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"andy cow" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

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"andy cow" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

"Hopefully, the team will become the crucial thing we whether they make better decisions under pressure make the right strategic cools and give specimen vessel crucially environment, which he can flourish maintains consistency in the fight against Lewis Hamilton, especially when Lewis never to be get stronger in the second half of the season. It's Halloween fraud his new call. But actually it's away from the call concerned the cost you was plenty must win the championship seventy points. Like what of well done it? Yeah. This call will be at a level to compete with his laced. Yeah, provided they haven't done anything ready city with their calculations on the front wing. They should be right there. The call was good enough. K they they lost their way little bit from Singapore on the development. I think on the floor that didn't work they took that off. You know, they they didn't just persist with the folly. They realized they ways and even been said even in an environment that maybe wasn't the best working violent under him. He said, we've got everything we need to wait. And we just need to deal with the pressure better. And now he's been removed. If not always the right temperament the right personality to lead that group, then everything's should come together. And it would just be a case of well. Hopefully, watching really fantastic battle between two brilliant teams and two veterans. Best drivers talking about a fantastic battle between two great teams. Let's move on Mercedes logical place to go. But the car was revealed on Wednesday. There's Hudson was very positive driving. The first time they'll be felt filming diet. That's doesn't filming diet civil side. It's nice sign that say he's gonna link. She's place that the front ready from is it looks like a similar things for already tried to be aggressive with what they've done, but everything looks normal from his eighties, which is excellence, isn't it? Yeah. I mean, I miss eighties. Weaknesses a getting ever harder to find only ever harder to pinpoint and destroy than the big thing for them is Ray time on enjoyment. That was a problem that a solely on top of. And with things changing. I mean tape will explain much better in the effective the front wing changes on the fly round the rest of the car and the concern from sales will be if they've got their numbers wrong in the front. How that affects everything the rare, and whether these problems has been in the kind of lineage of Mercedes cars even going back to before the hybrid era, whether they return and they start to struggle particularly in the the hotter races. But everything else you'd expect to be. On point. They always do phenomenal job with the the engine Andy cows department. They're always chasing these infinitesimal marginal gains on all the different systems hybrids combustion engine and the packaging on the the Mercedes engine away seems to impress more than any other team. They get things so tight with the cooling and the.

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