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"angela summers angeles summers" Discussed on Sword and Scale Daily

"A fifty thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the murder. Forty-five-year-old Angela Summers Angeles Summers in Indianapolis. Mail carrier was fatally shot while she was delivering mail on Denny Street in Indianapolis e side on Monday Indianapolis Metro Police Department received the call about person. Shot Dinnie street just before four. Pm On Monday. Andrew was taken to hospital where she later succumbed to her wounds. Angel was shot in the chest on her route outside of home that the post office had stopped delivering mail to do the problems with residences dogs. Paul Toms the President of the National Association of Letter Carriers Indianapolis Local Branch thirty nine told W I S H news aid quote. There's an issue with dogs at the residence and you give three letters and on the third one. We curtail the mail. The Post Office stopped delivering mail to the address. Two weeks earlier requiring the residents to pick up their mail themselves at the Post Office people who lived on Summers route described. There's always smiling and said that she brought dog treats for their pets. One of the residents Angeles Summers route. Aaron Oliver told news eight quote. We'd seen her basically every day that we've been living here. She would pet the dogs everything. She was a really nice person. Oliver was aware that his neighbors male had been curtailed quote but being shot by somebody because they couldn't get their mail. No I couldn't even think could happen. Any Annapolis Metro. Police arrested a suspect in the shooting just after ten pm on Tuesday the suspect's name is not been released. The United States Postal Service is offering a fifty thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case local branch president. Paul Tom's told NBC News. Twenty six quote. I want them caught and brought to justice. She was just doing your job like she's done every day. Since becoming a carrier I started in nineteen seventy three and this is the first death violence of any type of. We've had to an Indianapolis Post Officer. Why how could it happen? She was a wonderful wonderful person. The killing of a postal carrier in the white of duty maybe prosecuted as federal fence the Indianapolis Metro Police. Fbi and Postal Service or carrying out the investigation. Our.

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