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"angela beer" Discussed on News Radio 1190 KEX

"Listening to ABC News Our time story. Police were investigating a death in North Waldon. Just after seven o'clock officers were called to do a welfare check on a person near North Columbia Boulevard in North Bank. The person was dead. Police have not released any other details about the investigation. Health officials say arise and covert 19 cases could start this week because the people who traveled over Thanksgiving morning State University biology professor can, Steadman tells Que tu. It'll take a vaccine ultimately control them. Virus. But that won't happen on a broad scale until spring. I'm thinking next summer should be good. But again, the real key is make sure we stay home. Stay safe now. So that we'll have those next summer. Steadman says. The increase in cases will pick just before Christmas, so it will be important to limit travel a Christmas to prevent another surge. After that, honey, Ah Garbage truck rolled over and crashed this morning with a car near Southeast Grand and Burnside in Portland. Both the driver of the truck and the car were hospitalized. Two large cranes were used to get the garbage truck back on its wheels. The first phase of the clean up after the wildfires is being conducted by the EPA, and we'll be finished by the end of the month. Angela Beer cycle without Todd says. Phase two and clothes, removal of hazardous trees, ash and non hazardous debris when Step two is done. When we cleaned up those properties in those businesses, people will be ready to rebuild for phase two work to be completed. Property owners need to sign the right of entry form, which allows workers to access the property that will occur over the next 6 to 18 months. Property owners confined more details in their counties. Wildfire website The Clackamas County Winter Fair is underway. The festival features a drive through light show with the corresponding holiday radio.

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