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"angel hi kerry" Discussed on My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

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"angel hi kerry" Discussed on My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

"Is our our second night here and it just feels like the first. Thank. You know stopping stuff like you won't. You won't commit to it by singing the words right that would be your for nerds instead I make a joke of it. But I still get to do it anyway. Exciting right, let's. Talk about a couple of things, the okay waving has been if you can tell already. Looking over your rings Georgia has gone first of all. This, and I was waving and some of them don't fit and I was like. A lot of money out to the idea. That you want explain. Okay it's my friend who lives here in port and Kerry selling better. Hi, Angel Hi Kerry put her on twitter in the back. Sorry. Sorry she jewelry like Antique Jewelry that she sells under cassidy vintage, jewelry and. Dot natty Dot Gov. Unless last night we were all drinking at a bar and she's like my tomorrow, and I'm like yes, and I'm. You're going to be regretting this tomorrow. Because whenever hanging out with her like jewelry off and put it on me and they play house, so there's like a ring box. That's all open Georgia's in it like a duck in raccoon in a garbage can and she's like. Her fans and part of her head were in this. Paying. And I'm thinking. I picked one I'm blaming this need interesting interview. One. Just I don't need to floss Georgia on the other hand, I need to fuck and blah, it's just like hey, are you ready to go? The Larry is, it's just like I feel like it's a dream. Come true. Should warn you I've already lost my own wedding bands so while I was going, it's. One hundred dollars from JC Penney. It's. Not. Careful. There on loan. We're just having fun. I just feel fancy. We're having fun with it. In the nets we're finally at the SCHNITT sued is. Believe! We graduated from McManaman's bullshit. And now we're at this. Can you believe I said that? Can you believe I said that in the state of Oregon Care and is starting a Tur- for? Start You tur- for. Me Outside look if you all. I love it I. Love It. There's nothing I more. The blink on your. Oh, yeah, this is. Thank you. It's from eighteen O two. User from Janet Jackson's less tour. No they gave me this happened right before we left they. Called me from. US Joe that's not anymore, talk, show the game show a nay. Thank you up in the balcony. No, it's too late. And they called, and said Hey, do you want all of your wardrobe from the show? And I was like okay, and then they truly dropped off twenty five pairs of shoes that I will never wear and. Fifty shirt it was crazy. It was just a haul, and so I've I've been wearing clogs with dresses for almost all of all the tours. You've ever done mostly to Piss my sister off because she gets really mad when she sees us, dance goes kicked out with address asks for some reason. I don't know. She was hurt deeply by a nurse or what happened to her. She gets mad. It's hard standing up here for ten minutes before we sit down. I know it's really hard. It's difficult. Are you going to wear these? Are you going to go back to clogs? Where these for the rest of my life I'm not day-night Beech Mountain. Ninety two year old, Karen just. I said it as a joke. Also worded really quick. My dress has pockets. Important it's important big ones. Last night to meet and greet, there were these two girls sitting right around where you guys are last night. Feel their spirit. They had I kind of vaguely saw that they had What were they called Penn Rams on their shirt, big pink shirts with Brown Pentagram. Ignore those two. Can't get involve a sadness right now, but when they came in through the second meet-and-greet. We realize that the Pentagram. Seasons. Yeah. and. By the time they got to us. Like I'd say a good nine raise, and said fallen off of eat, so they were quickly on the way to becoming stars with arches nearby like. The pentagram theme was falling away quickly, but. Literally I just had one in my pocket. I'm taking it off our shirt like here's my prize. For the evening like what's that that could be something bad. It is it's a raisin. Worst thing there is. There for the hometown personal. The hometown gets. Yeah, that's right. That's right. That's your price did I touch. Tell a good story i. just feel gross now. WHO LIKES GRAPES? Sad grapes. I so i. told you the story last night about how when Vincent I were on the plane yesterday coming here without Karen. I missed my plane. Was Forgotten about that. Now! Here's the thing when you live right next to an airport. You're like I. Don't have to be there at the same time. As normal people I'm different than normal people I'm in the exception to the rule. The rule is you don't want to leave the normal normal time as normal people. Get there. You have to get there in time to make your plane turns out. I guess that's the rule at airports. I don't have to get there early. Just hop the fence backyard and just go. Run across the TAR Mattia. It's me, oh. It's the neighbor a neighbor later on this. You need sugar. She getting on the. Fucking Alaska Airlines those lunatic Christians. When I walked up and I. Honestly Think I was like three minutes late. Max! When I walked up, I was like a put. My id down and I was like flying to Portland and.

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