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"angeline hartmann" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"For WBZ's traffic on the threes. We have red flag warnings posted until eight o'clock tonight that for a high fire danger. The winds are going to start to diminish this evening. It'll be clear and cold temperatures may twenties inland about thirty downtown sun gives way to clouds tomorrow, high forty seven some rain comes into mar night into early Saturday morning. It'll be a cold rain with temperatures mainly in the thirties by Saturday afternoon. We have clouds breaking for sun warming up to sixty. This is WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty where the news watch never stops. Three forty five. Fifty one degrees in Boston. Good afternoon. I'm Ben Parker. Top stories now police in Walpole continuing to start for a suspect who they consider to be armed and dangerous. Lawmakers on beacon hill debating weather, rideshare driver should be fingerprint New Hampshire teacher facing charges of child rape and sexual assault in connection with alleged incidents set Newton summer camp and also in New Hampshire. The New York Times reports some of Muller's team frustrated over what attorney general Bill bars summary of the Muller report failed to include authorities in Kentucky are conducting DNA tests to determine whether a teenager. Who says he's the boy who disappeared eight years ago is telling the truth. The team told police he escaped from two kidnappers in the Cincinnati area. And that he is Timothy in Angeline Hartmann with the National Center for missing and exploited. Children says police rely on the public missing children cases are the number one way children are found. So it's. Very very important to keep those photos in the public eye. So when you see those pictures at WalMart when you school, scroll through different social media. We ask people to just take the time to look at those photos because you never know. All it takes is the right person at the right time making that right, call Timothy Pinson from Illinois was six when he disappeared around the time his mother took her own life at that time. She left a note saying that her son was safe, but that no one would ever find him New York City. Police have been investigating a storage facility in Staten Island. After body was found inside possibly that of missing schoolteacher Janine Cammarata. Reporter Lisa g has more on that investigation. Attorney Eric Gans. Berg said he became concerned when the Thirty-seven-year-old Stanton island school teacher and mother of three went missing. After worry for her. Kids aren't saying how they were led to the storage facility and ordinary knew about eight miles from where ride a lives and works Maradas. Estranged husband Michael was arrested Wednesday in his charged with a salt after police say he admitted that he hit her friends of Cammarata have said the couple was separated and had been going through a messy divorce process. A Boston man facing several charges after state police arrested him for allegedly driving around with ten pounds of cannabis and large amounts of cash in his car. Dennis Korea was arrested last night in Brockton police say the total estimated street value of the marijuana between twenty and forty thousand dollars. Speaking of marijuana. A Boston comedy group asking that age old question to be high or not to be high. There shows called high hamlet I came to laugh Boston more than a year ago. Now, it is coming to the north end's improv asylum as a monthly series. Billy Cox from the improv asylum explains what the show will involve here. It is. Everyone knows the script that high hamlet, and there's one person who be. Rotating that performs as a before? And so they know the script, but they're also high. So they kind of you know, things go things and things go awry, I'll say this, you know, honestly of live theater and live comedy anyways. But you add on top that the person's under the influence of marijuana. I performance of high hamlet takes place tonight. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks in New Jersey. Apparently, you can however change the way you train drug sniffing dogs now on canine units in New Jersey won't be trained to sniff out pot. Attorney general Kabeer grew wall says as New Jersey gets closer to legalizing recreational marijuana. There are questions about police training, including police dogs, and because it's impossible to untrained dogs already learned to send those animals that have been doing the job in the past could be sent to places where pot isn't allowed jails in schools. If a he'll passes in the legislature, New Jersey could become the eleven state to legalize recreational pot, Sherry Preston ABC news from dogs, two cats CBS is Deborah Rodriguez tells us cats are pretty smart when it comes to knowing who they are. It's a pet lovers dilemma. Oh, he's stunning from Japan says it matters because cats recognize their own names, perfectly an associate the sound with rewards like food or play and bad things. Like a trip to the vet results published in the journal scientific reports..

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