hopefully hopefully missed the author. We're hopefully going to regale. And hopefully what is regale now? I am going to reveal it now. I'm just trying to find out which back off Jesus tonight say this for the quest. This is embarrassing for me but we should say it anyway because it is quite funny so obvious to get he. Yeah because as well. I'm asked about being embarrassed but it is funny. I would find it funny as an outside looking at so I just up these days. I like that and I think it's because I'm going to wake up and just see the same places so imagery GMS. I'm doing whatever so I mean. With exception your lovely face of course GONNA that little. Call the sack so really retired. Becker was adamant there's one day we were going to get open to keep fit agree degree to WanNa because it's really good defense videos. I've been doing on that campus. Recently start with me has faced fifth stunts heart and soul fitness with coach. Kozak unquote here. And you know what if anyone's took home aboard and wants to do to fitness even in general they are brilliant the so good on the website you can say it trevor. Anything for like five minutes to an hour like Dubai body parts by specialist things. If you've got like do low impact ones with equipment without equipments. You name it the brilliant. I started them apo a year ago. Where do over Christmas with my exercise classes were cancelled over? Christmas am and I'm the only person who lost throat December. I was doing like every other day and it was bruins. Yeah so anyway. That's what we're GONNA do what we're going to do allow MUNAF which is agreed to do degrees. Do the alarm went off back in bed awake and she says quote. Let me get up. I said just have just have like ten more minutes. Yeah Okay So. Ten minutes came and went. The alarm went off again. She'll come on them. We needed to this now. Just so tired. Can we just is rates? If we don't give it to which you said I said well listen if you got sleepy and it mean we can have another ten minutes. If you're not sleeping kept thinking but I'm saying that sleepy you can go. Am I doing it you better than me? I thought I wasn't trying to take the PISS. Obviously I just dropped all consonants is. The food is convinced that really science giving you I. I think it's from ten more minutes and then Bor conscious Komo joke. If you sleep eating out I was so tired forty year old that I was trying to act tyrod and the way that my brain thoughts. It's best to tide was to drop the use of consonants. So you've got an extra ten minutes but they needed to get up and do only ten minutes. I'll remember that trick for the next day. You don't look tired. What do I constants anyway. Back to the store. That Lisa sentence elissa sorry not Alicia and listen the follow story. You'll like this story because it's kind of cute not as good as me going. Well nothing nothing is. I think you'll find a man. Allegedly eating dog. Dr Was arrested after leading troopers on a high speed chase yes. A man was arrested on Sunday. After leading troopers high speed chase with his dog sitting in the driver's seat so not only was this dump. Driving is drunk with speed. A spokesman for the Washington State Patrol said the man from Lakewood. Washington hit two cars on separate occasions and failed to stop both times leading state troopers and high speed chases incident insterstate off interstate five. An the spokeswoman said no major injuries reported any of the crash either crush. He was driving very radically so radically that. Multiple people called nine eleven different way. Samsung's maker Catcher now because nine nine eleven shit yet not all Croatia Day. Nine one one okay. Heather Tolsey N. The suspect was driving absolutely recklessly and a pursuit in shoot at a hundred and nine hundred and nine miles an hour she said. What if the troopers attempted to call? The suspect's car looked inside and realize the pit bull was sitting in the driver's seat while the suspect st suspect steered Naughty. Naughty people as he was trying to evade troopers. The suspect drove onto centennial trail for pedestrians and bicyclists in a bicyclists in Soho Khomich County Nova being busy. The fact that there wasn't anybody on the trail is nothing shy of miraculous. We are very thankful eventually troupe is used spike strips to the pursuits de accidents said the suspect then gave one explanation. He was trying to teach his dog how to drive a wish. I can make this up accident. Who's also public information? Officer said I've been a state trooper for almost twelve years now. Wow I've never heard of this excuse out of a lot of high speed chases of stopped. A lot of costs are never had gotten excuse that they were teaching the dog how to drive. Washington state patrol charge them with reckless endangerment. Hit and run and driving under the influence and felony finally fell upon speak because late in the day felony alluding his bond is set at eight thousand five hundred dollars. Salary was the speed the papers. Well here's blue type. A and the dog's name is patch and John in a way. I'm kind of offering T to his doctor. Dr. Oh it's like he did it in a very reckless molly call hitting other cars and you can't be going on pedestrian foreparts water playing a responsible. I'll be honest with the issue isn't it is the issue is that how reservoir she can't be hitting other people will be doing. High speed chases go onto potential. No you can't teach a dog to drive. That's the issue I don't. I don't think that is the main issue. No no no. If you haven't hit all the 'cause no one would wrong police and what. He has more successfully got his license. Till if you genuinely tell it it'd be awesome. I mean I'm kind of just often like China land. I appreciate the dog's not going to get. There is actually gonna be able to drive. But I think it's I think it's kind of in a way that he was trying to teach him. I like the fact that trump was going through the learning process anew boat over Sergio drive. You'LL DR Congo Spaniel five stars. He's a nice boy. Those goats that's amazing. You say that guys you've got to see these goats already in London now right Salon Dude. No for those who aren't familiar with it. It's a coastal town on way of wells and it's next at it's at the base of what they call the arm which is like this big. Hill Steep Hill and Beautiful Area Louis. roads Allison Wonderland. There's Carroll yeah absolutely escaping house okay well. He apparently lived in London for Awhile and got his inspiration from the four hours to such a wonderfully beautiful place very steep. Holm with these coats that live with the on. We've been on a couple times Mike God out of those goats like staying prophesied with it. Looks like it's like completely vertical just like on it happily tunitas away anyway with this lockdown. Because everyone's inside the goats of descended from the all the chrome and they're just like taken over the town the just mooching around the sound like up and down the high street in the in the primary school bills private gardens warm weather looking through some of these windows aren't yeah and there's literally this one way or the Lions Street it's like the pundit there on the streets the each in from the hedge of one house property honestly World Google takeover town landed. No but London Salau Doorbell W. L. A. N. D. U. and Dana. You're it'll come but it's well worth a watch because who doesn't go to take it over in China. I keep it I of the story. You know dogs driving goats own town. This is the second coming of animals planets and a range of it. I don't I was kind of joking. If a new through the cocker spaniels AD Council hungry if you counseled it if the dog was on its way in a car to me and you counseled ragent. Would you really yeah? I would cancel it and then I'd go right to the local mental hospital and be like to say. I believe to call driven by a Cocker Spaniel on. It's all the more reason not to come. So that when a Tanzanian actually saying it for real whether you can see it then yes I think on that bombshell is a good time to an episode. So guys I'll quit tomorrow. I do apologize of being tongue tripping on this one but we literally wanted to get out because we promised that we would need permission very welcome to drink throughout this quiz. Because I will Becca Bobi Becker will be drinking. And if you generally want to see the destruction me tune into the quiz because there's a good chance I'm gonNA drink through and it's probably a lot these days. I'm not doing a lot these days but I don't drink at work events anymore. After I was the last one for the worst like there was always the best one we. We opened the building a new building where we work and the mayor was there alleged. Vip's within that was free alcohol which is always the Red Rock and the big of Jin. Globes that you got. We're basically a Lotta drink prior anyway. I think that would be a good idea to then go to this events and adopt a glass and then they came and cleaned it up and then about an hour later appeared on drinking and stood there with a director of the company. My line manager hairline manager and this very important person and we're still talking away and I felt a bit all right but then dropped another Jean Goblet and the orbital and own. And that's going to be fine if it wasn't for the cleaner than coming over and gone that's the second one is dropped tonight. Which led directly to go. I think you'd better get Kevin and I was like yes savings. Tim You drinking the point being is that tomorrow maybe unnecessary Kevin get drunk rights and let me just say drunken Kevin comes out to play. Anything CAN HAPPEN. Really so yeah. It may be the last time you'll ever hear from tomorrow night because we may have to just pull down the entire show so that becomes taste so yeah. It's GONNA be worthwhile or not. We do actually ran ourselves in slightly. See when we'll we'll try and keep it clean as well so if you want to come along the absolute sit there all night. China's not going to try and Pepsi. Knoxville is that children should be by clock. You know what I mean is not going to be purposely like making efforts to FM blind everywhere and it won't be like xrays eligibility normal podcast. Yes exactly yup occasional swearing but like when I'm skirt which probably won't after all scared that's GonNa get pulled but that's the other reason like if it's on Youtube I don't know whether they'll say the swear words on this because it's different times of the day in different places so towards the shed. Yeah after eight o'clock or after nine o'clock even fever sure there's plenty of stuff but then people have to sign that I duNno. I duNNo. I'm going to try and avoid there'd be no no unnecessary because then ever is bought which needs to be very mindful of. Can you tell them nerves about this? I am not sure I'm going to be drinking. Seems a good reason for drinkers and the stream works. That's the biggest thing. Okay then guys so normal short on Sunday and we and we will speak to you at the Morosi at the Chris Tabligh.

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