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Democracy Now! 2021-05-19 Wednesday

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Democracy Now! 2021-05-19 Wednesday

"Hi. I'm Amy Goodman this year democracy. Now is celebrating our 25th anniversary. That's a quarter of a century of bringing you the voice doesn't stories. You won't hear anywhere else democracy. Now has always refused to take government or corporate funding because nothing is more important to us than our editorial Independence. But that means we rely on you. Our audience for support, please visit democracynow.org right now to make your contribution and help us. Stay on the air for at least another twenty five years. Thank you so much. Oh, and remember, wearing a mask is an act of love wearing too, is even better. From New York. This is democracy Now. Often you hear some saying, Israel has the right to defend itself. What rights do we have? Do we have the right to resist occupation? Do we have the right to protect our children before they go to sleep? Israel's bombing of Gaza is continuing for a 10th day, despite growing international calls for back. Tire will go to Gaza where Israel has killed at least 222 Palestinians so far. And we'll speak with a long time. Israeli reporter Amira. Hass her leg. Just piece headlined Gaza live lives. Erased, Israel is wiping out entire Palestinian families on purpose. Then to North Carolina where authorities have a bounce. The officers who shot dead Andrew Brown will not face. Charges will speak to bakari sellers. An attorney for the Brown family, what we saw on that video, Was an unjustified killing. What we saw on that video is something that we believe also the notes further investigation and does have some criminal liability, all that. And more coming up, welcome to democracy know, democracynow.org, the coroner's report. I'm Amy Goodman Israeli forces are continuing their deadly strikes and the Gaza Strip killing. At least for Palestinians today, including radio journalists use of Abu saying residential buildings have been leveled as the number of people who've had to flee from their homes reached at least 72,000. This is a man who is forcibly displaced from his home and back here. And it's now Sheltering in a un runs School, your mama, barbecue, we all moved out, except for the wife of my brother and three of her children, they died at home page. If the new, then the ambulance service arrived and moved them from under the rubble dead, they sleep on the ground and the shelter, there's not enough water. And if we are out of water, especially during the coronavirus endemic, it will be worse. It is crowded. Here they are around 30 to 40 people in each classroom. The Israeli bombing campaign has killed at least 222 Palestinians in Gaza, including sixty three children here in the US President, Biden landed in Detroit, Michigan Tuesday, where he was greeted on the tarmac by Congress member Rashid to leave an aid to the Palestinian American. Congress woman said, she urged the president to protect Palestinian human rights and told Biden that US military. Funding to Israel is being used to commit crimes against Palestinians later. Speaking at the Ford plant President Biden addressed congressmember Talib. I admire your intellect birth. Your passion. And I admire your concern for so many other people and it's my from my heart, I pray that your grandma my family. Well, I promise you should receive that. They are on the Westbank, you're a fighter and God thank you for being afraid. Also, during his Michigan trip, Biden joked. He would run over reporters who asked about the escalating crisis and Israel Palestine. As he test, drove an electric truck in the city of Dearborn multiple protest took place in Dearborn which has the nation's highest percentage of American citizens during Biden. Strip protests continued elsewhere in the US as well. Here in New York City people rallied in front of the United Nations, Senator Schumer's office and the offices of a pack, the American Israel, public affairs, committee and Friends of the Israel Defense Forces. This is a protester to Los Angeles, rally Tuesday, the message to the US government, is to stop funding Israel of birth. Point eight billion dollars, in military aid, a year, the message to Israel is that you cannot have a two-state plan and be preaching peace. Well you have people behind walls and being bombed and murdered and nine stolen from them. That is not the way to peace. Will have more on these stories after headlines. Sixty percent of u.s. adults. Have now received at least one Jewish of a covid-19 vaccine. As data shows cases are declining by 5% or more in almost every state. Over three point, five million kids and teenagers. Aged, twelve, to Seventeen of also received at least one dose. New York City is relaxing, many of its coronavirus restrictions today, and is lifting at Statewide mask mandate for fully. Vaccinated, people houses of worship and businesses, including restaurants can open at 100% capacity, but must allow for six feet of distance between groups are used partitions. If Social Club Distancing is not possible, New Jersey and Connecticut are also lifting. Many of their restrictions starting today. A major new report from the International Energy agency, says, licensing for a possible fuel projects needs to end. After this year, if the world is to reach NetZero targets by 2050 oil, gas and coal projects, would need to be phased out as quickly as possible wage order to have a chance of limiting, Global heating to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and averting. The worst effects of the climate catastrophe. Climate activists say, the report should act as a wake-up. Call oil. Change International said, quote, today's report should Herald. The end of any excuses for continued fossil-fuel expansion. In North Carolina, protesters took to the streets of Elizabeth City. After the County district attorney said the deputies who shot and killed Andrew Brown jr. An African American men were justified in their actions and that brown and danger them by recklessly driving in their Direction. DEA Andrew Womble said the men will not face charges. I will be reinstated the prosecutor showed for the first time. A portion of the body cam video to the Press. But Advocates say it was cherry-picked and calls are mounting to release all body cam. Take video seen by Brown's family show. He did not drive toward deputies and an autopsy confirmed Brown was killed by a shock to the back of his head. Full of moral story, later in the broadcast with the family, attorney bakari sellers. The House of Representatives passed legislation Tuesday to address hate crimes against asian-americans which have increased exponentially during the pandemic. This is New York congressmember Grace. May I first introduced the bill over a year ago. Asian Americans are tired of living in fear and being frightened about their kids or elderly parents going outside. People often asked what Congress is doing about this. And we are here today to say that Congress is taking action, the legislation cast, the justice department with Expediting the review of hate crimes, facilitates the creation of hate crime, hotlines and provides funding for law enforcement to train officers and identifying hate crimes. A bill has already passed the Senate President finest expected to sign the measure at least 57 refugees drowned off the coast of Tunisia after their boat capsized. Monday 33 people originally from Bangladesh, were rescued, the tragedy comes just days after another shipwreck in the same route from Olivia to Europe killed at least 17 refugees Spanish. Prime minister, Pedro, Sanchez traveled. Today to the Spanish Enclave of Santa on the Northern tip of Morocco after eight thousand refugees entered the area. Earlier this week, Spain has sent troops back on claims border and has already returned thousands of people. But groups, say officials may be expelling people that legally should be processed as Asylum Seekers including children, sick people in anyone's life is not a Moroccan. National many say. Morocco, recently, loosened immigration controls in retaliation, for Spain. Giving Rahim Ali. The leader of the polisario front treatment for covid-19. The polisario movement is fighting to establish an independent state in Western Sahara, which was colonized by Spain in the nineteenth century and illegally annexed by Morocco. In nineteen years, Sunday, 5:00 at least five top Salvadoran officials including political allies of Salvadoran. President neighbor Kaylee have been named in a confidential wage state department report, a suspect's and drug trafficking or corruption schemes. Among the officials are be Kelly's, current chief of cabinet and his former minister of security, the report was sent to Congress Monday at the request off of California, Democratic Congress member Norma Torres. The New York Times is reporting the by the administration's approve. The release of three prisoners have been held at the US military prison. At Guantanamo Bay wage charge for two decades. The men who are from Pakistan and Yemen will reportedly be released to countries that have agreed to impose surveillance measures on them. While Advocates, welcome by this move, they say it's not enough and continue to call for shutting down. Guantanamo, the ACLU said quote and end to almost two decades of military. Detention of Muslim men a.m. Now charge or trial is a human rights obligation and a national security necessity. They said at least nine of the 40 remaining prisoners at Guantanamo have been approved for release something they've been waiting for years for another country to take them. Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez, obrador has formally apologized for a 1911 massacre in which over 300 Chinese. People were killed by Mexican revolutionary troops in the northern city of Troy own among the victims were children and agricultural workers. The massacre took place, during the Mexican Revolution of 1910 to 1920 and was part of a wave of anti-chinese violence in the region, there are no monuments acknowledging the massacre and it's been largely excluded from most accounts of Mexican history. This is President Lopez obrador at a ceremony Monday days after the May 13th Massacre anniversary. Well you don't get in Mexico apologizes to the families of the victims of this authoritarian repression that was committed by movements organizations and governments of our country. Nicholas tell him he Cano off the Mexican state will not allow ever again racism discrimination and xenophobia in Philadelphia district attorney. Larry krasner handily won the Democratic nomination against his Challenger Carlos. Vega. Tuesday, Vega is a former homicide prosecutor who is fired by krasner after he took office in 2018, krasner is credited with lowering Philadelphia's prison population haunting the prosecution of drug possession and other low-level offenses and reversing around twenty wrongful convictions. But he's also come under criticism for opposing, the appeals of political prisoner and journalists mumia abu-jamal crashing will face a republican. Defense, lawyer, Charles peruto Junior in the November general election wage Meanwhile, in Pittsburg State representative at Gainey defeated incumbent, built peduto for the Democratic. Mayoral nomination Tuesday's, win means gaining is likely to become Pittsburgh's first black mayor House minority leader. Kevin McCarthy says, he'll oppose a bipartisan deal to form a nine eleven style commission to investigate the deadly January, 6th Insurrection at the US Capitol. They suggested a congressional inquiry was not needed and said, he would not support it since it will not examine quote, political violence on the left. He said, which is unrelated to the Insurrection, the bite Administration voice support for the bipartisan Commission. And in labor news, an Amazon worker at the Bessemer Alabama Warehouse testified. Last week, he saw amazon security guards, used keys to open a US Post Office box. That was used to collect ballots on the historic union vote. The mailbox was unlawfully installed by the USPS and Amazon's request the labor union that organize the workers in Bessemer used, Amazon event, a union threats, firing an employee for Distributing Union cards and creating quote, an impression of surveillance. During the voting. The National Labor Relations Board continues, its hearing on the case this week and those are some of the headlines. This is democracy. Now, democracynow.org, the quarantine report. I'm Amy Goodman in New York joined by democracy. Now, co-hosts Wong Gonzalez, a New Brunswick, New Jersey highway Hi, Amy and welcome to all of our listeners and viewers across the country and around the world. Israel's bombardment of Gaza has entered its 10th day. As Israeli. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, rejects rejects, growing international calls for a ceasefire. These deadly bombing campaign has killed at least 222 Palestinians in Gaza. Including sixty three children over fifteen, hundred Palestinians, have been injured. 72,000 people have been displaced. The Norwegian Refugee Council has revealed 11 of the children. Killed in Gaza were taking part in a program to help them deal with trauma from growing up in the seats Enclave of Gaza. At least six residents of Gaza died in Israeli strikes overnight including the radio journalists use of Hussein. Another airstrike destroyed a residential home. And Khan younis were forty members of the family lived, a lifestyle described the attack in after we returned from Donna prayer. And while it was still dark were surprised by drone rocket. Let me she was followed by my sixteen years old town. I was later, taken down the house. All running house has sustained damage. How did he have? He is behind this reflects of humanity. In the mythology, the houses while its inhabitants are inside people leaving their houses during the night, terrifying change. And the ultimate I. We lived with her mother couldn't carry her, but the fear mean is carried her. But in spite of all this will remain on our Lands, End the occupation. And those who came with it, when those who support jobs eventually demise the people of Palestine, they will remain in Palestine in the West Bank. Israeli forces, Tuesday killed, at least for Palestinians Taking part in a historic, general strike to protest Israeli atrocities. Dozens were arrested the strike United Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza East Jerusalem, and inside Israel. Meanwhile in Israel, the death toll has reached 12 after two migrant workers from Thailand died. Tuesday in Iraq at fired from Gaza. Israel's bombing campaign has destroyed much of God's infrastructure from sewage systems to clean drinking water supplies. At least fifty schools have been damaged gods of largest bookstore in publishing house. Sameer Mansour was completely destroyed in a bombing another Israeli strike. Destroyed a popular ice cream factory in Northern Gaza. Israel also destroyed the offices of a company was purchased 3D printers to make tourniquets and medical devices. Meanwhile the United Nations relief and works agency, unrwa has accused Israel of blocking humanitarian Aid. Entering parts of Gaza on the Diplomatic front every member of the European Union, with the exception of Hungary has called for an immediate cease-fire, but the Administration has yet to defend a cease-fire on Tuesday. President Biden. Visit an electric vehicle plant in Michigan. He refused to answer a question about Israel from a reporter mr. I should get in front of the cars. I step on during the same trip, Rashida to leave the First Palestinian American congresswoman, confronted by on the airport tarmac and Detroit to leave has been a vocal critic of US military support for Israel. Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, Democrat Gregory Meeks, the change of the house. Foreign Affairs committee has backed down on his plan to push for a delay of a new 735 million dollars in US. Weapons sales to Israel. Yep. Real has refused to stop its assault on Gaza while vowing to track down and kill top Palestinian militants earlier today. The Israeli military confirmed, it's unsuccessfully attempted in recent days to assassinate Muhammad death. The leader of the Armed wing of Hamas, d as husband, and hiding for two decades. Israel killed his wife and infant son. In 2015. This comes as protests continued across the globe to condemn Israel bombing of Gaza in New York. Demonstrators rallied outside the offices of friends of the Israel Defense and a pack the bags American Israel public affairs committee. Seven protesters, are reportedly arrested outside the United Nations. We Begin Today Show in Gaza where we're joined by Aya, ghazali a Palestinian wage. It's based in Gaza who writes for we are not numbers. Aya. Welcome to democracy Now, can you describe what's happening on the ground now? Thank you very much anyway for us. I mean, well, Gaza is witnessing. Another nightmare is witnessing. Another Massacre of genocide permitted by simpler for the month. So as far as targeting everybody, I've done, that Israel has killed about 219 Palestinians, including sixty, three children and fifty, six women, sixteen and element as well. These Palestinians in Gaza as some human beings. I mean, just yesterday when it got installed, the prime minister of hey, bro. Nobody no person, you know, neighborhood or area is immune and that they are going on with this belligerent. Warring Christians against Palestinians thought. I was just grabbing everything in Gaza is damaged and actually, Israel is turning into a wasteland and so I consider it essential building it targets. Yep. Inroads to make it difficult for ambulances to reach about Palestinians injured or place is bomb. And even makes it very difficult for the internet people themselves will try to change the topic as soon as possible, everything and the girls are spread as in a real catastrophe. We are very much afraid and we're living in a constant anxiety and Fear Factor Fear for ourselves our lives. But also, here for our beloved ones, I all children are reading and they asking why it's just happening. And why are they hearing of heavy bombardment, massive explosions all over the Gaza Strip? Why aren't we able to sleep? We haven't been able to sleep for ten days now. So we are we actually phrase many of difficult questions that we don't know how severe these were all children. And one of people around the world, enjoy their, you know, human rights for granted being hurt and the Gaza Strip after birth. But this was happening in Gaza is not happening in Gaza in particular, but also, this is part of an uprising that is taking place all over. Palestine weather in Key West Bank and Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip or even inside. If you buy 1948 Jetta Tories, what we're witnessing right now and Palestine is a strict moment of national. You. Suppose young people are identifying themselves is a 1 people one have one unit against one enemy which is stupid, Colonial Israel. And this is not the first time that happens something like that happens in the Gaza Strip. It actually brings back good memories of you know please don't take missions that Israeli wage thing. Gives the other strip in nineteen, two thousand, a 2012 and 2014 all those you know like Christianity claims thousands of Palestinians and the coast injuries to tens of thousands more wage. Many of them have life-long disabilities. I myself lost my cousin into this 2008 Israeli aggression, I guess the Gaza Strip. So we just trying to figure this out and how to overcome the trauma that we have been living. And you know what? This is not being this time, only that we Face such brutal conditions of life. Even if we go non-violently, has happened in the graduation march. And in 2018 also we were, we were targeted. Many of them were killed more than 281 Palestinians were killed. Thousands were were made by Israeli soldiers as snipers. So what is whatever about synia Smith? Arguing they are being targeted everywhere without their arms or sista billions or an idiot other people and off. Account. The fact that yes I I wanted to ask you in terms of your right for we are not numbers and talk about what it feels like to see the headlines referring to Palestinians as statistics and your analysis of how the outside media is covering or are covering the events that are occurring right now the and the Israeli attacks. Yeah, of course, actually, we are very much disappointed by news outlets without by reporting us, and the Palestinians killed as mirrors numbers. I statistics, or even as proclaimed as regular Pac-Man. People especially in Gaza to eat both sides, and they're focusing on Hamas, and friendship faction armed factions and improved by Rockets. But, again, returning to your point, we are not numbers. And as I write up your not down first, we have a great mission to, to do, which we share the stories behind numbers because as well does not get only numbers. They can get our dreams, they Cal our, you know, our struggles, our memories and everything. One of those stories, for example, is dr. Shane molyneux, who was Twenty-One years-old off in her third year of dental studies, and she was a, bride-to-be, she was supposed to be getting married this month and instead of her being, you know, getting Really, I'm trying her wedding expressed bring about the invitation list or preparing for final exams. She was bombed and a Street Massacre wage as well. Well, the entire block without any friend morning and for teaching Palestinians were killed including twelve women and age children off many children, luckily they, they do profiling alive and riskier. Another other sort of, for example, is Sue's Fish, when I was only six years old, she lost her job, it had her, her mother, and her brothers, and her sister Donna. And now she only has her father, another Massacre have been played a part of the family and Charlotte Camp. One of the very fact, the most densely populated areas and the Gaza Strip and we have a lot of the six month old baby. Who could survive the massive got out of three years. Savage, 270 members of his family. What is happening, actually is crazy, and it's right. It's going so insane in her, you know, there's 12 apartments, or attacks. Everybody in Gaza Strip is a Target. And you know what the problem is that, you know, we didn't initiate and all this like, we have jobs and families and be quiet. Is Jerusalem is Justin Bieber, nude, who faced danger of being ethnically cleansed, we're talking about five hundred Palestinians that and they called apple juice stadiums. Across the street, both sign to take part in their acts of resistance, he really goes out. We hated the cold and we need the part in this act of this distance off and then comes this and decides to collectively punishes Palestinians in Gaza and what when we talked about. I will take about three hundred and sixty square kilometers only dead When I hope you mention of two million Palestinians. So, whatever restaurant strikes and has places, there are people killed and there are people injured. I got people may dysfunctional homes. In Baton Rouge, affecting the infrastructure of the Gaza Strip, affecting Water, Supplies power, folding, plastic plastic pants, even the internet connection. So, often the situation, because the stratospheric, if that's perfect and we just don't know, when all of this will will, you know, I am, I want to turn to, I want to turn turn the page that Latif she's a ten year old girl in Gaza. The video of her speaking next to a bombed-out section of Gaza, City has gone viral I'm always sick alone. I don't know. I can't do anything you do this or what do you expect me to do the fix it? I'm only ten years or even do anything this War. I just want to be a doctor or anything to hurt my piggy. Boom, by Kat. I'm just curious. George know what to do. I get scared, but not really that much again. I do anything for my people, but I don't know what to do. Just did and this song and all of this when I see, I will shake every day say to myself. Why do we deserve this? Why, what did we do to this page? Like I said, they, they just hate us. They just don't like us because we are Muslims. Why doesn't live up for you like that song? Wondering if the kids around and just kids, why wouldn't you sit and listen to them and feel them. They're not fear. That again is Nadine a bit Latif. She is ten years old, the video of her standing next to this bombed-out area of Gaza has gone viral. I am as we wrap up. We are not only talking about the bombing of Gaza. This is of course on top of the pandemic, that has so seriously devastated Palestine with Israel has been hailed as the gold standard for providing vaccines, to Israelis you wrote a piece. A quarantine inside, a, quarantine a coronavirus, diary from Gaza. How does this latest the bombing of Gaza compound the suffering there? Yeah. Thank you actually as in people around the world have to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. We have to deal with a different kinds of pandemics. Mostly Israeli off front porch. We have been suffering from over the past seventy three years and we still suffering from this multitude system of Oppression name, list of colonialism occupational. Paid like the sensing masculine and genocide. It's very much hard for us to continue, you know, dealing with the coronavirus, and I'm doing running the middle class. Mister starting just, you know, one of the main diaper, an operator is medical laboratories have stopped running medical taste for the coronavirus because of the current situation because of the air strikes that have very close to that laboratory. We don't run any any any, you know, kitchens or off. Interested anymore. So we are, we have also more difficult situation here to deal with. We don't worry about the grand virus, nowadays as much as we, as we should do regarding the current Israeli unchristian. Because this is all what we're thinking of. We are very much traumatized that we can't think of anything else who read about, how we can just survive this page and I didn't know that I would be still alive. I could commit to the interview with you. This is the the cat situation right now. I'm talking about more than 14,000 off Studio to to graph years and our schools many children were killed so it's very much difficult to deal with. The grandparents makes it pretty often very hard place to begin with i there's only want to thank you for being with us. Palestinian activists based in Gaza who writes for we are not numbers. She responds to them Your requests by saying, hopefully, we will still be alive of next. We go to Ramallah in the West Bank, to speak with longtime Israeli reporter Amira. Hass her latest. Gaza lives erased. Israel's wiping out entire Palestinian families on purpose. Stay with us thanks-thanks-thanks. Yeah. Off Cafe Jazz, instrumental by narcy, this is democracy. Now, I'm Amy Goodman with Juan Gonzalez, as we continue to look at Israel's attack on Gaza. We're joined Now by longtime Israeli. Journalist Amira, Hass correspondent for haaretz in the occupied Palestinian territories. She's the only Israeli Jewish journalists who have spent over twenty-five years living in and Reporting from Gaza and the West Bank, her latest piece his head Lined goddess of lives erased. Israel's wiping out entire Palestinian families on purpose. Amira, Hass, welcome back to democracy. Now long as you. Join us from Ramallah in the West Bank. Yesterday there was a general strike, protests and Gaza and East Jerusalem, inside, Israel, in the West Bank found the world for Palestinians were killed in the West Bank where you are. Can you talk about the situation overall? Hi Emmy and who I am? well, as you described it so well over the past 20 minutes or so it's a whole It's it's free. It's one country where the Palestinians are are being attacked on the one hand, but on the other hand, they are rebelling, so em all over. And I think that we should not take. We should not underestimate the, the political and military achievement of Hamas. To realize Israeli normal for the past ten days. It's it's terrible because we we think about the hell through which people in Gaza live because of Israeli offensive, but at the same time, we have to remember that. It was a calculated decision by Hamas to respond to Israeli escalation in in Jerusalem during the Ramadan months to respond by by a military ultimatum and then by the launching of rockets which do. Playlist in a state of fear. And this is when you really think about the the balance of power, it's an achievement for Hamas and is, it is seen by a Moment by many, a Palestinian. It's a way to say, to Israel. You, you have not listened to, you have not respond off. To Palestinian requests for a just solution for addressing Palestinian demands in apple in a diplomatic way or two Palestinian popular unarmed uprisings. So we escalate because you escalate and because you don't listen and I think this puts Hamas as a as the main Palestinian political actor in the region and in the world. And a mirror you've been writing. Also about the Palestinian families obliterated by the Israeli bombings. You wrote inherits, take the numerous incidents of killing entire family's in Israeli bombings and Gaza parents and children. Babies, grandparents, siblings or test. That these were not mistakes the bombings. Follow a decision from higher up by the approval of military Jewish. Can you elaborate on that? That's right. Israel has all the information about every Palestinian family whether it is in the best West Bank or Jerusalem or Gaza let alone Palestine in Israel. So it has control over the Palestinian registry of population. Actually, no no detail in this situation. Ready registry is is is valid before, without Israeli approval. So, Palestinians are update home, regularly update, the Israeli authorities about any new board born so Israel must know or Israeli authorities and Israeli. Military must know that in a certain house, there are three children, one of them was born, just half a year ago and there are two women, and two elderly women. So, all these details are there. And when Israel decides to, or the Israeli khong, Me decides to bomb such a house without bothering to tell the people to live. It it means they take into, they have a calculation that they are military. Target is more important or is worthy. Excuse my, my language is worthy of killing the, ten children of five and five women. It's just an example off. This was a direct characteristic of the war in 2014. And there were one hundred forty two families, which number more between the two more people who are eradicated by Israeli bombing and so far they were I think fifteen families in this, in this current month, offencive fifteen families that were killed in a similar way. So we can say maybe once one family or two were killed because they were in the wrong. Place at the wrong name, but when it is persisting and when we know that these people were killed Before Dawn in their own homes, it means that somebody just decided this is that this was okay. And I wanted to ask you about the role of the United States on the one hand. Clearly preventing the UN Security Council from censuring Israel and the President Biden. A publicly saying that Israel has a right to defend himself but then his aides claiming to the press that privately, he's being a lot tougher when Netanyahu telling him, he's only got his patience is wearing thin and that the, the the attacks have to stop. This has happened. So many times in the past where the United States publicly says, one thing. But claims to be privately a lot tougher wondering your assessment of gave us roll right now. You know, much better than me. And I'm, I must say this in the last days, also, I, I hardly follow the international news or I'm most of the time following what what is happening in, in Gaza, but in principle, and as usual, you know, it is very disappointing because we've heard that in other in other terrains, the Biden administration's did manage to cut off from the tradition of former government former ministrations and certainly the administration of of trump. But here again this absolute loyalty to Israel tells us that they have a lot of them. All of this military, military interests. Common interests, Still Still benefit the Israeli. Occupation. She we do hope we we know that there is there has been a change in in in American public opinion. But we see it's not enough and that the same hour of Israeli or the the appeal of Israeli military know-how and Military expertise and Military Arms is still stronger than the voice of the way. People with common sense in the United States. While writing this study supports a cease-fire, he has demanded one of Netanyahu and has actively at the prevention did resolutions from getting past at the UN Security Council. What difference would that make? And can you talk about how this conflict serves Netanyahu wage is on trial for corruption could not form? Even a coalition government keeps him in power that it's in his interest, as he says to continue the bombing into the future. First of all, if we will be saved. So every minute is precious and this is off and we are all anxious for for for this to happen. And and and we all know that this we will mourn the the the people who this might be killed if it needs the the if the delay if there is a longer delay And he seems, I don't know, I mean, but certainly for for Netanyahu and for the right-wing in general the war and usually Wars I think benefit the right-wing, Waste Your Precious. Of course it it's completely erase the possibility that a different government will be formed you. It's brought closer together the different right wing sections that page for maybe had some some disagreement because of Natalia how? I don't know I you know some people some Israeli Jew, you say that, it was all calculated on the part of Nathaniel, I doubt it. Because the big picture is that it is in the, the whole Ramadan, the the Israeli policies in Jerusalem during the Ramadan, the repressive policies are all in the same. The same tread on the same logic that has been has been practicing for so long, which is to repress the Palestinians and to dislocate them forcibly and not only in Sharjah, we hear it. We hear about your life but so many Palestinian communities in the West Bank are in danger of being dislocated by Israeli authorities and have been dislocated forcibly off. So yes, but it has benefited the so far the Israeli right-wing Israeli, right wing, settlers. I mean, they're all right wing, but settlers from the, from the West Bank are joining the forces inside inside Forty-Eight inside Israel and intimidate, Palestinians, and, and Palestinian citizens of Israel and instigate. Clashes and attack them. Palestinians have done. Some Palestinian groups have also expressed their anger in different ways, including vandalism, but for different reasons because they they had to express their anger for about Israeli off. Season Israeli repression. So, so far it has benefited Nathaniel. We don't know how it will be in the longer run, but I I care less about Netanyahu. They care about about strengthening of the Israeli chauvinistic. And what I would say the force Israel that Advocate how they say the repetition of the nachbar. The repetition of a 48 expulsion who take this as an opportunity off. 2. To promote these policies of of ethnic cleansing. This is more worrying and so far, it seems that this is what is happening. It's not that there is, I learn the lesson of of of, of fear and of having their life disrupted and say. Okay, let's let's find political way to get out of it. It seems to me. I mean, from Ramallah. Hopefully, But I wanted to ask you is precisely about this. This issue is what we're seeing here is clearly in terms of within Israel itself or the Palestinian communities within Israel for the first time really expressing clear actions and solidarity with the the rest of the Palestinian people. You don't have a sense that that this is not giving making the the regular Israeli population, feel that it is untenable to continue on this. This oppression of the Palestinians in general, it will the long-term Israel cannot be victorious in this. and, I want to believe, but but so far from, maybe we are still. Maybe it's too early, but so far when I listen to the news and I must say that, I listen very little too easily news because it drives it can drive you mad. How? How one-sided? And Blind it is. But from the little that I understand that, I read and I see People still do not connect the dots, they do not connect it to 48 and they do to to nineteen Forty-Eight. They do not connect it to the ongoing settler colonialism in the West Bank. Mostly they do not connect it to the fact that Gaza has been under blockade and Siege and closure, not just for the last page. Fourteen years, people say, but since actually the beginning of the 1990s Israel, placed Gaza under the regime of very strict strict restrictions on movement. So still, I don't see that this awareness is Is strong enough. There must be something much stronger, like a, like an international intervention political intervention, economical. Intervention into brings More Bounce to the Israeli mind, that's my impression. Now, and I really hope I'm wrong. I really, I really hope that once this is over, Israelis will understand that this is not enabled. The refrigeration regime is untenable, but right now the attitude is is, is that Israel is being attacked, not vice versa. This is the main, the main message that I received from the little that I know I must say, because I, I, I'm here in the West Bank Amira. If you put out the book of your other Diary of bergen-belsen about the sole surviving Diary of a holocaust resistance fighter written from inside the Nazi concentration camps about your mother. Hannah Levy hush. Can you talk about what we're seeing on the streets in Israel now where you have Jewish mob attacking Palestinians in one case on live TV they thought the person was a Palestinian. In fact, they attacked a Jewish driver, but can you relate this back to? Because so much of this certainly, as it's conveyed in the US, media is always going back to the Holocaust and the persecution of the Jews. But similarities you see with the persecution of Palestinians. I'm reluctant to make, you know, this parallel, I could think more about afro Americans in, in, in United States or or Thursday. The position, the the Palestinians here are much are are have agency much more than the Jews during the the like you said, the gas station Camp. Then then my mother had in her when she was in. In bergen-belsen, concentration camp and much more than Jews. Had in Germany in 1934 or 95 G35. So I think that while we are all shocked by the, the horror scenes of attacks, let's not let's not talk estimate the strength and the power and the unity that Palestinians now demonstrate and they are political awareness that young Palestinians who feel, they feel that they don't have a leadership but nevertheless are united by their common experience. I think they should not be underestimated and and overlooked And you had cases, you had cases in Israel. Were also Palestinians attacked Israeli civilian, Jewish civilians, who, who did nothing wrong to them? I don't, I think there is a big difference because, again, because this is a community that has been repressed for so long and his hands to take it out. Well, I would say this, what if they were, if I want to say something about about my family's past is not this one to one page is MM, but the lessons that we that I I got from my parents and the, the the, the, the principles that that black people are equal and should be be, and should be equal in people's rights and people's, uh, people shouldn't enjoy them, the rights to, to to freedom and to development, and to fulfillment and that all any regret, any operation without being compared to the to the oppressions. I don't know in South Africa or in the Soviet Union or whatever. Every every operation, every supremacist oppression is wrong and Is our and they are perpetrators are our enemies America. This is my list. I want to thank you Shawn. I want to thank you so much for being with us RS, correspondent for the occupied, Palestinian territories. She speaking to us from Ramallah, this is democracy. Now, when we come back Andrew Brown, the verdict from the DEA is, in fact, police officers who killed him in North Carolina will not be charged. Will speak with family, attorney bakari, Sellers, and 30 seconds off the lights, in the office off, Keep your mind off free by black on you meant Ensemble. This is democracy. Now, I'm Amy Goodman with Juan Gonzalez in North Carolina, protesters took to the streets of Elizabeth City. After the pasquotank County district attorney said the deputy was shot and killed. Andrew Brown, jr. An African American man were justified in their actions that brown and danger them by recklessly driving in their Direction. And ruin both said, the men will not change charges and will be reinstated. The prosecutor showed for the first time. A portion of the body cam video to the Press. But Advocates say it was cherry-picked and calls are mounting to release all body. Cam video seen by Brown's family show. He did not drive toward deputies and an autopsy confirmed Brown was killed by a shot, to the back of his head. For more, we go to bakari, sellers, one of the attorneys representing the song. Play Avenger Brown, Junior. He's also author of The Memoir. My Vanishing country bakari. Welcome back to democracy. Now, can you respond to the DA's decision? Not to prosecute the police officers. And what we understand exactly happened to Andrew Brown. First, let me say thank you for having me this morning. We are disappointed, but we're not surprised, you know. Just last week we wrote a letter to Andrew Womble asking him to recuse himself from a matter. We felt like the relationship he had with the sheriff's department. Working incestuously for the past, nearly decades, bring cases, not only to bring cases but his office literally resides in the sheriff's department. Prove that he could not be an impartial and unbiased figure. In this case I want to be clear, the shooting of Andrew Brown, jr. Was unjustified and no qualifying. Was he using his car as a weapon? In fact, the two contacts that Andrew Wommack points to that were made with the vehicle were both initiated by law enforcement. The first was an officer reaching out and touching the door handle when Andrew Brown Bag on his car to move away from law enforcement. No officers were behind him. The 2nd is when Andrew Brown turned his wheel to the left to invade and get away from officers, if you wanted to use this car like a bulb, Call and and treat the officers like bowling pins. Then he would have just gone straight for them. But instead, he he invaded them and one officer reached out and pushed away. It must be noted, that that authors who pushed away did not even feel like his life was in danger. As evident by the fact that he didn't fire any shots. He was one of four officers who did not fire shots. And when Andrew Brown was beyond the Officers Club. So, even if he didn't pose a threat, when the threat was no more, they fired the kill shot which went through the back of his head and Drew Wombo had no explanation for that. And the last thing is, if there was a question about whether or not they violated policy, the answer is, yes, because their policy clearly states that they should not shoot into moving Vehicles. That's one and two with the question is, are they Reckless? The answer is also clearly choice because they fired a round. They went into someone's kitchen and into their Crock-Pot. They fired in the direction of other officers, and last but not least, they fired into an extended school zone at 8 a.m. In the morning, Andrew Brown should be a lot today, but he's not, unfortunately, because of the recklessness and I would daresay the coward is the Sheriff's Department. Bacari you and other other attorneys representing, the family have called, for the court to release the full video. Why hasn't the video been released and what do you think it would show? I mean, we we stand on the side of justice and truth. I mean, the be completely honest, I think that if we know this, all you have to do is look at the Micaiah. Brian scenario, wage Ohio, Lo is Sandra Brown jr. Was using his car as a weapon, and I think we all know that we would have seen that all the video by. Now, if he was running police officers over, remember, no officer was injured officer. Fell to the ground. And no officer even sought medical treatment. We, you know, you're most people say that lawyers, we are games men, and we like to hide the ball. A, we create facts are all of this other stuff. Well, here would just asking for the video because the video speaks for itself. The recklessness is evident the video speaks for itself, show people the video and show people. The SBI report, we will pass on those facts any day of the week. In for an independent prosecution, here, in independent investigation. And what would that look like? And how would George Floyd legislation in Congress? Affect the case of Andrew Brown, but you asked to really good questions and and they, they tie together in a nice Bowl. The first question about an independent investigation or a ninja prosecutor, we, we likely will not get that. And the reason being is because in North Carolina, like many states, particularly in the South obstructionist codified. But we, we had to sneak literally change legislation and go through having and he'll to even gain access to the video and we still don't have have it. You know, that is because of legislation. We, we can't get the DEA to recuse himself from this case, he literally has to recuse himself. There's no matter that we can go about to get him off the case. So the attorney general or another district attorney cannot take wage Case there for having a special prosecutor. Something that's unlikely. We set those expectations for the family. That's one to the George Lloyd Justice and policing act does lower the standard whereby you can bring federal civil rights crimes against law enforcement and commit crimes such as this month and if this bill passed, then we do believe that we will have an opportunity for these officers to face Justice and changing qualified immunity. Although, we don't believe that to be an issue in this case, because they, clearly violated their own written policy in this matter. And in this case, and I just tell you some of the sausage-making when you're doing civil rights cases, when an individual is shot from the front, you know, you can hang out the reasonable fear or reasonably that my life was in danger. Although we know many times that's not accurate, but when an individual is shot from behind particularly in the back of the head going away, that is very difficult planes. That we don't think will fall into the qualified immunity trap. But if we were the lowering of standards in The Gorge Floyd Justice and policing act would would change that as well. So you know, we want to change log. Every level bakari, sellers want to thank you for being with us attorney. Representing the family of Andrew Brown, Junior and that does it for our show. Very happy birthday to Eli. Putnam. And so main parking day democracy and I was produced with Renee. Felt my birthday in Augusta and I mean she bring a terrorist Santa Carla Wheels, you are enough training to Duracell Malcolm Camry. A studio John Hamilton, Robbie Karen, honey, mr. Thirion of Congress general manager is Julie Crosby special thanks to Rebecca Staley. Mary Ann Barnard, I'm Amy Goodman with Juan Gonzalez, stay safe.

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