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"Manned shot inside the home who was deceased, the woman who had been stabbed was still alive and she died at the hospital. Sources say not all four of the adults lived at the home, but they all knew each other. I'm not quite prepared to describe those relationships right now because we're still working through some next to kin notifications. A four year old girl who was also inside the house at the time was unharmed. The two adults who are not killed are being interviewed by investigators. Police say they'll be in and around the neighborhood off frying pan and west ox roads for the majority of the day. Meghan clover at WTO news. Knew this evening, we've got an update to the story of a naval academy football player's mom, who was hit by a stray bullet and killed when she sat on the patio of an Annapolis hotel in the summer of 2021. Well, we just learned Angelo harrod, the man found guilty of the killing was sentenced to life in prison. That's the maximum punishment sought in the very high profile case. Harad is from Annapolis and was convicted late last year in the killing of 57 year old Michelle Cummings, Cummings was in town from Houston, celebrating the naval academy's induction day for her son Trey. It's 5 O 5. Are the humanities and endangered subject. How about history, English, any of that, many of us have majored or minor than that in college, right? Well, that is the fear of some educators after marymount university, chose to phase out certain majors today as we mentioned English and history among them. The board of trustees voted unanimously to drop the majors they say, students are not interested in pursuing them. A university spokesman tells The Washington Post, it's a watershed moment for the Arlington Catholic schools. It tries to bring in more students and grow its revenue. Leaders say today's students are more interested in degrees that'll get them good jobs and high salaries. He promised his kids a puppy and now Maryland governor Wes Moore is making good on that campaign pledge. The first families adopting a rescue dog. The total proposed budget for Montgomery county schools is $3.2 billion. That's a 10% boost over this year's budget. Included in the plan hiring teacher coaches and instructional specialists in math and English and ten new security assistant positions. There are also raises for school staff included in the plan that now gets forwarded to the county executive and county council after public hearings in April, the county council gets the final say in its budget vote in May. Kate Ryan, WTO news. And we've had all that warm weather this month. Well, it's also meant blooming trees and blooming trees has meant a lot of pollen. In fact, the pollen count for today is breaking a record for the month of February. The level of pollen swirling in the air today compares to what we normally see in March and April. Well, let's get it out of the way. Keep it here on WTO. Not everyone would call Elon Musk's time as the boss at Twitter a great success, but one thing he came up with is now being copied by Facebook and Instagram. We'll talk to The Washington Post and share the details with you next 5 O 7. Your project's begin here, the

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