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"andrew smartwatch" Discussed on Geek News Central

"Again Apple's offering interest refinancing mortgage products again. I'll have that linked up in the show notes if you're interested in that on the apple card. So just be aware of that Again they're expanding. This is an apples deacon. Tell apples being pretty aggressive here and trying to sell product. Coming off. This national lockdown. Mike soft teams will show forty nine video. Call participants matching zoom. I do a meeting every morning with sixteen to twenty people on and works out well. I can't imagine how forty nine people in a zoom Paul. It's already bad enough well. We have a process. So We will see what they do here. A Jim thanks for for colony said we are in the same boat. I you has put their plan out. So are they going to have? In the Indiana University, assume you I know you've got an adult child. That's going to college thing. So, is she staying home and go or she actually going to go to college? Be Able to go get. That's the question. You know it's a big discussion. Point my sister's place right now. Samsung has revealed pricing for its very curved gaming monitors now. Oh my, Gosh. The forty nine inch hd are one thousand Odyssey Jeanine with a one thousand art furniture costs, seven fifteen hundred dollars, and if you play League legend, you better be a total legend and making some money to be able to afford seven fifteen hundred dollar monitor i. If, you're an adult and got discretionary budget. This is great. If you're a college student or someone that's come on now. At seven hundred bucks. In get you a color corrected. Incredible video. Picture editing monitor at seventeen hundred bucks. You can get an an absolute. Lee Fantastic Monitor. The game on, but we'll give you all color correction and everything you need any the only difference is, it's not. Curve. Seventeen hundred bucks insane. It really really is I I understand. If game regatta have the best. But do a trade off. Well base book is rejected proposal by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Act. Commission excuse me. To share advertising with Australian news organizations, facebook says there would be not not me significant investment on its business if it stops sharing news altogether. So basically FCC says. Share ad revenue with Australian news organizations that means they're probably going to drop. Australia news organizations. Post! People on facebook and don't go anywhere else for their news. Careful what you wish for. Finally Tonight Best Andrew Smartwatch and twenty twenty. I got a list of them. Definitely the Samsung Galaxy Watch active to is is pretty close to the top list, but I'll let you look them over also best android phones under three hundred bucks in twenty twenty, so there's the number of of those. The Moto g power continues to really lead the stack on that. And finally Samsung's six hundred dollar five G. Galaxy phone has launched and give a little information on that available of T., mobile and sprint, and and again is from Samsung. It's a six hundred dollar five G. Galaxy phone. That's available, so right so let me go back to the commentary. From the show is I talked about in the. Early part of the PODCAST. I got this feedback. It was basically You know I was told why you e begging. So. Let me Let me find this. This email came from Charles. E begging during last abso such a huge turn off. I am UNSUBSCRIBE ING podcasts. Charles thanks for being here. We appreciate you being a subscriber in as I replied to you tough times currently. We've asked for insider support over the years. Is that worked out as we'd want to sad to see you go so again I. Guess Putting a wishlist up with eleven. Ninety nine dollar items all the way up to high items. It's called egging sets a new one on me so. show has to go on, and we definitely appreciate it. Jim says here in he says the first eight weeks or mix of line and in-person person, the remaining semester online for the fall. For spring semester they are online in after spring baked back to mix of online class of conditions are right. That will be the boys last semester, the middle and got accepted to a PhD in Norway and she is doing. She is busy doing a similar mix there as well so Jim's wife is from Norway so that's exciting that she's going to do her PhD in Norway fantastic congratulations. Congratulations on that. Have a PhD wow. Bravo, my friend. Okay so anyway. That's going to wrap things up here for the show tonight. And what are your thoughts on my e begging? Yes. I'm being successful. Successful and pissing if you people off. So. I told you guys that the a few months ago that I would start being I guess for a better word, a little more aggressive and you know it is what it is. was. The show will continue to go on, either. You love the show or you don't. And those who support the show as an insider I absolutely. Appreciate, each and every one of you. They come in those of you that by go. Daddy proxy services a remake men someone. It's fantastic for those of you. The support the shows in other ways. that's fantastic. I again, just trying to diversify here US some options and take leave it. You know are. Tell me of you know the. The the ghost myself. That's fine poop. So anyway, they feel free. Please please email me here. EEK News Gino Dot Com. And if the begging doesn't work, I'll shut that off and you know it is what it is right. Always want to experiment here just a little bit. After all I am advising podcasters what they should try for their show and what can work and. What may not work and what you may get negative feedback on, and in believe me He goes into my notes and you guys are not. Guinea pigs but. I definitely take things that happened on the show and I. Provide feedback back to. The seventy five thousand plus podcasters that we work, but blueberry podcast, so if you don't become a podcast or a got that for you to. There's a Promo Code Lincoln the website Keaton Central Dot Com. Already, we'll see next time here. Negating central podcast. Move back on Thursday. And but anyway. Thanks for being patient with me back last Thursday as a pretty rough day. And losing. And losing the the Navy Buddy in the navy skipper that with the they served under when I was in Hawaii so armee one take care. CENEX time here in the news. Center podcast Take Care Bye bye..

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