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"andrew oswald" Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM

"Oh, yeah, triggered just on edge, And here's the thing. I talked about it on my show this morning, and I'll continue to beat this drum when you are on edge. This is not a myth. This is not fantasy. When you were on edge when you feel like you are not safe. Someone's taking something from you. You are a middle literally turns off your front alone because it doesn't want you sitting at the in the cave going. Is that a nice tiger? A sweet tiger. It just wants you to run, man. I just want you to fight. And so If you woke up this morning, angry If you woke up this morning in a state of what's happening from my family was happening for my country. What? Yeah, call us. Can I even pursue my drinking? Has all of the sudden we got a different president and and we got a different What is that could affect my purpose. My kids, can I even and it's like, Hey, let's take a deep into my family's call me tell you something else. I want to I want to put the call out. For those of you who are hurting from being out of work for a long time. Let's not forget that when covert 19 hit it wrecked It wrecked people's lives sideways. John sent me something this weekend. I haven't even showed. I haven't told James this s O. James, I'm having coffee Saturday morning. And sitting there a text pops up from Dr John Baloney. I'm like, Oh, And this is what he said me. He was doing some research. And there's a guy by the name of Andrew Oswald. I was going to you up on this who is an economist at the University of Work in the U. K. And basically says that no other circumstance produces a larger decline in mental health. And well being. And being in voluntarily so laid off. For load. Out of work. So then being nothing is producing a larger decline in mental health and well being, then being involuntarily out of work for six months or more. Listen to this, John. This blew me away. It is the worst thing that can happen, he says. Equivalent to the death of a spouse and a is a direct quote. Ah, kind of bereavement. In its own, right. So, John, you and I do combined forces on this. This is a seriously traumatic event. If you're out of work, yes, or in work that you hate right or when you are working for Somebody else's pleasure. You're not working to help somebody right? You're working for somebody else is flourishing. Right? You know, you and I, We've we've talked about this privately. When our friend Mike Rozier this summer, and he mentioned something that I never thought of that when we told 30 Million Americans ya'll are essential. We told 300. Other million Americans. You know what? You'll just go? That's it. We don't need you. We'll just send you a check. Yes. And when you read that research, we basically told everybody to listen. You'll have less value. That's it. Just go home. Well million money. We don't need you in that set off a chemical storm in our hearts and minds that have made us to press not to mention for over five decades of messaging that says, if you don't go to college, you're second class citizen. All the cities. You go into the trades Your loser. You're a loser. So here's the deal. Triple eight. 2552 to 5. Remember it? Triple 882552 to 5 phone lines are open, John and our killer right back. We're gonna help you. This is the day branches show..

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