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"andy swan" Discussed on The Last American Vagabond

"It's right in front of us as obvious and they know it visor knows at the fda knows it. Nobody's doing anything. How do you not see that for what it is. How do you not realize that. That means there's a conscious choice to ignore crimes to ignore violations of something very serious of safety while they scream. It's for your safety. Here's the other document now. This would be the one for people taking it right. So this is what you would see if you're smart enough to go out there and find the other document and or watch this show and look it up for yourself. They hope you don't see that that's meant to be for nurses right. This is what if. I'm pregnant or breastfeeding. Well guess what instead of saying we don't have the studies or science and tell you that you maybe shouldn't do it. They just go discuss it with your healthcare provider. Oh you mean the people that also don't know that it's pro the people that also don't know that this document very clearly says that that shouldn't happen and there's no studies because they don't know because the media and the government telling because the cdc in the fda that they blindly trust are not telling them that's the reality so they just go talk to your doctor. Your doctor's says yeah. Get it because we're all in danger and here you go over and over and over and we're the ones that are breaking the law. Well let's bring this over into the shedding discussion. Because this is a very real thing that this expert wanted you to know about. Now i differ. With part of his opinion. I disagree. I could be wrong. He could be right. It could go either way either or against it would be. I could be wrong. But the point is i'm going to go after this with the science. The science all the information all the different studies all the different things and show you that. It's very clearly backed up that this can be dangerous that it can hurt you. But here's what he actually said you know. This is andy swan pointing out. His favorite thing today is thinking about how twitter suspended. I would say the discoverer one of the you know the inventor of amarna. That's that's how the government frames and stuff today as some kind of discovery like you patented new virus. It's discover you invented it like that's how they're framing at that clip. I used to always play about the all the patents for human life. You know but nonetheless that. I just don't know how you would say. The i would say the creator or the discoverer any case twitter suspended one of the discovers of aurigny technology for saying that vaccinated persons.

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