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"angie pantani" Discussed on Hyperbrole: A Comedy Advice Podcast

Hyperbrole: A Comedy Advice Podcast

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"angie pantani" Discussed on Hyperbrole: A Comedy Advice Podcast

"She was one of the top burlesque performers in the world who was crowned miss exotic world in two thousand eight the miss exotic world pageant. She's had multiple appearances on conan. Good morning america. The today show gossip girl and more. She's the italian stallion. Nets angie pantani and thank you for having me. Oh my gosh. Thank you for joining. I so i for our listeners. How we originally connected ended up connecting through italian. Believe in god i am i tutor and that we were just talking about that about ten years ago. Which is insane. You haven't you don't look like you've aged the bit. I look like you. Time has taken a toll on me now now now now but i just wanted to the italian going now. Are you pretty much basically where you left me. That's not necessarily true. I got like well. I think after we stopped starting together. I ended up working in italy. A ton guy was on tv. Show out there. I was going out there like literally. Probably every two or three months and at that point i got really good and i kind of lost that shyness. Fear of just opening your mouth and diving in at the harwood I got over. That and i did really good and i was like i would say that i was blue but i get by. I could get you through italy. But i had not been there in several years now so i feel like i've plummeted again. The fact is like right before this pandemic happened. I was. I had two trips scheduled to start going back in working over there again but so hopefully when this is over i will but i think that's the thing when you're there and you're living it and you're immersed in it it's so magical how it comes back to you. Yeah no that's very true. And i feel like i haven't flex those muscles in a while either so. My italian started to atrophy as well. But that's i mean that's super cool that you were doing tv over there. What was it like. I mean it's awesome to be in another country and especially italy being on tv..

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