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"andrew stern" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"That way. Had kind of taken out Rosa Parks. We had him taken out. Robinson Robinson Way spun off on a river Canyon has taken out every legend every every African American. I count every civil rights legend, man. I see. I see Jalen Davis out there. I don't even know I can't even tell you what What he would do is they weren't even really kneel. And man they had a booboo. They were putting a band aid on me, Dude, that's you know, tell miss him. Nonsense. Brother Ali back to your thing is No more. It's peaceful, right. It's law abiding. Yeah, And as I would say, and I say you say this all the time, but it's worth repeating their is truly Truly in the heart of hearts, Nothing. Mohr American queue, then descent. That's what makes our country founded. That is the beauty. You should applaud. People who are able to express themselves patriotic is what it is, is it's America and its best. Is America. The beautiful man. If you want to stand and put your hand over your heart go for it because it's a beginning. One thing going for you want to take a knee right, peaceful and respectful manner go for it and these peaceful and it is respectful. It is. That's just the thing to remember as we go forward, because this is like a new beginning, and it's a new time to kind of remind everybody of that, as we get ready to go for the capsule is not looking insult anybody. Quite the Apollo. He's being an American, correct German American. That's why was that. Respect. Well, Darrin Chan. I'm so glad back to him for five seconds because he's definitely one of my favorite guys need not only in the building, but probably in the whole industry. Grik Angie, One of our former creative directors, is another one of these kinds of guys copes. There's just a handful of these dudes in radio. You'll come across stirs e Andrew Stern baristas kind of one of them, but I don't think he does He on air work, really? But there are guys that Khun do basically anything in the business like Darren Chan, if you asked him to I could go on the mike and give you two or three hours. So if you needed that in a pinch, he could do it. He can engineer he Khun brought he can remote he can produce. He can pull he could run that way He could run the building easily. Easy guys. See, this princess is when you fall back to captain. That's because that's because you're putting Darrin Shannon a bulk bucket. Well, Chan's got a variety of buckets. But, yeah, he's got a sprinter enough. He's a multi bucket guy. The bucket list started. They shot my dad in the bucket right about my dad. Please, please. Ah, one of Morgan Freeman's kids in the booth. You have 18 about that. Jack Nicholson. Let's get the guest list here.

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