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"andy stoves" Discussed on News Talk 1490

"Bill watching bill you who oh my think about bye okay when you're doing if rick worry about yeah the fine fine fine fine fine fine it's time for the what's hot song and this song is hotter than the water that d wade is so good in this weekend keep your head up father prime it's new music from cassandra lucas thanks tom this is cassandra lucas and i really appreciate you having me on your show my new single is called name on it and it's working its way up the billboard charts and i'm so excited looking forward to torturing this spring summer and for my new album coming out this spring here it is my new single name on it this is cassandra lucas with the tom joyner right back action hot song of the week thanks again wait nice you love really i can't believe yes the first i knew that maybe but it feels real good and handed all right back andy stoves used to be one of the boys into the california raisin every weekend listening to tom joyner's right back at you we'll be back after this can i help you i have a snoring problem can you describe it for me please.

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