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"I celebrated this week off my twentieth year in real estate got my license on October 6th in the year two thousand very different world back then and very different now, so I'm going to start actually before 20 before the year two thousand and many of us didn't think anything was going to happen after mm because of the Y2K if you look that up dead, you'll you'll find out more about it if you don't know anything about it, but I'm going to start the millionaire Millionaire's mile podcast show with a personal story and one of the things about me and hopefully it's something about you as well is I love music. I love all kinds of music off but I've always been a fan of rock music and of course as rock fans will know this week. We we lost the king of rock guitars which Eddie Van Halen had the title many years ago. I'd say 19 by nineteen eighty. He was already the king of guitar and he held it for so many years. So rock stars rock music and real estate for me. There's always been an attraction to those things and how wage there's mild podcast show idea came around is actually directly related to that. So back in the nineties when I was still sort of figuring out trying to figure out what I want to do one of the jobs that I had was working as a construction laborer and with my father being a construction worker it was something that I was again able to do as a summer job and it was definitely the hardest work I've ever done. I'm just exhausted me even even even though I did try to keep up, you know, my my social life and and you know go out late birth. Have to get up early and be at the construction site and just sweat all day long. And and it's it's it's a job like no other so any of you that do this again, you've got all the respect in the world for me and a lot of you over the years have become clients of mine as well as the people who own the Mansions your building. So it's kind of a full circle thing now, but in summer I was particularly lucky to be working in the York Mills Area where my father's company was building a house and this was like no other house you've ever seen it had the best of everything. I think I remember for furnace has heated floors. Just absolutely all the the song these sort of the high end of the high end. So everything was going on with this particular property and I was and labor on this job. So I was a kid. We not building it, but I was helping I was cleaning up and of course doing labor labor duties and it was phenomenal and a couple of years went by and I didn't really think too much about it. And then I read a story about how David Bowie had seen. Excuse me. I've seen a particular house in Toronto. That was something that was interesting to him and he actually asked for a tour of this particular property. So I'm reading this and looking into this and I realize that this is the house that my father built and that I was in present on while it was being built so long if that wasn't if that didn't decide my future at that moment that rock stars real estate mansions and all the fun great stories that come along With that wasn't going to be my future. I don't know what else I can possibly tell you to to convince you that this is something that has been you know in the books for me Thursday August time. So putting together this podcast was very much a labor of love and just putting it together in a way where you guys know that I know what I'm talking about. Meaning that when I'm showing you these properties which are just absolute like one of a kind just you know, incredible Mansions of strange places that sometimes are never on the market. I want you to know that I know how they're built and this is what this is one of the stories of of the houses that I've worked up, but I've Been Around House house building pretty much my whole life. So I know what goes into these properties. I know what their stories are dead. And with this podcast that I've created over the last two years with over 35,000 downloads and accounting. I want you to know that I'm the one that needs to be telling the story of your properties. Whether you again are are are in any of these areas or in any other area with a luxury home something that has a story to tell off the five areas that are on Toronto's millionaire mile are the bridle-path Rosedale Lawrence Park York Mills, which is sort of combined areas of blogs Holocene Andrew Winfield's Banbury and then forced him. Those are sort of the five general areas that sort of make up the millionaires Mile and there's many of them around the world. Now some would argue that there's other areas in the city that would probably rival those areas. I agree. I totally agree. It's not exclusive to these dead. But these are the five I'm going to sort of focus on for the purposes of the podcast and if you've got a house that's in Etobicoke on Scarborough and it's this kind of property that's off of that kind of significance. Then definitely it's still going to be featured on my site and it's still going to get the attention. It deserves. So my goal here is to give you a one-of-a-kind look into the soul stories of the people and even sort of not just the home but actually the people behind the doors and let you know what else you need to know before you're making any decision and whether.

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