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"andrew tannery" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Switchbacks and New Mexico United here on extra sports 1300, the switchbacks 53 and two on the season. New Mexico United, losers of the last three. There at 45 and two a one hour weather. Delay will see what the conditions are like in Albuquerque as we get going, But let's bring you the starting lineups. First for the Uh, New Mexico United almost called them the isotopes. So while they play their Alex Tamba kisses in gold Judge Suggs Kalen Ryden, where she today and Austin ear would Is the back line in front of Tam Bacchus, Andrew Tannery Juan Guzman, Sam Hamilton, Daniel Bruce and Sergio Rivas in the midfield Brian Brown all by his lonesome up top. For the switchbacks will be Sean Melvin celebrating a birthday today in goal. Matt Mahoney, Jimmy offer, Michael Edwards and Sebastian Anderson are the defense. Phillip, My AKA gets a start. Brandenburg's been very impressed with him. He gets to start tonight. Beverly mocking Gila and Stevie Echeverria or in the midfield and then the familiar trio up top. Shane Beckford, Haji Berry and Mickey Alina. One other thing that we didn't mention during the pregame show is how much of a problem Jose Torres was when he came into the match, Uh, the other night against real monarchs off the bench. She really Provided a nice boost to this team. So I would say you get the best of both worlds to give Phillip my aka chance to show himself again and then you bring in the somebody that you know. We talked about Devon Sandoval. The quality that new Mexico is. Bring off the bench if you're bringing a member of the U. S men's national team. On in the 70th or 80th minute. That's a nice luxury to have if you're Brendan Burke. Yeah, it certainly is. Some of those passes that Jose Torres was able to pick after coming on were just fantastic. We watch here in Colorado Springs, Sam Hamilton, former switchback getting the Player of the match to watch for New Mexico United he listed as a midfielder this evening in New Mexico's pre game lineup is going to be interesting to see where he slots up tunnel water coming up from that surface during some of the pictures that we saw of the pregame warmups down there in the 505. Your referees for tonight. Matt Thompson is your head referee. Art A Rooster Marion and Seth Barton are his assistance in the fourth official tonight. Is it? Adams aren? No, it's Kevin Sanchez. Do that. That was mean. I'm sorry, Rude. Brandenburg doesn't hate that, though. Uh, so Where, uh, Well, the this 8 30 stuff is, uh, vulnerable, apparently as we are still a couple minutes away from the opening kickoff, and the switchbacks here have been at home for three straight. They're down in New Mexico, and then they'll be back home for the next two. After this and it you know it. We talked about the road weariness of New Mexico. I mean, is there anything Different about having just one game trip as opposed to, you know. Getting used to being out on the road. Is this a positive thing for the switchbacks? Or can it be difficult to go into opposing stadium for one game and then go right back out elements of a little bit of both. I think from a switchbacks perspective. The good news for Colorado Springs, though, is it such a short trip? For the switchbacks to head down. I 25 To the land of enchantment to face a couple of their old friends and Sam Hamilton. Josh sucks. So I don't think it should be too difficult for the switchbacks. Another place that they know very well players on this team. Played there before this year switchbacks? No, this team that we talked about very well. Hopefully, Josh Suggs will not be in jeans for the match. Unlike the Pregame commercials for New Mexico United. Hmm. By the way, the 31 victory on June 25th just the second victory that the switchbacks have had as a franchise against New Mexico United the record for the switchbacks to five and one So exercising some major demons, thereby getting that win against New Mexico a few weeks ago. And I believe the first win that they had was the first time those two teams met up. So, uh, we'll see. This is the rubber match of the so far three match series. I got it. Feeling. An inkling that we will see these two teams again before the season is up, and I think that's actually On the schedules and it But they might be playing more than that. Like into the postseason as well as we'll see if the new Mexico United squad can turn things around here tonight. We certainly don't hope that is the case. This would be a very big road win for the switchbacks if they Are able to get it done tonight. The switchbacks will be wearing their road whites with the blue stripes emanating from the shoulders down to the hip New Mexico united in their black kids. With the very colorful Mao wolf logo across the chest. As My partner takes great umbrage to the graphic package. That was Yeah, Fill in. My art is not going to be playing out on the left wing. But okay, well, Jimmy G. Galina and Haji Barry is the two forwards up top. It's all right. It's fine Switchbacks will control the opening kick moving right to left across your radio dial. We are underway with the White is shot in the history of sport. A little tighter camera on, uh, give us a break. We've been in the studio for two hours without any soccer alright. Switchbacks have possession. Not that tight. As Matt Mahoney plays it to the near side for Dashain back for gets tripped up, that will be a foul. It's about 15 yards inside the New Mexico half of the field..

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