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"aniston jake" Discussed on Eating For Free

"The what do i think of this. I don't think of her insult. Go down to the new york post. I'm taking the money. Damascus practicing my Say practicing my jennifer coolidge in legally blonde voice and. I thought that that'd be a good way to start our deep dive on missed erica. Girardi me erica. jane. I think how did i do. How jennifer coolidge. It's pretty good. I mean you've been sending me like. I think three bucks a day of doing this accent for the last week and it's improved. It's gotten really good do you. I i was gonna say just a casual the casual voices drop of dumb ass. I can't do it. I shouldn't even let me try to get the actual quote. The actual code is taking the dodd dumber our producer cracking up and me is when you do this webcam. Okay let me turn again again. Okay got it. You got harmed taking the dog. S scott with god. That was really good. Wake give you a thumbs up if that was good. Was that like. I'll give you a cloud like inter quoting that with like everything i do of sir inspired you to start doing the accent recently. Like you started voice. Memos psychotic white lotus on each max. Shout out carriers up to the god of hbo mike way create urban. Lighten creator of school of rock And also one of my favorite movies. The good girl. Starring jennifer aniston. Jake jalen hall if anyone's ever seen that shouted out in the comments but yeah no jennifer coolidge. It's nonsense secret. Jennifer coolidge vehicle. So kendall and i were talking one night. And i just started like doing the voice on the phone with her Because we're buying sir put game. We play some game together on dischord anyways. Then it's just become my new thing. You know met me grilled cheese earlier. And i was like hi. I'm taking this grilled cheese dumb ass like just everywhere. I go everywhere i go. I actually wanted to. Yeah by the time we record the next episode. I'll be able to speak in full waiting for the monologue. Podcast by the way by the way. My name is joanie. And i am international menace lawson local artisan and this is eating for the podcast according from the absolute edge of the internet. And we're back with a special episode about erica jane. She's been hot and happening. While we've been away and it just feel amiss talk about. I mean this is the thing you asked me. This is the thing you asked me. What i miss reporting on during twenty twenty and when this broke last year it was lake criminal that we were not on air and everyone was was tweeting at us. They're like you need to talk about this so we did it. We're finally here actually. All of the notes are most of the notes that we took off the last episode. But we just couldn't do it. It would have been like an extra forty five minutes and that upsets already almost two hours long so it's perfect to make into a full-fledged episode for today before a start i wanna ask you i heard you. Recently took a pilgrimage to the land of heterosexual people. I was that. I hate you so much. Yes i went to las vegas the worst city on the planet like actually it was one of those things that once everything started opening up. Maybe this'll be worth doing. Because we're vaccinated. we're gonna be safe. Malik club partyer. I'm not somebody goes out drinking all night so it was like we'll just bop around have fun. See what's what and like literally. I think forty million other americans at the exact same thought as i do i arrived. It was basically like disneyland on speed every square inch of the entire city. I was very innocent. Aren't even on the cdc list. Not not to protect you. From those rejects. Like i did get to see the. Us of island set though from a distance because they one of the club's film in las vegas. No no the us levion season two which is good. I liked it. Actually it's terrible but also good. Nothing beats the uk version. Obviously but they for season two because of lockdown filmed on the rooftop of the club in vegas and they'd like redid the whole pool in bar area to basically make the laviolette set and yet it's like near the bellagio. it's like in the middle strip. Everything and yeah little connex see is that you're right that we're going to hear about by this time next year. You're gonna you're gonna get off to a private island somewhere in the caymans. By with fun. I would kill to be in the production room of love island like i'm not joking. Eighteen hour as they would be the youthful to witness the like. I don't even know the orchestra of all the people. They're pulling every. Little stringing camera if our viewers viewers. I forget that they can't actually. Yes if our listeners. Want to have like a special episode sometime at the end of this season of uk violin. Which is like event of the year for a patriotic shouted out in our comments or in our dm's and we will absolutely will. I will need to ask for it. I'm ready to do it already. But let us new england you think and if you have t about the people on the bound that would be great to send terrible things happening with those cows we need to our british. Correspondence need to make themselves useful again. It's been a while since we've heard from them. So let's about your jane lake just to kind of give an overview of the situation. I've been i was about to say. I've been lucky to be reporting on the breaking his but i don't think luck is here. Erica's certainly bankrupt for luck. So what's been going on..

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