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"andy swanson" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"You bastard, dress you better do your hair like grief like a grungy like rock? Later. Yes, it was it was quite the thing. This black the whole thing. He is the host of people now, which by the way streams live at eleven o'clock here in Minnesota on people's Twitter's. If you don't already follow people as well on Twitter, you can do that and watch that today streaming live on Twitter at eleven for us. Andy Cohen big news for him. He is in the news as well. He's on the cover of people this week. With Andy Cohen, it's titled my dream, baby. He's opening up about becoming a father at fifty baby baby. Benny already changed his life. Or can I get the inside scoop with that? So I I don't know. How are you guys? We'll help is fans. Yes. Okay. We covered them like crazy. We always have all the cast members and that people now, and I realized that fans are either people people generally either. No, nothing or they're absolutely crazy. Die hard. Right. Great way. So Donohue in that category. I am. I don't watch all of them. I just watch Beverly Hills New York. You're probably really exposed to someone. Do you watch the reunion? Yes. Okay. What's your take on him? Eddie Cohen as a dad is that surprising to you was surprising when I heard it, but I was excited for him. Because I thought that would be really really good for him. I wanna know more. Yeah. Yeah. There's a breakdown here. I mean, he has opened up. He talked to people Royal director. Just go about how he's wanted this for so long. Kind of figured it wasn't in the cards for him because he's gay and he's not in a relationship and family means everything to him. He really wanted it to happen. But there were obviously a lot of hurdles, and then it's now ended up to work out via surrogate, and he kind of opened up one of the things that was interesting. It really hit him on like that first night that it was just the two of them and Andy's Swanson he's also opened up about how he's going to change from his partying ways. He's still going to have fun. But you know, he's all it on that. So lots of details in this week's people babies, so cute. So cute. What I keep thinking about here is at fifty being a first time dad because I know that thirty five I feel there days where I can hardly walk through the door. I mean, I just feel like oh goodness. I am like so tired. He is very busy. It's got a lot of stuff going on. So I wonder what how that plays out for parents who've become parents later in life when a time when generally you would think you'd be sort of over the parenting humping. And just take care of your child. Del delegate delegate. I you're exactly right. Especially that first phase. Right. I mean, the babies up at night and all that kind of thing. So I mean ABC surrounded by some great people it has some help. So that that obviously play into it. But yeah, there's no there's no escaping. How tough those first few months can be Jeremy before you go. And thank you for taking time. We know that you've got a show that you gotta go shoot will leave you very quickly. Have you heard? The new Katy Perry song. Oh, I actually haven't. What's it called guy sixty five three six five? Yeah. We thought about this yesterday. I wake laid a small little club. But I haven't heard a good chunk yet. Or here we got Zad and Katy Perry together..

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