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DOJ to make Comey memos available to Congress after subpoena threat

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02:09 min | 5 years ago

DOJ to make Comey memos available to Congress after subpoena threat

"For your investment in this region and i can promise you you won't regret it the banks opening new branches in more than a dozen markets maryland governor larry hogan and we're all so excited that they're starting right here in the district heather curtis sound wma al and wma aol dot com the justice department is expected to make the james comey memo's available to congress later today the justice department is expected to make them available at some point later today and there are at least seven different memos that at least world where some of which contained classified information so at this point it's unclear whether the justice department will decide to make them available in redacted form for that classified information or whether they'll provide them unredacted to congress correspondent laura jarrett the texas firefighter who helped pull a passenger back into the plane during a deadly southwest airlines emergency spoke about it today at a news conference andrew needham says he felt the need to assist servant heart me to get up and do something meanwhile the federal aviation administration says in the next two weeks it will issue a directive to require ultrasonic inspections of fan blades like the one that snapped off that southwest airlines plane passenger who was partially blown out of window was killed the faa announcement comes nearly a year after the engine's manufacturer recommended the additional inspections and a month after european regulators order their airlines to do the work the cincinnati reds are the first team in baseball this year to fire their manager anytime you're baseball team gets off to the worst record they've had since the great depression the manager can't be long for his job and in cincinnati that means a quick hook for brian price whose reds are three and fifteen the worst record in baseball it's the earliest reds manager has been sacked since tony perez was fired after forty four games back in nineteen ninetythree cincinnati is in the midst of a rebuild having lost at least ninety four games each of the last three seasons finishing last each year this season was expected to be no different bench coach jim riggleman will manage the team on an interim basis his fifth managerial job in the majors i'm john stolnis she's been all over tv for weeks now you can see stormy daniels in person she's.

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