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"andrew reclosed" Discussed on Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran

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"andrew reclosed" Discussed on Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran

"You. And now it's time to answer your questions on business unusual. Hi, barbara. My name is Andrea and calling from Columbus Ohio have a question. I got a promotion at my new job. And I feel catfish the role isn't anything that I was promised. It would be I kind of want to go back to doing what I was doing before the promotion that just don't really know. How to go about us in the question to my boss and telling him about how unhappy I am in this new role that I got promoted to. Andrew reclosed, go back to your old job. If you want if it was really a job you loved and enjoyed every day. That's not a bad idea. Listen, easy thing enough to do the best way to tell your bosses. This is what you have in mind is to simply walk in and ask him. Hey, is there any way here? My old job back. I liked it much better. That's easy to do. But before you decide to do that why not try to make something better of your situation? We were promoted for a reason you boss sauce, something in unique thought you were more capable. Maybe you would like the job you're in better. If it offered you more challenge, maybe a board. It's the challenge that creates day-to-day change in any job keeps things interesting. You challenge in that job? Maybe take a few minutes today. Trim about how to make your new position even better. And what could be added to it to make it really interesting gives that a little bit of thought before you decide to resign from the job, then you can go into. To your boss and say, hey, I realize the company is not taking advantage of my talents. And I like to do more for you in the company, and here's a list of the other things I'd like to do as part of my new position. That's a little bit more powerful. That's a little bit more positive and might actually get you the job of your dreams that you really are going to be dying come in to do every day and just so satisfied at the end of each day that you did it. That's a lot more exciting. Don't you think just going and saying, hey, I'm not happy with my new job. And I wish I could get my old job back. But I think you have another problem. And if you don't mind, I'm going to dress it right between the eyes, and that is that you should work on your presentation before you make any appointment with your boss when I listened to your question, the first solar I had was she wouldn't persuade me of anything with that force. So I think you really need to learn to speak with more confidence. It didn't come across to me. And I can tell you you can only learn that by practicing people tell me I speak with great authority, but I can tell you I used to be soft spoken and hesitant about what I wanted to ask for 'em. Be gentle. And put a question Mark at the end of every phrase, but I practice a lot on how to speak up and command respect, and I think you should practice that to be able to say to you boss, exactly what you want to say with more command. So before you go in there. I think you should start practicing. How you ask for things. So that it feels strong and better than that natural on you. Learning speak with conference. Always gets you more out of every situation you'll use it again. And again, and this is one situation you'll need a lot of confidence to go in India. The get your old job back through choose to do go in and make a good thing of new job and get it exactly where you want. It. And that's all the questions. We have time for today. If you have a question, leave me voice mail in the business on usual hotline. Eight eight eight Barbara that's eight eight eight B A R B A aren't a you can also tweet it to me at Barbara Corcoran. And I may just answered on a future episode. 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