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"angel jao kareem" Discussed on OFF RCRD

"Believe in change and I believe in change change change and if you don't change you're going to get rolling over welcome to a brand new episode of off record who we interview high-achieving people from Ashton Kutcher to co founder of netflix about their secrets to success before we get started. I wanted to share with you a new project. I'm working on called. I taxed but first a story. When I was nineteen years old studying computer science at University of Illinois I was working on his side project. I decided to tweet one day about that side project and ended up getting help funding Mentorship from a serial entrepreneur investor Keefer boy. If it weren't for that tweet I would be in a much different place now. I would like to return the favor but this time over tax message. If you are ambitious technical and tinkering text me six five zero five zero five nine nine eight four text me what you are working on and why and or what a non traditional things you were doing growing up every month we will take ten people and injured them to incredible mentors from the likes of Marc Randolph. The founder of net flicks Sean Rad founder of tender of all Ravi Kant the founder of Angel's Crest Kevin Hart's founder of Event Bright Steve Huffman the founder of Rabbit Lucy blow the founder of scale. Ai Beth Turner whose investor at S v Angel Jao Kareem the founder of Youtube Max Kodak who co-founded Neuro Link with Elon Musk and many more to learn more go to first tax DOT COM or tax may six five zero five zero five nine nine nine eight four this week I speak to tillman for Tita a self made billionaire owner of the Houston Rockets Chairman of Landry's a hospitality and entertainment payment inspire encompassing over six hundred restaurants various casinos and even amusement parks tillman brand new book out called shut up and listen in this this week's episode we talked about his upbringing where he got his earliest business lessons what it feels like to be on the Forbes four hundred list of richest people on the planet and the importance ordinance of adapting to new technological cycles and business..

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