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Local Hour: DVD Lava Game

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Local Hour: DVD Lava Game

"Great news. There's a quick way. You can save money. Switch to Geico. Geico could help you get great coverage at a great price. And it only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Go to Geico dot com today and see how much you could save. The Dan lebatardshow podcast is brought to you by the new Capital One saver card. Earn four percent cashback on dining entertainment two percent at grocery stores. One percents on all purchases. What's in your wallet? You guys ever have a DVD collection. No never stacked because blockbuster and Hollywood video when they were going out of business. They had you know, the insane three for twenty deals. And I would just buy movies. I'd never seen before. And I am mass a very large DVD collection. Nothing makes me more excited than signs of stores going out of business that sounds really bad and like cold, but like I love going in and finding a deal there's an Hollywood videos and blockbusters wrote my faves. I have so many videos. I've never watched that. I've like, oh, yeah. Watch this now. So do you still have your DVD's? Yeah. Yeah. All right. So I I had to clear out some room in a home office. And really, honestly, I moved into my house about ten years ago, and the DVD's came with me and even back then I was like I should probably do something about this. But I stack them up in my office, and they take up an entire wall. Could you make over there? Allison, you're taking up you're making a lot of noise over there. Now, he just got around charges. Your computer is on louds getting the charger for my computer out of my bag, and I have tic TACs tic TAC all my love tic TAC, gums, a great thing. Great. Yeah. And makes a lot of noise. That's that was the charger and the charger making note made annoys that was started you have DVD's. I don't have TV's. You never collected DVD's now made have had DVD's, but I don't have them now or so DVD's have been antiquated collected anything in your life puzzles. But I'm not talking about that. Wait. I'll share something I collected. If you hear something, you collected shameful collection. Roy you have to also I don't in fact, I prefer ROY goes I because I know he's not gonna participate shameful collection. Go roy. I don't have any collections come on. Even when you're kidding. And collect pogs or anything like that. No pogues. Yes. I remember pogs and those no I love pugs pugs pugs to ROY for sure had the most aggressive slammer technique anyone ever met for. Sure, I'm sure you're throwing slammers down. So hard over talking about Allison pogs. I have no idea. I was going to get the tick dot com. Okay. Please get the took that Gummer so working on ROY slammer technique, ROY. I didn't have any punks. Well, I had pogs. I didn't look the muchly bought one at the NFL experience ninety four when we were boils down here. But as lying with the Florida Marlins had Paul giveaway. The Marlins Padres or my collection. We've got to bring pogs back. I'm surprised haven't come back yet. Yeah. My favorite was when there was one pug left, and he had to take the slammer, and you had Vanessa just right way to make it flipped that was that was my that was my situation. I love that. I was ever played pob. Non number plea pleading collect baseball cord football, cords hockey cards comic books. No, no, nothing though. The two pods. The two that I had was one of Gino OJ who played for the conducts and a regular old. Winnipeg Jets pod will not you've had three pogs the more. We thought it was a more dogs not only to pods and came in Super Bowl pug. These are delta wasn't a Super Bowl pod. Not good at the NFL experience. I'm gonna call you a fraud. I'm so I know you collect something right now. Was that minor league baseball hats? Oh, yeah. Okay. They do check tax better gum, and you also have hockey jersey collections. Roy I don't usually collection usually good eras. What do you collect? Parents flim while you're sitting in Schubert's Mike Cy what do I collect ELLs on ATH? Yeah. I mean, everybody does. I I I used to cook shoes pretty regularly. I don't collect anything. I'm really disappointed that when we went to your place for for brunch. We didn't see your shoe collection as we were promised have Al. Have Allison because I've had like six or any? What are those? She told me about tic TAC gum. I never heard of it before you're not getting that back house and. That's like a death grip on that thing down one one piece of tic TAC Gummer's and going to be sufficient it's like a really tiny piece of gum. Share with? Really want me chewing gum on the air. Thank you for the red bull. But I've already had to today. No problem. I figured I would help you. Let pressure. So you don't you got a monster monster man, I am the white monsour at the post you though anymore. It's so bad for you. I'm not supposed to have them. But I can't stop. You know, I'm so sick of people telling me rebels bad for me the same people that have a Cup of coffee in their hand all day, the same people that just go pound drink, so right and live. I've got a friend who does not believe in in water. He believes it's a myth that water is one of those Odell Beckham doesn't like water. He doesn't taste of water. That's why he's always cramping. Yeah. No, this friend just replaces it all with like diet coke or diet, Dr Pepper, and friend. Mike francesa have a problem. Perfectly healthy. I think you collect shoes because you have like a you have a storage unit full issues full like I have an overflow because I don't exactly have giant claws. I collect shoes to Billy. What do you collect while not currently, but I used to collect beanie babies? I was thing. No. Yeah. You have a bunch of beanie babies, you cut the tie logo on it real hell Yan you had to get the little plastic protector to put around the heart. So that it wouldn't get bent because if it wasn't mint condition. It was gonna be worth anything and you were doing wearing those over you're trying to sell those. Are you still have them somewhere? Oh, I'm sure I could find it looked. So what's being worth something if you weren't going to sell them? Well, they're worthless. Now. But at the time that was an investment strategy. Now, let's investment the ten year old thinking this, you know. But there was there was a fad for being where they were selling for like crazy amount of money. And then I guess we're holding off. No, I guess is certain point people realize like what do I need to spend like five hundred dollars stuff dog for is a you ever play pogs, no dune. I would only play pogs if we were playing for keeps. That's the way that you do it. I didn't like playing for keeps. Now, you gotta play for keeps. Now, I that's how it was a miracle that it kept. My Pat rep pod as long as they kept it for damn near a year ahead of traumatizing baseball card experience. I didn't like to play for keeps. What was your traumatizing baseball experience? So I had my baseball cards, and like baseball or folder that you, you know, put them in and sleeves or whatever. And had these these neighbors behind me little jerks. I don't remember their names. Right. Put them on blocks right now. I'm assuming by you know, what they did to me. They're probably in prison. So what they did was. They said, hey, let's trade baseball cards show us your cards, then whatever. And basically took my whole like binder of cards took out Mike good cards, and then gave me like crappy cards in return. I lost like man VP cars, but they were like older than me a couple years older than jerks that you tell them punk. Yeah. No. But they got some sure they're in prison. And that's why they were doing that at it yet a young age. I'm sure they've they've laid and guys in prison that are keep them entertained. I mean, I just I have my freedom. So, but that's why you didn't play for keeps with pugs. Yeah. Because I was traumatized. I said, you know, what? No, I'm not going to give up my stuff anymore. All right. So going on here. So the reason why we're on this topic. As you understand because we were sitting there for the very beginning. Chris Chris anything Christmas to abstain from this one. Okay. Just this time out did Alison skate on this Alison did skate on telling shameful. You have a collection. You said that you collect something embarrassing. All right. So we're just gonna guess, and it'd probably be worse. What did you collect as a child? Scalps? It can't be worse than beanie babies scalps Bagga hair, seven eight six four five six eight three seven when something you collected jerked from all the places, you've visited magnets pins. Oh, wow. Shaving me on the pins. You know, no one can hear what you're saying. What you should see the jacket. Now, I've got like thirty more pins on things to do guy gave me a bunch of nNcholas cage pin? So, wow, it's so much cooler. It sounds like it's so much cooler grey different Cologne on it or do you use a same Cologne? Roy. How do I smell today? Alison because I did three spray today. And I and I did it. Yeah. And I didn't do it. Over the shirt this time under the shirt trying to mask it. I have a DVD collection. Well, I had I had an entire wall in my office. That was sort of Florida ceiling DVD's, very embarrassing. How how is that set up at the time though, you were pretty cool. Oh at the time wondering is over you could watch any movies any movie like shells? Yeah. Oh bells. And so I had a clear in this out because it's ridiculous. Why why would any of these you mentioned something that I'm kicking myself yesterday? I asked you what I should do. And he said, I should buy a folder and just slide the actual DVD's in them. I didn't think of that. What I did was I got twelve garbage bags. Fill them to the top with these DVD's. And well, yeah. And yesterday, I just threw two straight up in the garbage side. I didn't open to see what was in there when I was clearing out my DVD rack, there's so many. I had no idea. I owned I own lucky number sloven had no idea. Elizabeth the golden age. Closer matchpoint jumper. These are all movies that I was learning that I owned. Waiting had no idea. I forgot all about waiting sewing. Ryan Reynolds, the DVD. So am I doing the right thing? I I was like why should I take these goodwill? These are absolutely useless. Should I take them to a library? What should I do with my DVD collection other than what I started doing which is just taken a trash bag and just putting it in the trash just kind of makes you feel old? I just remember a friend who was when DVD's or popular and we were just talking about technology moving forward, and he just said what could possibly be better than DVD's. And here we are. You know, I have I have a cousin. I have a cousin in law that he has a Netflix subscription. He doesn't stream. He still gets mailed DVD's from FOX. I'm gonna put him on Blass, John John L you doing John man, he watches DVD's. Now, you have to keep the little slots. You have back. If you don't then you're in trouble. Like you have to find a way to get it back. Yeah. You have to. I was like I was in his kitchen the other day. And there was like a DVD sleeve of Jack Reacher not Jack Reacher to Izzy Jack Reacher one. Do you want to know who my my prize basketball card collection piece was of course, it was a combination. But the one that was most excited about Larry Johnson Johnson rookie card. I thought it was going to be worth at least fifteen dollars by the time. I was in adult. Larry Johnson's career was weird because he guest starred on family matters. He was a really big deal. Like he was at one point a top five face in the league because he having the goal. Com. Brilliant, commercial hall of fame. I don't I don't think Larry L is check in and see LJ's in the hall of fame. I saw his name in connection with maybe a maybe he was a finalist or something he made it to the NBA finals with the Knicks. Right. But his peak was when he was beside Alonzo Mourning didn't they have a big first round upset together. Austin? They beat Boston in Charlotte. His peak was really damn good. But that's a no one whole thing. That's right. He's should be in that conversation with Chris Webber, and we got in such a bad place. Oh, how could explain that to me? Explain how. But what about the international career made it hall of fame worthy because he had one of note because what in an international career like what do you consider successful like multiple goals, or if you're a you're Argentina, right, then shocking gold, but outside of that what just because you had an international career doesn't mean that you deserve to be in the hall of fame for one. No, well, you you see very few like just standard internet European basketball stars and only played with their club teams in Europe. Make the hall of fame. You have to have contributions. On both sides of the ocean. I assume, but yeah, you can't discount vodka devotes early success. There'd be huge mistake. One time rookie of the year. Two time all star one time. All MBA does that get Larry Johnson and an one bad ass commercial? No was he ever a part of an international team. I world championship team. He wasn't a part of that world championship team with Alonzo Mourning in I think ninety eight nine even if you throw in his UNLV curry while the UNLV career, you absolutely. He should absolutely be in the hall of fame that you consider the UNLV career. That was a great team. He was obviously the star of that team. But that was a great don't forget the plastic, man. Yes. Stacey Augmon plastic man. So I should throw these away the DNC. No, you should not throw them away. What is what are you going to do with it? What does he going to do? Where should I did not throw them away? They're not trash don't owe them to goodwill goodwill. We'll take tons of place a bunch of homeless people with DVD's out there. Looking for looking for DVD's. Well, I don't think it could be recyclable or something. I don't think that you can say it's a homeless people because oh, I think the good-will stores so someone's gonna pay fifty cents for jumper. You might want to look this up. I think they're going to make the medals for the twenty twenty Olympics out of old DVD's. We're talking about someone who throughway change you throw a change high throwaway unease throws away books. Why is the dime smaller than a penny? That makes no sense where do we work? Why are you looking at me? I don't throw away the quarters. Well, how obnoxious is it that you throw away tech change? Is he's a dime smaller than a penny. Imagine if you kept your change how much more Cologne you could buy. Yeah. That's a good point alone. Yes. Not all the time. But I just all how many spurts spritz it usually require the morning. I don't usually wear Cologne anywhere that I need to go in the morning, right. But it's probably too. And usually because the first one I missed when in the second one, I just kind of walk into it. That's that's how do you miss? I mean, I feel like I'm looking at it. And I'm like, all right, and I spray and it just off to the right? I got it. And it's just not gonna I know what I do that. With like the Jason Taylor Cologne. I'm like damn it. That was like a buck fifty. They can smell you down the hall. Mike much. I like leasing Mark. Were you wearing today today today, very subtle? I wanted to see if you guys could smell me. I'm wearing two sprays of the Jason Taylor column. I said three earlier, so it's a three how do you have so many colognes, and like you you must have to spray that much to get through it all because if I had in the teens bottles of Cologne, I would never need another bottle for the rest of my life. I need to find they discontinued my favorite bottle of Cologne. I I still have my first bottle of Cologne. I thought at like a young ace K one. No, it was like Tommy thing. Oh, remember when I'm pretty sure I still have it. That's how little I use it. Yeah. I mean, I don't know what that's a booming industry, but Cologne. You don't need that much. Like, you can go through a bottle. It takes years to get the bottle. I need to find. I think they discontinued it by by dole Dolecek. It was like, the zebra Cologne. You remember that one? It's my all time favorite Cologne that won't all all you'd have to spur that once the very powerful few colognes where if you smell it. You just know exactly what it is. Yeah. Jason Taylor KOMO but can't call it. You have to have a refined know what it is. You have to have a refined knows if you have to wear if you have to ask you can't afford a baby. Wow. Stugatz here spring is finally here. And you know, what that means the first tool to spring from one eight hundred flowers dot com or in gorgeous, seasonal bloom. These vibrant tulips come in a variety of dazzling colors and are arriving just in time to bring in the new season. 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As we watched these bourbon garden, gnome, Catholic Catholic without stubbing it in notice moves like not at all it's inanimate and utterly without brain function. But despite that when it got no here's about how gyco not only saves people money, but also gives them access to licensed agents twenty four seven online and over the phone. It's clear to them. You should switch because. Yes. Switching to Geico is a no brainer on second thought. Maybe don't watch garden gnomes to carefully people might talk. We have a board full of calls. Alison, and Billy are fighting. Also, I want to say something real quick right here. The biggest announcement in the show's history is coming next week. So just like we've gone national and announced that we move time slots, we've announced that we've gone to simulcast we've announced that we extended deals and we've announced that this is bigger than all of them. It's the biggest show announcement in the history of the show and that's coming tomorrow. And you know, what I don't think I'll mention in the national show is a local exclusive or die hard fan exclusive or person that has the patience to sit through the radio dot com app, by the way, there's like an Email that you could fire offer support. I heard Tobin say something about that. I have nothing to do. With folks. I'm sorry. I use it. But biggest announcement in the history of show coming next week, Billy? We have a lot of calls now. I'm wondering about the show nonce mint. I'd probably haven't told you about it. I mean, it's incredible. Oh, also, I want to drag this redshirt freshman from Florida through the mud. His name is Dirk to me, Andrew Chatfield. You see what this guy said? Nope. All right. Let me pull this up in Mike. All McCain's chats this guy. Oh my God. Enter chatfield. I have you and you and I have a problem kid kid. I don't know. How old you are? I don't even know. What is this? You want to American heritage and this guy. Oh my God. He is ruined my day. Hang on gotta pull up. Where's my? All right. Let me the my brain chat. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I got this new iphone it's credibly frustrating. Very pretty thank you. It's a I need to get a new case. I miss my Brown's case, where's my chat with D money in part. Our line six. Good morning. All right, Mike, Ryan don't throw away your DVD's. I used to collect them. And what you do is you take all your movies put a face up on the floor, and yet people ever go around the room and everybody takes a movie out that they don't wanna see. So then it becomes a game of what are you gonna leave in at the end. What is the movie 'cause you know, if you hate the devil wears product, but it's still out there. But you also don't want to see the matrix revolutions. Could you go around the room at one take them out? This is fun game. It sounds messy. Do you watch the last movie standing is that whatever the last movie is no matter what it is your group. So how does this work is it like the game with like little wooden block? And like the golf tees where like you have a plan, but you start losing the plan, you know, and the the goal is to leave one. But you have to jump over one to the other. You guys know what I'm talking about or? No. Yeah. That's the most insane logic for just twenty eight like that. So it may not even be the movie you wanna watch. It's just the movie that you're stuck with because then there's all. Because at inevitably when it gets down to like, let's say you have five people are when it gets down to four movie someone most of the people aren't going to watch the movie that they want. So then becomes vengeful you take out movie other people's, you know, wanna watch. So then you have to lie about whatever you wanna watch. Nobody takes out your real movie that you wanna watch, but you can only get out movies that you can get to without touching lava. Exactly. So you can't touch the ground. Oh, that's actually help them that seems like a fun weekend. Hey, guys, come over to my house this weekend. I'm gonna throw a bunch of DVD's on the floor and one DVD will remain and you'll be unhappy. You'll be unhappy because it's it's fracture. Starring Ryan Gosling damping, and I had no idea I owned it. But thank you so much for your call. We appreciate it. All right. I found this quote from this actually this jerk face or demonstrating the behavior of a jerk facing Andrew Chatfield if that name sounds familiar to Miami hurricanes fans, it's because the Miami hurricanes recruited them, pretty hard. And he chose university of Florida market is a year gator, and I still like you. So this is a quote on facing Miami, Andrew Chatfield, redshirt freshman defensive end. I just see them as another team really because I feel like my whole team we face SEC teams big boy teams they face one SEC team. And they got smashed by LSU last time. I checked. What is wrong with what he says? It's actually entirely accurate, I made entirely. This is the address what I hate the Gators so much I hate this back and forth. All the time with the college trash talk because it seems fresh new because it's new kids saying it every three or four years, but it's all the same nonsense. Like I've heard that same quote about every non SEC team from every gator that's ever been interviewed. It's just well who's not living in the past like any Florida any Miami? Or Florida trash basically any college trash talk outside at Clemson and Alabama is a team essentially living in the past. So I can throw out the fact that I'll golden actually be Florida. Can I do that? Can I throw out the fact that Miami's twenty nine twenty six against Florida? And it's the only team in the ACC outside of Georgia Tech. That's what is losing record against to do that. You can do all that. And frankly, I hope you do all that. I hope the canes are really good. I hope there's some sort of a distraction from the rest of the south Florida scene 'cause it's just it's just getting sadder and sadder the more. I think about it not that the heat. Even that good with Dwayne the last couple of years, but it's just like man what is their down here. Like, there's just going to be nothing. Nothing. Really entertaining. Yeah. I mean, what happened two years ago with the university of Miami and the turnover chain and college game day and the the forty one to eight smashing of Notre Dame. That was that was the best sports moment. I think this market had had since the big three this mortgage dying to feel that way. Again. I think the hurricanes program is probably the closest to making south Florida feel good again. There's a lot of excitement around many many the is pulled up in a yacht. Got the pick them up at Monty's. And he showed up to the wharf in like the most Miami move ever. He's got the energy. He knows how to connect with young people. He gets in and all the ways Mark Rick didn't I'm very excited about this. But Ford is very good. Very good team. And I don't favor Miami in this game over Florida. I'd be insane to but I certainly hope we can shut Andrew Chatfield smell up and he calls it. We should go that Billy. Let's go to line four gold in. Well, we'll go to hold in that last. Call was actually really cool suggestion. So hold on. Let's see what you got. I guess we used to collect the state quarters that had the booklet and all the states, and he's the pop each one. And in there on the state for which states a quarter was I used to do that too. But that was such a long term plan, and it was only like five years something and I lost the patience. And then I realized hey, I have like six dollars in quarters just standing around that I could just use because at my really gonna doing this for ten years. Oh, I had both the booklet, and I had one of those giant foldable cardboard mats that you could put like on the wall. Where would you get that? You would you have to go to the post office. Well, I can ask hold Holden. You had the the booklet for all the state quarters. Right. Where would you get that? So it was like it was like a giant book. It was like a map that folded out into two. And it was like a big US map. Not sure it was a gift to me. So all happened when I was younger, and it was just a fun thing that that I used to do with my with my grandparents, so they used to call me these little quarters and pop them in the map, and then I got fifty of them. And now, I have no idea where it is. Wow. You got all fifty. I think you're the first person I've met that God all fifty odd Remond. No, real, congratulations. That's awesome. Thanks, one of my proudest achievements. Yeah. This is an indelicate question. But are your grandparents still alive? They are. Oh, wow. That's great. I was wondering a lot more delicate now Millwall. Yeah. Because I was wondering like he said he used to do with his grandparents I was hoping his grandparents saw through and they got to see all fifty two. I don't think I've fifty as well enough fifty two. But I'm I'm not sure that I've seen all fifty state quarters. They're out there, man. What they look like to your head. What the designers like what's the designed for Hawaii? Which is your favorite word for him. My favorite probably on this from. On North Carolina. I in flight rate. Playing acclaim. What was the last one when the completed the collection? It was probably Hawaii because I think it was sequentially Alaska. Oh was Alaska after Hawaii. I wouldn't get too. All right. Well, thank you for the call. Hold in. This was it was great getting to actually on one of our better callers. I remember that name. He calls us off dollars and fifty cents waiting for him somewhere. I appreciate anybody calls. Anybody that calls into the local hour. Wait, hold on a second. Don't you? He's going to liar. It's not a volcano. He's full me. Oh, do you think that will thing was a lie? I don't know. Now. I don't hold and callback right now holding we need to scold you. It's not a volcano. He absolutely lied about going to be holding you accountable fish whole hold whole holding his name is Holden. So it said hold on you hold the new accountable Holman you account. Why should we go to Billy explain the joke? Let's go to line three Adrian Adrian. Are you guys doing happy Friday this? So I used to collect Pokemon cards back when I was, you know, little younger thirty four sim. No, I'm I'm twenty nine now. But way, when I was nine ten ten years old. I used to collect them. Funny story though, very similar to Billy back then. And this might hit the field. There used to be on Saturdays tournaments at Toys R Us for Pokemon and to that. And I used to have all the holographic first editions in terms of Beena slower charge so forth. Did you ever get them? You. Yeah. I got. I didn't get the mmu for sedition. I got regular holographic new. But I also had the movie addition new as well from Burger King that they used to release would you buy would you play the Pokemon game? And when did you play did you play for keeps? So yes, I did play for keeps with my friends. But in the term threatment is more for spending to try to get like, exclusive cards and so forth. How useless aside? What how how useless aside doc? Doc was pretty useless until you ended up being able to Volve it to like Golda. And so it became like a useful type of player car. Same thing with magic are really meant. Magic carpet. I hate magic carb. How about how about snow like she was like sky. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I feel like I'm the physical embodiment snore lack. So I mean, if it's. Got that. He's he's big sleeps a lot all the time. I have never felt cooler. Yeah. Really, how cute a squirrel? Well, I mean, if I had to pick between the starters, it has to be chart did you ever get you ever get mad? When did you ever get mad when they went actually evolve into uglier poke him on because I was like, I I have this connection with squared all, and then he'd just volved, and he doesn't look the same. Not as cute. Yeah. I mean, I liked wardrobe war toner, look, a little cooler turtle as bad ass. We're turtle was bad ass. But just not as cute, a, squirrel. Exactly. And then I mean when you got to black boys. Like, yeah, it was cool. You have to double you know, you had to double cannons. And all that. But in the they wasn't really like your little friend anymore is more like, yeah. This essential full of destruction gigli puff guy. Tough. It's not really. Yeah. What was the third evolution of the gigli puff? Sit clary. I don't think I don't think that was a that was a separate Pokemon. Yeah. I play an uncle look at to you a little to say. All right. Thank you. But. You real quick. Just just the same thing that happens ability during that tournament, those a group of kids that ended up grabbing my entire bag of cards, and they pretty much just ran off with a and when I finished the tournament. I couldn't find my cars anywhere. So all those valuable cards that we're probably worth now. Hundreds of dollars are just all on. Did you file support? No, I was nine years old. So I did, you know. We'll guess what they're probably imprisoned now to just like, my neighbors. So we got that Adrian, let's hope for the best. All right atrium mall. The plural of Pokemon Pokemon. I got Billy you've been threatening. Putting people on blast all day. You wanna put Alison on blast? I have who I threatened to put on blast new the those kids, that's all your cards. No, I put them on bass, I didn't threaten them. No Alison threatened to ruin me. If I said something which is like a really aggressive strange threat. Is it aggressive considering what you were doing wasn't HBO violation. What is I'll ruin that threat? Well, did you hear? Yeah. I did actually I was right here. When he said, you uncomfortable is the highest ranking manager here. I didn't hear anything else. Backing and don't even get me started on compliance. I've done this more camera one like seventeen times already this Kohl's. You haven't done it fix it Craig's that really threat ruining you, Billy? It was I didn't even know what that means. I go. What do you mean? You're going to ruin me because I know a lot of things, and I'm like, what are you know, what's happening? No, I absolutely said he'd like there's three other people in this room might pretend like you didn't hear it. But roy. I e saying that it's obvious actually is it what did you written to expose? I didn't expose anything. I've found out what she collects. And I just started asking questions about it. And she said don't talk about it. I said, okay, fine. We'll talk about it. She goes. I said what you're doing? I if you bring it up on here, I'm serious that does sound threatening. It was really messing. You are more. Very intimidating. I kinda wanna go downstairs, honestly and take a stroll maybe talked one of the cops since downstairs doing like security for batboys three. And just be like, hey, how exactly does blackmail work? Like is is that what's going on right now acres threatened to ruin me? If I didn't go along with what you said. It was a bit aggressive. How would you ruin him? I don't even rates not a real thing. I wasn't serious. Don't collect anything. There was a point in my life. When I was married. It was a very brief moment. And my ex husband used to buy me this item. He used to buy me LA league. And it's stupid. It's like really expensive. So he would buy me lolly things. It's crystal is that a brand and so his turn of events. No. But I. How did he threatened to ruin me? And instead has like outed herself for somebody. That's not an outing of myself. It's just you were asked me what I collect. I didn't collect anything as a kid. So I don't have that. Oh, when I was married. He's the by this stuff. So I guess it was like a collection of whatever you just gave way too much information. You need to tell us any of this. She walked right now and Bailey's not even ruined. You'll take a stroll. What? I'm menacing. I'm the furthest thing from menacing. No. You were very intimidated. Okay. Good very badly. Negotiator like hostage negotiator. You just give them everything they wanted. Well, but who cares? No, one cares hostage negotiation. It's cared. You'd this last person. Take me hostage. It'd be like you're so annoying. Stop talking you need to go. It'd be like why are you taking me really? You don't really want to do this. I would just be talking all the time in the history of hostage situations as anyone ever got like an airplane or helicopter 'cause they always ask for one and movies. It's a good question. I don't think they ever get it. So I keep trying can win. Look that up. I think in history of hostage situation afternoon. They came so close came so close to get on that helicopter. Doc. I mean, he's just talk about medicine. He's giving me his dirty lame duck. No, no, no, wasn't it a bit. He got the plane. There was a plane on the tarmac, right? Yeah. Actually gotten it. I think it sort boarding it. Yeah. But in the car, how did they get to though, they got bus to the the airport dog day afternoon movies? If I wanted to watch a movie this weekend for the first time, what movie should it be? I can throw a bunch of DVD's on the phone. We can pick the last almost famous almost I love it. That's your favorite movie right ever. How long has it right around two hours? How many things blow up the Bamiyan this one relationship? Stillwater? You look like a, Freddie, Billy. I look like a, Freddie. Yeah. Thanks, and when when Mike shaves he looks like a Jared Jared air is not the first Jared. I got I think the municipal look like a TJ. Yeah. I don't think like going to teach it to do you have that Stillwater water t where it's just Billy crude up and then everybody else's a shadow. I want to get that. I found it on Oetzi. Once I I need a purchase at shirt, who's your favorite character in almost famous. Man. I gotta go with penny lane. Yeah. I think I like penny. It was a bit overwritten. But but that was Karen crow crow made in a good movie sense. Like he had that would didn't. He wasn't he behind. Aloha. I don't know. Yeah. He he was Emma stone played an Asian. You gotta go through all the callers. We have you know, let's go through. All right. David's online one. Hello, david. David. Okay. Yeah. I mean, hey, what's up? Hey, David now, watch I gotta same fool collection. Okay. Pillow pets pillow pets there? I mean, I don't know. If you've got that what they are not. But please explain cuddly little furry little pillow things you fold in half. And they unfold and they turn to like little animal elk road. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He's saying, but I had like trash bags full of these things, man. I'm not really most. I don't know. I got a big beard. I don't really look like it should be on a bunch of pillow bed. Why did you want a bunch of pillow pets? I was in high school. I had an emergency credit cards. My parents we screwed around and go to Walgreens. I just the latest Filipi was ever on the show. I don't think that's what an emergency credit card is for. No, probably not. But that's how it ended up happening. How much did you rack up for your parents? Oh god. I don't know. I didn't keep track of that. When I was there. But what else what else can put on your parents emergency credit card besides pillow pets, but see candy. I bought a lot of fish fish. I was big into finishing nine high school. Yeah, I fish like goldfish. Fish trying to do the fish tank thing, you know, by a bunch of fish things amateur style. But the fish tank is a regrettable purchase. Isn't it? It never ends. Well, what kind of fish? Would you get the fish that eats? All the other put it on the poll because that's happened to me seven times in my life. It's so bad. I had bunch of fairs and they all kept dying. So I get more. And then when my best friend at the time, he would call me fiscal dumping and fish killer. And this is my fish and after that put them on blast. What the phone on his name's James? But you've never Dave. What is the name of James the fish killer? Give us his name. He's last name do it. Now, that's who pood- crews out James crews called you the fish killer. So you by face pillow pets, what else would you buy any big item? Trying to think honestly, I'm I'm I'm trying to negotiate with Mike Ryan about buying those DVD's trying to give away come over to the house. You're gonna have everything except the complete series of full house. Give them your address. I'll pull up. We're going to undisclosed location. So we're going to get a flame Mimi at the Westchester playing against giving. I'm always there. Got can you go? Oh, sorry. Can you barter maybe give them some pillow pets or some DVD's pillow cat one pillow pet remaining which one is a cute baby penguin? I'll take that. I'll take all my DVD's for your penguin pillow pet obviously means a lot to you. Because you've kept this one the emergency. Greg cards, still good. You should bring that. Now the dosing point Westchester flames. But that Westchester flames. Mimi their Westchester, flanigan's. Yeah. What time what what do you think? I mean when asked me on Tuesday Wednesday prime rib Monday. Louis. Kind of set this. I'm serious because my girlfriend you can catch me two hours. You can catch me. They're the two hours of the day that it's not happy hour. Oh, all right. All right. I'll be playing fire tunes on the touch tunes. Good. I can't tell you can't dollar. To comfortable. We got too comfortable. I mean, would we were? We're going to address I thought you threw away the DVD's throughway two bags. I got seven bags remaining. Why would you go back to that length and get rid of two bags, but not all of them? If you're not looking what you're throwing shoes. I know look seed I needed to clear some room, but just get rid of them. That's mess. Guys noticed that all these collections that you used to have when you were kids and trash bags now. It's seven bag. No, yeah. No, I had twelve bags and I just math run, Dan. Oh, by the way, bigger show announcement in the history of the show coming next week. Dan, do you collect anything shameful? Beer cans. When I was a kid. Oh, did you crush them? Did you, you know, did you guys is that is that such an antiquated hobby as a kid does anyone do that anymore Fridays? Were you a nine hundred one drinking? Oh, I don't know. I was nine ten eleven you kept them intact. You didn't crush them. You just keep them intact ahead them all on my wall. My wall was covered in beers. From all over the beer cans from all over the world drinking from all over the world, kid, no view, you probably had. No because I'll tell you why. There were these weird outpost this can exist anymore. There was a place near our house where I could go to a giant dump filled with all sorts of beer cans from all over the world. I don't know if it was before it was recycling. I would crawl around in there and find beer cans from all over the world gross. Your parents did your parents find out about this and tell you to some doing that at and you know, when I'm forty one years old. They can't tell me much anymore. I actually started collecting beer bottles from around the world, but from like places that I'd visit. So like if I'd go to like an island in the Caribbean, and they had their own beer that they got their. I'd bring up your back with me. But that's part of the whole idea of collecting is doing grabbing. Something that you've been or some sort of experience of yours just running rummaging through the other people's trash. Like, the only one there have to be people in the audience of a certain age. You see anybody else thing that among some of my friends that the collection of beer cans and putting them on the wall was the thing. Now that I think of it I liked it. A lot of stuff. I collect wine corks. I collect vinyls. I collect TVD's. I collect sneakers I collect scalps. Put it on the poll. Guillermo is it weird to collect beer cans as a child or was it weird in the nineteen? I think though weird part is crawling around at the dump to get hands that belong to other people would be like a night. It would be like a day out an amusement park because I can actually find cans I'd never seen before because this is all pre internet. I can't see what a rare a German beer, can is not something that I could have had any act was your prize beer. Oh god. I don't remember. There were metal cans that were I too long ago to would you even know if you didn't have the internet to look up what kind of candidate? But what was the coolest looking one? No, there were all sorts of cool ones because other countries sometimes get creative and artsy with their can you know, what I like a nice cannon Miller lite. Classic design white cannon just really pops. I love that color scheme. Or are you with me on the Miller lite can? That's right. They sponsor. What's happening, right. No, no. I'm just Miller like they're not a sponsor, although they have sponsored us in the past. I just think the color scheme pops a main can have an honest opinion. Did you wear gloves or like, how did you do seems really here? No, forty years later about whatever disease today where two years later. Listen were forty one eighty keep on hold onto the threat. Billy, are you worried? Are you concerned? Release something on my on me with my hands forty years ago in Dighton pit you could been cut by anything. There could have been anything there radioactive spider. Do you know how hard it is to get to the middle of the beer cans when your way would I do without crushing the other way. Because I've been fat since then. Really was there. Anyone else doing this? Like, did you how did this happen? How children just running around and the dump? There was hard. There wasn't a junk yard. It was like a secret place somebody Yanni test. But because it was like in Mars could place. It was you were at the secret place in Miramar felt like it was a forest. It may have just been my backyard of a secret family. I don't know just great toadies garage shit is actually happened. No, no. I just made the whole thing up does no kids. Don't collect kids. Didn't you guys? Don't know what I'm talking about. Nobody not at all.

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